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Ryan Morris - Read Your Mind     Country, Rock 02/09/2016
Ryan Morris was born to be on the stage. With a drummer dad, singer mum, grandfather and great grandfather, love for music and performing was developed very early in life.
Read Your Mind is the emotive and catchy new single from Ryan Morris. Following his #1 single - Let Me Drive.

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Sam Newton - Hold You Down     Country, Alternative Country 02/09/2016
Sam Newton is “an adventurous musical mind set on creating both free-wheelin’ and carefully constructed and detailed songs.” - Chris Familton, Post To Wire
Hold You Down is a deeply personal song for Sam Newton. Its lyrics come from a place of truth that songwriters often don’t understand until combined with melody and chords. It speaks of emotional turmoil and the heavy burden caused by mental illness.

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Bill Chambers - Crow Flies     Country, Roots 14/09/2016
Bill Chambers is one of those growling singers who owes a substantial debt to those early weathered years he spent “roughing it” in the outback with his family.
Bill Chambers new single Crow Flies! A co-write with daughter Kasey and singer/songwriter Harry Hookey. Bill's slide guitar sets the tone
on a song about wanting to get home the shortest route possible.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Country Album

ARIA AWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Country Album 'Cold Trail'

Camille And Stuie - Paper Cups     Country 14/09/2016
Camille and Stuie are truly a musical marriage made in heaven. Tahi is a must-have collection of beautiful moments.
Paper Cups is the first single from Camille and Stuie’s upcoming album “Tahi”. It was penned by two of Australia’s leading songwriters, Tamara Stewart and Rick Price. Paper cups is a gentle ballad about how we sometimes sweat the small stuff, instead of looking at the big picture.

Stuie French - Song For Manaia     Country, Instrumental 14/09/2016
Stuie’s guitar can be heard on countless albums and more recently on all of the Productions that have come out of his Swingin’ Door Studio.
An original instrumental inspired by the late Chet Atkins. The song was written on the day Stuie and the band went in to record his first solo instrumental album. Chris Haigh was playing the melody that caught Stuie’s ear and together they worked to write the tune Song For Manaia.

Allan Caswell & Michael Carpenter - Back When I Was Older     Country 23/09/2016
Michael Carpenter releases surprise new single! A duet with co-writer Allan Caswell.
Back When I was Older was born from a co-writing session between multi-golden guitar winner Allan Caswell and prolific songwriter/producer, Michael Carpenter.

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Jen Mize - Deepwater     Country 23/09/2016
Jen Mize is an Americana singer/songwriter, living in Australia.
‘Deepwater’ is a song about heritage, tradition and getting back to my roots and connection with the land. It is also a very direct plea for burial rights.

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Matt Cornell - In This Town     Country, Pop 30/09/2016
Matt Cornell is a talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with the likes of Richard Clapton, Shannon Noll, Jenny Morris, Damien Leith, The Baby Animals and Adam Brand.
In This Town is a song about a beautiful little town, a place where everyone wants to live, where everyone’s got your back, no matter who you are, what you do, or what you look like. If you’re going through a hard time - the people will help you through.

The Muirs - Salt On My Pillow     Country 05/10/2016
Husband and wife duo The Muirs produce a sound that is heavily influenced by Bluegrass and Classic American country music.
Ian states, "Glennys came up with the first line and then we sat and wrote this little ditty around it. Just another love gone wrong song with a Bluegrass feel that tends to make you smile rather than cry in your beer".

Chad Morgan & Shane Howard - The Ballad Of Bill And Eva     Country 19/10/2016
Chad is the ultimate comic of Australian country music. He is instantly recognizable with his unique trademark – Those Teeth!
This track sees Chad Morgan collaborating with Shane Howard to re-record a heartfelt tribute to Chads grandparents Bill and Eva Hopkins. A departure from his usual comedy songs Chad and Shane deliver a superb rendition of a very personal story.

Mark Lucas and The Dead Setters - Walking In Her Dreams     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Alternative Country 19/10/2016
English born, Sydney based singer-songwriter, Mark Lucas. A prolific songwriter, established one of Sydney's favourite music venues - the Petersham Bowling Club.
The second single from “The Continental Drift”, Mark's fifth release with long-standing band-mates the Dead Setters, breathes a lighter air of romance and whimsy than we might have come to expect from a songwriter generally known for expressing a more gritty reality.

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Niksta - Dodging Bullets     Pop, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 19/10/2016
Niksta (Nicole Keipert) has hit the ground running with her fourth album. Here is Niksta's new release "Virginia".
This track is all about dodging rejection, fear, and basically men who pursue woman who they have no interest in.

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The Muirs - Old Man Eyes     Country 19/10/2016
Bealiba Blues and Cruze festival said of The Muirs “Their harmonies are sweeter than honey and raw as a broken heart”.
Ian Muir states "This track was written by Jack Pledge and is one of our favourite songs. We dedicate this song to older people who still want to get up and dance".

The Sherrahs - Far Side Banks Of Jordan     Country, Christian 19/10/2016
The Sherrah’s are a band based in South Australia who are well known for their harmonies.
The song Far Side Banks Of Jordan is one of The Sherrahs most requested tracks. A country gospel classic written by Terry Smith.

Kristy Cox - Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore     Country 02/11/2016
Kristy Cox is the new voice in Australian bluegrass. Adored for her youthful energy infused acoustic country/bluegrass, she has been awarded with radio success and accolades for her talent.
Kristy (along with Jerry Salley and Stephen Mougin) pulls this one close lending credibility to their performance, with Kristy’s distinct vocals making this song 100% her own. This will mark Kristy’s third single from the album, following the release of Top 5 hits “You Walked In” and “Another Weary Mile”.

Ashleigh Dallas - Lighthouse     Country 23/11/2016
Golden Guitar winner Ashleigh Dallas is a vibrant young country music singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Lighthouse is her third album, out January 2017 via Checked Label Services.
This track is a reminder of the family and friends that you call your "Lighthouse", people who no matter what, are always there, through good laughs and bad times, their light can be seen and becomes a safe place for you, and in some cases, even guide you back home.

Other tracks by Ashleigh Dallas:  Feel The Beat
Innocent Eve - Belly Glow     Country, Folk 23/11/2016
Innocent Eve are acoustic duo, singer songwriters and sisters! Reminiscent of legendary sister acts The Dixie Chicks and Wilson Phillips, Rachel and Bec perform perfect harmonies.
Belly Glow is the first single from Innocent Eve’s new 6x track EP, True North produced by Matt Fell. An authentic evolution of the captivating sister duo’s sound and direction, Belly Glow describes a deep yearning to feel something, anything.

Johnny Chester - Old Saint Nicholas Ho Ho Ho Ho     Country 25/11/2016
Fondly regarded as a veteran of the Australian Music Industry, Johnny Chester has recorded his music every year since 1961.
A brand new song from country legend Johnny Chester, just in time for the holiday season.

Aleyce Simmonds - Defeated     Country, Pop 02/12/2016
Aleyce has continued to enjoy a successful career as one of Australia’s finest Country artists since winning the Telstra Road to Tamworth Competition in 2005.
Co-written by Aleyce and Wollongong based singer/songwriter, Jeremy Edwards, “Defeated” shines a light on domestic violence. An issue that touches so many and is becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society.

The Long & Short Of It - Kangaroo Rodeo     Country, Rock 05/12/2016
The Long & Short Of It are a multi-award winning duo from Melbourne whose well-rounded country sound consists of smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyrics and superb harmonies.
The hit single, 'Kangaroo Rodeo' by The Long & Short Of It, is a light hearted song about the Aussie tradition of mates getting together to have a beer at an outback pub. “Cause when mates start shouting rounds round here, you can't just take a sip.”

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