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Latest Tracks Added

Chillingworth - Mirror     Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Brisbane Based Duo
Mirror is an uplifting song, written to help people who are going through a tough season in life.

Eilish Gilligan - Someone Else     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
"In a world where a lot of stuff is very similar or imitations of something else, Eilish has a lane to herself." - triple j
"When I was really young, I ended a relationship with someone and immediately jumped on the train to head home. I cried quite dramatically, put my sunglasses on and listened to 'Born To Die' by Lana Del Rey for the whole journey. Someone Else is a song for that person on that train, gobbling up sadness like I was starving."

Chillingworth - LA     Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Brisbane Based Indie Pop Duo
LA is an upbeat pop rock song with a catchy chorus and epic guitar solo.

David M. Western - Gallery     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 14/06/2019
David Western’s bashful and winsome sensibility has fooled many. An explorer of personal space, soaring downcast rock and dimly lit folk tunes, he’s an old soul that writes with purpose.
Gallery is an observation of the various ways people portray themselves and how we feel when we’re watching people do things that aren’t exactly genuine. You need to put yourself on the outside, watching the paintings as you pass by, instead of being the image that you have on the wall that shows a negative side of yourself.

Dream Dali - Hurt Me     Rock, Psychedelic, Ambience 13/06/2019
Australian artist Dream Dali blend reverbed guitars with droning synths and hypnotic drums into a modern fusion of dark-wave psychedelia.
Both intimate and expansive, 'Hurt Me' is awash with droning synths, razored guitar and emotive lyricism, channelling the peculiar ache that follows lost love. Morphing the psychedelic tones of Neu! and Flaming Lips with the darkness of The Doors and The Cure, Dream Dali’s debut release ‘Hurt Me’ is set to hypnotize listeners into a profound trance.

Diamond J - Tonight I Am Yours     Pop, Dance 13/06/2019
Singer/Songwriter with original songs and music with pop and dance music genre or style.
An upbeat dance track

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Other tracks by Diamond J:  En Mi Corazon  -  Let's Go Back
Sophie Head - Mountains     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Easy Listening 13/06/2019
Singer-songwriter Sophie Head breathes rich, summery vocals into mellow tunes of life and love, as she shares her honest reflections on what it means to be human.
Mountains is a pseudo-gospel anthem of hope for anyone trudging up the same mountain over and over again. “Mountains is my reminder to myself. I know that the ups and downs of life are normal and I’m not the only one living that, but I am determined to keep pushing on and inspiring others to do the same.”

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Lagerstein - Dig, Bury, Drink!     Metal/Punk, Rock 13/06/2019
Banding together in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Lagerstein is a pirate metal band on a never-ending voyage to rock the stages.
"Dig, Bury, Drink!", the first cut from the band's third studio album has Captain Gregarggh singing, "Rum on every island, our best idea yet / No matter where we sail, the party is set", boasting to listeners all across the lands of the seven-piece party pirates' mantra.

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Della Harris - Roll Of A Dice     Country, Blues 13/06/2019
Della Harris is a singer, songwriter, wife and mother, born in the heart of rural Victoria and now living in Melbourne raising her family.
‘Roll Of A Dice’ has a hypnotic feel that hooks you in with a lyric that everyone can relate to. “After a friend of mine’s brother was involved in a freak accident, it made me realise how easily life can change with the ‘Roll Of A Dice’.” Della Harris

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The Slipdixies - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise     Jazz, Blues, Folk, Roots 12/06/2019
Making 1920s & 30s pop music popular all over again, performing old favourites and lesser known forgotten treasures of a bygone era with a mild modern twist!
Written 1919 as a post WW1 appeal for hopefulness, this pop ballad became a popular improvisation tune with many jazz musicians and countless recordings released.

Ours features the talented Alastair Carr with a stirring intro on tenor banjo before Susy Hull’s warm vocals take over. A series of band-breaks over a washboard solo and hot chorus out. takes it out!

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Mark Moldre - Leave Me Where You Found Me     Rock, Blues, Folk, Rockabilly 13/06/2019
Mark Moldre returns with genre-hopping sonic bedlam, fractured Americana-hued ballads, jazz-tinged standards, old-school Jungle Book style reggae and ramshackle/rollicking noir blues.
Leave Me Where You Found Me is a ramshackle, rockabilly racket about a paranoid conspiracy theorist who has spent too much time alone in the basement. (And in his own head!)

Recorded live, the old fashioned way - straight to 1” tape.

Produced by Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss/Infinity Broke/The Tall Grass)

Other tracks by Mark Moldre:  How Long?  -  Keep On Moving
Oguz - Exit Bag (Acoustic)     Rock, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Folk 13/06/2019
Oguz is a singer-songwriter based in Western Sydney, who is writing, recording and self-producing his own songs with genres from alternative to electronic, r&b to rock.
Exit Bag is an acoustic track that is driven by nice harmonic guitar layers and cloudy unique lead vocals by Oguz. It has mid-tempo range with catchy vibe to pull audience into its own calmness

Dress Thèque - Another Way To Heaven     Rock, Britpop 13/06/2019
Dress Thèque is a genre-blending band from Sydney Australia. Drawing on Manchester flavours of trip-hop & rock, Dress Thèque echo the 90’s but bring it together with a futuristic aesthetic.
“Another Way To Heaven” is their 4th single which follows "Gone Mad" and statement tracks “Landslide” & “Football Music.” 2019 will see a series of new singles building towards an album release in the near future.

Boy Young - Erin Brockovich     Rock, Pop 13/06/2019
Boy Young is a songwriter based in Adelaide. He enjoys Coopers session ales, KFC, supporting Port Adelaide and patting other peoples dogs.
Erin Brockovich originally had completely different title and lyrics, but after bombing a vocal session in the studio I went to my girlfriends parents place for dinner where her mum mentioned that she used to look like Julia Roberts. This planted the seed for the current title and I went home that night and wrote the new lyrics.

Good Pash - Baby Chav De-Prawns     Rock, Punk 13/06/2019
Good Pash is an indie-punk band from Sydney. The firebrand quartet has made a name for themselves in the local scene as one of the most exciting new bands.
"Baby Chav De-Prawns is a song about the morning after a big night out. Trying to piece it all together (hence 'de-prawning') the word vomit from the night so you can move on with your day." - Good Pash

2019 will see a series of new singles and an EP titled “GEN 1” to be released later in the year.