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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

Latest Tracks Added

NIGHTCLIFF - Squeezing Time     Rock, Rock 18/04/2019
4 piece Classic Rock Covers Band that has written and recorded an EP 4 songs Looking for recognition and consequently more live work locally in and around Darwin
A catchy Rockt tune .

Other tracks by NIGHTCLIFF:  Eager Child  -  Not so Blue
Kae The Goat x Droopo - DEX UP     Hip Hop, Rap 18/04/2019
Two of the hottest names emerging from Melbourne's notorious South-East, Kae and Droopo bring a hard hitting anthem straight from the streets.
Two of the hottest names emerging from Melbourne's notorious South-East, Kae and Droopo bring to radio 'DEX UP" their hard hitting anthem straight from the streets which has taken the internet by storm & is now making its way to radio.

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Gordon Li - Motian's Dream     Jazz 19/04/2019
Gordon Li is a bassist from Melbourne, Australia. He is interested in exploring left of centre improvisatory frameworks which allow his trio to create evocative and intimate music.
A cyclic piece dedicated to Paul Motian that builds intensity throughout it's entirety. This piece features the drums and is essentially a long form drum solo built entirely around the improvised interactions between each member of the trio.

Other tracks by Gordon Li:  Hibernation  -  Rebel Dance
FERLA - Unconditional Love     Pop, Rock, Electronic 18/04/2019
Melbourne after-dark pop darlings FERLA have released their debut album and are heading out on tour this May.
This one’s about self-love, baby.​​ It’s about making music and being an artist. It’s about self-love and self-acceptance. It’s about trusting in something bigger than yourself. I read an article about how self-love is the hardest love of all. I get it. It’s really hard. But love can heal. There needs to be more of it.

Last Days of Kali - Kitsune     Rock, Instrumental, Experimental, Psychedelic 22/04/2019
Post rock hypnosis through a cascading waterfall of broken stained glass.
Indie doom purveyors Last Days of Kali have released “Kitsune” (pron. Kit-sue-neh). Hypnotic and dreamy, “Kitsune” lulls you in to a false sense of security before descending into a murky nightmare.

Kim (guitar): “I love Japanese folklore, specifically foxes. Kitsune are smart with paranormal abilities, who can be divine, mischievous or even downright malevolent. We hoped to capture this complexity.”

ALAN and TRACE - Country's What I Am     Country 18/04/2019
ALAN and TRACE are a new exciting country music duo. With collectively nearly 90 years of stage, performing and writing experience behind them.
New Single from ALAN and TRACE. Describing the joy and simplicity of growing up on the land.

Brittany Elise - Dorothy May     Country 18/04/2019
Brittany-Elise's powerhouse voice has seen her perform in Nashville, release her debut album 'Something More' at #2 in the charts and perform with some of the top artists in Australia.
Dorothy May is a powerful story written between a Grandmother and her granddaughter and the bond shared growing up, that can never be replaced.

Other tracks by Brittany Elise:  Dear Girl  -  Love You
The Med Heads - Galuchat Femme     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Punk 22/04/2019
The Med Heads are your human friends. Be wary of robots.
The story of a man and a stingray.

Other tracks by The Med Heads:  Charon's Pleasure Cruise  -  Blah Bwah
Big Boss - Everything (ft, Alison)     Hip Hop, Electronic 18/04/2019
Having solidified himself within Australia’s bass music landscape and playing shows alongside some high profile players across Melbourne and his new home town Sydney,
Bringing his fresh and forward thinking sounds to the fore, here we are treated to sparkly melodic synth lines melding with Alison’s sweet angelic vocals. Leading us into a false sense of security, the drops completely counter the verses with face melting heavy bass intensity, defying genre conventions but feeling so, so right at the same time.

HARRY FOX - Too Far (feat. Xavier Mayne)     Electronic, Hip Hop 16/04/2019
Dance & hip-hop genre-bending producer from Brisbane. Dark, dirty with an undercurrent of something deeper. I make electronic music for late-night drives.
Featuring Xavier Mayne ‘Too Far’ was always about catching a dirty, sexy vibe for FOX. “We all know the feeling of being with someone we shouldn’t be, and against our better judgement we go there anyway. ‘Too Far’ is the painting of the anticipation and anxiety of that moment just before you go down the rabbit hole again.”

Other tracks by HARRY FOX:  Take Time  -  Circles
Eskatology - Steady Vibe Feat Vonda Last & Lucky Luke     Hip Hop, RnB 16/04/2019
Eskatology is inspired by world events, teachings of spirituality, human living.
track about past mistakes and rewritting wrongs.

Other tracks by Eskatology:  Outta Options Feat Malody & Jmelz Intl
Stefan Rossi - Long Road     Hip Hop, Rap 16/04/2019
Stefan Rossi’s passion for music is matched only by his dedication to his community. The rapper and songwriter brings heart and style to Adelaide’s diversifying scene.
Long Road traces a generational immigrant struggle through to Stefan's own battles, carving out identity and philosophical fortitude. The silver-toned sounds lift you up, Elsy Wameyo’s compassionate take on the hook the perfect accompaniment to Stefan’s clear view and personal resolve.

Bohifale - Stationary     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Downbeat 21/04/2019
Sydney based Actor, branching out into music. Would ultimately like to write for others artists
A Pop/Electronic tune with a chilled out feel. The instrumentation is complimented by husky talk-singing vocals.

daste - Myself     Pop, Funk, Electronic 16/04/2019
‘Myself’ is the latest single from Australian trio daste, and it’s also the next taste of their forthcoming debut ep that's set for release in May via Mammal Sounds Records
‘Myself’ is the latest single from Australian trio daste, and it’s also the next taste of their forthcoming debut "Palette" ep that is set for release in May via Mammal Sounds Records.

Oddsox - 2024     Hip Hop, Electronic 18/04/2019
Oddsox returns with his punchy, new-wave flows. Coming in heavy with bars on bars coupled with mammoth electronic production.
2024 is in direct contrast to Oddsox debut single, Lonely Road, dropping the sing-song vibe for a harder, electronic feel with production by Erikibeatz (Figeuro, Black Napoleon). The seemingly braggadocio atmosphere created acts as a mask for the lyrical content, with Oddsox explaining his struggles with materialistic self-worth, the value of personal achievements and over compensation through self-inflation.