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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

Latest Tracks Added

Paul Costa - Road Train     Country 23/10/2018
One of Australian Country Music’s premium vocalist and live performers, Paul’s had an amazing response since the release of his 5th album Whisper In The Crowd.
“After performing at the Lights On The Hill Trucking Memorial Concert in Gatton a couple of years ago I was heading towards the signing tent and man said “G’day Paul, I loved your set” Then put his hand out and said, “They call me Road Train” … This is his story.

Jacob Rohde - Safe Behind Walls     Pop, Chill, Downbeat, Electronic 23/10/2018
Jacob Rohde is a singer, songwriter, performer and engineer recording music in a bedroom.
A song about mental illness

jacob Rohde - I'll make it easy     Pop, Chill, Downbeat, Garage 20/10/2018
Recording somewhere in a bedroom
Original music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jacob Rohde

ROMII - Cupid Love     Pop, RnB, Dance 20/10/2018
Brisbane/LA based artist ROMII is a future pop superstar, picking up a slew of accolades after her debut single 'Wild Heart' and now she's back to do it all again.
Not your typical love song, Cupid Love focuses on if Cupid used his bow and arrow to find love for himself after helping everyone else find love. Coupled with an energetic, summer-y beat, it's a love song with a twist.

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The Crown Royal Band - The First Time     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 20/10/2018
Coming from SthEast Melbourne, Cam, Aaron and Ryan are The Crown Royal Band a pop/rock/country band with funky grooves and catchy hooks that will be in your head for days!!
The First Time is a song about love at first sight and the struggle with realising it to be true but not wanting to believe that it really exists!

Other tracks by The Crown Royal Band:  Never Give You Up  -  Can't Keep Me Down
Swick - Send Me The Money ft. Capo Lee     Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop 20/10/2018
A production connoisseur of eclectic sounds, Swick maintains a genre-pushing style with utterly original releases, impeccable precision and a knack for always delivering the unexpected.
“Send Me The Money” feat. Capo Lee bursts with powerful lyrics fuelled by Swick's bouncing house sounds and infectious warped synth work. Reflecting Swick's passion for blending his energetic sound designs with strong hip hop influences and the voices to match, the track is an addictive, fiery and sure-fire club classic.

Antony & Cleopatra - Hurt Like Hell     Electronic 20/10/2018
Antony & Cleopatra’s brand of electronic music and his / her vocal dynamic has been seizing the attention of dance music fans across the globe.
From its warped melodies, rubber mallet beats, and swirling, psychedelic, electronic notes, 'Hurt Like Hell' is instantly recognisable as an addictive hit. It's the first single to be taken from A&C's debut EP of the same name, set for release November 23.

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Abby Dobson - Give Me Love     Pop, Folk, Soul 22/10/2018
Abby Dobson is a singer and songwriter. She was a founding member of Leonardo's Bride whose chart-topping song 'Even When I'm Sleeping' won APRA Song of the Year in 1998.
‘Give Me Love’ has an understated sparseness that allows Abby’s heartfelt words to come shining through. It’s a bittersweet song, infused with longing.

"It was one of those great ones where I wrote all the words first, so I didn’t have to bend any idea, word or meaning to the will of the music; I bent the music." Abby said.

Woodes - Dots (Flower Head Remix)     Electronic, Live Performance, Classical, Soundtrack (Film Related) 20/10/2018
Woodes is the moniker for the 24-year-old Melbourne based producer, singer and songwriter, Elle Graham, whose quick ascension into the limelight has caused many a head to turn.
She's one of the most exciting names in Australian indie music, Woodes today sharing an orchestral remix by Melbourne producer Flower Head of her acclaimed hit 'Dots', coinciding with the one year anniversary of the tracks release.

Cool Sounds - The Beat     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 22/10/2018
Playful, earnest guitar music for long haul drives, sunsets, gardening and contemplative walks.
A builder, the intro sees front-man Dainis Lacey setting the scene - the dread at seeing an old acquaintance - before the full band kicks in with swagger.
Using slide-guitar, 80s prom synths & a plucky, McCartney-esque bass, the sax refrain elevates the whole feel - repetition aimed at a Krautrock vibe, all framed in an alt-country, 70s soft-rock atmosphere.

Other tracks by Cool Sounds:  Dirt  -  Wrangler
Chela - Shut You Up     Pop, Electronic 20/10/2018
Chela is an Australian/Filipino alt pop artist originally from Western Australia.
Shut You Up featuring Banoffee is a song about disconnecting momentarily from technology to enjoy what is natural. Chela wrote and co-produced it with Clubfeet's Le Bruce. It was mixed by Chris Zane and mastered by Joe La Porta.

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Just About Done - Peacemaker     Rock, Punk 20/10/2018
Melbourne based Alternative Punk outfit Just About Done create a truly infectious and unique brand of music.
Just About Done have forged a perfectly balanced Alternative Punk single in Peacemaker. Peacemaker opens with a beautiful guitar part accompanied by a flowing female lead vocal. The track then busts out in all of it's Punk Rock glory! The chorus is ridiculously hooky and will get stuck in your head all week!

Other tracks by Just About Done:  Strain  -  1029
BLKLST - Phase     Rock, Hardcore 20/10/2018
BLKLST was founded by drummer Drue Herring and guitarist James Gracie in 2015 with later additions of vocalist Joshua Westwick and Bassist James McClurg, and finally live guitarist Evan Lee
Vocalist Joshua Westwick said that "Phase is about that one person who can influence you to do things you normally wouldn’t. Things that are ultimately bad for both of you. It’s about destroying yourself and drowning in someone’s toxic environment because of how much you care about them."

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Fanny Lumsden - Real Men Don't Cry (War On Pride)     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 20/10/2018
Raised in Western NSW, Fanny Lumsden is a ‘breath of fresh country air’ according to Rolling Stone Magazine & is hitting new highs with her second album ‘Real Class Act’.
“Real Men Don’t Cry (War On Pride)” is the third single from Fanny Lumsden’s, #1 ARIA Country Album chart album “Real Class Act”. It follows “Roll On” and “Elastic Waistband” which have spent a combined total of 42 weeks on The Music Network Country Airplay chart and both reached #1 on the Country Music Channel Top 50 video chart.

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Lese Majesty - Signs     Rock 20/10/2018
The outfit began as a creative outlet for vocalist Jodie Gibson and bassist Joel Henderson in the basement of a Sydney share house in 2015.
It is about trying to recognise cycles and repetitions occurring around us, both personally and in a wider context." Bassist and songwriter Joel Henderson explains. "In the last year or so, I've been down a rabbit hole of weird, old strange books, and documentaries, so the EP is about grappling with this ancient wisdom through the lens of current events.

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