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Latest Tracks Added

Steve Kilbey - Sydney Rococo     Rock, Pop 14/12/2018
Legendary frontman of The Church, Steve Kilbey, returns with a new solo album, Sydney Rococo
Sydney Rococo is the title track from Steve Kilbey's new solo album. With its uplifting orchestral strings, the song tells the story of Sydney from Steve's viewpoint. Its changes, its mainstays, its highs and lows.

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W3 WERE HERE - Don't Think About It Feat Zoe Gol     Electronic, Hip Hop, Soul 14/12/2018
Two Mc's from Perth and a producer from Zagreb, Croatia
A song we wrote about not over thinking the crazy world we have all become accustomed to by relying heavily on Nike's famous catchphrase

Other tracks by W3 WERE HERE:  When The Sun Goes Down feat Ev Jones
RachelRachel - Not The Same     Pop, Electronic 14/12/2018
RachelRachel is a singer songwriter from Darwin. Her debut EP, "Inertia" will be released January 2019. The first single recently won NT Song of the Year in the electronic category.
Not the Same is a track I wrote when I moved to the NT. It was written about breaking bad patterns that kept veering me off course on my musical journey. I recorded it with renowned producer Stuart Stuart (apt) and I was lucky enough to win the electronic category of NT Song of the Year with it this year.

Other tracks by RachelRachel:  Wonderful, Whatever  -  Hold Your Breath
Michael Walker - Just Like Me     World, Pop 14/12/2018
Original band had a top 40 hit in 1984 and performed on Countdown. Released an EP in 2015 with "Dreams" being a finalist in the 2016 Vanda and Young Competition
An uplifting song and people are not alone experiencing life's hopes, dreams, trials and tribulations

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LOVER - Best Side     Pop, RnB, Chill, Electronic 14/12/2018
Indie RNB artist from Western Sydney.
Best Side is an Indie Rnb song about seeing the best in somebody when they don't see it in themselves.

KESMAR - Feel It Again (Remix)     Electronic, Dance 14/12/2018
KESMAR is a new chapter for Sydney musician Nathan Hawes. He's dropped the acoustic guitar for swirling synths, introducing a more disco, indie electronic-oriented chapter of his career.
Fellow single 'Feel It Again' explores the darker side of romance. "After a relationship ends, I think a lot of us question ourselves, Will I feel it again? Will I feel the same way I felt when we together?" The track was written with LANKS in his living room in Sydney, and co-produced with Tobias Priddle in Melbourne.

Soft Touch - Fright     Electronic, Pop, RnB, Goth 14/12/2018
Soft Touch, the latest side project from Grace Stevenson from Rebel Yell, and previously in 100%. In Soft Touch, Grace takes a lo-fi, dark pop approach.
Keeping it’s distance from the industrial techno sounds of Rebel Yell, Fright has a mesmerising pulse and a luscious but caustic lead throughout. Lyrically the song speaks of bodily autonomy, with a cool, wry delivery. Reminiscent of artists like Pillow Pro and Princi, Soft Touch has been described as gothic RnB, perhaps even a slow groove to grind to.

Bigg - Worth My Time     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap 13/12/2018
Vietnamese/Australian Rap/EDM/Hip Hop recording artist & producer, born in Ha Noi and now based in Sydney. He started making music since 2006 with a catalogue of over 60 songs.
“Worth My Time” is the first single taken out from Bigg’s next R&B project. The idea behind the song was inspired by the artist's previous relationship that made him feel unappreciated. "Worth My Time" incorporated a bass-heavy Trap production with melodic R&B vibes, while still having storytelling elements in it, exhibiting a new direction for the artist.

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The Donald Trumpets - Coping Mechanisms     Metal/Punk, Ska, Punk 13/12/2018
Political party ska. Singing about the stuff you try and avoid at family get together, but in a way everyone can dance to.
Upbeat song about suicide, the loss of friends and the unhealthy ways we cope with loss.

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All The Weathers - Jobs For Dogs     Rock, Punk, Garage 13/12/2018
Tasmanian vibrant post-punk three piece
Upbeat bouncy post-punk with socio-political lyrics

Endgrain - Way Back     Electronic 13/12/2018
Sydney producer Endgrain (Jackson May) returns with his La Junta EP & new single “Way Back”. La Junta is the culmination of over a year’s work for Endgrain.
New single "Way Back" follows suit; a winding bassline and simple hook, playing with listener expectations across three distinct movements.

Other tracks by Endgrain:  La Junta  -  Costa Del Sol
Glenn Shorrock - The Night Owls     Pop, Easy Listening, Rock, Live Performance 13/12/2018
With a career spanning more than 50 years, Glenn Shorrock is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business.
An updated rendition of The Night Owls by Glenn Shorrock produced by Steve Balbi. In studio with Glenn were other top class musicians including Pete Drummond (drums), Jak Housden (guitar1), James Van Cooper (guitar2), Dario Bortolin (bass), Robbie Woolf (keys), Glenn Cunningham (bv’s), Hugh Wilson (bv’s), Phil Stack (upright bass on Reminiscing), Mitchell Rogers (lap steel), and Ross Middleton (sax).

Kult Kyss - EKKO     Electronic, Pop 13/12/2018
Melding Haxx’s glistening production and pulsing beats with Rromarin’s unique vocal sound, Kult Kyss merge future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners in to a rich and dynamic sonic realm.
“We wanted to capture the magic of human connectivity and shared freedom, and the result is our most upbeat and vivid work to date. EKKO is designed to convey the spirit of a human collective, which we explored through the use of chanting group vocals, euphoric synth lines and a driving breakbeat to act as the heart of the track.”

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Cable Ties - Choking to Choose (friendships Remix)     Electronic, Punk, Dance 13/12/2018
Cable Ties are three friends who summon a rhythmic tide, with singer Jenny McKechnie delivering anthems that turn your latent anxieties into a rallying cry.
friendships have remixed Cable Ties in a way that could soundtrack your time travel just as easily as it could a recurring dream.

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Anita Spring - Big Crush     Country 13/12/2018
Anita Spring has long been known as a fine vocalist. In 2018, she has re-emerged with a stunning collection of contemporary country songs, achieving the recognition she so richly deserves.
Big Crush is an up-tempo, infectious pop-country tune about meeting someone that takes over your senses! Who you simply can't get enough of!