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Latest Tracks Added

Modulii - Gravity     Rock, Alternative, Metal 10/12/2019
Modulii (ex-Teen Skank Parade) have been playing rock/punk/metal together sporadically since around 2006. In late 2019 Modulii is releasing "The Last Album".
A love song of sorts. A down tempo track with fat guitars and some swing that is influenced by stoner rock.

Other tracks by Modulii:  Hollow  -  Sh*tty F**ken Life
Heart and Feather - Boneyard     Pop, Rock 10/12/2019
Singer songwriter from the south west of Western Australia writing folk, pop, indie, country and rock, sometimes described as a genre bender but always creating from the heart
A song reflecting on the things we hide, from ourselves or others, secrets or lies that can be damaging, a meditation on 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' and themes around being a woman in this world, and speaking up so you are not tolerating the things that hurt.

Other tracks by Heart and Feather:  Better
Runaway Belles - Dream     Folk, Roots, Country, Alternative 10/12/2019
Australian singer-songwriters Tash Parker and Emma Anglesey combine beautiful harmonies, rhythmic guitars and wonderful percussion in their new folk-pop band Runaway Belles.
A bouncy and care free song - the perfect soundtrack for packing the car and heading off on a summer holiday.

Recorded at DuckReachCottage(Launceston).

Co-produced by Angelsey and Parker with assistance from Becki Whitton (Tash Sultana, G-Flip). Featuring Anita Quayle (Melbourne Amplified Strings, The Waifs) & Josh Barbar (Gretta Ray, Gotye). Mixed and mastered by Lachlan Carrick (Lior, Missy Higgins).

Georgie Fahey - On Fire     Alternative, Indie, Rock, Pop 10/12/2019
Georgie Fahey, just 16 yo from the NSW Central Coast with powerhouse vocals that compare to artists such as Killing Heidi and Paramore and full accomplished band she rocks
My second single release, 'On Fire'. The music video is on its way, and will be released in the New Year, but super happy to finally have this track out for you all to enjoy. This track was written about dealing with depression and anxiety and how to power through and be the person you are made to be.

The Howling Fog - Draw Me Out     Psych, Experimental, Alternative 10/12/2019
Gloomy, grimey, psych-shoegaze from Adelaide.
Draw Me Out is the second track from the band's 2019 EP, Drifting. With this song the band shifts gear from the haunting swirl of guitars of opener, The Needle's Falling, and commences with pounding drums and a faster pace. The melancholy tone is still present but the angle of dead-end obscurity is turned to one of assertive realisation.

Other tracks by The Howling Fog:  Push To Exit  -  Nebulous Waves
Hetty Ingram - Devil's Daughter     Pop, Folk, Indie, Roots 10/12/2019
Hetty Ingram is a singer/songwriter hailing from the South Coast of NSW. With a soaring voice charging her lyrics with heartfelt emotion that can stop conversations and turn heads.
The song "Devil's Daughter" is a tale of strength, courage and growth. It explores the journey to regain ones identity throughout the chaos which comes with toxic relationships and domestic violence. This song reflects on themes of long lasting effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and mental health.

Fox Company - Electrifying     Rock, Blues 10/12/2019
A four piece rock outfit keeping the good times rolling!
A song about still loving someone you probably shouldn't

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Alana Jagt - If We Had Some Money     Rock, Pop, Folk, Country 10/12/2019
Jagt’s dynamic rasp soars over her blend of stormy folk-rock noir that's refreshing yet familiar. She performs powerful solo shows; playful trio affairs; and with her twin guitar rock band.
the song was written whilst driving from Whyalla to Adelaide, which takes about four hours. I had been toying with 'I could do a lot of things if I had some money' for a chorus as it'a favorite Homer Simpson quote.

I was thinking 'if we had some money we could've flown', and then the verse lyrics flowed from there.

Headphones Jones - Hectic Zebra     Roots, World, Soul, Jazz 10/12/2019
Nine-piece party extravaganza that perform high energy, feel good dance music with a blend of funk, afrobeat and afro-latin flavours.
Hectic Zebra is a Funk-Afrobeat instrumental ride that builds from steady groove into flange-filled drum solos at the climax!

Craig Brumby - Christmas Girl     Country, Pop, Folk 10/12/2019
A solo act writing from the heart about things that matter and life experiences. A mix of country pop and folk rock.
Christmas Girl was written about his then-girlfriend (now wife) and how he wouldn't be seeing her for Christmas. It talks about the feeling of knowing someone won't be there and how memories are not as good as the real thing.

A passionate love song to make anyone's heart melt.

Mossy Fogg - Spider Song     Roots, Alternative, Folk 10/12/2019
Down 'n dirty blues, folk and rock with more growl than a Mississippi swamp dog, Perth swamp lords Mossy Fogg have got the good medicine to cure what ails you.
Spider Song, set for official release Friday November 15th, has been a crowd favourite and a staple of live shows for a long while now and will be the first studio release from Mossy Fogg in almost 5 years.

Nicholas Costello - In Store     Indie, Soul, Jazz, Alternative 10/12/2019
Nicholas Costello is a Melbourne-based solo artist, who writes and performs music which is a mix of dream-pop, soul and rock. He has just released his debut album, Springtime Kingdom.
A song about what happens at night. A song about reawakening. A song about moving on. A song for the groovers.

Julie McVey - River     Folk, Indie, Pop, Indie 10/12/2019
Julie McVey is a singer-songwriter from Newcastle NSW. Julie writes folk and pop songs with self-reflective, melancholy lyrics.
An ethereal dream folk song about wanderlust and regret. Strong narrative and vocal style with sparse, atmospheric production.

Jamie-Rose - Toronto feat. Figuero Jones     Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Pop 10/12/2019
Brisbane based R&B/Hip Hop singer songwriter. I travel back and forth between Australia and Canada/USA to work on music with people in the industry.
The creation of 'Toronto' started in February however took a lot longer to complete as it was made in four different studios across Australia and Canada. This particular song was very challenging for the two of them (Jamie-Rose and Malikai Motion) as they were working with live session players for guitar, piano and drums.

Other tracks by Jamie-Rose:  Bad Influence
Sputnik Sweetheart - Growing Pains     Indie, Rock, Pop 10/12/2019
The four piece indie-rock band, Sputnik Sweetheart, round out an action-packed year with their debut EP Growing pains. This collection of songs are as nostalgic as they are catchy.
The Aussie indie rock four-piece, Sputnik Sweetheart, introduce their debut EP 'Growing Pains', with this nostalgic and catchy title track. Inspired by their home town of Canberra, the band plays with tongue in cheek lyrics and reoccurring motifs as they explore the feeling of outgrowing the city you grew up in.

Other tracks by Sputnik Sweetheart:  FOMO