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Latest Tracks Added

NJE - Pay Attention feat. UNCHAINED     Hip Hop, Soul 23/07/2019
NJE is a solo Hip-Hop artist based in Redbank Plains, Brisbane. He creates music with meaning to uplift & give the people positive vibes & feelings through the music.
Pay Attention is an upbeat anthem that will keep the heads noddin' from start to finish. It's that music that makes you want to get up & make things happen. Feel good music is where it's at!!!

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Please Vote Now - Brainwashed Kids     Rock, Punk 23/07/2019
5 boys well men wahhhh, from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, that have come back to together from several bands of the past.
Brainwashed Kids which has come about by the obsession of our children with devices and the internet.

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Other tracks by Please Vote Now:  What do you want
Laura Imbruglia - Give Boys Pink Toys     Rock, Grunge 23/07/2019
Since taking a five-year break, Laura Imbruglia is back on the scene traversing realms of pub rock, brooding indie pop, classic country, shoegaze, grunge and even yacht rock
The final single to be released from Laura Imbruglia's fourth album "Scared Of You" is a feminist call to arms for the men of the world, and the people who raise them. Laura calmly implores the listener to do better, against the juxtaposition of a relentless bulldozer riff pummelling all in its wake.

Void Of Vision - Hole In Me     Metal/Punk, Metal, Hardcore 23/07/2019
Melbourne-based four-piece Void Of Vision cement their status as one of the country's most inspired metalcore outfits on their forthcoming sophomore release 'Hyperdaze'.
'Hole In Me' is a gut-wreching slice of metalcore from Melbourne's Void of Vision. It traces a lost, apathetic mind that feels dead before it has died, screaming "I'm dead behind the eyes, no one, no life".

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community - On + On     Pop, Rock 23/07/2019
Reliably funky&devilishly handsome in their matching Adidas, these nebbish boys from the more-recently-clean streets of St Kilda who make up the AM's deliver a service the community knows and loves.
“We wrote ‘On + On’ about daring to chase a dream, doing all you can to make it happen, &coming up against your fear of falling flat”. It starts off with synth-piano chords &an eighties like feel that invites summer right into your ears. The bright-pulsating chords combined with low &smooths vocals lead us from one lyric to the next,

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Best Face to London     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Experimental 23/07/2019
Rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most exciting, diverse and hard-working young bands, this Melbourne based five piece are making waves within the Australian music scene, and further abroad.
Frontman Lachlan Rose says; “In the building world, “Best Face to London” means to present the best materials at the front of a house, concealing the less attractive materials. The song is a celebration of the human, emotional tendency to do the same – a reassuring nod to all the brave faces stepping out into the world every day.”

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Verticoli - So Far     Rock 23/07/2019
Combining unrelenting groove with a passion for heaviness and harmony, Tassie born/Melbourne based three piece Verticoli have supported some of the country's biggest names while becoming headliners themselves.
"So Far is about a relationship coming about at a completely inopportune time. It was written after my girlfriend and I got together at the end of university, just as a fling initially, which then turned into more than that after we'd already accepted jobs on opposite sides of the country."

Palace Revolution - Slide     Rock, Funk, Grunge 23/07/2019
Palace Revolution is a four piece rock band from Canberra, ACT. The band was formed in 2017 and released their debut album 'Kingdom' in May 2018.
Slide is the first recorded track from Palace Revolution's forthcoming EP ‘The Insurrection’, due for release in November 2019. This latest track blends a funk vibe with the bands alt rock sound and is a cheeky poke at modern society’s growing emphasis on social media as a measure of success.

The Urban Sea - Dopamine     Rock, RnB 23/07/2019
The Urban Sea are a genre fluid 6-piece known for musically diverse, lyrically driven songs about the ebb and flow of modern life.
Dopamine is a shout out to a generation who feel like the world is spinning around so fast it can be hard to hold on. It's a catchy, upbeat big band soul/rock tune that explores the human desire to escape ourselves.

Other tracks by The Urban Sea:  In the Sunshine  -  Move
The Queensland Tiger - Where's Your License? (Charles Thatcher)     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 23/07/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Another classic song from the Victorian goldfields, written by Charles Thatcher (1831 – 1878). The topic could not have been more controversial at the time: the license tax, and the way it was applied, gave rise to the Eureka Rebellion in 1854, so that dates this song to the early 1850s. Violin by Shannon Stott-Rigsbee.

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No/Trauma - Six Foot Flawless     Pop, Punk, Folk 23/07/2019
No/Trauma are a Naarm (Melbourne) based band, making emo folk music. Singing about vulnerability, connection and identity. It’s a bit like Paul Kelly meets Kelly Clarkson, but sadder and queerer.
Six Foot Flawless is a three minute thirty second anthemic burst of self love about growing up, being queer as in “f**k you” and learning to love yourself with a little bit of inspiration from the Greek Amazons of legend.

Gav Brown - Spirit of a Cowgirl     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Acoustic 23/07/2019
Gav Brown's Road Less Travelled is the follow up Album the Sound Circus Album which had #1's on plaympe charts and single chart success with Artist Dream Peter Pan Tracks.
Spirit of a Cowgirl is a tale about loving the characters that contribute to our amazing society and to appreciate us all.

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Other tracks by Gav Brown:  School's Out  -  Don't Think Twice
Arrowhead - Coven of the Snake     Rock 23/07/2019
Australian stoner rockers, Arrowhead offer a unique blend of fuzz rock, with 70’s infused groove and thick doses of down-tuned doom to take you on a psychedelic trip.
"Coven of the Snake" the title track from Arrowheads third Studio album, let the venom enters your blood stream and put you under her mystical spell. Masters of illusion and snake oil charmers offer salvation and immortality for the price of your soul, you can't escape the Coven of the Snake, so why don't you join?

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Other tracks by Arrowhead:  Ceremony of the Skull  -  Dopanaught
HyperFlora - Deja Vu ft. Yokubo     Electronic, Hip Hop 23/07/2019
HyperFlora is made up of songwriters and producers Johnny Polhe and Josh Yardy. The pair have been crafting a sound of their own that melds a series of eclectic genres.
'Deja Vu’ first presents the listener with a lush, expansive harp that creates a wild sense of space and intrigue. Johnny and Yokubo’s lush vocals fill the space in between the harp, crafting a deep sense of depth with minimalistic elements. The head nodding, intricate drum patterns and samples create a complex, yet extravagant groove their vocals glide effortlessly over.

HyperFlora - Pink     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB 23/07/2019
Tucked in between lush electronic beats and immersive vocals lie the Melbourne indie-electronic duo HyperFlora. The pair have been crafting their own sound that melds a series of eclectic genres.
With everything good, there is also inevitably bad, Pink is about looking at positives rather than dwelling on the negative. Your thoughts and what you choose to focus your energy on definitely manifests your reality. Pink explores our individual journeys of learning to ‘observe’ thoughts and feelings without judgement and the affect this can have on the experience of reality.