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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

Latest Tracks Added

Kim Smith Rock Music - Riddle     Rock 18/12/2018
Kim Smith's track from her Debut EP Thunder Run delivers raw, addictive, hard rock showcasing her trademark husky vocals, as a female version of AC/DC
Riddle was written as a dedication to Michael Hutchence, "There's a riddle in the music, seek & you will find"

Jessey Napa - Stuck Together     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 18/12/2018
Jessey is a singer-songwriter straight outta Sydney. After a few years of working on his sound, he is finally ready to share his music with the world.
Stuck Together has all the important components of a good song; catchy choruses, synth solos and references to Johnny Cash. You’ll also hear the sounds of Maurice ‘Moz’ Webb (bass) & Jake Arvonen (drums & keys/synths) from Sydney outfit Chasing Giants on the track. This is just the first of many songs to come

Kody - Let You Go     Rock, Acoustic, Pop 18/12/2018
Kody are a high energy bolt of melody with huge songs and lyrical journeys that will take you away from all you know and into the minds of our band!
A song of loss, losing someone in your life and letting them go

Odin Malchik - Drop Me Now     Rock, Pop 18/12/2018
Home recorded psychedelic pop.
Drop Me Now is the fourth single from Odin Malchik's debut album 'Forgiveness and War' to be released in 2019. The track explores the feelings of pain and confusion associated with a failing relationship. All music by Ryan Johnson, mastered by Rob Agostini at Soundbaker Studios.

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Suburban Bukowskis - interwebs fucked up everything     Rock, Comedy, Acoustic, Country 18/12/2018
Suburban Bukowskis blend storytelling, satire and great songwriting to create neo-beatnik studies of the screwed-up world around them.
Before the interwebs we all lived in a world of harmony and peace, then the interwebs fucked it. Here's that sad story, put to music!

Plants - Electric Blue     Electronic, Pop, Dance 18/12/2018
3-piece group PLANTS create left of the dial disco-pop with an 80's Australiana tinge.
Electric Blue is the debut single from Sydney act Plants.

Seattic - Attraction     Pop, Electronic 18/12/2018
Seattic is a solo project by Adrian Osman, a Melbourne based songwriter and former lead guitarist of Brisbane rock outfit Tourism.
Attraction, a mesmerising modern throwback to a lost eighties, recreating something that was lost whilst telling stories of love lost, love found, love lost again, and everything in between.

Jack Runaway - Ready To Know You     Rock 18/12/2018
Based in Western Australia's Golden Bay, Jack Runaway envelopes familiar themes in a swirl of melodies and tones that cut across genres, fuelled by a sense of nostalgia,
Written on a plane as a distraction from a fear of flying, 'Ready To Know You' is a heartfelt reflection on a breakup, delivered in a burst of jangling guitars and sing-along vocals. Funnelling life experience into every song, Jack Runaway is a place of raw emotion that taps into childhood memories, current day happenings, and everything in between.

Karise Eden - Born To Fight     Rock, Country, Blues, Soul 18/12/2018
Karise Eden is the powerful and engrossing blues vocalist that shot to fame at just 19 and soon grew into a woman more than ready to take on the world.
Born To Fight is the self-titled track off her new album. Recording this album, she realised she wanted to make music that showed her fiery side and her passion for blues, rock’n roll and even a great power ballad.

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Other tracks by Karise Eden:  Maybe You Can Love Me Anyway  -  Ain't Thinkin About You
Palace Of The King - Get Right With Your Maker     Rock 18/12/2018
Melbourne rockers Palace Of The King play bluesy, soul-infused, riff-heavy, psychedelic rock n roll. Touring over summer with The Screaming Jets
Get Right With Your Maker is a new electric version of the hidden track that appeared as an acoustic version on the album of the same name released in April 2018

Blonde Doctor - Somebody Else’s Name     Rock, Punk, Pop 18/12/2018
Adelaide based Pop Punk outfit Blonde Doctor create an infectious brand of music that draws inspiration from legends such as Fall Out Boy, Rise Against and A Day To Remember.
Somebody Else’s Name blasts straight out the gate in all it's Pop Punk glory! The songs paints a picture of the pain involved in moving on from a past relationship. The band have an impeccable sense of dynamics and know how to write a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days! Press play and enjoy.

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The Heartache State - Airstrike     Rock, Blues 18/12/2018
The Heartache State features Nick Barker (of The Reptiles fame) and are a no frills old school rock n roll band in the vein of their influences.
The Heartache State features Nick Barker and Justin Garner. This is old school Aussie Rock the way it used to be played!

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Youi - Signorita     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 17/12/2018
Canadian-born Australian rapper and hip-hop artist Youi has just released his latest single Signorita.
It’s a fresh, vibrant sound incorporating elements of rap, latin and hip hop with a seductive cruisy feel and Youi’s recognisable vocal delivering his unique brand of wordplay.

Steve Kilbey - Sydney Rococo     Rock, Pop 14/12/2018
Legendary frontman of The Church, Steve Kilbey, returns with a new solo album, Sydney Rococo
Sydney Rococo is the title track from Steve Kilbey's new solo album. With its uplifting orchestral strings, the song tells the story of Sydney from Steve's viewpoint. Its changes, its mainstays, its highs and lows.

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Fresco Kyoto - All of the People     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Soundscapes 17/12/2018
Cinematic young Brisbane 5 piece for fans of Mansionair, Bon Iver and London Grammar.
“[4 stars] Mmm, yes please to that voice.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J Unearthed

“Soothing, picturesque indie” – AAA Backstage