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Latest Tracks Added

The Dead Love - Wake Up     Rock, Grunge 22/06/2018
Hailing from Sydney, self-professed "sh**ty grunge" larrikins The Dead Love are set to release their new single 'Wake Up,' ahead of a east coast national tour.
Wake Up is a heartfelt and thought-provoking rock song with a powerful message."It's a reminder that violence towards women is still very much present among us and happening closer than you think. It’s a story of an ugly breakup turning physical, and touches on how some friends stayed silent, even while others spoke up.”- Stevie Knight, Frontman

Tanaya Harper - The Well     Pop, Folk 22/06/2018
Tanaya Harper is a Perth-based artist and songwriter, often writing about their intimate experiences with depression, anxiety and living with bipolar disorder.
"It's about feeling really guilty. Guilty for feeling numb; guilty for feeling anxious about my steady and beautiful relationship with my partner; guilty that I couldn't even leave the house to go for a walk. Then I started talking to a few people about how I was thinking and feeling, and I realised that I wasn't the only one"

Other tracks by Tanaya Harper:  The Dark I Love
The Living End - Don't Lose It     Rock 22/06/2018
One of Australia's most loved bands The Living End are back with their new single 'Don't Lose It', a testament to their quintessential sound of killer riffs, hooks and choruses.
‘Don’t Lose It’ is a clarion call to the breadth of fire and intensity still stirring strongly within Chris, Scott and Andy. The track itself is quintessential Living End - packed with killer riffs, hooks and choruses. It is the first release to emerge from an inspired writing and recording session done in Berlin earlier this year.

Pup Tentacle - Tree Sky     Rock, Psychedelic 22/06/2018
Pup Tentacle are a concept band of five mild mannered business people looking to the salvation of space rock to escape the ever closing void of their work life.
Tree Sky is the story of a tree that becomes a spaceship launching into the night sky, featuring lush, three-part harmonies, a smooth psychedelic jam, and too many synths to count on one hand. It doesn't get any more psychedelic than this.

Other tracks by Pup Tentacle:  Hunter and Her Hound  -  Jon Hamm is on My Mind
Jesse Porsches - Know U feat. Transviolet     Electronic, Pop 22/06/2018
Sydney DJ/Producer Jesse Porsches is one of the country's most exciting, rising electronic acts. He's currently signed to Dew Process and BMG for publishing.
Featuring production from Porsches and vocals from Transviolet's Sarah McTaggart, the song opens with swooning piano chords and crispy clicks, as it delicately builds layers around McTaggart’s stunning voice, before giving away to Porsches’ signature, pop-infused drop. It’s an infectious beat that floods into the song, lifting it into a new, triumphant sonic realm that is filled with energy.

Jacob Sydney - Delicate     Rock, Easy Listening, Ambience, Soul 22/06/2018
Alternative singer songwriter combining ambient soft rock with husky yet soulful vocals.
Delicate is a perfect representation of Jacob Sydney's amazing ability to create a soft soulful rock experience

KABLE - When We Were High     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Acoustic 23/06/2018
KABLE is a Singer-Songwriter combining lush acoustic melodies, with lyrics that remind people of a time when they stood atop the world and nothing was impossible.
When We Were High is about remembering the experiences you've had; and the desire in all of us to relive the moments that made you feel alive. Sometimes it's healthier to let go.

Andy Ward - Deluded     Electronic, Pop 22/06/2018
Breaking free from major label shackles, Andy Ward returns with galvanising new single, 'Deluded'. The track sees the classically trained vocalist and producer come into his own, reinvigorated and unmasked.
Andy Ward’s new single ‘Deluded’ is a shout to the sky, a burning supernova of creativity, his celebration of individuality, independence and freedom. Layered choral vocals and heady percussive elements bloom and ultimately explode into a dynamic soundscape, heralding Andy Ward's return in multi-dimensional, unrestrained glory.

The Kite String Tangle - Give It Time ft. Aalias     Electronic 22/06/2018
Brisbane singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, nominated for multiple ARIA Awards.
‘Give It Time’ ft. Aalias from The Kite String Tangle.

Known for co-producing hits such as Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘The Monster’ and DJ Snake ‘Middle’, on ‘Give It Time’ Aalias worked alongside The Kite String Tangle to produce a track that draws you in with a mesmerising harp intro, building to an infectious groove and Harley’s unmistakably smooth vocals.

Honky Cat - My Home     Pop, Alternative Country 25/06/2018
Anita Monk and Steve Hearn have been playing together in covers and tribute bands for near on 30 years. We've finally decided to write some killer songs together.
Our formative years are usually spent in a home that we never ever forget. That's where all our memories lie. But it's very sad when you go past the house and find it's either gone, or changed drastically. This is the story of My Home.

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Trouble Peach - El Avíon Sobre El Mar     Folk 22/06/2018
A Neutral Milk Hotel Spanish tribute album performed by current/former members of The Toot Toot Toots, Oh Mercy and Saint Jude.
In The Aeroplane Over the Sea performed in Spanish

Other tracks by Trouble Peach:  El Rey de Flores (parte uno)  -  El Rey de Flores (partes dos y tres)
Cigars of the Pharaoh - Sincere Karma     Rock, Blues, Metal 24/06/2018
With a power-packed sound that tips its hat to the blues rock genre of old, Cigars Of The Pharaoh are bringing a modern twist to retro-rock grooves.
Sincere Karma came about like so many of the band’s tunes do — a random riff at rehearsal. But this time it was different. With the band moving to a new two-guitar line-up, this time it was massive, a big, bold new sound that shakes the very foundations of the traditional rock sound.

Way Shit - Don't Stab Me     Metal/Punk, Folk, Garage 22/06/2018
Way Shit describe themselves as 'Footscray emo punk', and they are Shelley Smith (she/her - guitar/vocals/songwriting), Michael Voulgarellis (he/him - bass) and Kevin Baker (he/him - drums).
‘Don’t Stab Me’ details the harassment female identifying and non-binary people have to deal with while taking public transport, both on a micro level of aggression: the way society normalises controlling women and non-binary people, and also the macro level: of escalation of threats that lead to the normalisation of violence (and murder) against women and non-binary people.

The Vegas Nerves - A List As Long As Your Arm     Rock 25/06/2018
The Vegas Nerves are a four-piece band playing their music around the less salubrious parts of Sydney town.
Some great British sounding alternative guitar pop along the lines of Muse, Arctic Monkeys and Morrissey. This is the first single from the new album coming out in August. Highly Recommended.

Other tracks by The Vegas Nerves:  Why Am I Not Surprised
Courtney Barnett - Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence     Rock 22/06/2018
Courtney Barnett shares ‘Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence’, taken from her new album Tell Me How You Really Feel, out now via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
On 'Crippling Self-Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence' Barnett grapples with responsibility of being an unexpected spokesperson of her generation, whose every word is open to scrutiny and examination, somehow turning the chorus of “I don’t know/I don’t know/I don’t know anything” into something both humorous and peculiarly affecting.