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Latest Tracks Added

Key Out - In Code     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 19/12/2018
Key Out is an indie band from Sydney. Their debut LP What (do) you see, was recorded by j walker from Machine Translations. Out 25 January on Half A Cow.
Field recordings, vocal harmonies, distorted guitars and minimalist percussion crammed into a sub-3 minute pop song.

‘In Code’ is the second track off Key Out’s debut LP What (do) you see out through Half A Cow on 25 January.

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Bob Brown and Steve Crump - Winter Night At Liffey     World, Atmospheric, Easy Listening, Acoustic 19/12/2018
Bob Brown is Australia's most respected environmentalist, admired politician, nature author and poet. Steve Crump is an emerging Tasmanian composer- his "Midnight Rain" CD was stocked by leading independent outlets.
This performances provide a special insight into Bob Brown the person - beyond the internationally-recognised political and environmental campaigner. Bob says of Winter Night in Liffey - Liffey is under the Great Western Tiers in Tasmania. It was unusual for snow to settle at the house but, often, I’d awake in the morning to find the mountain laden with white.

Other tracks by Bob Brown and Steve Crump:  Katie Kingston  -  Wynyard Girl
Forklift Assassins - On With The Show     Metal/Punk, Rock, Punk 19/12/2018
3 piece heavy punk rock, metal cross-over band from Melbourne. Loud, fast and in your face.
Heavily influenced by Motorhead, On With The Show is about playing live. It also references some of the most important bands in rock, punk and metal history (at least in our opinions).

Other tracks by Forklift Assassins:  Trouble  -  Dynamite
YAO - Intro (Untitled)     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric 19/12/2018
YAO is the breakout artist of 2018.
YAO presents a very dreamy, atmospheric sound-scape with reverbs and synths.

Andy Penkow - Drowning in the Whiskey     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 19/12/2018
Andy Penkow is a country rock singer-songwriter. His new album "Sad Love Songs" was produced by Rodney Motbey at Tracking Dog Studios. The first single is "Drowning in the Whiskey"
Drowning in the Whiskey is a country song, it's about the struggles we all have in life, and how easy it can be to get trapped in your own skin. The Whiskey takes a hold of you.

Other tracks by Andy Penkow:  Sad Love Songs  -  California
Paris Kis - OONGA ft. Chrissie Kis     Electronic, Dance, Pop 19/12/2018
Fun Dance tune, catchy and memorable in the tradition of Gangnam Style
Fun dance track in the tradition of Gangnam Style, sung by Chrissie Kiss, written and produced by Paris Kis

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Will Clift - Alcohol and Rhymes (A&R)     Pop, RnB, Soul 19/12/2018
Groove/R&B Singer Songwriter
A&R has evolved from the live version, Producer Julian Steel has given it a whole new groove and captures Will Clift perfectly– “It’s a lot of fun to play live and we wanted to bring that out in the studio version - people get around it live and we wanted to bring the same feeling out in the studio version."

SAMMOKIX - Worimi     Electronic, Australian Indigenous, Ethnic, Dance 19/12/2018
Sydney-based electronic dance music producer.
Worimi is influenced by Australian Indigenous music, Middle-Eastern rhythms and big-room house music.

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Other tracks by SAMMOKIX:  Venezia  -  Marseille
Erin May - Bailey     Rock, Pop, Roots 19/12/2018
A 4 piece rootsy rock pop band from Bribie Island.
A song about a man that showed up to my house in the UK selling some less than legal substances.

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Other tracks by Erin May:  Home  -  Spider
Kt Spit - Rush     Pop, Electronic 19/12/2018
Queer electronic pop music taking influence from euro dance and other LGBT contemporaries
Upbeat pop about being stuck in a boring sharehouse with only the worst VHS and a single chair

Shearin' - Christmas     Rock, Garage 19/12/2018
Shearin' blend the assertiveness of garage-punk with the forlorn themes of classic Australian Pub-Rock. They are known for their raw honesty, and lyrical barbs directed at those in power.
"It's all just doom and gloom."
A song about the bleak reality of Christmas. The joy of some time off from the daily grind mixed with excessive consumerism, alcoholism, children's tantrums, negotiating family dynamics, loneliness for some, and not enough alone time for others.

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Other tracks by Shearin':  Never Change  -  Looney Ave
Zigzag and The Astronauts - Santa's Spaceship     Rock, Pop 19/12/2018
Zigzag and the Astronauts are a band of fun loving animals, travelling through space playing rock music aimed at children aged between 2 and 10 years old.
Santa's reindeer are too puffer out, so Santa has an idea... a SPACESHIP!

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Louis Libran - Cupids Got A Gun     Pop, Electronic, House 19/12/2018
Louis Libran is a singer songwriter whom is producing electronic pop music with melodic verses and punchy choruses. From the western suburbs of Sydney.
Electronic original pop song on a contemporary interpretation on the gods of love. This song talks about how love has changed and metaphorically describes how tough it is to find love through a crazy story.

Jakey J - C U When You Get There     Hip Hop, Rap, Blues 19/12/2018
Young MC from Orange NSW now Based In Western Sydney Is On The Come Up in His Career With Constant Performing, Interviews etc
On The 30 November 2018 Jakey J Lost His Mate Lil Ricky Due To Losing His Battle With Depression, On The 1st December 2018 Jakey J Found Out and decided to do a tribute track in memory of him and to help raise funds for his family.

This Was Lil Ricky's Last Track Ever, So Jakey J Finished It.


Field Of Wolves - Yellow Star     Rock, Soul, Pop, Jazz 19/12/2018
A three-piece band since 2017 and helmed by vocalist/guitarist Holly Bestic, Field of Wolves’ Yellow Star is the third single to be released by this Sydney-based, soul-tinged indie outfit.
The intimate, vulnerable whisper of Bestic’s vocals open Yellow Star’s late-night informed narrative, its powerful lyrics reflecting an honesty experienced when all is quiet, dark and still. Accompanied by the visceral tinkering of the open-road lead and slide guitar of guitarist and songwriter Dominic Breen, the track builds to an apogee where inhibition is relinquished and the penny drops.