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Latest Tracks Added

Andre Camilleri - Keep Your Eyes On The Road (And Your Hands On The Wheel)     Blues, Country, Alternative, Roots 19/02/2020
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Americana, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
This is the the first track I recorded for my new solo album "Troubled Times'. I am keen to play some shows again soon and figured the easiest thing to do would be to write a bunch of songs for just acoustic guitar, vocal and a bit of harmonica.

Shane Dickson - All Is Beautiful     Country, Folk 19/02/2020
Shane Dickson is Boyup Brook born and bred, Country Music has pumped through her veins since birth. Shane's music style is unique modern country with a funky twist.
All Is Beautiful is written from appreciation of a good life.

Other tracks by Shane Dickson:  No Pain  -  Leaving Home
Huck Hastings - Hey Babe?     Indie, Alternative, Pop 19/02/2020
​Poetic and impassioned, Huck Hastings​ makes artful and affecting pop that will work its way deep under your skin
'Hey Babe?' Is a jangly and infectious number with a heavy focus storytelling. It attempts to create closure within the confines of itself when faced with the disappearance of a lover.

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Harmony - Lights     Country, Pop, Rock, Blues 19/02/2020
Known for their beautiful harmonies, Janine and Fiona write and perform their own songs ranging from country to bluesy/pop rock. From Foster, Victoria, Harmony are currently recording their debut album.
With a mixture of sadness and frustration combined with an overwhelming desire from Harmony to help those impacted by the bushfires, Lights literally wrote itself.

Zachary Leo - Not That Easy     Alternative, Rock, Soul, Blues 19/02/2020
‘Zachary Leo’ is a bald blend of Funk, Rock and Soul from Melbourne based artist Zachary Leo Gulavin.
‘Not That Easy’ is a Hendrix like euphoria glazed in heartache, but from the perspective of the heartbreaker. His usual combination of Wah Guitar, punching bass and soulful organs bring this one to life with its heartfelt lyrics gluing it all together.

glenorchy bus mall - and so...     Alternative, Experimental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Folk 19/02/2020
a sonic world consumed in darkness and uncertainty; at its heart dwells melodic keys by Sarah Klein that are entwined mostly, sharp spoken poetry by Barry Jones.
First release of their exciting debut EP 'dead now dance'

and so... is a song about love in particular Jones reflects upon the love of his children in a world that humans seem heel bent on damaging. What does this mean for love and who do we turn to. It is a song about a psychic struggle somewhat....

Marty Rhone - Devil Woman     Pop, Rock 19/02/2020
Australian music legend Marty Rhone, is releasing Sir Cliff Richard’s timeless classic Devil Woman to co-incide with his upcoming national ‘Sir Cliff & I’ tour.
Now, a true international artist, Marty Rhone returns to Australia to present all Cliffs greatest hits including, Devil Woman, Wired for Sound, Young Ones, Summer Holiday and his own mega hits plus his #1 chart toppers from his first US country album.

Brayden Sibbald - Thin Air     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Easy Listening 19/02/2020
Inspired by the lush surrounds of his hometown, he combines multi-layered electronic soundscapes with authentic folk-driven songwriting, using a mix of beats, synths, loops, samples, guitars and his Buckley-esque vocals.
Thin Air is a delicate and yearning indie-electronic pop song that is Brayden's most refined track to date. Sibbald says"It's a track about letting go of the self-created things that hold you back, and prevent you from moving forward."

QUEENCY - When Daddy Left (Live Acoustic)     Soul, Blues 19/02/2020
In his first-ever recorded single, Perth-based singer-songwriter Queency shows a softer, yet powerful, authentic side of his personality that is bound to touch your soul. The colourful artist delivers a piece that is heartfelt, raw and personal, and yet oh so relatable. A stripped-back live acoustic ballad where emotions vocals take centre stage, in the true Soul tradition.

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Julia Stone - Beds Are Burning     Pop 19/02/2020
Julia Stone is an Australian songwriter and musician and also one half of the duo Angus And Julia Stone.
Julia Stone has recorded Midnight Oil's 'Beds Are Burning' for the extraordinary Charity album ‘Songs for Australia’. She wanted the song to connect with its origins - written 33 years ago about indigenous land rights - and so began exploring the information relating to the inattention to indigenous wisdom on land management during our current Bushfire Crisis.

Various Artists - Out There Where The Buses Don't Run by Jazz Ciggie     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Garage, Alternative, Instrumental 19/02/2020
Cosmic Coffin's first compilation album is now free to stream or CD-only purchase via the CC Bandcamp page. 16 Tracks = 65 mins of original alternative music by various artists.
Out There Where The Buses Don't Run by Jazz Ciggie.

Matti Harrod (Beanflipper) aka Jazz Ciggie launches a minimalist electro-garage piece that explores language’s limitation by using monosyllabic nonsense words to express emotion. The opening track Out There Where The Buses Don’t Run suits as an introduction to the entire album.

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Other tracks by Various Artists:  Free From Freedom by Frankie Death  -  Through Prisms Of Shadows by Thetamychos
Gavin Bowles - The Daily Grind     Rock, Pop 19/02/2020
Always with a guitar lick and smirk in tow, Gavin Bowles totes upbeat songs of personal triumphs and tribulations and an idiosyncratic view on modern life.
Working two jobs? Check. Too much coffee and beer? Check. Struggling to make ends meet? Check. Feeling neurotic? Check. Economy and the state of the world got you down and the existential dread is settling in? Then The Daily Grind is just for you!

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Good Boy - Extended Heavy     Rock, Indie 19/02/2020
Good Boy are endearingly unstoppable crafters of political and quintessentially Australian punk-fuelled tunes.
'Extended Heavy' is a delicate new addition to to Good Boy's discography. It leans further into the pop realm than previous singles, blossoming into a short, sweet, and singalong-worthy chorus following a bouncing, strum-heavy verse.

Riff Raiders - Loaded Gun     Rock, Alternative 19/02/2020
Melbourne's Riff Raiders, led by the mighty lung'd Jenni Powell play anthemic rock n roll built for good times!
Loaded Gun - Driving bass, rock riffage and catchy as hell vocals. Its rock like it used to be, without being nostalgic. Play it loud while screaming down the freeway. That's the pure essence of this track!

Best Day Ever - a little faster and poppier than Loaded Gun. It evokes more of the Go Go's than the Baby Animals.

Other tracks by Riff Raiders:  Best Day Ever
E^ST - Fresh Out Of Love     Pop, Alternative, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 19/02/2020
In a world where it’s hard to know what’s real, E^ST’s opulent pop provides a rare glimpse of honesty.
Premiered by Triple J's Richard Kingsmill, "FRESH OUT OF LOVE" is an addictively melodic and opulent track which showcases E^ST’s stunning vocals and flair for extravagant production.

“This song is about feeling really empty after realising you’ve given all your love to someone who doesn’t love you back,” said E^ST.