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Latest Tracks Added

Jimblah & Ellie May - Black Life Matters     Hip Hop 09/12/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist based in Adelaide. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End NT, influenced by different artists and genres, his main being hip hop
Overwhelmed with pain and sadness following the shooting of Kumanjayi Walker, Jimblah put pen to paper and channelled his grief into creating a powerful new single with a loud message. Turning the track around in just 2 swift days with Ellie May, ‘Black Life Matters’ hammers home that enough is enough.

Dallas Atkins - WOULD YOU DO IT     Christian, Easy Listening, Soul 06/12/2019
Dallas Atkins is a evangelist, entertainer and comedian sharing the Gospel of Christ though his God given talents.
Would you do it is a challenging song. Asking the Christian listener how far they would go for God in this world.

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Ed Jackson - So Much More     Country, Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 06/12/2019
Ed Jackson’s music is a fusion of heartfelt lyrics and upbeat melodies, that makes you think and smile at the same time.
So Much More is a follow-up to Ed Jackson's 2017 track These Two Boys and marks a new direction in his sound as he pivots into country music with a track that quietly steals its way into your heart. Featuring slide guitar, cello and double bass So Much More explores the promise and pain of love.

Blanke - Flatline feat. Calivania     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 06/12/2019
Surfacing in 2016 and amassing 20 + million streams since, Canberra-born Blanke (the e is silent) is a rising name in the bass music scene.
"Flatline" is an emotional, atmospheric anthem that flexes Blanke’s versatile production skills alongside powerful vocal contributions from a brand new project named Calivania.

“I’ve been working towards this sonically for a very long time, and I’m so proud of where it has ended up. It’s the first of a string of more melodic influenced records I’ll be releasing." - Blanke

Taka Perry - 21 Orbits feat. Yaw. & yergurl     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, R&B 06/12/2019
Wunderkind music producer and multi-instrumentalist Taka Perry really is in a league of his own, at the age of 20 already working with the likes of Thomston and Ruel.
Taka Perry rounds off his breakthrough year with another step forward in his diverse productions with ‘21 Orbits’ featuring Ghanaian-born rapper Yaw. and Victorian teen queen and Unearthed High finalist yergurl. With the trio all only leaving behind high school in the past few years, ‘21 Orbits’ is about being young and developing your own identity.

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Golden Features, The Presets - Raka     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 06/12/2019
Two of Australia’s most loved electronic outfits, party starters and dance music royalty The Presets, and the club clobbering Golden Features, their powers for the good of dance floors everywhere.
Taken from their recently released four-track EP of tunnelling, brutalist electro-house, 'Raka' is a snarling lights-down thumper with vocalist Julian Hamilton barking out a question, a challenge, or maybe both “I wanna know who’s feeling foolish”.

alt. - Insubordinate     Rock, Metal 06/12/2019
Formerly known as After Change, the Adelaide-based rock outfit have reformed, rejuvenated and re-branded as alt. and are exploring a brand new sound to accompany.
"Insubordinate" flaunts huge riffs, a darkness reminiscent of Deftones and a driving force throughout that makes the track an addictive listen. "Insubordinate" takes its name from definition and revolves around the topic of the government and vocalist Daniel Richards stance on their inability to action a positive change towards a better future.

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Sarah Mary Chadwick - When Will Death Come     Indie 06/12/2019
Sarah Mary Chadwick is a singer, songwriter and visual artist originally from NZ but based in Melbourne for the last 10 years.
'When Will Death Come' is the masterful first track on this record - its the perfect opener for Sarah's new material.

Desmond Cheese - Storm's Coming ft. Roman MC     Soul, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/12/2019
Critically acclaimed, infamously reclusive lo-fi soul/electronic duo Desmond Cheese is the "pungent product" of a decade-long collaboration, with influences from Zappa to Boards of Canada, Dilla to Debussy, Marley to Madlib.
Featuring vocals and a smooth flow from Brisbane/Meanjin local legend Roman MC and soul clarinet from Katie Jane, 'Storm's Coming' is a lilting, ambient slice of R&B/hip-hop/electronica.

Other tracks by Desmond Cheese:  I Was There ft. Ofa Fanaika
Jake Carmody - I'll Be Waiting     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 06/12/2019
Growing to become one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting DJ/Producers, Jake Carmody has been consistently pushing the boundaries of dance music ever since he touched his first CDJ.
Opening with smooth R&B vocals and mellow keys, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is instantly intriguing, leading the listener into a chasm of deep bass, fluttering synths and shuddering drums. The single is a sonic melting pot which tows the line between trap, future bass and hip-hop.

Lola Scott - Loveless     Pop, Alternative 06/12/2019
Artist/producer Lola Scott creates alternative-pop-gems incased in lush soundscapes. Influenced by childhood exposure to Joy Division, The Cranberries and New Order along with artists including Banks, Broods and Maggie Rogers
Loveless was an immature teenage tantrum at a time when I felt smothered by my parents. Worn out by clashing perspectives, questioning what we had in common. This mood was short-lived & feels childish now, I feel like it reflects my impulsiveness, & sh*t way of expressing how I both love people & feel exhausted by them simultaneously.

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Sally Sa - Hip Hop Lover     Soul, Roots, Reggae / Dub 06/12/2019
Sally Sa, the singer/songwriter from the East Coast of Australia has followed up on her recent singles "Mama" and "Hourglass" to announce her debut album Speaking My Mind.
A brilliant example of what to expect from the album can be seen through the track "Hip Hop Lover!". "I wanted to write an ironic song about hip hop, but not a hip hop song-written purely in the influence of jazz. Even Glenn Bloomfield (who plays most instruments on the album) didn’t know what I was doing in the studio.

Stephanie Penrose - Oh My     Country, Roots, Alternative, Indie 06/12/2019
New Country/Americana track from Tamworth local Stephanie Penrose. From her debut EP to be released in early 2020.
"This song came about after noticing how often people pretend to be something they are not and show you their colours they only want you to see," says Penrose.

"In my case the song is about being able to see the truths and choosing to move away from deception."

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Benn Gunn - Luckiest Man Alive     Country, Pop 09/12/2019
Benn Gunn is a true blue Aussie playing his own unique brand of Aussie heartland rock combined with his Aussie humor.
‘Luckiest Man Alive’ is a fun, mid-tempo romantic love song filled with black cats, broken mirrors, rabbit foots and four leaf clovers. This is the perfect feel-good song for anyone who's ever been in love.

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East Coast Low - Gun Club Road     Rock, Alternative, Punk 09/12/2019
Four words: Steel city rock & roll. An East Coast Low builds outta downtown Newcastle with a uniquely Australian sound, hailing down rock to soothe souls; rock to burn hearts.
Gun Club Road is the title track from the 7" vinyl EP, "Gun Club Road".

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