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Latest Tracks Added

Carl The Bartender - Dogs & Angels     Country 24/09/2018
Carl The Bartender (Carl Murphy) Is a country singer/songwriter, travelling Australia taking his music to the people.
Dogs & Angels, was written on his parents farm in North West NSW after the recent loss of close friends and family members to unforeseen tragedies. In the midst of the grief, Carl was gifted a dog, Winnie, a miniature Australian bulldog.
The song is about moving onto bigger things without forgetting those who helped shape your life.

Blue Velvet - Make You Stay     Rock, Punk, Garage, Pop 25/09/2018
The last six months have been massive for lovable punks Blue Velvet their latest killer singles Stay Inside All Day and Wasted Youth signifying a dramatic evolution in the band.
A subversion of the classic love song; Make You Stay isn't written for a romantic partner, its a commitment from each member of Blue Velvet to each other and to the people that have followed them on their journey.

James Sun - All The Ways     Electronic, Dance, Pop 25/09/2018
James Sun mixes the roots of acoustic pop melodies and vocals with electronic dance production and drops, James is creating his own unique sound in attempt to change the game.
Acoustic pop melodies and vocals with electronic dance production and drops.

The Taste - Move On     Funk/Soul, Rock 25/09/2018
This truly dynamic, fun and fresh musical ensemble have been thrilling audiences with a buffet of influences ranging from funk, rock, soul and hip-hop for the past 4 years.
A year to the date since the release of their last abum ‘Convalesce’, Cairns based Funk Rock/Soul/Hip Hop outfit ‘The Taste’ release their newest single ‘Move On’ .

Written by lead female vocalist Vanessa Glennon, Move On features a buffet of instrumentation in true Taste fashion with Saxophone, Trumpet and Lead Guitar all highlighted through the three minute package.

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Jacob - Baby, I'm A Blockhead     Rock, Punk 25/09/2018
Split between the two steel cities of New South Wales – Wollongong and Newcastle, Jacob are a 4 piece emo revivalists.
“The song is about knowing how to be that ideal person for your loved one even though you are definitely not being that person at all…We made sure to throw in as many references as we could from the boy band New Kids on The Block into the song too. Those NKOTB boys were just as lovesick as we are.”

Shorelines - Worry About Yourself     Rock, Punk, Pop 25/09/2018
Described by popular music blog, Wolf in a Suit, as “punk rock at its finest”, Brisbane band Shorelines are well on their way to the forefront of Australia’s pop/punk scene.
It's the bands rock anthem from their side of negative and unnecessary conflict, explaining that they will keep creating their own path the way they feel is right for them, and that others should just focus on themselves. The single is part of an overall story of significant experiences the band have had to face with people in their lives.

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NJE - Innocence Lost feat. JOSEPH GATEHAU     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap 25/09/2018
NJE is a solo Hip-Hop artist based in Brisbane. He expresses himself on soulful boom bap beats & gives the people real life from his perspective.
Innocence Lost is a smooth upbeat tune that takes the listner to the memories of the days where life was full of great fun & times we loved. Press play & enjoy the journey!!

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Glitoris - The Policy     Rock, Punk 25/09/2018
Fearless females roaring through unforgettable punk shows. Fierce musicianship, indelible songwriting and bad-ass attitude, Glitoris’ debut THE POLICY (November 2nd) takes their theatrical punk mayhem to the next level.
‘The Policy’: a modern-day rock anthem featuring soaring vocal harmonies, hard rhythms and driving guitars. Beginning as a delicate, harmony-laden slow burn with pizzicato strings, the positive self-empowerment message gradually ascends through huge symphonic choruses into a fiery, dramatic climax. Epic, visceral, defiant and empowering: THIS IS THE GLITORIS POLICY.

Kishore Ryan - You Haven't Finished Your Ape     Classical, Experimental, Live Performance, Instrumental 25/09/2018
‘You Haven’t Finished Your Ape’ was recorded live at BIFEM 2017 by Argonaut Quartet. As a drummer Kishore Ryan has worked with Mick Turner (Dirty Three), Kid Sam and Otouto.
World Premiere performed by Argonaut Quartet at the fifth edition of Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music on September 2, 2017.

Graeme Jennings, Violin
Natasha Conrau, Violin
Elizabeth Welsh, Viola
Judith Hamann, Cello

Live Recording and Mix by Myles Mumford and Jem Savage.

Title taken from the poem ‘Ape’ by Russell Edson.

Special thanks to David Chisholm and Monash University.

Thaylia - Waiting     Electronic 25/09/2018
Darwin born Thaylia is an electronic folk singer-songwriter-producer based in Sydney.
'Waiting' is the first single off Thaylia's self-produced EP 'Into My Soul'. This song is about Love being offered as a gift that gently knocks at our door 'Waiting' to enter our lives.

Daggy Man - Atlas     Folk, Rock, Atmospheric, Pop 25/09/2018
Daggy man is the solo moniker of Singer/Songwriter Thomas Calder.
“Atlas”, the second single from Daggy Man’s upcoming sophomore album is an exciting sonic departure full of hard-hitting instrumentation and powerful imagery. Exploring the heroic nature of young feelings and the grandiosity of love and emotion, the journey of “Atlas” is vast and meaningful.

San Mei - Heaven     Rock, Pop 25/09/2018
San Mei is a multi-instrumentalist from the Gold Coast who produces guitar driven dream pop. Her new single 'Heaven' is lifted from her forthcoming EP of the same name.
'Heaven' is the second track pulled from the upcoming EP of the same name, and sees San Mei contrast duelling guitars with lush, cascading vocals to deliver a cut plucked straight from dream pop heaven.

Jnbo - s̸q̶ueez̴eeaz̵y̴_̷     Electronic, Instrumental, Experimental, RnB 21/09/2018
Jnbo is Henry Jenkins, maker of CPU Intensive Hyperbolic Beats, he's a Melbourne producer, bass player, recording and mixing engineer, occasional DJ, geography enthusiast and smiling record store employee. Zing!
Stuck in a struggling computer inspired by Brazilian Disco, Jnbo churns out 's̸q̶ueez̴eeaz̵y̴_̷', a mid-tempo goofy stomper. After a brief monophonic intro the stereo-boogie madness begins. Synths fly overhead, the bottom end stays booty-level, drums slap you from every which way and sounds you can barely describe don't stop coming. It's brief, it's naughty, it's handy and it's fully refundable.

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Other tracks by Jnbo:  p̶r̷oc̸es̸s̷s̷l̸ip̶s̷  -  0̵9̶8̵7̷6̷5̶4̴3̵1̶s̴t̷,̶
No Nomad - Find Some Friends     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz 21/09/2018
A unique sound rooted in jazz, funk, and soul.
Find Some Friends highlights the group’s mix of soul, jazz, and hip hop influences into a sound of their own. The song oozes soulful tones brought by singer Clancy Davidson’s powerful and melodic lines accompanied by strokes of saxophone. The crisp production of fellow Perth artist Max Black provides the perfect touch to bring out the band’s new sonic flavours.

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Midas.Gold - 19 Forever     Hip Hop, Pop 21/09/2018
In an age where hip-hop from Australia is on the brink of international stardom, Midas.Gold stands out as a premiere name at the very top of the new wave.
The latest offering from Midas.Gold blurs the line between ballad and R&B - sharing a deeply personal tale of loss and friendship that listeners of all genres can connect with. For anyone who has lost someone before their time or taken earlier than they should have been and struggled to express their feelings - Midas has done this for us.

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