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Latest Tracks Added

Le Shiv - No Freak     Alternative, Indie, Rock, Psych 16/09/2019
fka "The Ruminaters"
No freak is an exhilarating ride that explores the highs and lows of individuality. With catchy Melodies, big drums and an impressive vocal performance ranging from Lou Reed-esque baritones to explosive highs that resemble early Pixies. No Freak is a fresh and exciting start for Le Shiv.

Hearts and Rockets - Tunnel Vision     Alternative, Indie, Punk, Pop 13/09/2019
Hearts and Rockets’ second LP Power is out now and has been feature album on 4ZZZ, EDGE and SYN. Tunnel Vision is the latest single, watch the video too!
Tunnel Vision is about Doctor Who. His companions are often blinded by the chance to travel throughout time and space at their own peril, even though the doctor may continuously warn against it. To the companion, these adventures seem like such an amazing opportunity, but the Doctor has been through this before and knows it will only ended in tragedy.

Maina Doe - Delusion     R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/09/2019
Debut song by Maina Doe ~ 'Delusion' explores sweet middle between truth and delusion and how some delusion plays a part in realising dreams and keeping your imagination alive.
This song explores the sweet middle between truth and delusion and how some delusion plays a part in realising dreams and keeping your imagination alive. This song comes from a lacklustre period I had where I started believing that I was crazy to want big things for myself and the world.

Intrøspect - Ad Astra     Metal, Alternative 13/09/2019
Progressive Metal from Sydney. Soaring vocal melodies, complex riffs, and heavy grooves.
Ad Astra is a celebration of the ambitious, pioneering spirit of youth.

It’s a salutation to those that strike out into the terrifying unknown, choosing the hard and lonely path of mastery and individuation, rather than treading known career paths and lifestyles.

Seren Spain - You Lost Nothing     Pop, Alternative, Indie, Easy Listening 15/09/2019
Hailing from London and Melbourne, Seren's music is captivating listeners around the world. Seren’s songs draw from the world’s glittering jewels: observing people, mythos, life’s many empowering journeys and valleys.
This song means so much to me. It's not about denying loss or grief. It's about acknowledging that you are whole, you are so much more than enough as you are, no matter what happens. I hope this can help you if it's a message you need to hear.

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Andre Camilleri with mark Nunis & Clark Fisher - House of the Rising Sun     Blues, Country, Folk, Roots 13/09/2019
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
Our interpretation of this Traditional Tune.

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri with mark Nunis & Clark Fisher:  He's Got The Whole World In His Hands  -  I'll fly Away
Zinnia Blue - Truth & Lies     Folk, Country, Roots 13/09/2019
Zinnia Blue are a vintage folk and country roots duo featuring sparse and brooding melodies and lyrical, uplifting ballads inspired by historical stories. Their debut album lands in January 2020.
Truth & Lies is the first single from Zinnia Blue's upcoming debut album The Garden, due for release in January 2020. A personal take on the subtle but destructive power of gossip and bragging within friendships, the song features Americana instrumentation to give this folk ballad a sweet but energetic sound, and a home in a number of roots genres.

Biond - Like He Never     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 13/09/2019
Biond reminds us that a great pop song can make you feel pretty bloody fantastic, and that dancing and crying are not always mutually exclusive.
A fem-pop stomper written as a tonic for modern hook-up culture, 'Like He Never' is an anthem for those post-break-up nights spent on the dance floor: the kind where you inevitably end in the local kebab shop at 3am. The track was produced by Hamish Patrick and Lewis Moody, and mixed by Simon Lam.

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Cone of Confusion - Seas of Titan     Instrumental, Jazz, Rock, Psych 14/09/2019
Listen with deep awareness: The system has turned irreversibly corrupt; not knowing where it’s leading us to, the inevitable emancipation has taken place.
Second single from our upcoming album, this track encapsulates most of our sound. It started from an electronic demo and was further developed through improvisation to be able to perform it live the way you hear it.

The name, Seas of Titan, is after the frozen lakes on the surface of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

Autosuggest - In Truth     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 13/09/2019
Autosuggest is the relentless alternative project from Sydney’s Alec Mallia combining blistering electronic rhythms with post-punk instrumentation and Mallia’s crooning vocals.
The ever mutating music project of Sydney’s Alec Mallia shows no signs of slowing down, adding a fresh single on top of releasing their debut album in May to critical acclaim. 'In Truth' is filled with their signature grinding bass tones amongst arrays of bittersweet melodies.

Rees Lucia - Moving Arms     Indie, Folk, Alternative, Easy Listening 13/09/2019
Multi-instrumentalist songwriter Rees Lucia creates electric folk and poetic indie rock. Her new single, recorded with Ryan Brennan (Phantastic Ferniture), is a tribute to caring about mental health in relationships.
‘Moving Arms’ is a mesmerising tribute to dizzy feelings of euphoria and paranoia, exploring highs and lows in relationships, and reminds us that even the most strong-willed people in our lives struggle with mental health. Rees wrote all guitar, synth, vocal parts, the bassline riff, and worked with her drummer, bass, sax players to actualise the sounds she was hearing.

Parker Rose - Tramadol     Pop, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 13/09/2019
Parker Rose is an Australian Musician / Record Producer, with a distinct blend of alternative and Electronic Pop Music.
'Tramadol is dark alt-pop track about meeting someone who makes you feel better during hard times’

Sam Conway - Something to Eat     Soul, First Nations, Blues, Roots 13/09/2019
Sam is a independent singer songwriter from Ipswich in Queensland.
The track is about growing up in a small community and being raised by a single mum.

Annalise - Stole my heart     Pop 13/09/2019
Young Singer/ Songwriter Annalise, Brings a soulful flair to her music. Her songs are bound to touch the heart. Sincerity and honestly are both key elements to her music.
This song is all about the appreciation of true love, with little room for doubts or worry. Uplifting, cheery and romantic it will put a smile on the face of all loving couples

Sam Michael Trowse - This Modern World is Built on Trash     Rock, Indie, Pop 16/09/2019
Sam Michael Trowse (AKA Johnny) also known as Johnny Edison is a singer / songwriter, guitarist, drummer from Melbourne Australia.
There is so much trash around in our environment, we need to be more sustainable! Sounds a bit like if City Calm Down had a slumber party with Last Dinosaurs and The Wombats, enjoy!

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