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Latest Tracks Added

Victor Cripes - The Big Whammo     Blues/Roots, Rock, Live Performance 18/07/2019
Upeat Lo-Fi Dirty Blues
So this young fella comes up to me and says "Ooi Victor! I'm gonna record ya" so I give him the nod and let him get on with it. Little did I know this fella was Gareth Fox of Studio Schizoid and he's dragged out this crusty reel to reel tape machine and clunked the rec button....

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Victor Cripes - Nothin' But My Love     Blues/Roots, Rock, Live Performance 18/07/2019
Upbeat Lo-fi Dirty Blues
Drawing inspiration from classic vintage recordings from 1960's/70's psychedelia and blues/folk revival, engineer Julian Ross-Clarke has a track-record of releasing quality, raw, honest recordings and managed to coax a classic warm-growl from Cripes' unique street performance rig and rustic instruments. 'Nothin' But My Love' is balanced on a knifes-edge with real-life grit on one side and vivid-surreal-dreaming on the other.

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Bonniesongs - Frank     Folk, Jazz, Instrumental 18/07/2019
Bonnie’s sweet ethereal vocals sail over the polyrhythmic backgrounds created between her mandolin, percussion and vocal loops
Art-folk virtuoso Bonniesongs, aka Bonnie Stewart, and will release her debut album Energetic Mind on 6th September 2019, via Small Pond and Art As Catharsis.

Waterfall Person - Coffee     Pop, Electronic 18/07/2019
Waterfall person is the solo music project of Filipino-Australian artist Annabelle and her 29 keyboards (and 1% bass guitar!).
"Coffee, wake up, wash up" go the lyrics to Coffee, making it the perfect song to pop on in the morning while getting ready to face the day. Taken from Waterfall Person's forthcoming album, Just Like Me (to be released September 9), Coffee is a fan favourite at live shows.

Waterfall Person - Just Like Me     Pop, Electronic 18/07/2019
Waterfall person is the solo music project of Filipino-Australian artist Annabelle and her 29 keyboards.
A personal song about identity and loving yourself, Just Like me is the title track from Waterfall Person's forthcoming album which comes out September 9. Recorded mostly on cheap Casio and Yamaha keyboards from the ’90s (and 1% bass guitar), Just Like Me was engineered and co-produced with Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet, Evelyn Ida Morris) and mastered by Dendy Lion.

Johniepee - Skin Deep ft. Coin Banks and Elodie     Hip Hop, Pop 18/07/2019
The lord of smooth Johniepee flexes a buttery melodic flow, conscious lyrics and catchy, driving hooks. The Perth Emcee is one to watch.
Johniepee enlist a transcontinental all star squad for his swinging new single, Skin Deep with a guest verse from Perth heavy-weight Coin Banks and additional harmonies from the angelic Sydney-based Noemme. From the opening Johnie flexes his trademark, melody infused flow over driving keys, distorted horns and sparse percussion. Skin Deep presents a raw and vulnerable look into our insecurities.

YEN STRANGE - PIXEL     Pop, Experimental, Electronic, Hip Hop 18/07/2019
DIY Australian indie electro artist. Major use of synths and guitar effects. Takes aesthetic inspiration from Asian/Japanese pop culture.
Pixels are like people sitting in their right place to make up the bigger picture. But do we really need to have a perfectly functioning TV screen?

I took inspiration from dance music while staying true to the indie pop dreamer I tend to be.

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Nine Year Sister - Something Beautiful     Pop, Folk 18/07/2019
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Something Beautiful' is a folk/pop piano driven track with a flowing soundtrack feel and pretty harmonies by the QLD sister duo, 'Nine Year Sister'.

The Buoys - GOLD     Rock, Garage 18/07/2019
all female Sydney 4-piece The Buoys have a lot to send to your ear holes by way of unrelenting fuzzy guitar tones.
Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with long-time collaborator Antonia Gauci, ‘GOLD’ is simply as its name implies; shiny, glimmering and immediately striking.

Nine Year Sister - Our Day     Pop, Folk 18/07/2019
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Our Day' is a nostalgic pop/folk track featuring acoustic guitar, strings and strong sibling harmonies by QLD pop duo 'Nine Year Sister'.

VanderAa - Higher     World, Dance, Pop, Roots 18/07/2019
Australian brothers, VanderAa are producers, multi-instrumentalists, live performers and environmentalists who translate organic sounds of drums, djembe, beatboxing, didgeridoo, guitar, and vocals.
During VanderAa’s time in Melbourne in 2017/2018, a creative burst of inspiration birthed this song. It was through a deep meditation where Aaron was confronted with the powerful lyrics and the song transformed from his vision to their instruments. Together, brothers Aaron and Levi worked on the layers and differing elements that have made “Higher” the track it is today.

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Tyran - Bang Bang     Country, Rock 18/07/2019
Australian Country Rock singer with a vibrant show
TYRAN’s latest single “Bang Bang” is an infectious outlaw country track infused with a touch of heavy rock!

“Bang Bang” tells the story of a man who is riding the highs and lows... almost daring life to take another shot at him while taking everything that’s thrown at him on the chin... with no regrets!!

Bushing - Vacillate     Rock, Garage, Folk, Atmospheric 18/07/2019
Music that is "sharpened to attack the unfruitful ideologies of the Atomic age." - Cameron Menegoni, 2SER 107.3FM SYDNEY
A grand-historical narrative connecting the destruction of the cave-meditating Pythagoreans to Plato, and the annihilation of heavenly otherness in Luther, to the economies of resentment conjured up by 2GB and its ilk.

Sir Winston - Everybody Must Dance (David Bowie Eyes Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop 17/07/2019
“Its LCD, Death From Above and Gerling-esque rockin' beats will whip you into a dancefloor frenzy in a New York minute” Scenestr
"This remix pays homage to the amazing greatness of David Bowie. We wanted to create something that was deep and sexy to start, with a euphoric moment with the crowd cheering and then driving home with bigger beats and shouting ‘David Bowie’ in a celebration.” Sir Winston

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DINLEY JONES - Fire (Brandon Laze Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Funk, Pop 17/07/2019
Dinley Jones is an eccentric and electric performer who bounces around the stage like a bag of Popping Candy! Visually intriguing. His pop is sweet, it’s funky, smooth and classy.
Dinley Jones’ recent release ‘Fire’ has had an MJ style makeover with this remix. Producer, Brandon Laze is emerging as someone to watch on this remix scene!

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