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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

Latest Tracks Added

Felish - Lost Momentum     Electronic, Downbeat, Dance 18/01/2019
Afro-Swedish artist Felish has returned to collaborate with Australian producer Bussauto. The success of their debut single Come Back, inspired a second collaborative track, Lost Momentum.
This song has both been a heartfelt, inspiring and revealing process musically for me. I have unconsciously challenged myself to write in a different way; to be more bold lyrically, melodically and structure wise. I love the turnout on LM cause it has this darkness and at the same time a clarity and light, and that suits me. - Felish

Luboku - Solar Flare     Electronic, Dance, Atmospheric, Instrumental 18/01/2019
Melbourne’s Luboku creates deep, shadowy production – a swirling haze of harmonies, marked with dark and brooding melodies – crafted into tracks that are both uplifting and melancholic.
A popular feature in his recent live sets, 'Solar Flare’ is an intricate and emotive slice of electronica. A track that could just as easily soundtrack an afternoon festival set as an underground club at dawn, ‘Solar Flare’ showcases Luboku’s ability to create swirling soundscapes, crafted into tracks that are both uplifting and melancholic.

Chavez Cartel - Feelin     Rock, Grunge 18/01/2019
Chavez Cartel is a four piece alternative rock outfit from the Gold Coast consisting of Ben Simpson (Vocals), Jack Kelly (Lead Guitar), Calvin Brillus (Bass Guitar) and Tom Isaacs (Drums).
‘Feelin’ reflects the attitude of the band, incorporating each band members individual upbringing. Ultimately the track is about making the most of what you’ve got in life; acknowledging that not everything is always positive, yet still embracing all aspects and making the most out of every situation life throws in your direction.

Other tracks by Chavez Cartel:  Scene Before The Crime  -  High Up In Your Room
ISOLATION - Mindstate     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 18/01/2019
Brisbane based Hardcore juggernauts ISOLATION are unrelenting and ruthless, assuring to captivate the listener’s attention with their unrivaled chaos.
Mindstate blasts straight out the gate in all it's Hardcore glory! Press play and enjoy one of the most outstanding tracks the Brisbane 5-piece have released to date.

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Greywood - Head Tension     Rock, Punk, Garage, Hardcore 18/01/2019
Post-Hardcore newcomers Greywood create an extremely catchy brand of Rock music.
Head Tension is your much needed daily dose of Post-Hardcore! The band blend multiple genres effortlessly to achieve their extremely catchy sound. Press play and enjoy!

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daste - SOBER     Funk/Soul, Pop, Electronic, Chill 18/01/2019
daste. are a 3-piece electronic band stemming from the Gold Coast, Australia. The project formed in 2018, fusing layered production and instrumentation with intricate detail and airy vocals.
‘SOBER’ is exciting new single from an Australian trio who go by the name daste, it follows on from their recent successful debut single ‘Thinkin Of’, and is also their second release with Mammal Sounds Records.

Jonny Taylor - Gravel Road     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 18/01/2019
An emotionally charged musician and relentless touring machine – Jonny Taylor – has cut his teeth on the dusty roads of Australia to take his original music to the people.
"Gravel Road" is lifted from Jonny Taylor's album, "Dig Deep".

Its a high energy song built around a story about a man seeking comfort and solace in a foreign place. As the saying goes … there’s no place like home!

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The Feast of Snakes - Car Crash     Rock, Live Performance, Garage, Grunge 17/01/2019
The Feast of Snakes is a band from Perth, Western Australia. Made up of Lewis & Olivia Rice O'Donnell, and Peter Leveson-Gower. A country city punk band.
Car Crash opens the Snake's set with a rumble of thunder. Lewis sings an indictment of night life, pleads and wails after a troubled friend, a manipulative doppleganger, who seems bound to end up in a bad place if they keep at it. The band build crescendos around the eponymous chorus, attempting a sonic rendition of a road tragedy.

Other tracks by The Feast of Snakes:  Where Do All The Punks Hang Out
The Unreachable Lows - Your Heart Will Break     Pop, Electronic 17/01/2019
‘The Unreachable Lows’ are a two-piece god-father/ god-daughter outfit from Perth Western Australia, comprising Amber Galbraith on vocals and Julian Bolleter on keyboards, guitar, bass and drum machine
Your heart will break

A song for the #me too generation

Other tracks by The Unreachable Lows:  Repeat
Blood, Guts & Firetrucks - Fire In The Snow     Rock, Pop 17/01/2019
Blood, Guts & Firetrucks is a Power-Pop band based in Wollongong, NSW.
Fire In The Snow is a catchy tune about standing out and fitting in.

The Pigs - Go! Robot Goat!     Country, Alternative Country 18/01/2019
Having played music together in the hillbilly mountains of Australia for years, in 2004 The Pigs decided to travel from the the outback to form the band in Sydney.
Go! Robot Goat! is a banjo-laden story of a goat named Oliver with laser eyes that was created from a secret government experiment, escapes and befriends a family who keep it hidden from the men in white coats.

Other tracks by The Pigs:  Sterilied! Humidified! Sleep Deprived!  -  T-Boneʼs Boogie (That Itch Is You)
Electric State - Get In You     Rock, Grunge 18/01/2019
Electric State is a grunge rock fuelled riff laden groove based juggernaut from Perth, WA If you haven't heard of them yet you soon will!
Seductive grunge tease, tantalising inner thoughts of everyone/anyone who has ever wanted someone straight away in a moment and thought of everything they wanted to do with that person.

The viewer can never actually get what they want, the clip is a tease.

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ASKYA - Breathing Underwater     Electronic, Chill, Pop 17/01/2019
I am a musician and producer from Margaret River in WA. I taught myself production the last two years, this project is the result!
I wrote and produced Breathing Underwater with a friend in Germany. It was about a friend of ours' relationship with someone.

Israel Carter - Melbourne     Electronic, Dance 17/01/2019
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a musician from Melbourne Australia and i love to make electronic dance music.
This is my new original song called Melbourne. What i wanted to do is create a song that would encapsulate my unique original style as an artist from Melbourne.

Salary - Polite Rebellion     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 16/01/2019
Salary are a big band playing indie rock.
This song is about trying to be yourself and not aspects of the world control your thoughts and actions too much.....but at the same time recognising that everyone has to compromise themselves to a degree to exist and make a living.