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Latest Tracks Added

Port Royal - Rock & Roll Is Dead     Rock, Blues 24/04/2018
Giving a nod to the likes of Jet and The Vines, Port Royal are in their own regal form with beseeching rock & roll licks and a barrage of hits.
In regal form with bustling anthemic choruses, beseeching rock & roll licks and a barrage of hits, ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ is their most comprehensive, fetching and accessible release to date and is a completely ironic and ballsy statement to the cynical haters of the genre which they’ve confronted.

Littlehawk - Lovely Sunny Day     Rock, Grunge 18/04/2018
Gavin Arnold, known professionally as Littlehawk, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia. His debut album 'Chinchilla' charts the personal journey of the songwriter over the past ten years.
This track is about lacking motivation and being caught up in a cycle of repetition, with the juxtaposition of a lovely sunny day. It features atmospheric piano and a grungy chorus.

Other tracks by Littlehawk:  Space Mango  -  Across The Ocean
Space Invadas - Say Something     Electronic, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop 17/04/2018
'Say Something' is a new track from Space Invadas' new album Wild World, out now via Invada Records/Remote Control. It’s the duo's first full-length since their debut, Soul-Fi in 2010.
'Say Something' reflects on the crazy times we are living in. The exponential rate of change we are all witnessing and are a part of, as well as a nod to the beautiful and wonderful natural world we live in here on this planet.

Haiku Hands - Jupiter     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Hip Hop 18/04/2018
With their signature pairing of genre bending songs, synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands is a three piece hailing from Sydney and Melbourne.
Erupting with buoyant beats and jam-packed with attitude, Jupiter is a collaboration with some of Australia’s finest writers and producers, including Joelistics, Jayteehazard and El Gusto (Hermitude).

Space Invadas - Now That I Know     Electronic, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz 17/04/2018
Space Invadas share a new single 'Now That I Know' from their newly announced album Wild World, released Friday 13th April via Invada Records / Remote Control.
'Now That I Know' first found life in the hands of Giles Peterson. Upon hearing the new album, Peterson dubbed Wild World "a modern day soul classic", highlighted the single on high rotation on his BBC6 radio show, and featured it in many of his DJ sets across the globe.

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SPOD - Day In The Sun     Electronic, Pop 18/04/2018
Sydney's original party starter has been making us all taste the radness for over a decade. The dance rock pioneer electrifies brainwaves wherever and whenever he graces the stage
Newest single from SPOD 'A Day In The Sun' is a fun electronic pop track about doing what you do and riding the wave of fame or potentially missing that boat.

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Couture - O.H.M.     Electronic 17/04/2018
Couture centers around applying pack mentality to getting ahead in a modern society, with a particular focus on social media (Tongue in cheek of course)
O.H.M. is the debut release from ‘Couture’ and marks the initiation of their GMRR-O (global musical release roll-out) which will see the distribution of half heartedly curated assets across relevant social media platforms, with contractual obligations to fulfil and pressing deadlines.

Simon Imrei - The Winter     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 17/04/2018
The Winter is the new single from Bayside blues & soul inspired folk musician ‘Simon Imrei’, the 2nd off his forthcoming album, The Sum of Scenes, out mid 2018.
With its laid-back simplicity and acoustic riff, THE WINTER could have been pulled straight out of California in the mid 1970s. It's a story about healing, taking time away from life to get through whatever you need to get through and both literally and emotionally “bunkering down for the Winter”.

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Melinda Schneider - My Voice     Pop, Country 18/04/2018
For over two decades now Melinda Schneider has been a leading light of the ‘new-breed’ of Australian Singer/Songwriters both in Australia and the US.
Truly an anthem of our time, MY VOICE is a cathartic, healing experience for people who've long felt isolated or silenced. Embraced by women’s advocate Tracey Spicer, Schneider's released the powerful song in time for the launch of NOW AUSTRALIA, Spicer’s not-for-profit initiative to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

Tropical F*ck Storm - Rubber Bullies     Rock 23/04/2018
Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (The Drones), Lauren Hammel (High Tension) and Erica Dunn (Harmony/Palm Springs) have teamed up to form a new group named Tropical Fuck Storm.
‘Rubber Bullies’ is a crushing finale and closing track on their forthcoming debut album A Laughing Death in Meatspace and the last in a series of four 7” singles.

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King of the Travellers - Señor Oxido     Rock, World, Punk, Roots 18/04/2018
Intertwining layers of Romani, Balkan and Celtic folk into a punk-fuelled tornado, King of the Travellers summon the musical ghosts of yore from every corner of the globe.
On their fierce new single Señor Oxido, Fremantle 7-piece King of the Travellers ride into new territory with a heavy gallop. While the song's lyric is a playful ode written upon the departure of former bandmate Rusty, Señor Oxido is a powerful orchestration of the band's impressive ensemble.

Matilda Abraham - Own Worst Enemy     Pop, Ambience, Electronic, Experimental 18/04/2018
Matilda Abraham is a vocalist and producer. Her sound combines a long-held fascination with songwriting with etherial vocals, warm synths and delay affected drum machine.
Own Worst Enemy is a track from Matilda Abraham’s second EP Away (Feb 2018). Etherial and cathartic, the song features Abraham’s melancholic vocals set against a backdrop of softly arpeggiating piano, warm synths and delay affected drum machine.

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Other tracks by Matilda Abraham:  Our Love Is Strong  -  Away
Black Stone from the Sun - Smile In A Daze     Rock 18/04/2018
Perth grunge-punk duo Black Stone from the Sun deliver impassioned chunky rock with a massive dose of melody. For fans of DZ Deathrays, Polish Club and huge riffs and sing-alongs.
Spearheaded by new single Smile In A Daze, arguably their heaviest but most melodious track yet, Dreamalysis demonstrates the band’s evolution since their 2015 EP Death Threats and Cigarettes, showcasing a refined songwriting approach that delves into darker lyrical territory whilst retaining their raucous, bone-shattering, chaotic sound.

Coda Conduct - Love For Me     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 18/04/2018
Coda Conduct is a hip hop duo consisting of Sydney rappers Erica and Sally, who boast a dexterous flow, meticulously considered lyrics, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude.
Coda Conduct are bringing the swank with their clean, poppy new cut "Love For Me", which is about being strong enough to prioritise looking after yourself sometimes.

Anthony Priwer - Nothing Left To Do But Cry     Pop, Country, Easy Listening 18/04/2018
Hailing from Adelaide, Anthony writes new songs in a classic style. With warm and heartfelt vocals, he accompanies himself on ukulele.
Nothing Left To Do But Cry is a mournful ballad about the regret in knowing how to love someone only after it's too late.

Other tracks by Anthony Priwer:  Good As New (Tout Comme Neuf)  -  Save Me From A Sad Song