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Latest Tracks Added

Shining Bird - Who Are We     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 23/05/2019
Shining Bird is an experimental pop band from the coastal town of Austinmer, NSW Australia.
"Who Are We" is a 9-minute epic, clearly marking a new direction for Shining Bird. Recorded live to tape, in a single take by Jez Player (The Pinheads), the track highlights the band's improvisational strengths and maturity.

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Shadow - My City     Hip Hop 23/05/2019
Perth based Grime/Hip Hop artists originally from South Africa. Currently signed to Golden Era Records.
My City is an ode to Shadow's hometown of Perth.

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Aaron Pollock - Love In Vain     Blues/Roots 23/05/2019
Aaron Pollock is a 22 Year old Musician, living in Melbourne Australia. Known for his unique folk and blues sound, he is becoming a popular new talent in Australia.
Love In Vain is the second single released from Aaron Pollocks new album 'The Blues Tapes'.

Captain Earwax - National Roads     Electronic, Hip Hop 23/05/2019
Captain Earwax (a.k.a. Australian interdisciplinary artist Daniel O'Toole/EARS) crafts a rich kaleidoscope of aural landscapes with his unique brand of electronica.
Written on the Australia Day, with Maitê Inaê and Earwax respectfully declining to ‘celebrate’ the ever-problematic holiday, the EP’s title track offers a love song to the beauty of Australian desert central to this Aboriginal land we inhabit. With string parts added by Peter Hollo (cello) and Earwax (violin), percussion and additional keyboards from Miles Sharma-Constance.

Other tracks by Captain Earwax:  Ruby's Laksa  -  Still Ride
MADOJA - Society Jab     Rock 22/05/2019
Take a dash of Talking Heads, a chord or two from Fu Manchu and add a healthy dose of indie pop-rock and you have MADOJA.
Society Jab smashes it right out of the studio monitors! One of the funkiest bass riffs ever takes the listener straight to a rocking drum beat, perfectly timed guitar rhythms with clever and insightful lyrics topped off with a cool Memphis horn flavour...MADOJA is on fire with Society Jab!

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Crocodylus - Ghosts     Rock, Garage 22/05/2019
Crocodylus return in a cloud of sweat and fury unleashing their new single ‘Ghosts’ before setting off around the country once again, this time in support of The Chats.
Grungy as hell, ‘Ghosts’ is everything fans have come to love about the well-toured trio – fuzzy guitars, hazy vocals, searing riffs, stomping rhythms. Premiered on triple j's Home and Hosed, 'Ghosts' lulls listeners into a ballad before quickly picking up speed into the raw and blistering chorus. One hundred percent energy, it sits neatly in their sweaty live show.

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Little Green - Raw     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Pop 22/05/2019
Little Green is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney. Through her unique blend of folk, indie, jazz and pop, she shares a childlike appreciation of the world.
What is the opposite of a war?
This indie-folk track is a quirky, reflective piece of work.

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Busseys - Lazy     Rock, Pop 23/05/2019
Busseys’ latest release ‘Lazy’ marks the start of a new sound for them, putting a stronger focus on melody while still maintaining the energy of their first tune ‘Crystal Gazer’.
Lazy is an alternative/pop-rock ballad with a powerful melody that expresses the heartfelt lyrics. The love song is backed by ambient sounding instrumentals pushing the emotional mood of the song.

Waxhead - City of Love     Rock, Psychedelic, Reggae, Punk 22/05/2019
Waxhead are a unique surf rock quartet who grew up surfing together in Byron Bay. The band consists of Finny, Shrecky, AL Dogg and Froggy
City of Love is a simple song about finding love. From the feeling of new love taking over, to the nostalgia and reminiscence of love that’s faded away, from feeling insignificant and unconnected in the vast seas of people to finding a meaningful connection with someone special in the lonely crowded streets in the City of Love.

Andrian Pertout - Balada: Homenaje a Arthur Benjamin     Classical, Experimental, Instrumental 21/05/2019
Luz Meridional, composed by Andrián Pertout for pianist Michael Kieran Harvey. Comprising 24 solo piano études each piece contains a quotation from an early Australian composer.
Toward the style of Arthur Benjamin - and also not!
A lively piece of musical art, crafted superbly by Michael Kieran Harvey - jumping from note to note, register to register, frenetic and electrifying!

Other tracks by Andrian Pertout:  Bagatela: Homenaje a Keith Humble  -  Seis perfiles: Homenaje a Margaret Sutherland
Various - Tony Gould - Heritage     Jazz, Instrumental, Easy Listening 21/05/2019
A special CD to celebrate Move Records’ 50th year. Twenty-four Australian composers were invited to create a new short work for this special commemorative disc.
A spontaneous recording to celebrate Move Records’ 50th by Tony Gould, played on the Yamaha C7 grand piano, chosen by him 25 years ago, which has lived in the Move studio ever since. A brief but delightful song, with warmth, sparkling light and sombre beauty - it leaves you wanting more!

Other tracks by Various:  Michael Bertram - Iconoclast 2  -  Linda Kouvaras - Northcote Days
Steve Crump - iPhone Blues     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Pop, Atmospheric 21/05/2019
Steve Crump is an emerging Tasmanian composer. His first CD "Midnight Rain" was praised, e.g. by Neil Rogers (3RRR). He opened the Earth Celebration at Cygnet Folk Festival this year.
This luscious chord sequence mixing major and minor keys expresses the smart phone domination of - and disruption to - our work, social and intimate lives. The song was build around me thinking in a Missippi-delta-rich voice “I got those iPhone bluuuueess”. Slim Fitz builds on the melody, filling out the sound as if on a Hohner Blues G harmonica.

Other tracks by Steve Crump:  Tarkine Sunset (takayna)  -  Thinking of You
Fawkner Walking Society - Ether Girl     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Britpop 21/05/2019
Fawkner Walking Society, indie music from Melbourne's north - chillwave, melodic, lyrical.
Pure Indie - Alternative 90s Sound
Standing in the line, still waiting for the words to rhyme,
Still throwing stars in to the skies, all night

Staring in the dark, still waiting for the morning lark,
You left your heart on the line, online

Other tracks by Fawkner Walking Society:  Fawkner Walking Society  -  Murmuration
Watchglass - Right Hand     Jazz, Acoustic 21/05/2019
Honing well-crafted songs that bridge folk and rock, Watchglass are creating a new sonic landscape. Ethereal vocals will take you on an emotional journey with elements of fun and soulfulness.
Right Hand is a moody jazz-infused tune done acoustically. It will take the listener on a journey of yearning for connection which builds and recedes in a most pleasing way, driven by a mesmerising bass riff which hooks you at the outset and rests you down gently at the end.

Other tracks by Watchglass:  Room Enough  -  At the Moment
Dave Tonks & The Dream Machine - Sh*t On     Rock, News, Folk, Blues 22/05/2019
Australian Original Band covering various genre's. From Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Ballads, Folk, Country. All independent and so not being pigeon holed.
Shit On really is a protest song, it's a song that say's while you can have your say, I've had to have mine too and vice versa. Although it can encompass many social issues it remains pretty benign. Has there not been a time when anyone has thought...."Hey, I've been Sh*t On". "Oh no? I can't say That?"

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