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Latest Tracks Added

Aussie Scots - Phenomena     Rock, Folk 23/10/2019
Will and Ian are pair of ex-pat Scots who made their way down to Australia. Along with them came their lifelong love of making music.
Aussie Scots write from all various points of view, about a myriad of topics and “Phenomena” is all about a hidden fourth dimension they believe in that exists between life and death. Whether or not there’s any reality to that is debatable but what’s not is that “Phenomena” packs a punch!

Juice Webster - Someone Else Might Realise     Folk, Alternative, Indie, Rock 23/10/2019
Melbourne based singer-songwriter Juice Webster creates classy alt-folk which harks back to the elegance heard in Nick Cave, Cat Power or Emmy-Lou Harris, from whom she draws inspiration.
"You Who Was Myself" (EP) is a collection of songs written over the course of a few years which details the moments and experiences endured during a period of emotional reflection. The EP explores common themes of heartbreak, anxiety, loneliness and bottomless love, in a way that feels deeply familiar to all who listen.

Other tracks by Juice Webster:  We Don't Have To Talk  -  Sleeping Somewhere New
WOODES - Silent Disco     Alternative, Dance 23/10/2019
The enigmatic Melbourne artist Woodes is one of the most exciting names in Australian indie music for a reason, today returning to share her new single 'Silent Disco'.
Woodes worked with Touch Sensitive on the new single 'Silent Disco', saying "It’s a little different from my other songs, but still feels like it fits into a film or cinematic world. I love that it’s a song about disco that plays into the disco realm.”

Majak Door - Shotgun     Psych, Rock, Pop 23/10/2019
With influences that are broad and inclusive of many genres, Majak Door combine a mixture of surf-rock, 60's psychedelia and dream pop.
'Shotgun' is one of Majak Door's first releases that demonstrates the bands exploration into harder rock sounds. The guitar work was inspired by Johnny Marr's guitar work, and the overall vibe of the track is inspired by the band Corners, as well as many other late 80's/early 90's tones.

Mac- Eleven - Money, More Problems     Hip Hop 23/10/2019
South Sudanese rapper Mac-Eleven’s debut release “Money More Problems” highlights the struggle of negotiating life in Australia with the pressures from family and friends back home in Sudan.
Haling from South Sudan and calling Melbourne home, Mac-Eleven’s ability to paint two distinct worlds in his track is profound, highlighting the problems that come with the perception of “living the good life” all the while struggling to combat the day to day problems as they come up.

Produced by Russell Fawcus and Ariel Blum

Tim Ayre - Nothing     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening, Psych 23/10/2019
Sydney based man of many hats, Tim Ayre is releasing his debut EP due out later this year via tastemaker label Kitsunè Musique. The singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist makes blissful summery pop jams.
Sydney based man of many hats, Tim Ayre has another breezy treat for your ears with new single “Nothing”. The singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist is releasing his debut EP out in November via Kitsunè Musique and this single is the next taste of what to expect. “Nothing” follows summery single “Not Like It Should Be” and tropical pop track “LAXX”.

Niasha - Respect My Space     Soul, R&B, Dance, Hip Hop 23/10/2019
NIASHA is the true definition of dynamites come in small packages! Singer, songwriter and spoken word poet, this Zimbabwean-born soul performeris fast becoming a staple in Melbourne soul scene.
“Respect My Space” (produced by Anna Laverty and Ariel Blum) nods towards early 00’s RnB, with a strong smattering of Afrobeats. Coinciding with this release, Niasha will be performing at Lost Lands Festival 2019. The track is one of 8 to come out of of GRID Series Deep West 2019, an artist development program for musicians from outer suburban areas.

Ag Johnson - Beauty Within     Pop, Soul 23/10/2019
Ag Johnson is a South Sudanese independent singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.
Produced by Oscar Dawson and with a guest appearance from fellow GRID Series artist, Nomad, “Beauty Within” tackles ideas of identity, visibility, beauty and self- love. With the key hook of the song “the complexion of my skin, doesn’t determine what’s within, Ag’s bravery and bold strength as a songwriter and activist is evident immediately.

Jakob - Secrets     R&B, Alternative, Soul 23/10/2019
Jakob is a multi-faceted artist/producer/songwriter who has created his own highly charged alternative pop blend that draws from R&B and hip-hop and fuses it with genre bending production.
Secrets is a smooth yet euphoric alt R&B jam that showcases Jakob’s versatility as an artist and songwriter. Secrets was penned in Jakob’s bedroom before collaborating with ARIA & Swedish Grammy nominated producer Erik Lewander (Ke$ha, Girls Generation, The Potbelleez) to bring the track to life.

Fenn Wilson - Lost My Way     Indie, Folk, Roots, Rock 23/10/2019
Fenn's husky bass baritone evokes the timbre of Tom Waits, with a Jeff Buckleyesque swagger that anchors him as an emerging tour de force.
'I wrote Lost My Way in the midst of a great period of loss in my life. It addresses the reaching out to figures of security and insecurity in the hope of finding myself and solid direction.' - Fenn Wilson

Munro Melano - Cannonballs     Pop 23/10/2019
Munro Melano writes emotive soundscape songs and has composed the music for feature film documentaries.
Cannonballs floats though space. It was originally tracked with Munro’s live band, and then layered with additional synthesizers, samples, and a four-piece horn section

Emma Bosworth - Oh Man Featuring Alex Henriksson     Indie, Folk, Pop, Roots 23/10/2019
For some songwriters, making music is a question of process. But for Brisbane local, Emma Bosworth, it’s a whole different deal. For her music is about capturing a moment.
"Oh Man" written and recorded with producer on the rise, Alex Henriksson. It demonstrates skill and simply is just a cool song where both vocals marry up like were made to be sung together. This song is beautiful and has a lot of special elements with gorgeous explosions of sounds that still let the vocals shine, giving off Go-Betweens vibes.

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Noah Dillon - Disappear     Rock 23/10/2019
The band, consisting of Noah, Jack Hill, Claudia Genovese and Sam Rocchi, have been wildly successful since the release of their first single "The Man I’m Not" in 2017.
The EP "is a collection of songs written over the past two years. There are many reoccurring themes throughout the EP which when I listen back reveal there influence in shaping me through adolescence. I guess in a sense it documents my coming of age; leaving the comfort of school and institution into navigating the world I’m in now."

El Cosgrove - Honey     Country 23/10/2019
El's new track "Honey" was recorded in Bangalow with Producer Jordan Power, and encapsulates the feeling of home that was created by the many people she met along her wanderings.
Her new track "Honey" was recorded amongst the mountains in Bangalow with Producer Jordan Power, and encapsulates the feeling of home that was created by the many people she met along her wanderings. Power's most recent works include Dope Lemon, Ash Grunwald and Kacey Chambers amongst others.

Amela - Blame     Pop 23/10/2019
Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela uses her catchy melodies to deliver a soaring pop track with the release of her new single "Blame".
Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela uses her catchy melodies to deliver a soaring pop track with the release of her new single "Blame".