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Latest Tracks Added

Louise Marshall - Ocean     Pop, Acoustic 18/08/2018
Louise Marshall is an alternative indie artist based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Ocean is about seeing the dark and bare parts of the mind and releasing the fear of it.

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Other tracks by Louise Marshall:  Blue  -  The Beast
Justin Franks - Heart Wants     Pop, Rock, Acoustic 18/08/2018
As a full-time ferry master, he uses the solitude of the sea as inspiration for his music.
Heart Wants is a documentation of a young man running away to sea. It’s about having the courage to back your own instinct and is a plea for hope – hope that the universe will forgive.

Murray Darling - Feet On The Ground     Rock, Garage, Punk 18/08/2018
Murray Darling, Mid Twenties, Binge Drinker,Overweight, Underachiever.Sydney Garage Punk
Lead Single off the debut EP!

Other tracks by Murray Darling:  Want It To Be  -  Foreign Land
Leeroy - Burn to Ashes     Pop, Rock, RnB 18/08/2018
Perth based solo artist Leeroy brings a fresh sound to rock, reggae, blues and R&B.
Burn to Ashes, is a revenge song written after a bad relationship.

Other tracks by Leeroy:  The Roamer  -  Freedoms Prisoners
Hey Harriett - Too Fast Too Soon     Rock, Pop, Folk 18/08/2018
Hey Harriett is an eclectic bunch of Adelaide musicians, with a sound sitting somewhere between indie/pop and surfer/rock. Packed full of positivity, this band is infectious. 
Taking the heartache and uncertainty of young love and wrapping it in indie goodness, Too Fast Too Song is soaked in positivity and one to get you on the dance floor. 

KRSTN - Second Chance     Pop, RnB 18/08/2018
KRSTN is a pop and RnB artist from Melbourne, Australia.
Second Chance gives the fun vibes of an upbeat early 00s RnB song, but with a strong underlying emotional meaning through the lyrics and melodies.

AREA13 - Time is Right     Pop, Gay Alligned, Pop, Rock 18/08/2018
AREA 13 are a rocking 5 piece rock band from Cairns established in May 2017. Paracutes for Puppets is their debut ablbum
Time is Right is a collaboration between guitarist / lead vocalist and bassist Paul Southwell, the track originally began with a country feel, but evolved into the reggae feel. This was enhanced in the studio by the addition of the timbales and other percussion.

Other tracks by AREA13:  You Won't Get Me  -  Gypsy Man
Michael Burrows - Turn This Love Around     Folk, Country, Rock, Acoustic 18/08/2018
Country, Folk, Americana and Rock styles and having worked with some of music's royalty over the years, Burrows has delivered a track resulting in an amalgamation of creativity, hard work & honesty leaving you breathless..
Michael Burrows, begins his next instalment with the unveiling of his latest Rock/Country  single  'Turn This Love Around'.
Quickly becoming a household name with the successful release of  'Please Don't Cry' a few months ago, racking up nationwide airplay, a plethora of publications as well as overseas interest.

Blackbirds FC - Even Then I Love You     Country, Pop 18/08/2018
Blackbirds FC is an Alt.Country band with an acoustic, harmony driven sound and a full-time string section.
A love song transformed from being another creepy ex story by feedback from Charles Jenkins who cleverly suggested that it be written from the perspective of a brother trying to watch over a wayward sibling.

Other tracks by Blackbirds FC:  Heavy Heart  -  It's OK To Surrender
Little Wise - Want it All     Folk, Country, Roots 18/08/2018
Little Wise, AKA songwriter Sophie Klein, is a truth-teller whose words and music leave you feeling more alive and heart-achingly human than ever before.
The track’s slow-burning tension and release is like a lovechild of The Pretenders and The Velvet Underground. The song showcases yet another side of Little Wise and is a meditation on growing up, indecision, crises of existence and desperately trying to strike a balance between the contented security of a settled life and the exhilaration of youth.

Tentendo - Dance With Me     Hip Hop, RnB 18/08/2018
Tentendo has built a solid catalogue of work, producing for Billy Davis (and performing as part of their live set up), and fellow band members Jordan Dennis and Blasko.
Dance with me is actually two tracks that ended up merging together - I wrote the skeleton of the instrumental as a remix of another song and the vocals came from another draft of a song Jordan and I had thrown together for a live set.

Timberwolf - Proud Silence     Folk, Chill, Soul 18/08/2018
Timberwolf is one of Australia's brightest and most engaging artists, with awe-inspiring vocals directed by an otherworldy talent for authentic songwriting and dynamic musical production.
Both produced and recorded by Panousakis himself, the single couples euphoric vocals with emphatic basslines reflecting Timberwolf’s philosophising between a proud, silent exterior and the emotions that lay beneath. Gliding alongside echoing guitar chords, his soulful melodies ooze emotion. Striking keys combined with escalating synths and tender vocals matching the purest lyricism will have you mesmerized from start to finish.

Benny Nelson - Talk     Rock, Pop, Chill 18/08/2018
Benny Nelson knew his small-town roots wouldn’t tame his big aspirations and at just 16 years of age, Benny moved to Sydney to pursue his career as a musician.
I think I personally wanted to be more real as an artist, instead of writing pop love songs I wrote honest lyrics that only a rock sound can accompany because of the raw content. It just fits and feels right. I can let it all out on stage".

Ben Catley - Hell's Teeth     Blues/Roots, Rock 18/08/2018
Infectiously high energy, feel-good roots from Scarborough Beach, WA.
Hell's Teeth (03:33) kicks straight into a gritty thump and is inspired by experiencing an earthquake in Japan, amongst other little sobering reminders that mother nature can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Recorded in Perth with Lance Robinson (Karnivool, 360) and mastered by Joe Carra (King Giz, Tash Sultana).

Tom West - King Cambyses     Folk, Roots, Rock, Acoustic 18/08/2018
Tom West is an Australian singer-songwriter performing music that traverses the rocky and undulating ground between simple, whimsical folk tunes and grand and moody soundscapes.
This song reflects on the way that our experience of memory and hindsight affects our experience and understanding of the present.
The idea came when I was listening to a history podcast that discussed the story of when, supposedly, King Cambyses, Emperor of the ancient Persian Empire directed an army into the Egyptian desert that disappeared in a sandstorm.

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