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Latest Tracks Added

Kayex - The Get Up     Electronic, Dance, Funk 27/04/2018
indie electronic-esque dance funk
Disco-infused flavoured with Funk

Flaskas - Feeling The Rhythm     Blues/Roots, Rock, Folk, Roots 27/04/2018
Sunshine Coast based Alternative Roots outfit Flaskas create truly unique music with a distinctly Australian rhythm.
Feeling The Rhythm opens with spacious intro featuring an infectious bass line and groove. Flaskas sing of our connection with the earth and everything around us. This single was recorded live at Heliport Studios and captures the raw nature of Flaskas signature sound, dubbed 'Earth Rock'.

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Nussy - Tremble     Electronic, Pop 27/04/2018
Melbourne synth-pop artist NUSSY returns with new single and shows in Toronto for Canadian Music Week this May with homeland shows in Adelaide and Melbourne.
‘Tremble’ is a shimmering and bouncy pop ode to the club dance-floor, about “having an instant attraction, a connection with someone - that moment when your eyes meet across the dance floor, you're covered in sweat, probably a bit intoxicated and you think “I am going home with you tonight"”

Reilly Stapleton - That One's On Me     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill, Acoustic 27/04/2018
Reilly Stapleton is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter mainly producing alt/pop tracks.With an emotional and confronting past, you can expect raw and truthful lyrics combined with a modern sound.
This song uncovers and portrays a raw and powerful emotion that is found with ultimate pain and grief. The honest lyrics, delicately powerful vocals and strong arrangement of instruments help incorporate a beautifully sincere aspect that inevitably reveals the artists truth.

Fascinator - Sex Crystals     Electronic, Psychedelic 27/04/2018
Fascinator is a New York based, Australian-bred electronic/psychedelic/experimental artist. Real name Johnny Mackay, Fascinator revels in the spacial psychedelics of music.
'Sex Crystals' is a Mancunian space jam about a desert adventure in an invisible car. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, the track features dreamy tones, groovy percussion and smooth bass-lines.

Vesper Green - Innocent Illiterate     Rock, Grunge, Rock, Garage 27/04/2018
Vesper Green have materialised with loud, tight, raw and technical alt-rock tones that provides that kick-in-the-teeth attitude that Brisbane has needed, to pair with the likes of Violent Soho.
Highly reactive and fuelled by angst, ‘Innocent Illiterate’ is indeed a homage to the bands that have inspired and led the members of Vesper Green into creating music.

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Stellar Addiction - Blame Her     Rock, Electronic 27/04/2018
Stellar Addiction are a five piece band from Sydney, Australia. Channelling pop/punk vibes blended with alternative influences, Stellar deliver a fresh sound bursting with harmonies and catchy hooks.
Raising awareness about victim blaming and showing support to any woman who has ever been a victim of assault - that they are not alone.

Other tracks by Stellar Addiction:  Burden  -  Ignorance Is This
The Rivers - Tricks and Lovers     Rock, Roots, Folk 27/04/2018
The Rivers prefer to live underwater, away from the rage and chaos of modern life. Their music is nostalgic, electronically layered and vocally harmonic, telling tales of hope and loss.
‘Tricks and Lovers,’ an early-morning alleyway glimpse of gratuitous love gone wrong, is a broken heel struck through the heart of a willing victim. It depicts the complex nature of love surviving on the edge of morality, where sanity is tenderly balanced by the contents of a ‘pretty pill box.’

The Daily Chase - Void     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 27/04/2018
The Daily Chase are a 5-piece metalcore outfit from regional South Australia.
Void is a huge step up for the boys in The Daily Chase. The track opens with killer guitar work accompanied by a maelstrom of a rhythm section. Powerful screams tell of self reflection and lead into a soaring clean chrous. Keep an eye fixed on these guys.

Simply Bushed - What About Me     Country 27/04/2018
Simply Bushed started the journey as a simple bush band but has grown into so much more than just a band for Australia day, evolving into an Australian Music experience.
Inspired by an emotional chat with a Vietnam War veteran, 'What About Me', smacks listeners with a look into the daily life of those service personnel who suffer because of their experiences, and portrays the anger and turmoil still deeply entrenched and carried by so many of our veterans.

Arsenic & Old Lace - Creature of Sin     Rock, Pop, Goth 27/04/2018
Creature of Sin retains the bands dark edge whilst lifting them more into the realm of indie pop. "I've given in I'm just a constant creature of sin"
"I've given in, I'm just a constant creature of sin"

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Other tracks by Arsenic & Old Lace:  Ice Age  -  Kings
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Flow Over Me     Blues/Roots 27/04/2018
Before embarking on a solo career, Sarah spent a decade fronting Batrider. Eventually becoming tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life, she shifted her focus to songwriting independently.
"Flow Over Me," taken from her forthcoming LP Sugar Still Melts In The Rain premiered via Blackbook Magazine who note, "there are moments when she strikingly recalls Nico." Sarah told them the track "is some deep psychoanalytic shit and you would hope so after what I've spent on therapy."

Dan Sultan - Drover (feat. Dave Le'aupepe)     Rock, Roots 27/04/2018
Liberation Records is thrilled to share news of Dan Sultan’s forthcoming collaborative EP, Killer Under A Blood Moon, set to land on May 18.
"Working with Dan is captivating, inspiring and often hilarious, and although it’s easy to be outshone by Sults, you usually wind up feeling better about yourself and your craft than you did when you started.” – Dave Le’aupepe

Kylie Minogue - Dancing     Pop, Country 27/04/2018
With fourteen studio albums under her belt, Australia's Princess of Pop has earned her name. Now, Kylie adds a country flare to her lastest release, Golden.
Golden opens with ‘Dancing’, on which Kylie says: “You’ve got the lyrical edge, that country feel, mixed with some sampling of the voice and electronic elements...And I love that it's called 'Dancing', it's immediately accessible and seemingly so obvious, but there’s depth within the song.”

Other tracks by Kylie Minogue:  Stop Me From Falling
ALTA - Now You Want Me     Pop, Dance 27/04/2018
The two-piece, producer Julius Dowson and vocalist Hannah Lesser, are impossible to pigeonhole, saturating their consciousness with every genre, before shutting everything else out to dive into their own writing.
The track features direct yet emotional dance floor moments in the key of love, a 4/4 infusion of the duo’s signature take-it-or-leave-it attitude and driving house rhythms. Hannah Lesser’s rapid fire lyricism and silky vocal takes intertwine with glossy synths and punchy percussion, lending to their slick but carefree sound.