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Latest Tracks Added

where the table was - sun is burning     Rock 21/08/2019
We create unique music in nipaluna (Hobart). Our sound is born out of our collective approach and commitment. We unleash strong messages, manic melodies with spirited bass and drums.
It's a warning

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Jones The Cat - Stay Perfect     Metal/Punk, Rock 21/08/2019
With hefty bass lines and the gain turned way up, Newcastle's Jones The Cat and sweaty tenacity are some of best punk coming out of Australia right now.
'Stay Perfect' is a classic punk rock hit; infectious guitar riffs and an anthemic chorus have been getting audiences shouting and dancing at every show. The track is also the lead single from Jones The Cat's debut EP 'Control'.

Brandon Duff - Myself to Blame     Pop, Rock 21/08/2019
Brandon Duff has played everywhere from pubs to reality television, and now he is working on his pop influenced debut EP.
The new track is a feel-good pop anthem, featuring punchy rock vibes combined with an electronic edge. It explores the emotions of a break-up, from feeling lost and alone to feeling free and empowered. The song takes a light-hearted look at a sad situation - "I'm thinking oh what a shame, I've only gotten myself to blame".

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Cameron Cusack - Hit It Off     Country 21/08/2019
From Cameron’s early career performing in small bars and cafes across the East Coast, Cameron was soon discovered by the Australian country music industry.
Cameron Cusack is set to release his new single ‘Hit It Off’ from his upcoming album ‘Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams & Everything Good In Between’. Since the release of ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Cars & Guitars’ and ‘One Way Ticket’, the two time Toyota Star Maker finalist has been working on a brand new heart felt album of songs.

Babe Rainbow - Many Moons of Love     Pop, Psychedelic, Folk 21/08/2019
Byron Bay psychedelic pop band The Babe Rainbow
Many Moons of Love is an upbeat 70's revival. The song has soft vocals paired with upbeat acoustic strumming. The song is a classic example of psychedelic-pop and the dreaminess of their hometown Byron Bay.

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Dead River Runs Dry - Acolyte     Metal/Punk, Psychedelic, Metal 21/08/2019
The sound of energy unfolding.
The first release of new DRRD material following the critically acclaimed "Hierophants of the Storm" album.

Jo Meares - The Fields of Yesterday     Rock, Alternative Country, Atmospheric, Soul 21/08/2019
Jo Meares is musician who spends his time in Sydney, Melbourne and Europe, seeking out inspiration for his widescreen and intimate songs and stories of atmospheric noir.
This stately song, led by the rhythm of a digital Helix piano effect, late-night organ chords and Meares' swooning electric guitar, is a collage of inspiration. It addresses loss, but its focus is on the idea of being grateful for the simple things in life, as Meares' voice weaves the central narrative with solemn and sensitive gravitas.

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Big Yawn - Skin Rat     Electronic, Experimental 21/08/2019
Big Yawn is a music group from Melbourne, Australia. Performing a big, sweaty, hypnotic exercise of live electronic music that explores and exploits ambient, psychedelic, techno and krautrock styles.
The groups freshest effort 'Skin Rat/Thomas' captures the band performing live in the studio, and it's typical Big Yawn: fat and punchy low-end bass; drums and live drum processing; delay fx samples; thick syrupy synths. 'Skin Rat' is a hyperbolically dubbed out, tongue in cheek, magnetic blend of UK garage, footwork and breaks.

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Other tracks by Big Yawn:  Thomas
Bugs - Seriously     Pop, Rock 21/08/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, Bugs are a light-hearted group of mates who find joy in crafting infectiously happy pop music, and packaging it up with a dose of relatable songwriting.
“‘Seriously’ is a song about those times you screw up and end up feeling like a bit of a goofball. It’s easy to be self-deprecating when you make a mistake, but it’s often more helpful to shrug it off and remind yourself that these things happen to everyone,” reflects the band’s front man Connor Brooker.

Emph N Treats x Reeceponse Beats - Animism Feat Cali Jade     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Reggae 21/08/2019
Emph N Treats have teamed up with Producer Reeceponse Beats to create THE SPEAKEASY EP
Animism is the song you put on first thing in the morning to start your day on a high! It is so happy and catchy and will have you ready to face the day with gratitude!

Other tracks by Emph N Treats x Reeceponse Beats:  Fools Gold  -  Rolling Around
Yellow Monday - Minda Love     Folk, World, Acoustic 21/08/2019
Yellow Monday - Worldbeat meets Indie/Folk
A quiet and sensitive song about the imbalance of Love.

Allola - Carry     Pop, Electronic 21/08/2019
Allola is the moniker for Melbourne based electronic pop singer, songwriter and producer, Alex Latham. She teams edgy vocals with ethereal sounds and 80s inspired synthtronica.
"Carry” is an observation on how different people tackle mental health and how it effects those around them. I think it’s important to continue to encourage your mates to talk, listen without judgement and give them a little love.

Jayne Denham - Black Coffee And White Lines     Country, Rock, Pop 21/08/2019
With her ability to tell a story that captures the imagination, Jayne has scored three #1 hits in Australia and six top 10 songs in the National Country Charts
“Black Coffee and White Lines” is no exception. With the debut of her third single, Denham will continue to use her platform to pay homage to the trucking industry. The music video is even set to feature the stars of the History Channel’s hit show, Ice Road Truckers.

NERVE - Gone Stupid     Hip Hop, Rap 21/08/2019
First Single of Nerve's "Mumma's Boy" EP

Edapollo - Make A Move     Electronic, House, Downbeat, Atmospheric 21/08/2019
Edapollo is Melbourne based electronic producer, Ed Bidgood. His music varies from atmospheric downtempo to more intricate beat-driven house, focusing on organic elements and a human feel in his production.
After a steady run of double single releases over the last few months, Australian based producer edapollo now delivers 'Make a Move' taken from his long-awaited debut album, ‘Endless Cascades’ which is out on Aug 29th. The track is a building atmospheric journey, starting off slowly then evolving into a lush dance floored inspired house track.