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Latest Tracks Added

Syntax Error - The Four Distressed Waves Of Sleep     Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Atmospheric 20/03/2019
Psychedelic post-rock music for the apocalypse. Based in Sydney, Australia and featuring two guitars, theremin, bass, drums and occasional vocals.
Thick vines of sound, guitar strings, descend to the forest floor. Intertwining streams of music flow along indigo and green paths. Drums leap like fleet animals from tree to tree. Guitars call to each other in the languages of the forest. It’s all a dream, a dream in waves.

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Art of Fighting - Your Love     Rock, Folk 20/03/2019
Premiered via Triple R Breakfasters and the Geoffrey O'Connor directed video clip by The Music - Art of Fighting share new single 'Your Love', out now via Remote Control Records.
Ollie Browne shares his insights on the track - "‘Your Love’ is about that feeling when what your fear the most in the world is the inability to contain and rationalise your love for someone. How that makes all the other genuinely terrifying things in both the internal and external world seem completely insignificant.”

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Ella Haber - Clay     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Soul 20/03/2019
At just 20 years old Ella Haber has received the Gilles Peterson and Worldwide FM nod of approval, pointing to big things ahead for the burgeoning soul singer/songwriter.
With soul that oozes body-moving rhythms, the single croons the toils of not giving in to a one-sided relationship through achingly real lyricism and rhymes that roll off the tongue. Pushing her vocals to the edge while bringing together harmonies over a percussive beat, the release is another heavenly cut that leaves the listener in awe of Haber’s undeniable talent.

Dan Sultan - Nali     Folk 20/03/2019
Critically acclaimed and widely adored musician Dan Sultan has announced his first album of children's music, 'Nali & Friends'.
'Nali' is the cinematic lead track from Dan Sultan's first album for kids, 'Nali & Friends'. It's the heartwarming tale of an Artic tern (Nali), who loses her way flying from the North to the South Pole, meeting animals friends from all around the world along the way.

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Rocket Ship Chaser - Dead End Street     Rock, Pop, Punk, Rock 20/03/2019
Our music's goal is for people to feel empathized with, comfortable with their flaws, confident in themselves and above all: Like they belong.
Dead End Street is about my childhood suburb. After growing up there what I realized a was I wasn't getting the exposure to positivity that I needed to take myself further in life. I wasn't seeing success happen in those around me, so it was hard to envision myself being successful in any way. So I learned from it instead.

Other tracks by Rocket Ship Chaser:  Waiting  -  Smile
Abbe May - Fuck You     Funk/Soul, Alternative Country, Rock, RnB 20/03/2019
Abbe is known as a phenomenal singer, songwriter and guitarist, a poetic, insightful, hard-hitting lyricist, performer and visual artist who harnesses and openly expresses her sexuality without shame.
It's been a year since Abbe May released her critically acclaimed fifth album 'Fruit' which saw the queer, Western Australian land a spot as a finalist in this year's $30,000 Australian Music Prize.

Now, she offers a follow up in her new single F..k You, a country-infused track about recovering from a fragile, vulnerable place with a clear message.

Geo - The Rivers Ran     Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk 20/03/2019
Groovy, Funk-a-licious Prog Rock lightly seasoned with darkness and eccentricity.
A Prog Rock/ Metal ditty about the rivers, the mountains, the clouds, the land, the ocean, the light and of course the dark. Beware the sucker punch key changes and Transylvanian Piano grooves.

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Now In Colour - Manifest Destiny     Rock, Metal 20/03/2019
Now In Colour is a 3 piece progressive rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their debut self titled album was released on March 15, 2019.
Manifest Destiny and Seafoam marked a change where acoustic piano became a prominent feature of a number of tracks on the album. The verses use a relatively unusual 10/4 time signature, and the instrumentation and production style of the verses was inspired somewhat by the 7/4 parts in “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters.

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Other tracks by Now In Colour:  Seafoam  -  The Hourglass
Thorne - Second Chances     Pop, Electronic, Chill 20/03/2019
Melbourne based artist Thorne will move you with his soulful music. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder, and Sam Smith, Thorne creates a special blend of Pop and RnB music.
‘Second Chances’ is a candid look at human flaws and their role in the emergence of our most honest selves. It is a salute to the imperfections of our characters, reminding us all to wear these proudly to this lush pop ballad.

Frecko - Bury Me Deep     Country 20/03/2019
Father and Son duo, formerly The Grinning Bellhops, returning to their origins as 'Frecko'.
Bury Me Deep aims to raise some thought and consideration to what could be an all too true phenomenon if we cannot get more out of the political process to ease the burden on rural Australia.

Oakwood - Bullet From A Barrel     Country 20/03/2019
Oakwood is a Country Rock Melbourne based band, fronted by Jaime Holland, Deep Creek Road's former Female lead singer.
Bullet From A Barrel is Oakwood's debut single. A high energy track written in Nashville and produced by Clive Young.

Greyjacks - Apathy & Irony     Metal/Punk, Ska 20/03/2019
Greyjacks are 4 band-shirt wearing young adults who play ska-punk to people without their permission. We tend to rock up to gigs way too early. Putting the punk in punctual.
Indifference gets you no where

Other tracks by Greyjacks:  Loon Lagoon  -  Durmmond
Midnight Pool Party - With You     Electronic, Dance, RnB, Pop 20/03/2019
Over the last few years Australian duo Midnight Pool Party have been crafting addictive electronic dance music that is infused with a rich palette of dance, electro & RnB influences.
Australian duo Midnight Pool Party give us another taste of their upcoming MOTIONS EP this week with a silky smooth late-night groove called ‘With You’.

Michelle Russell - A Cotton Field Away     Country 20/03/2019
An Aboriginal Singer/Songwriter, proud of her heritage and music.
A Cotton Field Away is about breaking down the barriers that exist between black & white. Something symbolically represented in the words of the song by the cotton field. Something that may be akin to black Americans, but this divide between black and white exists also within Australia.

Yeevs - Moving Magnets     Rock 20/03/2019
Sydney three-piece Yeevs new single from their debut album due out in mid 2019. combining elements of Indie Rock, Punk and power-pop.
‘Moving Magnets’ is the first listen from the forthcoming debut album, and their most inspired release to date. In essence, the song is a skewed take on personal perspectives. While navigating privilege, and good intention, the inherently paralytic ideals of self-doubt and rumination can cloud all judgement.

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