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Latest Tracks Added

jacobs run - Superman     Rock, Britpop 27/06/2019
jacobs run music blends layers of guitar and orchestration, classic melodies and a powerful sound; influenced by British acts Oasis, The Verve, Italian artist Eros Ramazotti, and Australia's The Church.
Superman is the 6th single to be released from the forthcoming album from Melbourne Indie band jacobs run. The track features layers of guitar, infectious melodic hooks and glorious harmonies; another fine example of the exceptional songwriting talents of singer songwriter Michael Jacobs.

The Limbs - Here     Rock, Grunge 27/06/2019
Forming in 2013, The Limbs became a popular fixture on the WA live scene, honing their sound; a love of shoegaze, flourishing into a central sound encompassing punk and grunge.
‘Here’ is driven by free and driving guitar and vocal melodies, while the rhythm section of the track harks back to the glory days of The Smiths, and the dominating essence of Blur. It is rock music served up with grit, but there’s also a loftiness to James Redman’s melodies that brings the music further into the light.

REGI FLIH - Something For Me (Clean Version)     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 27/06/2019
This is the year of REGI FLIH, his debut single “Something For Me” being featured on Spotify’s R&B Feels playlist, and garnering more than 30k streams in its first month.
Something for Me is a story of seduction from the beginning to the end. There are 3 stages to the story. The first two are from my point of view, starting with mental seduction and leading to physical. The last part is flipping it to the female part, and asks what are you going to do for me?

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Jordan Rakei - Mind's Eye     Jazz, Soul 27/06/2019
Rackei moved from Brisbane to London in 2015, signed to Ninja Tune, released his second LP in 2017. A mature and sophisticated release, underlined himself as a songwriter, producer, performer.
Switching up from the intimate portrait he painted with “Wallflower”, Jordan has taken a step back to study humanity as a whole. Overtly inspired by dystopian visions of our future combined with Jordan’s inner contemplation of humanity and our existence, ‘Mind’s Eye’ describes a future world in which wearable tech has been superseded by tech implanted in the human body.

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Swim Team - New Year     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 27/06/2019
Swim Team produce warm slices of reverbed-up jangle and crunchy pop. They take inspiration from 60s girls groups, lo-fi indie pop to ramshackle garage and anything soaked in reverb.
Laden with an atmospheric, moody aesthetic, "New Year" celebrates fresh beginnings, new resolutions, while paying homage to the good intentions and bad realities that inevitably take their place.

Candy - Familiar     Rock, Pop, Punk 27/06/2019
Candy is the solo moniker of Melbourne creative Calum Newton. Formerly of Lunatics on Pogosticks and Amyl + The Sniffers, Candy sees Newton embrace post-punk and dream-pop of all eras.
“Familiar” traces the struggles with dementia; forgetting who you are, where you are, and the impact on those around you. The track juxtaposes an uneasy topic with bright guitar tones and violin, which is becoming a somewhat trademark of Candy’s.

Sui Zhen - Perfect Place     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Ambience 27/06/2019
Sui Zhen announces her latest chapter, Losing, Linda, set for release Friday 27th September via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records and shares the first single from the record 'Perfect Place'.
A sense of overall mortality was unmistakably infused into the thematic structure of Losing, Linda during it's creation. The video for lead single, 'Perfect Place' introduces the character Linda, a ghostly apparition, representing the fragments of self, the avatars we leave behind after one dies in the physical realm -- but do our digital selves ever fully disappear?

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Brian Raynor - Silver Sands     Country, Easy Listening, Folk 27/06/2019
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter whose genres include folk, pop, country, blues, and gospel.
This song, about loss and grief, came to me in the middle of the night. I'm not sure who it's for but I felt it had to be written.

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A Rioting Mind - Wasted     Folk, Rock, Ambience, Alternative Country 27/06/2019
A Rioting Mind is the brainchild of songwriter Camilla Sullivan and guitarist Libby Ferris. Their 90’s inspired sound mixes between ambient folk and alternative rock.
One of the first songs written by the band, Wasted explores the duality of being drunkenly in love and vulnerable with someone and yet so lost on them at the same time. Sonically it is like The XX meets Fleetwood Mac.

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Watling & Bates - Ciderville     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Soundscapes 27/06/2019
Old time Gothic hillbilly honkytonk
A place to rest and gather strength during turbulent times. An invisible crossroad, far from the highway, where no one finds you unless you want to be found.

The Belladonnas - Heights     Rock, Pop 26/06/2019
This fusion five-piece is a hard hitting alternative roots-rock outfit with a wide array of influences ranging from Fat Freddys Drop to BadBadNotGood to No Doubt.
In homage to inspirational acts Massive Attack and Portishead, the floating and hypnotic subtleties of Heights are juxtaposed against powerful pop song-writing sensibilities akin to Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. With a lyrical theme regarding rebelling against the status quo and challenging oppressors, ‘Heights’ is an alternative anthem for those who don’t fit inside the box.

The Bone Shack - Hot Knife     Rock 26/06/2019
The Bone Shack are a five piece Rock ‘N Roll band based in Melbourne, Australia. Think dirty dive bars, cigarette smoke and rollin’ home when the sun comes up.
A dark, riff-heavy, Rock 'N Roll track with soaring female vocals and a heaving rhythm section.

Cone of Confusion - Conscious Inertia (single version)     Jazz, Rock, Atmospheric, Experimental 26/06/2019
Experimental, Creative and Theatrical; Cone of Confusion blends musical curiosity through improvisation, bringing to the surface an unexpected mix of sounds rarely heard before.
The upcoming concept album is programmatic, following the story of an individual dreaming about their inevitable emancipation from the system, irreversibly corrupt.

As it happens, Conscious Inertia takes places early on in the story arc in which the individual is conscious of the inevitability of their deeds leading to negative repercussions.

Michael Dunstan - The Unknown     Folk, Easy Listening 27/06/2019
23 year old folk artist born in Wheat-belt Western Australia. Yearning for peace and wide open space, Michael's pensive writing is calm and aware of things bigger than us.
The Unknown regards the comfort one can find in the present moment. A reminder to ponder, but not to dwell on things that have no answer. 'Don't stare into the abyss for too long, it'll stare back at you'.

An intricate nylon track with soothing melodies and an ambience to take a mind away from it's worries.

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Organic Joe - Nine Miles Out To Sea     Folk, Pop, Roots, Rock 25/06/2019
Performing together throughout Gippsland since 2015, singer-songwriters Philip Cappadona and Sharyn Dickeson of Organic Joe, embrace their natural chemistry to deliver original songs that are quirky, whimsical and satirical.
Nine Miles Out To Sea describes a sense of place, connection, disconnection, death and rebirth.

Other tracks by Organic Joe:  She's Good  -  My Desperate Friend