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Latest Tracks Added

Aurelia - Battleground II     Pop, Electronic 20/02/2019
Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield
Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield for a collaboration that sounds like the slow-mo cinematic soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic Pulp Fiction… In a world seemingly obsessed with building walls, ‘Battleground II’ seeks to break them down. A futuristically nostalgic record filled with visceral emotional grit, a remedial call to unity.

Garrett Kato - River Mouth     Folk 19/02/2019
On a whim, he decided to visit his brother in Australia during 2010 and ended up “hitting the reset button, staying, falling in love, fathering two kids, having a mortgage
“River Mouth is about acceptance for the people around you and the changes in life. Finding beauty in the struggle and success in the long journey.” – Garrett Kato

Recorded in his home studio in Byron Bay, ‘River Mouth’ is the leading single from Garrett’s forthcoming EP ‘Distant Land’ due out in May.

Tones And I - Johnny Run Away     Pop, Electronic, Dance 20/02/2019
Tones And I is making huge waves with this debut single. Shows are selling out, triple j plays are going crazy and its not even officially released until March 1!
Recorded with Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, The Jungle Giants, Tia Gostelow) and highlights the singers strong and unique vocals.

Johnny Run Away is about my best friend coming out to his disapproving father at a young age. The song shows people are dealing with judgement and rejection within their own family not to mention the world. – Tones And I

Christopher Sprake - Jackboots     Rock, Atmospheric 20/02/2019
Christopher Sprake is a songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. He wraps his words in dashes of atmospheric indie-rock, folk and Americana sounds.
Jackboots is an atmospheric indie rock song asking the question "How do we retain hope in the midst of rising political intolerance?"

Other tracks by Christopher Sprake:  Storm  -  Longing
Kate Grealy - Lone Travelers (feat. Ching Rock)     Hip Hop, Roots, Rap, Pop 20/02/2019
Grealy's latest release, Lone Travlers, crosses over into hip hop featuring Brooklyn native Ching Rock (The Arsonists) and Indonesian producer Donnero (D.P.M.B).
Lone Travelers was written by Grealy when she was living in Indonesia about the trials of living far from home. Ching's raps elaborate describing the heartache of his US-based family and friends' who've been caught up in conflict as soldiers or on the street. Beats by Indonesian producer Donnero highlight the theme with cascading synth and bass.

Creek - The Deep     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Grunge 20/02/2019
Awoken from their slumber, the hairy Creek rad-lords have ascended from riverbanks Victoriawide, merging in Melbourne to spread their concoction of heartfelt noise mud all over fans of heavier music.
Heavy, earth-shifting beats and murky guitar riffs combine to lead you astray; as does the hand of the swamp siren to her blissfully unaware victims.

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Rick Webster - Lost in Lucerne     Rock, Pop 20/02/2019
Rick Webster has dedicated his entire life to the guitar. From a diligent student, to an award-winning songwriter, to surviving a near fatal car crash, his journey has been incredible.
Rick says of Lost in Lucerne, "It's really a song about travelling - I’m always amazed every time I travel to a new city and get a similar rush of adrenalin. I was in Lucerne, Switzerland and I loved everything about it - the people, the buildings...I remember writing down the lyric “I can feel everything printing on my brain”.

That Gold Street Sound - The Struggle     Funk/Soul 20/02/2019
Trick of the Light is about that feeling when you are walking home at seven on a Sunday and you might just be in love.
Inspired by a line on the television show Lost, where a character talks about a moth struggling to get out of a cocoon (and how the moths survival is built upon that struggle), the song The Struggle was penned as a reminder that sometimes we just need to keep taking little steps to keep moving forward.

Other tracks by That Gold Street Sound:  Only Lonely  -  Trick of the Light
Church Moms - KOOL AID     Metal/Punk, Live Performance, Hardcore, Gay Alligned 20/02/2019
Church Moms is a queer, art core band from Kaurna land (Adelaide Plains, South Australia). Our sound is a mixture of experimental, lofi, noise, film art and punk.
The lyrics stem from research, accounts and articles on various cults. From mass manipulation, fraud and murder, they all preach one thing, "I just want you to love me".

Written, recorded and edited by Church Moms. This demo is a DIY production.

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Other tracks by Church Moms:  Roid Boys  -  Trust Fund Kids
Dangerfield - Repeater     Rock, Pop 19/02/2019
Dangerfield is a five-piece rock band from Brisbane. Featuring members of The Thrill, Cassia and Cheesy Crust.
Repeater is a mid tempo spacious and melodic track featuring Dynamic vocals, soaring guitar parts and a simple yet solid rhythm section.

The song is about how we often get caught up doing the same things, often stupid things and habits, and often fail to learn our lessons.

Michael Pignéguy featuring Aysha Amani & Coco Varma - So Far Out Of Reach     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 19/02/2019
Michael Pignéguy is a gifted drummer, composer, band-leader, arranger and producer. He performs in THE AWAKENINGS ENSEMBLE (World, Arabic, Latin & Jazz) or in jazz - Sextet & Quartet formats
Michael Pignéguy, Aysha Amani & Trilby Temperley's "Just Out Of Reach" has now been taken somewhere new, thanks to Earthtribe (U.K.) founder and pioneer of the London Asian Underground Scene - Coco Varma who has added to the trilogy, with "So Far Out Of Reach. Michael will now perform Coco’s version in his live sets, Sydney & Melbourne June 2019

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Adrian Eagle - A.O.K.     Pop, Hip Hop 20/02/2019
A vibrant slice of street gospel, classic rap drums, and his stirring trademark vocal delivery, Adrian Eagle is a unique voice in the hip hop and pop community.
A vibrant slice of street gospel, classic rap drums, and his stirring trademark vocal delivery, ‘A.O.K’ is an inspiring modern-day anthem reflective of changes in Adrian’s outlook on life after conquering his own demons through the power of music, dignity and mindfulness.

Huey Blue - Outside     Reggae/Dub, Soul, Pop, Chill 19/02/2019
Byron Bay artist/producer Huey Blue has spent many years in a number of bands, including The Vernons. His solo project presents an exciting direction reminiscent of soulful 70’s pop.
A song about escapism, self-reflection and the disappointment of getting the middle seat on your flight home.

T Scarlett - Falling For You     Folk, Easy Listening, Electronic 18/02/2019
T Scarlett was born out of my love for sharing experience through music. The music, lyrics and videos chronicle my reflections of life; looking back at experiences.
A story about young love. Simple and true. My reflection of love at a young age is that people have a tendency to find themselves too far down the rabbit hole...something that transports someone into a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation.

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Butter - Hocus Pocus     Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul 19/02/2019
Low-slung hip hop grooves, with a smattering of live jazz-fueled instrumentation by way of brass, beats, bars and more.
A low-slung groove with slinky bass, keys and guitarwork, plus a smattering of classically jazzy brass instrumentation all brought together by a unique and half-sung, half-rapped vocal delivery. A brooding, bopping earworm that ebbs and flows effortlessly.