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Latest Tracks Added

Harry Heart - Fell So Low     Alternative, Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/04/2020
Born in London, Harry Heart found his calling in Bundaberg, receiving airplay and touring two acts by age 16, his sound largely influenced by the two countries he calls home.
Based in both Australia and the UK, Harry Heart is ready to turn heads with his new single Fell So Low, a fitting reflection of the major changes in the young artist’s life. Fell So Low is an amalgamation of Heart’s lyrically driven song-writing style with a new production-heavy sound, both effortlessly stylish and understated in all the right ways.

IJALE - Day To Day Ft. Kyah     Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Pop 04/04/2020
IJALE is a Melbourne based musician bringing an electronic inspired spin to his thoughtful and intricate lyrics. In short, IJALE describes his sound as "Wildly disparate sounds, for the diaspora."
"Day To Day offers a look behind the façade of someone who’s faking it till they make it, and how hard that can be to maintain sometime”. - IJALE

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IJALE - Pages In My Passport     Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 04/04/2020
IJALE is a Melbourne based musician bringing an electronic inspired spin to his thoughtful and intricate lyrics. In short, IJALE describes his sound as "Wildly disparate sounds, for the diaspora."
"Pages in my passport is simply about self-actualization; Silencing that voice in your head that tells you that the dreams you have aren’t meant to come true and pouring every piece of one's self into making those dreams a reality." IJALE

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Cass Hopetoun - Shots     Country 03/04/2020
Australian Country Artist and sushi enthusiast, Cass Hopetoun is here to party. Check out her debut single 'Shots' on all streaming platforms now.
Cass Hopetoun's debut single ‘Shots’ is due for release in late March 2020 and was co-written with Country artist Blake Dantier and produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz studios. It is a song about a coming of age and quite literally refers to the relatable activity of drinking ‘Shots’ with friends.

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NAM GEE - Out There     Hip Hop, Alternative, Jazz, Indie 03/04/2020
An Asian Australian classical pianist/jazz drummer makes Hip Hop!
NAM GEE, has just released his debut single, Out There.

A song that revolves around a theme of being the best ‘you’ that you can be, Out There showcases both the classical and jazz influences that have inspired him through life, as well as the more contemporary hip hop stylings that have motivated NAM GEE to create his own music.

Andre Cordova - I Have This Fantasy     Pop, Alternative 03/04/2020
Australia’s musical underdog, Andre Cordova, exposes his dark side with his brand-new album ‘Psychotic’. The story arc of personal experiences that could have led to a much darker path taken.
Have you ever loathed someone so much, been wronged badly enough, that you've fantasized about their death? That's what this particular song is about.

Other tracks by Andre Cordova:  Bruised & Broken  -  I Hate Cancer
Salvation Jane - Over the years     Christian, Instrumental, Rock, Country 03/04/2020
Salvation Jane is a concept of life, it's about the ebb and flow, the changing seasons in our lives, sometimes it's nothing, sometimes it's everything.
This track tells a story about my journey with God. It begins in honesty on my knees in prayer, raw, and then God shows up, and the real journey begins.

Other tracks by Salvation Jane:  Starship  -  Mary Go Round
Anita Lester - Wrong Time     Alternative, Folk, Roots, Rock 03/04/2020
Anita Lester is a lyrically driven balladeer known as 'the tiny church with cathedral pipes'. She is a quiet force, often compared to Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Aldous Harding.
Wrong Time is Anita Lester's first single from her debut EP 'Erato'.

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Other tracks by Anita Lester:  Blue  -  Again
Stem Steller - Criminal     Indie, Pop, Alternative 03/04/2020
Perth based Singer / Songwriter / Indie-Pop Producer, Bevyn.
Following his debut single ‘Who Am I’, ‘Criminal’ takes a look from a broader perspective at the crushing of dreams from toxic culture and society. It gives a feel good vibe that is contrasting to some of the lyrical ideas but it ultimately reminds the listener that everything is immaterial and to chase their dreams.

A Whale Called Phoenix - Free/ Happy     Easy Listening, Country, Rock, Blues 03/04/2020
Their music comes from somewhere where the desert meets the sea. Whale Called Phoenix has a strong sense of melody, engaging harmonies and having something to say
Whilst kicking the football in St Kilda Jimmy Phoenix and Tim Rogers crossed each others path.

Free / Happy came about from this meeting.

A simple track about releasing yourself and letting the music sooth your soul!

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Other tracks by A Whale Called Phoenix:  Piece of You
Annie Joelle - I Remember     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Alternative 03/04/2020
Annie Joelle is an Brisbane based emerging artist. Annie has created a sound utilising acoustic and electronic instrumentation, alongside her raw vocals lure listeners into the world of Annie Joelle.
Annie’s new single ‘I Remember’ shows a different side to Annie then previously seen in her debut Electronic single ‘Have You Had Enough?’. ‘I Remember’ lays out a more vulnerable side to Annie’s song writing with acoustic instrumentation before the acoustic elements intertwine with the electronic production, bringing with it the iconic Annie Joelle drama.

Point of Difference - The Ses     Jazz, Instrumental 03/04/2020
Five creative minds come together to form Point of Difference. Each bringing an individual sound, focused on combining improvisation, exploration, structure and a chamber-like sound to their original compositions.
The Ses (short for Session) is an uptempo song that is filled with energy and drive. The song is about those days that you get together with your mates and plan to have a couple of beers however the day just spirals out and you are on a journey.

Other tracks by Point of Difference:  Beijing Cycle  -  Buckets
Released over 30 albums, in folk, country, sport, humour style - & a triple platinum Xmas album. Member of ABC radio's long-running Coodabeen Champions.
The planet is being fried to death. Vested interests would rather see the world perish than dismantle their grubby money trail. Our youth is saying no to that. This is a homage to Greta and every concerned, protesting human, feeling planet compassion.

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This Old Man - There's No Way     Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop 03/04/2020
Hip hop head from way back. This Old Man does not see age as an issue when it comes to making beat and rhymes. Check ya head and get real.
Family, Work, Kids, Dog, Music. How to manage it all.

Jelly Oshen - Sleepless     Roots, Soul, Pop 03/04/2020
"This kid has something primal and these songs are full to the being with raw emotion. It’s a real sonic stew and I’m dipping my ladle in for seconds”Tommy Faith-TripleJ
"I made Sleepless because making a seemingly sweet lullaby about your ex sounded kinda funny and felt like a natural and/or good way to transition through the moving-on process" - Jelly Oshen