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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

Latest Tracks Added

Eco Def - Be Here Now     Rock 22/02/2019
Howlin' Wind & Mousally created Eco Def as a vehicle to let their rock and roll imaginations run wild. Electric Guitar, Electro Flute, Vintage Synths, Bass & Drums.
Luscious alternate Australian rock. Electro-magnetic-heaven! Unique flute invocations, the swirling dervish of virtuosic electric guitar on a bed of vintage synths, powerful bass & drums.

Other tracks by Eco Def:  Datsun 2600  -  Surfin' The Quake
Huntly - Giving Circle     Pop, Electronic, Dance, RnB 22/02/2019
'Giving Circle' is the fourth remarkable single from Huntly’s debut album Low Grade Buzz, to be released on March 15 via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
Opening with a legato wash of dreamy choral harmonies before a beat drops and we find ourselves transported to a world of flawless RnB. Elspeth explains, “Giving Circle is a pop tragedy, combining rawness and intimacy with movement and energy. It’s about dread, loneliness, and how we shift and adjust to our social landscapes after the end of a relationship.”

Jack Derwin - Umina Blue     Blues/Roots, Atmospheric 22/02/2019
Dynamic original Australian blues and roots artist performs solo or trio with themes depicting the Australian landscape entwined with Urban sounds or resonator guitar, slide, open tunings and blues harp
Umina Blue swamps you in a seaside coastal town on the Central Coast. Umina in aboriginal language means place of rest or sleep. The song is embellished with jangling guitars, blues harp and swirling keyboards talks of the struggle of people with emotional issues.

Other tracks by Jack Derwin:  Dragging My Chains  -  Find My Way Again
The Awesome - Poplar Road     Blues/Roots 21/02/2019
Mallacoota based nationally touring duo performing coastal jazz blues bossa nova originals. Top finalists in National Folk Festival 2018 Song Competition . Published lyricist. Headline act Alice Springs Beanie Festival.
Original blues jazz track by Milena Cifali

Other tracks by The Awesome:  Listen to the Bossa Nova  -  Rosehip Tea for you and me
FERLA - I'm Fine     Rock, Rock 22/02/2019
FERLA deliver distinctive after-dark pop. Turning the personal into the confessional, FERLA combine the moments of late-night flirtation and morning-after revelation and distill it into their own sultry mess.
‘I’m Fine’ is a song about not being fine at all. It’s a dance party for the heartbroken, when being in the presence of other people’s love and romance makes you sick to your stomach. FERLA seek to take moments experienced in solitude and make them communal, and this song is an example of that ethos.

Indigo Point - Ripples     Rock, Pop 22/02/2019
Indigo Point, a fresh Sydney based alt-rock band is working diligently on producing new music, while also performing songs from their debut EP, Distance.
This song represents the fateful and unpredictable nature of life. Its characters are representatives of ourselves wandering, lost and alone until the destined and yet undetermined moment in our time when we're picked up by the ripples of fate.

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Neil Murray - Byjantic Man     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Australian Indigenous 22/02/2019
Neil Murray penned the iconic My Island Home, Blackfella Whitefella and Good light In Broome. The former Warumpi Band co founding member is now a respected, award winning singer songwriter
Byjantic Man is inspired by a sculpture of a man made with hand forged iron bolts (from the old Byjantic Creek Bridge) and wire by the artist Trevor Flinn that is fixed in a paddock on a farm near Moulamein in New South Wales. Neil Murray conceived him as a post apocalyptic survivor and a hero for our times.

Other tracks by Neil Murray:  Cry My Darling
Plum Green - Cannibal     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Goth 22/02/2019
Plum Green combines elements of folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock with her dark lyrical prose. With a focus on crafting intimate live shows her performances are striking and uplifting.
Cannibal, is a song about a Cannibal who makes a friend and is posed with a dilemma...The darkly haunting dream-pop tune is the latest song unveiled from her upcoming album Sound Recordings,

The understated almost white noise guitars add to the brooding atmosphere and pulls you in under the water, sinking into the sonics.

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Other tracks by Plum Green:  Funeral Song  -  The Roses
Clea - Right Way     Pop, Folk 22/02/2019
Clea’s passion for music and songwriting runs deep and is by far the most significant avenue by which she makes her mark on the world around her.
After turning heads with the release of her debut album ‘Vermillion’, Clea is thrilled to share her next single, ‘Right Way’.

Clea recorded ‘Vermillion’ together with her partner, musician/producer Alistar Richardson, in a hand-built recording studio perched over a lily-strewn dam in the Scenic Rim in Queensland.

Carla Geneve - 2001     Rock, Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 22/02/2019
Remote Control Records is proud to welcome Perth artist Carla Geneve to the ever-growing Dot Dash roster. She releases new single '2001' premiered this week on triple j's Good Nights.
Taking its name from Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the track '2001' also references science fiction writer Jack Vance and John Carpenter's film The Thing (1982). Carla explains the song "2001 is about escapism through old movies and books that I loved as a kid. Those paired with songwriting serve as the best form of catharsis for me."

The Donald Trumpets - Beer Party     Metal/Punk, Ska 22/02/2019
The Donald Trumpets formed as a way to express the dismay and existential dread of the ageing millennial (then putting it all aside for three brass-filled minutes at a time).
A fun pumping party song about intergenerational idolisation of alcoholism and drinking culture.

Other tracks by The Donald Trumpets:  Bummerfest  -  The More You Know
Egoism - Enemies     Pop 22/02/2019
Dream Pop
“Enemies” is pure guitar pop served in double time and slathered in reverb.

Ice City - Catch A Wave     Rock, Punk, Pop 22/02/2019
Ice City is a punk and alt rock band from Australia. Consisting of four dudes.
It's a song about looking around at everyone else in life and seeing the great things they are doing and wondering why you aren't at that same level. You clear your head and realise that everyone is struggling one way or another and ones success doesn't mean you're falling behind.“

Graham The Grand - Mum, Im Sorry     Pop, Rap, Experimental 22/02/2019
Graham the Grand is a Artist based out of Brisbane, according to LunchBoxTV, brings DIY talent that has enabled him to “create and produce the exact sound he has envisioned
"Depression has been a big battle for me, I wanted to create something super personal. I always struggle talking to mum about this stuff in person so I guess it was the best way for me to express it to her."

Harrison Storm - Run     Folk 22/02/2019
Melbourne based singer-songwriter, Harrison Storm has has been making waves with his ethereal acoustic driven music over the last few years with his next release 'Run' continuing the pace.
Run is a beautifully emotive track about escaping from constraints and taking off. The listeners are encouraged to, for that brief moment escape themselves and join Harrison in a place of relaxation and freedom.