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Latest Tracks Added

Andrew Swift - Fire & Ice (featuring Catherine Britt)     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 13/11/2018
Andrew Swift is one of the fastest up and rising Americana/Alt Country artists in Australia, with the horizon continuing to broaden for this powerhouse vocalist and songwriter.
Fire & Ice is a very cool, catchy, alt country duet track featuring one of Australia's biggest names in the genre, Catherine Britt.

D Henry Fenton - Smokestack Lightning     Blues/Roots, Rock 13/11/2018
D Henry Fenton’s detours into different styles have created staying power that outlives the latest cultural fads and fashions. Fenton has crossover appeal that engages the heart & the intellect.
Fenton developed a keen interest in blues after the blues section at his local library caught his eyes and ears.

"Howlin' Wolf had a tough electric sound & a voice so unique that I started playing a few at my gigs", says Fenton.

"A friend suggested I record some as an experiment & Smokestack Lightning is one of my favourites".

Tofu Mountains - Diamonds     Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Goth 10/11/2018
Melbourne electronic music producer mixing the sounds of the club with the sounds of volcanoes, heartbeats and trashcans.
Gothic music via the queerest and sweatiest of no attention span dancefloors

Other tracks by Tofu Mountains:  Call Waiting  -  Gemini
BoggaMish - Where Ya From?     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Jazz, Australian Indigenous 10/11/2018
BoggaMish is a collective of young people, elders and community members from the Kamileroi Nation of Northwest NSW., Diminutive, but razor-sharp political hip hop that frames a big, important conversation.
'Where Ya From' is a tuff, driving, political hip-hop ballad that draws influences from 90’S acid jazz/ west coast hip hop. This track is about strong cultural identity and pride in the face of a brutal and oppressive social and political history, racism and trauma. An important articulation of a very relevant conversation about rights for Original Nations people, Australia-wide.

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Localles - Keith     Rock, Pop 10/11/2018
Localles' grunge-pop sound has been honed through the collective experience of it’s members. No strangers to the scene, Localles are excited to be bringing new sounds for you to hear.
Opening with lazy vocals and feedback guitars, ‘Keith’ presents a grungier, rawer and rockier approach to their formerly established grunge-pop Localles sound. Throughout the track, the guitars wails and the drums drive the bass heavy track. All tied together with the familiar sound of lead singer Ted O’Neils vocals and comprehensive lyrical content.

Canary - Two Step     Rock, Pop 10/11/2018
Continuing to craft sounds that push personal creative boundaries, and familiar sounds their fan base has come to expect, Canary enter a new chapter of their career emboldened and focused.
With driving drums and crunching guitars, ‘Two Step’ takes the formerly introverted and mystic sounds of Canary to an energetic realm. The track moves quickly with charming vocals and pop-inspired licks abed an exciting background. Boasting layered instrumental and harmonic sound we’ve come to know and love from Canary, but with the freshness of pop licks and bright melodies.

Vic August - Withdrawals     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 09/11/2018
At just 17-years-of-age, Darwin-based rapper, singer and songwriter Vic August has taken Australia by storm with his unique, ice-cold auto-tuned delivery and charismatic charm.
Arriving just in time for summer comes the glossy new jam WITHDRAWALS from Northern Territory teen Vic August.

On the songs meaning, August says “when someone says they’re going through withdrawals, they’re usually talking about relapsing from a bad habit or drug, I took that perspective and flipped it into referencing a fresh departure.”

Two People - In The Garden     Electronic, Pop 09/11/2018
Two People’s sound is guided by bold visual cues, DIY principles and an emphasis on the empty space between notes as much as the notes themselves.
Positioned as the second of nine tracks, it has one of the grittiest grooves on the album. Phoebe Lou’s voice sounds defiant as she details a relationship in which she was starved for space. “It’s about gaining my power back for the first time and the clumsiness in that”, she says.

Yoste - Blue     Electronic, Ambience 09/11/2018
Yoste is the solo project of Brisbane based ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines.
"Blue" is the second single from Brisbane ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines debut EP, TRY TO BE OKAY due out early 2019 on Akira Records.

"Blue" sees Yoste confidently combine his signature dreamy electronica with modern pop sensibilities as he takes his introspection further.

The Short Fall - Under The Clouds     Folk, Roots 09/11/2018
Brothers in blood and music - The Short Fall are Angelo and Ryan Conway. Originally from Central Queensland, are now separated in location but forever connected via their harmonious music.
The Conway brothers have been holding this track on the back-burner, having written it for their first EP yet cut the track as it didn't quite match their earlier sound. Four and a half years later, a total rework and The Short Fall are ready to showcase their fresh, new sound to their awaiting audience.

Andy Nelson - Batches     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots, Country 09/11/2018
Andy has a rare knack of being able to read an audience and engage with them through his music, with his passion for the songs being infectious..
This song is intended to be interpreted by the listener, with its thought provoking verses and intricate percussion throughout, it's a pleasure to get lost in

Other tracks by Andy Nelson:  Only You  -  Ivan
Victory Lap - I Knew That I’d Regret It But I Did It Anyway     Rock, Pop 09/11/2018
Victory Lap is the solo project from Melbourne musician and music video director Alex Badham (Aleks and The Ramps, Magic Hands).
Victory Lap, takes his aloof indie style to new lengths, in endearing and often danceable pop arrangements. ‘I Knew That I’d Regret It But I Did It Anyway’ is the complete epitome of this. Pitting groovy basslines and tropical guitar hooks against deep monotone vocals, this impulsive happy-go-lucky number is the perfect soundtrack to a sunny weekend spent disregarding responsibilities.

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Tom West - Antarctca     Folk, Pop, Roots 09/11/2018
Tom West is an singer-songwriter performing music that traverses the rocky and undulating ground between simple, whimsical folk tunes and grand and moody soundscapes.
It is a song that is about a sense of connection to place, belonging and the end of our world.

Winston Smith - Back to the Valley     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 10/11/2018
Winston Smith is a Tasmanian alt-country singer/songwriter whose dark songs of love, loss and tragedy evoke images of the Tasmanian winter landscape.
A gritty tale of temptation, escape and regret told with jangling guitars, driving drums and Winston Smith's distinctive vocal delivery.

Donny Benét - Beneath The Sheets     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Instrumental 09/11/2018
Donny Benét is everyone's favourite adult entertainer, hit maker, attentive lover, and awarded performer. Having laid claim to countless stages with years of live shows, he returns to Europe.
To celebrate his return to Europe for the third time, Donny Benét has shared a delicious instrumental titled ‘Beneath The Sheets’, out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.