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Zoophyte - Early Mourning     Rock, Pop 02/10/2012
Melbourne four-piece who write rock/pop songs with soaring vocal hooks, catchy melody and uplifting guitar dynamics.
The unmistakable vocal of Cam Lee and hook driven guitar riffs, ‘Early Mourning’ encapsulates the essence of an emotionally powerful pop song. It’s hard paced rock song and yet a soft ballad that creates an essentially dark musical environment with a catchy chorus. ‘Early Mourning’ is a guitar-heavy, alt-rock tour-de-force.

Yothu Yindi & the Treaty Project - Mabo     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Funk 25/04/2019
Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project, is a contemporary ensemble which includes Witiyana Marika, Stu Kellaway, long-time collaborator Gavin Campbell (Filthy Lucre) and multi-instrumentalist Ania Reynolds (Circus Oz musical director).
Mabo is a joyous celebration with a driving, tribal funk groove, and a stomping crowd favourite at every Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project show. Produced by Filthy Lucre, the song features powerful yidaki (didgeridoo), deftly woven through layers of synths, percussion and anthemic group vocals, sung partly in Yolngu Matha (language), ably led by emerging Yolngu vocalist Yirrnga Yunupingu.

Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell (featuring Baker Boy) - Treaty '18     Hip Hop 06/07/2018
Fresh new prince of Arnhem Land – BAKER BOY has created a powerful rap as featured artist on the contemporary 30th anniversary update of YOTHU YINDI’s iconic protest anthem, “Treaty”.
Funky new jam,"Treaty '18" by Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell ft. Baker Boy was produced by Jerome Farah, with additional vocal production and percussion by Filthy Lucre and mixed by Tony Espie. Treaty '18 also features three sections of rap, as written and performed by Baker Boy and Dallas Woods.

William Street Strikers - To The Motel     Rock 16/05/2013
Adelaide alt-rock band have has their previous album reach strong success, featured on Home Brew radio, 3D Radio feature album, theme song for 2RRR new release show and more!
Alt-rock with driving guitars and thumping rhythms.

William Street Strikers - Madboy     Rock, Ska 17/01/2012
The band had great success with their two EP's, particularly "No Not Nick". Received strong airplay across many community stations including JJJ, RRR, 4ZZZ, FBi and more.
"Madboy" is a solid mid-tempo rock/pop song with very strong ska overtones. Hooky throughout, "Madboy" is instantly familiar with it's horns and catchy chorus.

Vince The Kid - Rush The Love     Hip Hop, R&B 20/11/2019
Fresh from supporting Baker Boy and playing alongside Kian at Laneway Music Festival, Vince The Kid has cemented himself as one of the rising stars in the Australian hip-hop community.
His debut single “Rush The Love” blends old school R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop with classic word play. “The song is written about a girl I had “feelings” for that just didn’t feel the same in the end and we just drifted apart” says Vince on the song meaning.

Vida Cain - Only Love Things     Rock 01/02/2013
Perth based band who formed in 2012. They spent the first 6 months writing, demoing and touring regional WA. Guitar driven riffs with plenty of riffs.
Guitar driven rock with a plethora of riffs and cheeky drum fills and harmonies thrown in for good measure.

VASSY - Somebody New     Electronic, Dance, Pop 16/04/2018
Born Vasiliki Karagiorgos in Darwin, Australia, soulful singer/songwriter VASSY rose to fame in 2003 after winning Triple J's Unearthed Song of the Year competition.
Rhythmically impeccable and on a whole other level of grooviness. Featuring the splendid production of Canadian heroes Sultan + Shepard and a mash of sounds that makes it perfect for the dance floor as well as the airwaves, Somebody New is as exciting as finding yourself a brand-new lover.

Vassy - Nothing To Lose     Electronic, House, Dance 06/02/2017
Vassy’s career rose in 2014 with her ARIA Double Platinum and 12 times worldwide Platinum smash hit, 'Bad' with David Guetta and Showtek. This was just the beginning.
The vocalist behind Musical Freedom's biggest hit of 2015, Vassy, returned on the record label with her standalone single, 'Nothing To Lose', a high-energy dance-floor friendly masterpiece. Co-produced by the legendary label-head Tiësto, this progressive house-gem is bound to fuel the urge to get up and dance.

VanderAa - Jungle Juice     Rock, Folk, Roots 26/10/2016
VanderAa is two brothers from Darwin, Australia that have created something unusual and unique. VanderAa’s sound blends a mix of drum, djembe, beatboxing, yidaki (didgeridoo) with guitar and vocals.
A great indie roots track that is super catchy. It is a great way to start your day... a real road trip song that captures the expression of Aussie youth culture. It has adventure written all over it.

Vamp - Dancing In The Sky     Pop, Dance 03/11/2014
These girls know how to grab a crowd by its balls with their fun vocal mash ups, vampish dance behavior and DJ styles!
Dance pop at its finest. This is a foot-stomping dance banger with strong vocal overtones. Keyboard house made for a 'hands in the air' summer.

Ukiyo - Go     Electronic, Atmospheric 16/04/2018
Ukiyo is 21-year-old, Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer Timothy Arnott. Fresh electronic music blending influences of Hip-Hip, EDM, and classical motifs.
Electronic music blending influences of Hip-Hop, EDM, and classical motifs to create an atmosphere that'll take you anywhere from a road trip to the dance floor.

Twisted Affection - That's What She Said     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 17/01/2012
Confident young four-piece from Perth who have only been around a short time. High energy punk rockers with throwbacks to killer melodies and riffs.
Powerful, uptempo punk/pop/rock tune with familiar old school punk riffs & melodies.

Tuva Finserås - While Our City Sleeps     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience 15/05/2018
TUVA FINSERÅS is a singer/songwriter hailing from the snowy Norway, moving to warmer, beautiful Melbourne in early 2015. Tuva creates a never-ending and bewildering range of music.
'While Our City Sleeps’ is a delicate journey, vivid with storytelling imagery and emotional highs and lows. The vocals and words are the key focus, with a stripped back instrumentation and slow pace. Inspired by nature, with elements used to describe and symbolise the narrative.

Toby Beard - In Your Skin     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 28/09/2016
Perth based singer/songwriter Toby Beard has been amassing a folk following both here and abroad. Her unique folk/pop/rock is charming audiences across Europe, US and back home in Australia.
Synchronising acoustic, electric and bass strums, this single typifies Toby's gift for storytelling, and how she manages to convey her narrative so well, is through her fantastic vocal delivery – she’s incredibly passionate and emotive in the way she tells her story, and it’s amplified by some fantastic folk/rock music.

Toby - Crash Landing     Folk, Roots 12/05/2015
Prolific and powerful artist, music has always been Toby’s driving force. Grew up in WA and bases much of her work there, with strong ties in Canada, USA and Europe.
Uptempo folk/roots with a message. Toby's vocals are powerful and heartfelt, boasting a distinctive, powerful voice and some rousing tunes, Toby is backed up by some seriously classy musicians on this impressive release

Timberwolf - Winnie Blues     Indie, Alternative 18/12/2019
Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a young singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia. 2015 was a breakout year for Timberwolf; he independently-released his “Flux EP” (which has-over 1-million-Spotify plays)
“The Winnie Blues” is one of those songs that hits you instantly between the eyes with its sheer “Aussie Larrikin” witty lyrics and tone. The song is reminiscent of the iconic tunes from the 1980’s where storytelling about the Australian way of life was celebrated.

The Paddy Cakes - Hollywood     Rock, Garage, Pop 17/11/2018
From south-east Victoria, in the serene area of Gippsland, 'The Paddy Cakes' are far from tranquil. Formed in 2016 the band threw themselves into the thick of the music industry.
Hollywood explores the modern day party scene, where like-minded youth explore having fun, causing trouble and then dealing with the consequences as a secondary thought. With contagious guitar riffs from lead guitarist Oakley to the frenetic fast paced drums by Jonah, and the fuzz bass of Michael gluing this beautifully hectic arrangement together "Hollywood" lodge's itself into your memory instantaneously.

The Merindas - Before Daylight     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Reggae / Dub 13/11/2019
The Merindas are Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Islander heritage and Nyoongar Ballardong Whadjuk woman Kristel Kickett. They discovered their mutual passion for music in Perth, now Melbourne based.
Their new single “Before Daylight”, is full of vibrant hooks and flawless sassy vocals inspired by a traditional Noongar dreaming story called “Bimban Born-Kissing Trees”. For us, it's a strong representation of where we are now and how much we've both grown as artists and writers. We are so excited it's finally being released into the world".

The Brow - The Mantra     Hip Hop, Dub, Jazz, Rap 04/03/2016
The Brow are a six piece party hip hop band with horns and have played with some of the best hip hop acts Arrested Development, De La Soul, Public Enemy...
The Mantra's a horn-infused hip hop number that pulls no punches. it gives a nod to many of the key musical aspects of Browism, from tubby textures and Latin elements to jazzy horn chops and back-and-forth rap verses. the lyrics move between party incitement and politically charged calling to arms.