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Buchanan - Breathe     Electronic, Pop 23/11/2018
Josh Simons has spent the last two years writing and producing for Travis Scott, Partynextdoor and Cyhi The Prynce. Simons has shared production credits with WondaGurl, HazeBanga and Kanye West.
"Breathe is about what you might tell yourself as a kid if you could travel back in time." As for what comes next, "I'd be reluctant to refer to Breathe as a single from some forthcoming unannounced album, but I will say that this era has ended up rolling out as distinctly and personal as any other in Buchanan's history."

The Paddy Cakes - Hollywood     Rock, Garage, Pop 17/11/2018
From south-east Victoria, in the serene area of Gippsland, 'The Paddy Cakes' are far from tranquil. Formed in 2016 the band threw themselves into the thick of the music industry.
Hollywood explores the modern day party scene, where like-minded youth explore having fun, causing trouble and then dealing with the consequences as a secondary thought. With contagious guitar riffs from lead guitarist Oakley to the frenetic fast paced drums by Jonah, and the fuzz bass of Michael gluing this beautifully hectic arrangement together "Hollywood" lodge's itself into your memory instantaneously.

Jon Stevens - Rain Down On Me     Rock, Pop 26/10/2018
Highly talented musician. He has had phenomenal success as a solo artist, and was also the lead singer of major rock acts Noiseworks, INXS and Dead Daisies.
The metaphorical Rain Down On Me is about relationships and adversity - hard times, mentally, physically and spiritually. Jon hopes lyrics like this land, this sacred life, will live and breathe again, there's a rainbow coming down, to wash away our sins, gives a positive outlook when listening to the song.

DMTeasers - Too Broke For Coke     Electronic, Dance, Pop 22/10/2018
Leading vocalist, ALEX MANSELL brings mad vibes to this song, while writer, bass player ALI DAVIDSON and producer SAM SWAIN complete the core of the band.
DMTeasers deliver their bubbly, electro-pop lament - 'TOO BROKE FOR COKE'. This catchy ear-worm bounces along with it's terribly Un-Politically Correct theme. Wedged firmly in the mode of bands like CONFIDENCE MAN and JAMIROQUAI, 'TOO BROKE FOR COKE' tips it's hat to those early WEEN hits, with a smattering of a young SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEM.

Spectoral - Movin' On     Electronic, RnB, Soul 15/10/2018
Spectoral, the stage name of producer singer-songwriter Andrew Bitto. Spectoral fuses pop, R'n'B and electronic influences flawlessly, all amongst a sparkling bed of confessional, well-crafted lyrics.
Movin' On feels evocative and melancholy production styles comes to mind - but there is something still so one-of-a-kind about it, something so uniquely Spectoral. Instrumentation features co-production from Martiln (one half of Twofold Vision) and sees synths glide effortlessly alongside each other, ducking perfectly behind carefully placed percussion, while Spectoral's distinctive vocal leads the way with intensely relatable lyrics.

East Denistone - All My Crooked Bones     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 08/10/2018
Marcus created the East Denistone as a coping mechanism, creative outlet, a search for validation to feed an overzealous ego, a learning tool, and even at times a reluctant obligation.
Recorded as part of the 'While You Still Draw Breath' debut EP from East Denistone, 'All My Crooked Bones' encapsulates the dogged determination and hard headed stubbornness that people wish for during times of great tribulation. There is an underlying theme of overcoming one's inner defeatism that gradually lifts the song throughout its progression.

Tamma - Beat You Down     Pop 08/10/2018
After a rough few years of loss and devastation, TAMMA uses her music to heal and therefore creates savvy, uplifting pop, that's as vulnerable as it is energetic.
Sparkling guitars, hard-hitting pop percussion and a killer vocal hook from TAMMA lead the way - but the reason Beat You Down hits so hard is its deep roots in vulnerability.

James Sun - All The Ways     Electronic, Dance, Pop 25/09/2018
James Sun mixes the roots of acoustic pop melodies and vocals with electronic dance production and drops, James is creating his own unique sound in attempt to change the game.
Acoustic pop melodies and vocals with electronic dance production and drops.

Georgia Mae - Fools     Electronic, Pop 24/09/2018
Australian singer/songwriter/producer, Georgia Mae, graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium (degree in Music Technology), and she was also nominated for Queensland's Most Promising Female Songwriter at the Queensland Music Awards.
It s a track full of luscious soundscapes and focused compelling beats, lead by Georgia's supple but commanding voice.

Rich Latimer - Sweet September     Folk, Rock, Acoustic 04/09/2018
Australian Rich Latimer has a passion for music and projects that promote consciousness, connection, positive messages and nature. He believes that 'music changes people and people change the world'.
Uniquely deep song, was a profound feeling of peace and the interconnection of all of us. The message offered is that we are never alone, even in what might be perceived as the most isolated moment a human can pass through, death. Heartfelt acoustic folk/rock.

Maari - Desire     Pop, RnB, Soul 28/08/2018
A whirlwind of Indie Pop, Rnb and Future Bass influences, combined with unapologetic, raw lyrics and powerful synths to create the wall of sound that is Maari.
'Desire' is a party anthem with instinctually groovy verses and thumping choruses that are shout-able and 'crump-able.' "The song is an expression of craving and indulgence, paying homage to women with a fierce, untameable sexuality. Written to empower women in owning their bodies, we wanted to address desire through strong, unashamed lyrics."

Ruel - Younger     Pop, Electronic 28/08/2018
15-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, Ruel learned to play the guitar at 8 years. Ruel started to write songs of his own, drawing inspiration from Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder and Dave Brubeck.
'Younger' is the third official release taken from 15-year-old, and was produced by Ruel's good friend, mentor and collaborator M-Phazes (Eminem, Logic, Kimbra, Zara Larsson, KYLE) which had PAPER Magazine praising it for its "million dollar chorus" and "slow-burning beat sure to lodge itself in your prefrontal cortex"

Maari - Desire     Electronic, RnB, Pop, Soul 27/08/2018
A whirlwind of Indie Pop, Rnb and Future Bass influences, combined with unapologetic, raw lyrics and powerful synths to create the wall of sound that is Maari.
Maari deliver their third single, 'Desire', firmly holding their place in Australia's Indie Pop movement, but also revealing strong Rnb, Soul and Future Bass influences. 'Desire' is a party anthem with instinctually groovy verses and thumping choruses that are shout-able and 'crump-able.'

Bell City Square - Make Me Feel Nothing     Pop, Electronic 13/08/2018
3-Piece have relocated from Darwin to Melbourne. Shimmering synth/pop. Bell City Square cleverly incorporating electronic elements and often it's the spaces between instrumental flourishes that add lustre to the arrangement
Weaver's matter-of-fact delivery during verses makes the perfect foil for the heart-bleeding vulnerability\u2028 of the single's chorus; his vocal range and emotional investment throughout the song's duration equally impressive. Enter piano stabs to signal the breakdown, giving us a chance to catch our collective breath before one last beseeching chorus plea: "I need something to make me feel nothing!"

Shangrila - Temptress     Rock, Punk, Pop 16/07/2018
Formed in 2016, Shangrilá is a Perth based genre bending Punk Rock band. The boys have delved into the world of Hard-Core Metal and have emerged with a refreshing twist.
Temptress' is a song that eludes to the idea of infatuation with something or someone and hazing your judgement and your ability to just simply walk away.
'Temptress', poses the difficult questions of deep down will the love subside or will you give in to the 'Temptress'.

Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell (featuring Baker Boy) - Treaty '18     Hip Hop 06/07/2018
Fresh new prince of Arnhem Land – BAKER BOY has created a powerful rap as featured artist on the contemporary 30th anniversary update of YOTHU YINDI’s iconic protest anthem, “Treaty”.
Funky new jam,"Treaty '18" by Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell ft. Baker Boy was produced by Jerome Farah, with additional vocal production and percussion by Filthy Lucre and mixed by Tony Espie. Treaty '18 also features three sections of rap, as written and performed by Baker Boy and Dallas Woods.

Ruel - Dazed & Confused     Electronic, Pop 11/06/2018
An unknown 15 year old kid from Sydney ended up becoming the protégé of super producer M-Phazes and would later feature on his critically acclaimed 'Golden Years' single.
"Dazed & Confused," is a Bluesy-pop gem from 15-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Ruel. Time Magazine described the new single as "moody pop magic."

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Breakthrough Artist

Emma Anglesey - Swells My Heart     Folk, Acoustic, Atmospheric, Pop 04/06/2018
Launceston based singer-songwriter Emma Anglesey's debut single Bike saw her become a Triple J Unearthed Spotlight Artist and the track was used by Triple J to advertise Unearthed Radio.
Beautifully entrancing track that flourishes delicately into a emotive trance. Tactile lyrically and enchanting upon every listen.

Tuva Finserås - While Our City Sleeps     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience 15/05/2018
TUVA FINSERÅS is a singer/songwriter hailing from the snowy Norway, moving to warmer, beautiful Melbourne in early 2015. Tuva creates a never-ending and bewildering range of music.
'While Our City Sleeps’ is a delicate journey, vivid with storytelling imagery and emotional highs and lows. The vocals and words are the key focus, with a stripped back instrumentation and slow pace. Inspired by nature, with elements used to describe and symbolise the narrative.

MAYA - Blackout     Funk/Soul, Soul, Pop 08/05/2018
Neo-soul vocalist Maya is back with a stellar new single Blackout, about a moment forever lost in time, out May 11. Produced by the renowned Joel Quartermain.
Blackout is ominous, and intuitive - as though Maya knows something we all don't, and she's trying to let us know. Her flawless vocals sit atop a motivated rhythm section with urgency and skill, as her lyrics persuade the listener to pay attention.