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The Same Tune

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Allan Caswell - Knowing That You're There     Country, Alternative Country 20/07/2018
Multi Golden Guitar and Independent Country Music Award Winner, Allan Caswell was inducted into the Galaxy of Stars in January 2018.
Knowing That You’re There is a “love song for a long and beautiful relationship”…
“When we wrote it, we were trying for a song to sing at a wedding anniversary but people are seeing as a really involving love song for any couple who have been together for a while.”

Ben Leece - Villains     Country, Alternative Country 31/07/2018
Raised on Kamilaroi country, Ben Leece picked up his father’s Maton guitar & began writing songs before he even knew how to play.
‘Villains’ is the first track to surface from Ben’s recent sessions with Australian music stalwart Shane Nicholson, and draws upon a return to the home of his youth, Quirindi in North West NSW.

Fiona Fields - Breathing Water     Country 31/07/2018
A decade or so now on the Australian country music scene, Fiona Fields is continuing to make her mark.
Breathing Water is the stunning, heart-breaking and poignant second single release from Fiona Fields. With a moving music video to match, this track is sure to pull on the heart strings of every listener.

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Melanie Horsnell & Steve Appel - Someone Like You     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 02/08/2018
Steve Appel (King Curly) and Melanie Horsnell were introduced to each other by their mutual friend, journalist and drummer Iain Shedden just last year at the Bellingen Winter Music Festival.
Someone Like You is the first single to be lifted from the new album from Melanie Horsnell & Steve Appel. A gentle, whimsical tune, bound to please all music lovers.

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Nick Payne & Katie Brianna - My Darling Kate     Country, Alternative Country 03/08/2018
Nick Payne is an exciting and captivating solo artist, his tales will draw you in while the music - in turns rollicking and plaintive - will keep you there.
Nick and Katie circle each other with call and response lines that paint a lyrical picture of the the pursuit of reluctant love. The character, pining for his muse, knows the futility of his folly and can see the trap he’s willingly falling into, yet, as the saying goes, love knows no boundaries.

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Rob Imeson - Sugar Cane Town     Country 10/08/2018
Rob Imeson is a singer/songwriter from Maclean, on the North Coast of NSW.
The first single, Sugar Cane Town, deals with young love, teenage pregnancy, and the feeling of being trapped in a small, country town forever.

Gina Timms - Falling In Love (Is The Nicest Kind of Fall)     Country 12/09/2018
Some artists stand on stage and sing songs. Others deliver. You can guess which category Gina Timms fits into – with this new single, she knows what she’s talking about!
“I penned this song when I was standing on a friends balcony looking over a valley realising how far I had come since the breakdown of my first marriage”.
I had recently fallen in love with a man who I fancied back when I was 15.
"He was 22 and my father would have locked me up if he knew”

Carl The Bartender - Dogs & Angels     Country 24/09/2018
Carl The Bartender (Carl Murphy) Is a country singer/songwriter, travelling Australia taking his music to the people.
Dogs & Angels, was written on his parents farm in North West NSW after the recent loss of close friends and family members to unforeseen tragedies. In the midst of the grief, Carl was gifted a dog, Winnie, a miniature Australian bulldog.
The song is about moving onto bigger things without forgetting those who helped shape your life.

Brendan Smoother - Gypsy Girl     Country 26/09/2018
BRENDAN SMOOTHER has made a mark for himself over the past few years as a storytelling songwriter with styles including Australiana, Bush Ballad and Alt-Country releases.
A story of “Imaginary Infidelity” at a local “Faithful Cafe”. It’s a driving song with punch from the rhythm section and ear catching hooks from a B-bender Telecaster all under the masterful production of Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studio Sydney. Already pick out from the album by many broadcasters as a standout track.

Shanley Del & Lachlan Bryan - I've Got All The Time In The World     Country 06/10/2018
ARIA Award Winner Shanley Del and Golden Guitar Winner Lachlan Bryan team up for "I've Got All the Time In The World".
It’s been a long time between White Russians for Shanley, whose last release was an album called The Other Side in 2001, But the moment you hear her voice on "I’ve Got All The Time In The World" the space between releases will evaporate. Shanley is back.

Clint Wilson - The River Spoke To Me     Country 09/10/2018
Clint Wislon's music is real, raw and honest and paints a magnificent picture into suburban Melbourne.
Clint Wilson's debut offering "Dark Water" tells a distinctly Australian story. With a nostalgic, alt-country sound. Lead single "The River Spoke To Me" tells a tale of lost youth - a fictional insight into the Bright river drownings in the early 90s..
The tune captures Wilson's unique delivery and the very essence that makes this troubadour so refreshing.

Sophie Rainbow - For Jess & Billy     Country 09/10/2018
The girl who hopes her music will be as memorable as her last name; Sophie Rainbow is a spirited performer and storyteller hailing from the country’s capital, Canberra.
Sophie Rainbow’s debut single is a heartfelt dedication to the example of love she grew up watching between her Sister and (now) Brother-in-law. ‘For Jess & Billy’ was written before the couple’s wedding in 2017 and has become a favourite among audiences ever since for it’s nostalgic and joyful nature.

Montgomery Church - I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time     Country, Folk 11/10/2018
Fresh from showcasing at the prestigious AMERICANAFEST in Nashville, Montgomery Church release the stunning second single from the debut album, I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time.
"I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time" was the very last song Montgomery Church wrote for the album and is a mid-tempo harmony duet reminiscent of the Appalachian folk melodies that they love.
'I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time' also features Cielle's very first ever instrumental solo - on the BANJO no less!

Mark Lucas - The Ghost of Lost Creek Road     Country, Roots 12/10/2018
“This guy was born to write songs that you’d want to hear on your car stereo as you hit the road.”
The Ghost Of Lost Creek Road was inspired by an afternoon spent stuck with his young family in a traffic jam on the Pacific Highway, a hapless truckie having driven off the side of the road into a gully south of Bellingen. A sign on the opposite side of the highway read ‘Lost Creek Road’...

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Ryan James - Let It Burn     Country 12/10/2018
Ryan James is an up and coming star on the rise based in Sydney. Debut Single - #2 on the iTunes chart!
Let it Burn is the mid-tempo, debut offering from Ryan James.
All about the things you need to live and learn, and 'let burn' in life.

Ali Shield - City Of Dreams     Country 16/10/2018
Rising star Ali Shield released her Debut EP 'The Lounge Room Sessions' recently. The EP is inspired by the lounge room performances she did as child to her family.
City Of Dreams is about chasing a dream that seems so far away yet knowing without giving it a shot you would regret it. It’s about hoping that there is a short cut to your city of dreams, realising you have to enjoy the journey & that maybe you’ll have enough ‘fight’ to achieve anything.

Emily Markham - Right Where You Are     Country 16/10/2018
Emily Markham is a singer, a songwriter, as well as an accomplished guitarist and keyboardist.
Co-written in Nashville with Bill DiLuigi in 2016, Right Where You Are is about realising that everything in life happens for a reason and while you may feel overwhelmed and lost, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Jodie Crosby - History Of Us     Country 18/10/2018
Golden Guitar Winner from Country Music Capital - Jodie Crosby.
‘History Of Us’ is the followup to the international #1 hit ‘Hello’ and top 10 songs ‘What A Shame’ and ‘Man Like You’ from the album that is soaked in the traditional sound of country music and the emotions that follow heartbreak.
The song is laced with the flavours of acoustic instruments – guitar, fiddle and resonator guitar.

Aleyce Simmonds - Rejected     Country 02/11/2018
2018 Golden Guitar Winner - Female Artist Of The Year
My brother in law, Michael Cole and I, wrote Rejected. Mikey played me a riff that had been running around in his head for quite some time. The word ‘Rejected’ sprung to mind immediately for some reason.
I’d recently been through a break-up and so drew on all of those associated emotions to help write this song.

Katie Brooke - Home Town Song     Country 09/11/2018
Katie Brooke is a small town country girl with a gypsy spirit. Hailing from the village town of Mummulgum not far from the NSW North Coast.
Debut single, Home Town Song shakes things up with a modern toe tapping beat and celebrates the small town country life that many can relate to.

Katie has named her recent tour, ‘Home Town Tour’, after the song that is growing very popular with her audiences.