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The Right Profile

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Anita Lester - Man     Pop, Atmospheric 14/03/2017
Both sonically and visually the track sees Lester embracing her heritage and reclaiming her femininity as she looks to the past to inform her future.
This track emanates ethereal qualities

Warships - Set Your Mind     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 14/03/2017
A Rock n Roll band the delivers atmospherics and groove
Driving yet laid back with bass grooves. Soundscapes of synths and delayed guitars

Figurehead - Suits     Pop, Rock 24/03/2017
This teenage indie pop rock outfit have been making music since pre teens.
“Suits is a fun up beat pop track about the fact that everyone has this outer shell or “suit” that they put on to impress people and prove to people that you are worth having around.

Hello Bones - Colours     Rock, Punk 29/03/2017
They are a gritty rock n roll band.
Lets hear it from Hayden - I had recently read Lawrence Krauss' 'a universe from nothing' and really delved into the idea that ignorance and outdated religious thinking can hold us back and give us a false sense of security.

Segers - The Wandering     Pop, Atmospheric 13/04/2017
Segers gives us Indie-pop offerings, multi-instrumentalist with ethereal voice to match
A jaunty, indie-pop instrumental which underpins the entire track. Segers’ voice is really what shines on this track.

Aurelia - Are We Losing     Pop, Atmospheric 03/05/2017
The enigmatic songwriter finally release's a demo as her own debut single the with a title that resembles the question we’ve all been asking ourselves Are We Losing
A hypnotic and occasionally flirtatious debut

Mental As Anything - The Luckiest Player     Pop 03/05/2017
Nearly 40 years of recording and non stop touring. 25 top 40 hits in Australia. Sustained international airplay and Mentals are still at it.
Greedy offers up another slice of positive Pop

The Fossicks - Way Things Go     Rock, Funk 03/05/2017
The Fossicks are armed with a serious mission to keep Australia rockin. The Fossicks are ready to make their mark and launch the new E.P. with a tour!
Rock n Roll with a Funked up edge

BATS - 24 Hours     Rock 10/05/2017
A swirling vortex of neo-psychedelic rock riffs
Hard and emotive undertones

Fresco Kyoto - Fool Me Once     Pop, Rock 10/05/2017
A meeting of electronic, soul, pop, rock and indie
Emotive and brooding

Crystal Cities - Binary Eye's     Pop 06/06/2017
Alt Pop dream rockers
Dreamy jangle pop channelling The Church's 80's period

Figurehead - Teachers Pet     Rock 01/07/2017
Figurehead are in their last year of high school and love Rock n Roll.
Figurehead dish out the dirt about classroom dynamics with the brand new single ‘Teachers Pet’. It’s a subject matter we can all relate to.

Elegant Shiva - Take What You Want     Rock, Grunge 04/07/2017
They love Rock n Roll
It's head down and full steam ahead.

FØRD - Shadows feat. Samsaruh     Electronic 18/07/2017
Self taught producer and multi instrumentalist.
A towering walls of electronics and Samsaruh's sublime vocals keep's this tune on repeat in your head.

Sahida Apsara - Radiant Star ft Saritah     Reggae/Dub, Dance 29/07/2017
Sahida Apsara is an Australian poet, songwriter, rapper, dancer and arts educator
Upbeat and rocksteady. This track's about positivity

Ollie Thorpe - Protege     Rock 12/08/2017
Ollie's song writing involves an eclectic mix of angular guitar melodies and an incredible sense of dynamic.
His new single Protégé provides a chugging, driving & stomping soundtrack. He unleashes a visceral, raw but intelligent rock writing and performance style.

Why We Run - The Day We Almost Died     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric 18/08/2017
Formed in 2015 by Belgian ex-pat singer Nic Cogels, guitarist Nick Langley and rhythm section brothers Edward and Lloyd Prescott
With its vibrant arpeggiated synths, fuzz bass and dark lyrical undercurrent,


Hurst - All My Friends (Are Liars)     Pop, Rock 25/08/2017
Jumping on stages across Australia since 2014, HURST have been winning over strangers with their brand of infectious, head throttling, and foot stomping indie alt-rock
It's a stab at the false realities of social media, delivered with an infectious groove.

Raindrop - Only Hope     Pop 25/08/2017
Raindrop began when Miles Devine retreated to his bedroom to create music that had always been trying to escape. This opportunity presented itself after the natural disbandment of Regular John
‘Only Hope’ lyrically provides a short burst of positivity. With a mixture of influences from doo-wop to garage, this lead single will leave you wanting more.

The Ruminaters - I Wanna Fight     Rock, Punk 26/08/2017
Your favourite loveable punks are back.
Energetic and irreverent.

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