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The A&R Department

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ZVNE - Stay Quiet     Hip Hop 25/02/2017
ZVNE is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist based in Perth, Australia. Writing and recording since the age of 17, he draws on personal experiences, creating a sound both relatable yet unconventional.
It’s a mixture of heavy bass lines, soft melody and clean vocals. It’s about coming to the realization that you’re truly on your own, and is an accolade to anyone who has ever had to make the choice to leave a certain person, situation or lifestyle in order to grow.

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Zvchvrivh - Think of Me     Pop, Electronic 22/11/2017
Zvchvrivh (pronounced Zachariah) is a Sydney based electronic pop project. Zvchvrivh is following up February’s ‘The Afterpvrty EP’ with a brand new heartfelt & honest ballad: ‘Think of Me’
This song was written in response to the announcement of the postal same sex marriage vote. It is a song about asking for acceptance from your close ones.

Zuzu Angel - Don't Forget My Name     Rock 31/07/2014
A passion project originating in the backstreets of East-Melbourne, the hard-hitting, riff-driven sounds of this five-piece prove that the next generation of Australian music is something to be proud of.
"Don't Forget My Name" issues a challenge to the wowsers of the world and reclaims some of the territory lost in the tug-of-war between big business and artistic endeavour. It is one part The Rolling Stones, one part INXS and unmistakably Zuzu Angel.

Zsuzsika - Storm     Pop, Soul 10/04/2019
Zsuzsika’s style is a combination of pop and soul music. She writes about life experiences and what she went through growing up with anxiety and a difficult life.
Storm represents standing up for yourself, self-belief and speaking up about mental illness and any personal problems you may be suffering. Mental illness has such a negative stigma attached to it and with this Zsuzsika wants to help take the stigma away and turn it into a positive outlook for people who may be struggling.

Zsuzsika - Start Again     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Soul 21/09/2018
Zsuzsika is an Australian born singer/songwriter with a family background of Hungarian/Polish descent.
Start Again is a very personal song, representing love, appreciation and regret for my Father who passed away. I took him for granted as it wasn’t an easy life, with many harsh moments. At the end of the day, no matter how it was translated at the time, I know he wanted the best for me in the end.

Other tracks by Zsuzsika:  Godsend
Zoë Dellaca - Still     Folk, Pop, Rock 07/03/2018
Zoë Dellaca writes songs that make you want to cuddle up in front of the fire on a rainy night. ‘Still’ is her first single from debut album ‘Sweater Weather.’
Still is a powerful tune about being hurt by someone you love but not being able to let go. Featuring simultaneously vulnerable and powerful vocals and honest lyrics, the song gets into your head and under your skin.

Zilm - The Least II     Hip Hop, Funk 11/11/2017
Jamie Zilm is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/radio presenter originally from the small country town of Bordertown, SA.
This song is a hip hop/funk song written in Berlin while Zilm was travelling Europe mid-2016. It features a distinctive bass line and 'chippy' guitars with wah-wah.

Other tracks by Zilm:  Set It Up  -  London BonBon
Zakary Fleisher - Decisive     Rock, Pop 08/05/2017
Zak Fleisher, a 23-year old Australian, is a multi-instrumental talented singer songwriter. He starting playing guitar at age 7, there has been no looking back since.
‘Decisive’, which was originally written in late 2015, is broadly about making a decision with someone regarding a relationship.

‘Decisive’ was recorded at Head Gap studios in Melbourne and Produced by Finn Keane.

Zac Slater - Moon Mission     Rock, Reggae 24/08/2015
Freshly squeezed, something you’ve never heard before.
Moon Mission is based on Zac’s desire to one day leave planet earth in a rocket ship, the song was completed once Zac met a lovely lady named Bec.

Youngsmith - Wither     Folk, Acoustic 24/08/2015
Youngsmith’s music paints a picture of a man faced with his demons and refusing to back down. His music echoes the style of narrative songwriters of the past.
With beautiful interwoven guitars, toe-tapping rhythm and Smith’s smooth baritone voice, Brisbane soloist Youngsmith tells the story of man at the end of his rope in new single ‘Wither’.

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Youngsmith - Red     Folk, Rock 15/04/2016
Brisbane troubadour and accomplished songwriter Dan Smith performs under the moniker Youngsmith.
The toe tapping and heartfelt track sees the somewhat stale singer-songwriter sound in a new and powerful direction, aided by a rare change of song structure. A powerful multilayered and surprising ending you’ll want to hear again.

Youngsmith - I Will Not Forget     Rock, Folk 14/12/2016
Youngsmith is a man with a guitar and a bunch of songs up his sleeve. Writing catchy folk and rock tunes that you will find yourself humming soon enough.
New single 'I Will Not Forget' for the first time leans Smith towards stadium rock territory, like ‘When I Grow Up’ by Garbage or 'Everlong' by Foo Fighters. Catchy hooks and beats surround lyrics speaking of personal demons and learning from your misteps along the way.

Young Vincent - Run     Folk, Rock 23/05/2016
Melbourne trio, Young Vincent, have been on the scene since 2014. Finishing a recent tour, their new release ‘Run’ is their fourth single, expanding on their unique, alternative folk sound.
‘Run’ uncovers a story about a relationship that is slowly falling into feelings of stale love and confusion.

Young Poets - Wanna Be Right     Rock 10/08/2015
Young Poets is an Australian indie rock band from Melbourne, formed in 2013. “An Indie rock vibe with some 90's grunge overtones” said Matt O’Connor, head of The A&R Department.
A rock track with attitude that shows this group is not afraid of being loud. A driving pace that you can’t help but tap your foot. The songs message is to always trust your gut. If something feels different than it looks, trust your instincts until it feels right.

Young Pablo - 20     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 26/05/2018
Young Pablo carves his way into a new generation of rap by using playful melodies and lyricism to lay substance on social issues and personal struggles.
Young Pablo describes 20 "The age of 20, tryna figure life out. Changing degrees, being at uni, no job, no girlfriend and struggling with this idea of faith. Accepting that this is where you are, at this point in life, trying to sit with it and make it fresh AF.”

Young Maze - All Night     Hip Hop 04/07/2017
A Hip-Hop artist from Melbourne, VIC.
“I always wanted a track that people could relate to and when you listen to this track, you realize that this is reality. This track is different from what I usually make as I like challenging myself and not categorize my sound," says Maze on creating the track.

Young Kai - Motion (Feat. C#)     Hip Hop 20/03/2017
Young Kai a 20 year old rapper/songwriter from Brisbane, QLD looking to bring new sounds to Australian Hip Hop/Rap.
"Motion (Feat. C#)" is about a love triangle, with both artists being played by the same girl.
They have had enough of the games, realising how cold and heartless the girl is, the come together to share their frustration and heartbreak.

Yellow Castle - Restless Creature     Pop, Rock 01/08/2016
Yellow Castle deliver raw, upbeat acoustic guitar, jaunty piano-driven melodies and soaring vocals with open-hearted honesty.
Restless Creature speaks of the calm at the end of an anxious spiral, where the ‘what ifs’ and fears that keep you up at night are dulled by the support of those you love, and who love you.

Yardvark - Loud Loud     Rock, Garage, Grunge 24/09/2012
Yardvark are an indie garage band from wollongong
The new single ‘Loud, Loud’ is about being obnoxious, wanting more but not knowing where to look and also some hints of the weekend party drug culture that many indulge in on a weekly basis.

Wolfie - New Horizons     Folk, Rock, World 02/03/2016
Wolfie is Lisa McNaughton, a Blue Mountains multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter. Her music can only be described as an eclectic smash up of roots, grunge, folk and african rhythms.
New Horizons, a song describing the struggle with self discovery and awareness in a world that is so disconnected with reality and the true meaning of being human. African Drummers playing traditional west African Rhythms add a great feel and spice to the song.