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Anirban Jee - AEIOU feat. Blue     Pop 05/03/2014
Anirban Jee got his first keyboard at 12 and has been making music ever since. He is a student of the evolution of many musical genres.
“AEIOU” is all about female prowess manifesting as an intense desire for her man. The track has a wide appeal and would entertain anyone who gets in a mood for some ‘fun and games’.

Kiids - On Your Own     Rock 05/03/2014
‘Kiids’ are above all a humble and honest group from Newcastle, Australia. Their neo-indie sounds and performances are moody, energetic, enthusiastic, emotionally charged, ambient & heavily dynamic.
‘Kiids’ new single ‘On Your Own’ lyrically deals with prolonged relationship paranoia however the instrumentation is more uplifting. Like most of their work the sound is ambient and heavily dynamic. A tempo much faster than its predecessors on the EP allows for a tense overall setting/mood.

Nick Saxon - Burn     Rock, Roots 05/03/2014
Nick Saxon encapsulates, yet defies, the Australian contemporary musical tradition.
Burn is a song written for a friend, after a heavy break up. Inspired by Ennio Morricone's "Ecstasy of Gold" this is a western that is written from the heart.

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The Blue Ruins - Bleed     Pop, Roots, Soul 05/03/2014
Adele meets Dire Straits in a soul infused fire of honest pop
Bleed was written during a dark and tumultuous time in songwriter Kate’s life, the single breathes pain and fury contrasted with uplifting and driving guitar based rock rhythms decorated with Kate’s powerful and beautiful rich vocals. Thought provoking and danceable. A powerful presentation of human emotion.

Other tracks by The Blue Ruins:  Love is Love  -  Lose Control
Allthingslost - Hold You Down     Electronic 07/03/2014
Allthingslost is a 19 year old producer and vocalist from Brisbane.
The track ‘Hold You Down’ was recorded and produced at home, creating the intimate mood present on the track. The song takes a journey through vast musical elements guided by drawing vocals. The production successfully unifies with the passionate vocals providing a very sentimental work.

Big Creature - One In Front Of The Other     Electronic, Pop 07/03/2014
Big Creature is an electronic pop group from Melbourne, Australia.
The incredible importance of a great song is certainly not lost on the band with Big Creature's first single, "One in Front of the Other". Along with soaring vocals, the instrumental hooks use a diverse range of sounds; from traditional guitars to mangled vocal samples and vintage synths.

Seams - Town Square     Pop, Experimental 07/03/2014
Seams is an experimental pop band from Perth, Australia. With intricate rhythms, dense harmonies and countless global influences, they have been compared to Talking Heads, Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective.
Drenched in swelling synth, pulsing beats, liquid bass and crystalline guitar, “Town Square” is a slow jam about swimming against the current in a small and uncanny metropolis. The song sees Seams pushing further into the realm of swirling live electronics, buoyed by the vocals of singer/synth player Louisa Burton.

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Apollo & The Sun - Just What It Is     Rock, Pop, Dance 19/03/2014
Sunshine Coast indie band ‘Apollo and the Sun’ with their infectious melodies and energetic aesthetic will drink your tears to spit out a rainbow…. with an extra colour.
The song ‘Just What It Is’ is centered around the extent that blokes these days go to in order to impress women, to only realize there’s no feelings. And that’s just what it is…

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Harts - Lovers In Bloom     Electronic, Pop 25/03/2014
Following the success of 2013, Harts is releasing his new single, 'Lovers In Bloom,' the first official single from his upcoming debut album which is due later this year.
'Lovers In Bloom' is as much Funk as it is Pop, as much Rock as it is Soul, and is a great example of the eclectic musical prowess and raw talent that Harts possesses and that is consistently oozing from his music.

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Earthquake Weather - Nobody Knows     Rock 26/03/2014
“Earthquake Weather seem spilt between two decades with their heavy and heady guitars and irresistible choruses” (M Kauf, Tour De Vaap)
The featured single ‘Nobody Knows’ was recorded earlier this year and produced by Matt O’Connor and all four participating band members. During the song writing process over the last year, the band has focused intensely on building a sound that is unique to them and raw in its overall appeal.

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Shamanic - Raining     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic 26/03/2014
Shamanic is a three piece band from Sydney which deliver a unique fresh funkadelic sound that makes you want to move. Blues..Funk…Psychedelic..Rock..
Funkadelic Pop. Phased guitar riff , McCartney/Beatle- esque bass Lines, hip hop drums, fuzzy guitar solo and poppy vocals.

AViVAA - Reel Me In     Electronic 05/04/2014
AViVAA are Sydney based indie-electronic duo; Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter. Their sound is a fusion of deep bass, intricate vocal harmonies and vibrant addictive melodies.
AViVAA’s single ‘Reel Me In’ is layered with vocal harmonies and smooth bass-synth to compliment the motion of the lyrics and their haunting lucidity. The combination of the electronic sound and its lingering humanity present an intricate portrait enveloping listener holding them captive throughout song.

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Fever Pitch - Memories     Rock, Grunge, Pop 05/04/2014
Bred in Brisbane, Australia, Fever Pitch are a three-piece band who write catchy garage – pop songs of infatuation and lust.
"Memories" is an Indie – grunge – pop song about what it feels like when you’re in the midst of the beginning of a relationship. Everything you do with the person seems dreamy.

Pirates Alive - So Fine     Rock, Garage 05/04/2014
Pirates Alive are a garage-rock band that infuse a grungy flavour with their sun-bleached surf style, a sound that is turning heads and making waves around the country.
“We really wanted to step it up with our new recordings, shared vocalist Michael Cottrell. “These recordings dig deeper in terms of song writing and layers… We couldn’t be happier with how they have come out.”

The White Orcas - Set Me Free     Rock 05/04/2014
With life experience song writing, catchy melodies and a strong work ethic and vision, The White Orcas deliver Australian Alternate Rock with passion and energy.
Set Me Free is powerful, strong and honest, capturing its listeners with its lyrics, sound and delivery. Losing a loved one to cancer is both emotional and devastating with many people able to relate to such a tragedy.

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Thee Gold Blooms - Alana     Rock, Garage 05/04/2014
Thee Gold Blooms are a garage & surf rock from Perth that specialise in tampering with the classic sounds of the sixties like an alcoholic version of The Beach Boys.
Alana is a short and sweet garage pop gem about new love. It’s an instantly familiar tune with a great sing-a-long chorus clocking in at less than two minutes - which is the same amount of time it took to write the song.

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Bright Young Things - Tulipomania     Electronic, Rock 15/04/2014
The Bright Young Things are an indie/electro four piece from Sydney, Australia who specialize in dance floor ready new-wave/electro with a dash of drum'n'bass and indie rock undertones.
Bright Young Things will be releasing their new single Tulipomaina in April 2014 off their upcoming EP “& Shade” . Channeling their inner-Bowie, with a flash of human league and a mash of industrial rock, the song is uplifting, dance ready and sure to be a crowd staple.

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Apache - Creatures     Rock 18/04/2014
Apache are a five-piece band from Perth, blending hard-rock craftsmanship, swagger, intensity and an almost telepathic jigsaw tightness into their brand of indie rock.
A true grindhouse indie rock track; dark and dirty sex in music form, with fierce rock moments over a chopped up-tempo beat.

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Leighanne Davies - Mama     Pop 18/04/2014
Leighanne is an accomplished singer/songwriter/pianist from Melbourne, Australia.
Receiving a Runner-Up placing in the U.K. songwriting contest, as well as an award nomination in the 2013 MusicOz Awards, ‘Mama’ is a passionate Urban styled story song relating a conversation between a faithful mother and her wayward son.

NeeQ - My Generation     Hip Hop 18/04/2014
NeeQ is a highly talented artist from Quebec Canada who since arriving in Melbourne has set the hip hop scene on fire.
The Golden Era of Hip-Hop is immortalised in the music, culture, trends & movies of the 1990s. NeeQ's "My Generation" is a classic tale of what growing up in the 90s was all about.

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