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The Money Go Round - YaYaYa     Rock, Psychedelic 31/08/2012
The Money Go Round is rock/psychedelic band that takes you on a trip and doesn’t tell you where you’re going.
YAYAYA is about wanting something you can’t have. It sounds like falling down a waterfall into a bucket of rainbow paint.

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Lanrae - Run     Pop, Electronic 06/09/2012
Lanrae - a new name and a fresh beginning. The singer songwriter Lanrae grew up around Bondi, and ran away from Sydney as soon she finished school!
Run is the second Single from Lanrae. It illustrates a side of Lanrae’s Influences that mashes up 60’s R&B/Soul with fat bass lines and her fascination with contemporary synth Electro Pop.

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Assemble the Empire - Like Teeth     Rock, Punk 10/09/2012
A captivating live show, undoubtable musical talent and original sound, Assemble the Empire are both stormy and “[An] intense feel… credited to the extreme musicianship within the band.”
Fiery, intense, raucous and stormy. ‘Like teeth’ deals with detachment and the daily grind.

Absolute Punk “At The Drive-In balanced with the ambience prominent in The Receiving End Of Sirens’ albums, the influences Assemble the Empire reflect merge together to create something as inspiring as the initial product”

The Bedlams - Did it Feel Like Love     Rock, Pop 21/09/2012
The Bedlams are one of Sydney’s most entertaining and high-energy live acts. Their music has been described as a mix of Powderfinger, Kings of Leon and The Temper Trap
Did It Feel Like Love is The Bedlams debut single release. The song initially captures you with its strong melody and unique vocal tone before the driving and exaggerated rhythms keep you engaged throughout the entirety of the song.
Recorded at Studio Zapata and Mastered by Mr William Bowden

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Yardvark - Loud Loud     Rock, Garage, Grunge 24/09/2012
Yardvark are an indie garage band from wollongong
The new single ‘Loud, Loud’ is about being obnoxious, wanting more but not knowing where to look and also some hints of the weekend party drug culture that many indulge in on a weekly basis.

Train Robbers - Suns     Rock, Pop 08/10/2012
Train Robbers are story tellers. Colourful melodies, infectious rhythms and raw charm reminiscent of 60’s music & modern indie-rock form the basis of the Train Robbers style.
‘Suns’ is an upbeat and catchy single illustrating the ups and downs of summer romances - it describes the bliss of a hurried love. After all is said and done, the song celebrates a positive outlook on life and the real and human connections we have with one another.

Pineapple Punch - Fishies In Hawaii     Pop, Folk, Retro 11/10/2012
Pineapple Punch blends a fusion of the psychedelic 60s style Sunshine Pop with Hawaiian Music and Exotica.
‘Fishies in Hawaii’ is about two free spirits enjoying life and living out their dreams in Hawaii. Michael and Nic’s comment on this is that “they feel it too”. The EP was written, recorded and produced by Michael and Nic at their home studio in Enmore.

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Ginger and Drum - Backstreets     Electronic, Pop 18/10/2012
Some have likened the consumption of Ginger & Drum’s handsomely crafted indie pop to ‘the rohypnol effect’. One may lose hours hypnotized by their intertwined melodious charm. Proceed with caution.
Ginger & Drum’s first official release Backstreets explores the confines of a sleepless society. Whilst glistening and catchy, a brooding restraint is intensified by the reverberation of industrialized synths. Gritty drums further threaten to pierce the silky surface of Ms Gault’s vocals crafting a compulsion that one can’t quite explain.

Red Aces - The End     Pop, Britpop, Rock 24/10/2012
Red Aces are four brothers who have emerged from the beer soaked card games at Christmas. They were musically united by the death of the family matriarch, Auntie Val.
A highly dramatic tale of loss, grief and the effects they have on your sense of reality. Brooding vocals. Soaring guitars. Thumping rhythms.

Adam George - Clocks     Folk, Roots 25/10/2012
Adam George is an artist who tells it how it is straight from the heart, backed by beautiful melodies.
Clocks is a Tale that was inspired by a close friend who tragically lost their life at a music festival after she overdosed.

Morning Harvey - Don't Try It     Rock 05/11/2012
Morning Harvey are a five-piece indie-rock band hailing from Brisbane in Australia. Their 90's inspired drone rock, strong guitar hooks, airy melodies is more than a breath of fresh air.
The first single, “Don’t Try It” is an indication of the musical direction the band has taken and showcases their strong song writing abilities, it looks to bring back the forgotten sounds of the 90’s.
Nationally acclaimed producer Yanto Browning at Airlock Studios in 2012.

Round the Corner - Red Temptress     Pop, Folk 12/11/2012
Round the Corner is a mix of indie and gritty pop with a bit more grit than pop. Their strength lies in soaring vocals clever lyrics delivered with delicious melodies.
“Red Temptress” tells the story of going back for more after you’ve broken up with your girlfriend. In this case, the ex-partner in question and the band member who dated her is quite sure “she has magical powers which she uses to make me feel like rubbish"

Self Is A Seed - Thought You Would     Rock 16/11/2012
"It's easy to see why they’ve toured alongside Karnivool & Helmet. In time they’ll be headlining tours to packed houses. Tall statement, a prediction I’m willing to stand behind"
Recorded @301 with Aria winner Anton Hagop (Silverchair/Powderfinger) Thought You Would showcases Self is a Seed's talent for strong melody against a wall of raw power. The epic chorus captures a band who create music with impact, heart and the notion that a song can still inspire, incite and resonate.

Jakarta Criers - Maybe     Rock 30/11/2012
Jakarta Criers aren’t here for a holiday. Bringing a unique sound to the Aussie indie rock scene, their songs can’t be forgotten
Maybe is a song based on the relatable fear of regret; in decisions, relationships and life in general. This story also translates in the instrumental structure of the song, starting off slow and sure of itself, and ending in an all out attack of rhythm, distortion and aggression.

The Havelocks - Black and Blue     Pop, Retro, Psychedelic, Folk 03/12/2012
Newcastle knows them now it’s your turn to meet The Havelocks,Couped up in an abandoned bedsit in the port town of Newcastle live four youngish men known as The Havelocks.
The song was derived through hard times experienced when a favourite black suit and blue tie outgrew its owner. The suit and tie left home to find a more suitably sized owner to the dismay of its original acquirer.

Ry - Working Late     Hip Hop, Rap 15/12/2012
In Melbourne there is a twenty-something creating New-Wave Rap Music that has a refreshing sound and organic feel. He goes by the name of simply ‘Ry’.
‘Working Late’ paints a picture where you can envision the underdog walking away with a victory. It is an underdog’s rap anthem, with organic verses and melodic choruses provided by Allday. Ry paints a portrait and tale of hard work, persistence and reward.

Bell Weather Department - Voodoo Hoodoo     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 17/12/2012
Kaleidoscopic Rock &/or Roll - Psychedelic Pop/Rock
catchy as hell chorus, driving rhythm, adventurous psychedelic pop/rock

Jacobide - Emanon     Rock 18/12/2012
Jacobide is an alternate indie rock band from Sydney . With songs receiving national and worldwide attention, this young band has already made an impact on the music scene.
The song is one of the biggest songs written by the band in terms of its overall energy. The contrast in the vocals between the verses and chorus is combined with the constant build up of sound to create a powerful unity.

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Archers - Old Parades     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 18/01/2013
Archers is the veneer of the Adelaide quintet behind the blissful explosions of floating melodies, punchy rhythms and tempered nostalgia.
Like the sounds of disillusioned youth marching through the empty parks and dimly lit alleyways of a forlorn city, 'Old Parades' weaves with a menacing groove and an air of redemption

Capitol - Let You Down     Rock, Pop 22/01/2013
"Capitol is a Sydney based four-piece band hailing from the inner-west delivering rousing girl-guy harmonies, textured guitars, and driving rhythms served with a side of indie rock sentiment".
‘Let you down’ is the debut single from Sydney siders ‘Capitol’. Hailing from the inner west, this four-piece delivers their first single with rousing girl-guy harmonies, textured guitars and driving rhythms served with an infectious indie summer vibe.

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