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The Glorious North - No Soul To Save     Rock, Country 01/08/2016
Supercharged country pop that's a bit like Ben Kweller singing in a bar while J Mascis and Dwight Yoakam shoot the breeze and knock back whiskies.
Love goes wrong on the outlaw fringe. A chain-gang choir "oohs" and "aahs" as fiddle battles guitar in a race to a minor-keyed crescendo. The story teller admits: "No weeping widow will stand my grave/No prayers to whisper 'cause there's no soul left to save."

Other tracks by The Glorious North:  Favourite Guy  -  Rosemary
The Plastic Attraction - Holding You     Rock, Pop 01/08/2016
The Plastic Attraction was hatched in Perth when four besties decided to batten down the hatches and write some music, channelling 90s rock with a fresh flavour and less denim.
Once you dig beneath the lush harmonies, interwoven bass and guitar and airy-high fidelity sound, you realise that Holding You is the classic tale of boy meets girl, girl promises boy everlasting love, boy and girl breakup, boy has extreme difficulty letting go.

Velvet Flare - 6th of June     Rock 01/08/2016
Velvet Flare is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The first single release is ‘6th of June’.
The first single is 6th of June. That’s 6th of June, 1944. Set in south-east England, he’s part of operation Overlord (D Day) and is about to be sent to Normandy, France. His girlfriend/wife has no contact with him, and she can only wait for him to return.

Yellow Castle - Restless Creature     Pop, Rock 01/08/2016
Yellow Castle deliver raw, upbeat acoustic guitar, jaunty piano-driven melodies and soaring vocals with open-hearted honesty.
Restless Creature speaks of the calm at the end of an anxious spiral, where the ‘what ifs’ and fears that keep you up at night are dulled by the support of those you love, and who love you.

Fripps & Fripps - Get Your End Wet     Rock, Pop 09/08/2016
A group of cats lookin to make woozy vibes, feel?
‘Get Your End Wet’, a sun drenched array of backyard spliff and effortless summer fun. Dropping early hints with the tracks ‘Maria’ and ‘Freel’, Fripps & Fripps have become one of the most anticipated acts on their local scene.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Adam Harpaz - Waterslide     Folk, Acoustic, Rock 15/08/2016
Adam Harpaz is a 21 year old, multi- instrumentalist, indie folk musician, who busks during the day, performs at venues during the night and surfs in between.
‘Waterslide’ was recorded in the heart of Byron Bay, in the cosy home studio of Garrett Kato. Adam says Waterslide was “in all honesty” written about “a one night stand, where one person wanted more than the other."

The Controllers - You Think You're Incredible     Metal/Punk, Rock 15/08/2016
The Controllers are a 4-man Punk Rock band from the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne who have travelled Australia playing tunes for 2 years now.
‘You Think You’re Incredible’ is an angry song written by Zac Connelly whilst travelling India. He overheard a drunken ‘Hawaiian shirt wearing' Australian man, who believed he knew the cure to HIV. He was giving dangerous advice to his friend suggesting the consumption of chlorine would cure the disease.

The Harlots - Umma Gumma     Rock, Garage, Soul 15/08/2016
The Harlots:A smash and grab six-piece with jagged guitars, haunting keyboards and a rhythm section that’ll grab you by the lapels and un-tuck your shirt.Sting. Sweat. Shout.
Umma Gumma is a song about knowing you’ve got to get out of a relationship. It was written during a frustrated rehearsal when a couple of other new songs were pissing us off. The fast, frenetic nature of the song, when put with the lyrics gives it a desperate feel.

Taylor Payne - The Jungle Talks     Rock, Pop 17/08/2016
Taylor Payne, one of Brisbanes 'dark-pop' artist writes with obscure and shadowy themes and deliverers them with an upbeat and contagious energy.
The Jungle Talks has been described as having an 80's pop vibe, which rides on a bold synth sound throughout the song. A sense of adventure is conveyed through lyrics like "No need to hide if you know how to run" along with darker themes and catchy melodies.

Ben Ford-Davies - Vitruvian Man     Rock, Pop 29/08/2016
Equally at home on guitar, piano or witty monologues, it is the arresting soul and passion in Ben Ford-Davies' flawless vocals that win over even the most cynical critic.
“Vitruvian Man is a great achievement for me as far as writing goes. I’m moving forward into a more contemporary realm and I am really loving the process and the journey.” Artistic influences range from Ray Charles to Portishead to Gomez with vocal allusions to Paul Rogers and Mike Patton.

Heidi Maree - Caterpillar Shoes     Rock, Pop 29/08/2016
22 year old Australian multi-instrumentalist Heidi Maree has defined herself as a true artist.
What 'Caterpillar Shoes’ does so well is to create musical onomatopoeia, matching the lyrics through soaring piano trills, vocal runs and Chorus break downs.

Liam Hudson - You'll Be Fine     Electronic, Pop, Rock 29/08/2016
Liam Hudson started writing music from a young age, but didn't begin to hone his skills till his mid-teens when he started writing Jazz, and Baroque and Movie style compositions.
The song is similar in style to Chet Faker, or Jack Garratt’s ballads, but with electronic elements and vocal play like Safia. The song discusses how just because you know everything will be fine in the end, it doesn't make the sadness any easier while you're in that place.

Skybaby Siren - Day By Day (Feat. Elia)     Electronic, Pop, Rock 31/08/2016
Hailing from Sydney but now residing in London, Producer songwriter Craig Beck, aka Skybaby Siren, has been an established artist and writer for years.
It’s a sleekly produced track, that shows off the act’s typically 80’s influenced style, with hints of the serene pop of modern dream rockers DIIV. Elia’s cool vocals float through the song, ushering in the infectious harmonies of the track’s smooth chorus.

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Begbie - Bottles on the Floor     Rock, Garage, Pop, Psychedelic 05/09/2016
Begbie is a unique brand of electronic psychedelia, with provocative lyrical themes, hard hitting rhythms and big, infectious vocal melodies composed in an electronic rock style.
The first track is about self-discovery through the use of psychedelic drugs, and finding a more personal happiness, rather than relying on the confidence that is found in the short-lived buzzes of drugs like alcohol or MDMA.

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Other tracks by Begbie:  Liquid Death Star  -  Harm
D'Opus & Roshambo - Brush You Off     Hip Hop 06/09/2016
D'Opus & Roshambo are a Hip-hop Duo from Canberra.
Previously unheard single “Brush You Off” paves the way for the album, featuring the honest social commentary of Lash and Jedbrii and raising a magnifying glass to the increasing platform of social media which has unfortunately elevated a voice of extremism, intolerance and discrimination.

Miss Max - Gypsy Heart     Folk, Pop 19/09/2016
Hailing from the tourist town of Coral Bay in Australia’s remote north west, barefooted folk songstress Miss Max is set to inspire the country with her laid back oceanic tunes.
“‘Gypsy Heart’ is a song to inspire those who haven't quiet found themselves, to travel and to live there lives for themselves and not others, its based on the spirit of the travellers I've met working in tourism and the nomadic lifestyle in which they and myself follow,” Miss Max.

Myohwar - Floodsong     Rock, Industrial, Experimental 19/09/2016
Myohwar was conceived in a small yet intimate bedroom studio towards the end of 2015 and drawing influence from the likes of Pink Floyd, Tame Impala and Mogwai.
An instrumental journey into Myowhar’s heavy ambient world, the latest single, ‘Floodsong’, lives up to its name by flooding the listener with an entrancing sonic atmosphere ever evolving around a solid, electrifying pulse.

Brandish - Running     Folk, Comedy, Rap, Rock 26/09/2016
Music comedy group from Launceston, Tasmania. We love music, shenanigans, and all things hip.
‘Running’ pairs jangly guitar riffs with juicy urban imagery and explores the world of hip-hop. With lyrics such as "I'm born to win, I ain't born to lose, if life's a 10k I'm Hicham El Guerrouj", ‘Running’ doubles as a quasi-motivational backing track.

James Parry - Young Emotions     Rock, Folk, Pop 26/09/2016
James Parry lives in Hobart, Tasmania and writes independent pop songs.
Sweet and juicy guitar riffs, deft drums and uplifting organ support James’ straight-shooting vocals, which tell a nostalgic tale of heady young love with a dark twist. Young Emotions is the opening track from In The Lights, and ripples from its story reach the furthest corners of the concept album.

Animus - Just A Little Bit     Rock, Garage, Blues 03/10/2016
Animus is a three-piece rock band. With the help of a few fancy effects pedals, the band manages a full four-piece sound with simply a bass guitar and drums.
Musically, the band have moved away from their past alternative rock sound and have tried maintaining a more organic and solid rock sound with huge riffs, strong vocals and fat drums. Lyricist and lead vocalist, Ashton D’Costa describes ‘Just a Little Bit’ as a social commentary on romantic relationships.