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Andrew Tuttle - Sun At 5 In 4161     Folk, Instrumental, Experimental 13/03/2020
Andrew Tuttle dwells in a between world of ambient and folk genre where banjo and acoustic guitar sit serenely and purposefully with shimmering waves of decay, reverberation and processed electronics.
First single from Andrew Tuttle's fourth album 'Alexandra' (out in May on Someone Good/Room40), Sun At 5 In 4161 features contributions from Sarah Spencer of Blank Realm, Gwenifer Raymond, Tony Dupe and Joe Saxby of These Guy.

Tralala Blip - Pub Talk     Electronic, Electronic 26/07/2019
Tralala Blip are an Australian unit of differently-abled musicians hailing from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.
Second single from the album

Other tracks by Tralala Blip:  Facing Monsters
Andrew Tuttle - Boarding Zone     Folk, Ambience, Experimental, Soundscapes 11/05/2018
Andrew Tuttle dwells in a between world of ambient and folk genre that feels like a community all of its own, holding a space that is tropical, abundant and generous.
First single from Andrew Tuttle's third, self-titled, album. Boarding Zone is a live staple of Tuttle's live performances; with this version recorded at the famous EMS Elektronmusikstudion studios in Stockholm in 2016.

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Other tracks by Andrew Tuttle:  A Winding River
Andrew Tuttle - Brisbane, Transit Centre     Country, Experimental, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 11/11/2016
Andrew Tuttle, based in Brisbane, Australia; creates an instrumental sonic convergence of electronic and acoustic tones; performed on instrumentation including computer, banjo, synthesiser and acoustic guitar.
'Brisbane, Transit Centre' is a standalone non-album single by Brisbane, Australia avant-country musician Andrew Tuttle, recorded during a residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm in May 2016. Whilst creating a third studio album, Tuttle recorded this version of Brisbane, Transit Centre; a staple of Tuttle's live performances.

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Chris Abrahams - Receiver     Jazz, Experimental, Soundscapes 30/03/2016
Known widely for his piano work with post-everything trio The Necks, Chris Abrahams output as a composer orbits an otherly sonic sphere.
Abrahams charts out a divergent course through lilting piano flows, distended organ passages, thunderous electronic eruptions and focused concréte explorations. Fluid To The Influence spans a huge spectrum of sound, each movement calling forward to the next in a flowing motion.

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Other tracks by Chris Abrahams:  Scale Upon The Land
Andrew Tuttle - Registration     Electronic, Ambience, Alternative Country, Atmospheric 24/02/2016
Andrew Tuttle, based in Brisbane, Australia; creates sounds that explore the relationship between electronics and acoustics. Tuttle performs on computer, banjo, synthesiser, acoustic guitar and electronics.
Brisbane artist Andrew Tuttle has sought to ponder a curious provocation. Taking his unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements as a starting point, Tuttle has devised an approach to the notion of Fantasy League loosely based upon the creation of an album as a utopian fantasy environment.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

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Other tracks by Andrew Tuttle:  Injury Crisis  -  Activation
Ross Manning - Expand/Scatter     Electronic, Experimental 26/11/2015
Ross Manning (Brisbane) is an active experimentalist with projects such as 4 Layers Of Nine, Sky Needle and Faber Castell. Manning's work draws on custom electronics and hand made instruments.
Interlacing summarises two essential threads of his work. The record splits into two broad approaches. The first, captured in pieces like Expand Scatter, bring together electro-magnetic recordings and custom electronics into a cascading flow of uneasy tonality and noise.

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Other tracks by Ross Manning:  Sinew and Cats  -  Silhouettes
Erik Griswold - Pale Yellow Frontier     Classical, Experimental, Soul 12/08/2015
Eclectic composer-pianist Erik Griswold fuses experimental, jazz and world music traditions to create works of striking originality; specializing in prepared piano, percussion and toy instruments.
Pain Avoidance Machine - you are invited inside the piano, exposed to the instruments raw materiality. Griswold offers an invitation to explore the prepared piano’s sound world in detail that reveals an entirely new dimension. Mechanistic motifs and rhythms are layered one atop another to create fragile musical collages.

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Other tracks by Erik Griswold:  The Persistence of Memory  -  Pleasure Principle
Andrew Tuttle - Post Meridiem Construction (feat. M.C Schmidt)     Electronic, Experimental, Folk 15/07/2015
Andrew Tuttle, based in Brisbane, Australia; creates sounds that explore the relationship between instrumentation, structure and genre within electronics and acoustics - performed on computer, synthesiser, banjo, acoustic guitar.
The eight audio works on Slowcation, derived from chance happenings, hard edits and varied sonic processes, Slowcation reflects Tuttle's interests in the dynamics of the computer as radical transformation device for guitar, synthesiser, banjo and external environments.

Other tracks by Andrew Tuttle:  Impreston  -  Charm Intersection
Chris Abrahams - Jelly Crown     Electronic, Ambience, Jazz 03/08/2010
With 'Play Scar', Chris Abrahams has crafted his most complex and epically beautiful record to date.
At its core, ‘Play Scar’ is an album of unrepentant diversity, united through Abrahams astounding sense of composition and focus. In another artist’s hands these elements might be rendered too divergent and too esoteric, but sculpted by Chris Abrahams, each absolutely compelling and most of all - visionary.