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The Living End - Drop The Needle     Rock, Rockabilly 14/03/2019
The Living End are a 3 piece from Melbourne who are legends of Australian music. Chris, Andy and Scott have released 8 albums of quality Rock n Roll.
'Drop The Needle' is a fast paced rock song that has a darker undertone lyrically. It's another classic from The Living End that is already a live favourite from their new 'Wunderbar' album which was released in September 2018 and debuted Top 5 on the ARIA Chart.

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The Mean Times - Be Still My Bleeding Heart     Rock, Punk 14/03/2019
The Mean Times’ sound is an amalgamation of infectious high-energy, melodious rock and roll, and Good God Almighty fun-times
A swinging rock track with a horn section. It's a nod to The Saints

The Murlocs - Withstand     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Blues 14/03/2019
5 piece garage psych blues fusion hailing from Victoria's surf coast, a staple in the Aussie psych scene and Flightless Records Family
Withstand is the second single to be taken from The Murlocs upcoming album 'Manic Candid Episode', out 22 March 2019. "The original version of 'Withstand' was a bit longer with what felt like too much space in between the parts, so we edited it down to be a shorter/snappier dance party." says frontman Ambrose Kenny-Smith,

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The Woodland Hunters - The Thoughts of Chairman Jim     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues, Alternative Country 14/03/2019
The Woodland Hunters are a guitar band from Melbourne, Australia. Two members also play in The Sand Pebbles. The Thoughts of Chairman Jim was recorded and produced by Shane O’Mara.
His name was Jim. He lived in a cul-de-sac. Most afternoons you’d see him, JD and Coke in one hand, spliff in the other, smiling at some cosmic joke. He’d be roaming his front yard, spitting trippy monologues and looking for all the world like Dennis Hopper on the banks of Colonel Kurtz’s outpost in ‘Apocalypse Now’. Minus the pants.

This Time Only - Vintage Dress     Rock, Punk, Garage 14/03/2019
High energy emo-punk that remains quintesentially Australian. Big guitars and big drums backed by melodic and emotional songwriting.
Vintage Dress delivers raw honesty and emotional vulnerability. The track, which begins slowly but soon reaches its crescendo, is reminiscent of the early ’00s melodic scene.

Classic punk riffs and hooky melody's have this penned as one of the band's big sing-alongs.

Other tracks by This Time Only:  The Weekend  -  Stay
Tropical F*ck Storm - The Planet of Straw Men     Rock 14/03/2019
Tropical F**k Storm (aka TFS) are Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (The Drones), Lauren Hammel (High Tension) and Erica Dunn (Harmony, Palm Springs).
The Planet of Straw Men revives TFS’s art-punk manoeuvres with a political snarl that pulls your head in, without calling you out. Lauren Hammel’s drums unwind like a sonic mirage of a call-to-battle. The swagger of Fiona Kitschin’s bassline is as insecure as a parliamentary promise. And Erica Dunn’s uncorked guitars frolic throughout the track like a shit-faced fist fight.

Zolton - Some Kind Of Fantasy     Rock, Pop, Retro 14/03/2019
In 2016, Zolton sought out talented young Sydney producer, Taka Perry, and began work on a new musical project that incorporated big 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
Guitar-driven power-pop with big chorus hooks, this track by Zolton features production by Taka Perry and mixing by Mark Needham.

Cedarsmoke - F*&king Up     Rock, Garage, Grunge 12/03/2019
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
In their self-proclaimed drab and despairing world, this one is about trying not to f*&k up.

Other tracks by Cedarsmoke:  Downer
The Empty Threats - Magnolia     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 12/03/2019
Leave it up to The Empty Threats to fully embrace a cataclysmic sonic earthquake. The Adelaide four-piece declare a pretence of maligned, experimental rock and visceral psych embellishments.
‘Magnolia’ represents the struggle of keeping a positive mind set in an ever-disintegrating world. A subtle and beautiful flower that has survived for a thousand millenia only to find a point of destruction in the 21st century due to human existence.

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Other tracks by The Empty Threats:  Stubbornness  -  Wasted Time
Warren Skane - NOT OF MY TASTE     Rock, Metal 11/03/2019
Electronic Loop Artist/Beat Maker from Perth, Western Australia.
Describes the everyday struggle coping with a fast paced lifestyle!

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  AGAINST ALL EVIL  -  50,000 DREAMS
Fictitious Me - Breathe     Rock, Metal 08/03/2019
Riff driven alternative metal with thrash undertones and catchy choruses.
Loud guitars and drums bashing out a simple song about the effects a toxic relationship can have on our identity.

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Fictitious Me - Scars     Rock, Metal 08/03/2019
Riff driven alternative metal with thrash undertones and catchy choruses.
A fat, groovy riff opens up this song about not letting the misdeeds of your past define who you are in the present.

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Kota - Heaving     Rock, Grunge 08/03/2019
Kota are a new alt-rock band from Melbourne. The band’s sound is reminiscent of grunge in years gone by, but with a modern and original sound that is uniquely theirs.
Recorded at Head Gap Studios, Heaving recounts the band’s late nights, early mornings and all-or-nothing attitude with a party-starting rhythm designed to get the blood pumping. An anthem heavy on distortion, volume and punchy vocals, Heaving serves as a band biography both in musical and personal terms, detailing both Kota’s tumultuous evenings and its personal struggles in a conflicted society.

The Letter Tellers - Under My Skin     Rock 08/03/2019
The Letter Tellers are a 2 piece rock duo from Newcastle NSW. Performing big, groove filled and riff heavy rock n roll tunes!
Under My Skin is a rock n roll track by Newcastle's The Letter Tellers. The lyrics are about having a partner that will get under your skin with their quirks but you adore them none the less.

Sunset Junkies - Apollo & Dionysus     Rock, Metal, Funk, Soul 07/03/2019
Sunset Junkies are a Brisbane based 5 piece rock band, exploring genres as diverse as metal, funk, groove, soul and world. A true melting pot.
Written and produced by Byron Short. Mixed by David Bottrill and Ryan McCambridge. 'Apollo & Dionysus' is the third single from Sunset Junkies' forthcoming album. A monstrous track, ruminating on the dichotomy of human nature and the resulting creative spark - with hook after hook leading you through a groove laden hard rock jungle, populated by gods and dead philosophers.

The Jensens - Mount Mura     Rock 07/03/2019
Eclectic, Indie, Art Rock Fusion. The Jensens are a 5 piece Brisbane band pushing the boundaries. Their fresh, reinvigorated sound melds funk, disco, indie and alt rock elements.
Solidifying their wildly futuristic sound, this is the second release from The Jensens upcoming EP. Melding funk, disco, indie and alt rock elements, driven by a chorus of woozy harmonies, pulsating bass lines and slick guitar riffs. While musically upbeat, lyrically the track follows a darker, more introspective mood.

Venice On Fire - Nov 2     Rock 07/03/2019
Head-banging alternative rock band that wears their hearts on their sleeves, the trio combine sad, complex narratives and gorgeous melodies with a massive sound.
The track is an aggressive, punk-influenced anthem which oozes 90s alt-rock and grunge elements. Storytellers at heart, 'Nov 2' trails a fiery altercation between two jilted ex-lovers, mixing themes of fracture friendships and betrayal. With a range of a range of enormous guitar lines and powerful, polished vocals, they demonstrate a level of diversity and emotion unmatched by their peers.

Waxhead - I Feel Fine     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge, Punk 07/03/2019
Waxhead have been around for about 5 years. In this time the fellas have released a single, an A & B side, 2 EPs and also toured their socks off
Lyrically inspired by the mysterious arsonists linked to the fire of St James Church in Brighton in 2015, the song explores themes of madness and mental health as one of Melbourne’s oldest and most controversial church's burns to the ground. The satirical mayhem leaves you feeling fine even when your not and gives a long lasting salty-sweet taste of sweat

The Double Happiness - No Place Like Nundah     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Garage 06/03/2019
That spooky surf indie-pop western sound... The Double Happiness is two couples from Bris Vegas. Reverb-a-riff-ic!
The opening hypnotic jangly guitar noodle sets the scene for a walk down an Indie-Pop Brisbane alley, akin to a memory lane. Soaked in nostalgic sounds and references to a simpler time, Nundah (as it is affectionately known) taps along like the ghost of a tram on forgotten tracks.

The Fungus - Summer Rain     Rock 06/03/2019
The Fungus is a 4pc hard rock/metal band from Sydney. Our focus is to have a fun show and overall vibe. we also plan to create catchy music.
Summer rain is a song about an unexpected breakup. It starts slow and quiet builds into a hard hitting chorus and climaxes at the end with a lynyrd skynryd-esque guitar solo.

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Other tracks by The Fungus:  I Feel Alive