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Tyne-James Organ - Something New     Rock 13/06/2019
The Melbourne singer-songwriter built up an adoring fanbase by releasing unique and captivating cover songs from the likes of Childish Gambino, DMA’s, Chet Faker on his YouTube channel
The man known for wearing his heart on his tight, white sleeve has stomped hard on the pedals with the song possessing a raucous rock level that is a step up. With a chorus that would leave Arctic Monkeys or Royal Blood blue with jealousy, it’s certified to be the next big gun.

Wilding - Speed King of the Commonwealth     Rock, Britpop, Pop 13/06/2019
Wilding is Melbourne odd-pop songwriter Justin Wilding Stokes. His music is a joyous collection of bubblegum-fuzzpop, foppish Abbey Road psychedelia, Madchester grooves, Seventies piano-pop and Merseybeat smiles.
A high energy blast of bubblegum guitar-pop. It’s a joyful and affectionate song about riding a mobility scooter with wilful abandon. A celebration of triumph over adversity. It's one of a series of upcoming observational songs Wilding recently wrote about people who live in his neighbourhood of Coburg, Victoria. Like Alan Bennett jamming with Ray Davies.

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Bad//Dreems - Double Dreaming     Rock 12/06/2019
Bad//Dreems return with Double Dreaming the first offering from their third studio album, due out in October through Farmer and the Owl.
A fevered vision of the end days, an absurd tale of Neil Young’s hearse, Samson and the Lion, identity politics and Celine. It is a fitting introduction to the forthcoming album, with its Devo-esque guitars and frenetic groove. Lyrically the album examines the ridiculousness of the post-truth world as it teeters on the edge of the apocalypse!

Goldfish Smarts - Streets That End In Blue Water     Rock 12/06/2019
Goldfish Smarts is a musical project based in Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches. Three guys, arguably past our prime, but dedicated none the less to making some sleek tunes.
Streets That End In Blue our 11th song! If you live on Sydney’s northern beaches or once did and have moved away or you would like to understand the essence of living in such a beautiful place, this song is for you. Lots of beach vibes, iconic landmarks and a little dig at our former MP/PM

Jailbirds - Nothing Good Lasts Forever     Rock 12/06/2019
Jailbirds follow in the footsteps of AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo and The Lazys - Four on the floor good time Aussie rock and roll!
Big guitars, bigger drums and that attitude. It's Aussie rock like it use to be and will be again!

Kythira - Change My Mind     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Folk 12/06/2019
Kythira is the project of nomadic musician Alyssa Gengos, named after the Greek island of the same name (Κύθηρα).
‘Change My Mind’ “is one of those songs that happened all at once. It was scribbled in a late-night frenzy in my journal and worked out the next morning. I was feeling stuck – I hadn’t written a pop song for months – and so “Change My Mind” was almost a plea to myself to change my thought pattern.

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Other tracks by Kythira:  My Name
Lights Out West - Cactus     Rock 12/06/2019
Lights Out West is a three-piece rock band from Victoria, Australia. Producing energetic guitar and drum driven tracks, the band pay homage to the formative years of Rock and Roll.
‘Cactus’ is the first single release from Lights Out West. ‘Cactus’ was created in the living room with the drums being played on a guitar case and an acoustic bass guitar. The lyrics were inspired on a surf trip to iconic Cactus Beach, south Australia.

Market - Circles     Rock, Pop, Gay Alligned, Psychedelic 12/06/2019
Melbourne-based artist Market releases their debut self-titled EP, a lo-fi collection of bedroom pop songs featuring collaborations with Tanaya Harper and Lauren Abineri.
Premiered on The Music, Circles is a hazy follow up single - a lo-fi bedroom pop track sure to appeal to fans of Mac DeMarco or Beach House.

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Marmaleene and The Moondusters - Marms Visits The Moon     Rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental, Retro 12/06/2019
A trio of outer space surfin' Brisbanes playing a swingin' cacophony of ravaged Tiki SurfBeat, under a blue Margarita Moon.
Brisbane psychedelic surf trio Marmaleene and the Moondusters have embarked on their first recorded voyage with 'Marms Visits The Moon'. Blasting off with an interstellar dub beat, it quickly builds to a crescendo, launching into an uptempo quasi-reggae surfbeat adventure. Reverb drenched wah-wah drips above popping and swirling hammond organ and pounding voodoo drums then bring you back into orbit.

Mick Medew & The Mesmerisers - Open Season     Rock, Pop, Punk, Psychedelic 12/06/2019
Ex Screaming Tribesmen Mick Medew leads Mick Medew & The Mesmerisers, pure rockin' power-pop from Brisbane.
First impressions count for a lot and lead track “Imaginary Friend” makes one from the get-go. Its spiralling guitar and killer backbeat are irresistible, Mick Medew’s vocal evoking better days. Strident and focussed.

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Other tracks by Mick Medew & The Mesmerisers:  Sun  -  Why Did I Fall In Love With You
Oceans Between - Home     Rock, Pop 12/06/2019
Oceans Between bring their own brand of Melodic Pop Rock to your ears. Story driven lyrics combined with dreamy guitar and catchy rhythms that you'll find stuck in your head.
A melodic track describing how home can be more a feeling than a physical place.

Other tracks by Oceans Between:  Never Lost for Words  -  You're All That I've Got
Piss Factory - Bug     Rock, Punk, Garage 12/06/2019
Piss Factory are a three-piece DIY punk band from Melbourne
"Bug" is the first single from Piss Factory's upcoming EP titled "Simplify". It's an angular almost call and response style punk track - a confident move away from Piss Factory's earlier garage sound.

Pure Milk - Palm Beach     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 12/06/2019
Pure Milk have been described as ‘wholesome indie punk tinges of slacker rock’ (Parquet Courts/Car Seat Headrest/Courtney Barnett) where strong, emotionally fuelled lyrical wordplay remain at the forefront.
Pure Milk are ecstatic to announce the release of their latest single 'Palm Beach'. It's a loving, socially conscious ode to one of the Gold Coasts best (and grittiest) suburbs. Pure Milk blends elements of poignant Australian garage rock with stilted punk-esque guitars to craft this song well suited for a cruise down the Gold Coast highway.

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Rude Rum - Pull Me In     Rock, Britpop 12/06/2019
A Brisbane Power-Trio who's Rock Groove style laces the dance floor with high energy and a hint of mischief.
A sweet Rock Groove that eases in smoothly and then blasts into ecstatic energy.

The Sunday League - Rock n Roll     Rock, Pop 12/06/2019
The Sunday League make heart felt alt-rock that resonates from the Australian sounds of the late 80's to the American country jangles of the early 90’s.
Mid tempo yet upbeat, The Sunday League's first single 'Rock n Roll' off their brand new album ‘Make it What You Want' is full of young lost dreams, candid words of fear and fading hope and just thinking about Rock n Roll.

The Blockades - Ease     Rock, Grunge, Pop 08/06/2019
The Blockades are Caleb Freeman, Jade Roles and Jacob Kirstenfeldt. They are a high school rock band writing songs exploring themes including relationships, politics, media sensationalism and mental health.
Ease is about going into a relationship with the idea that It will end at any point, but just enjoying the moment while it lasts.

Other tracks by The Blockades:  Good Thinking  -  Leave
All The Colours - Tear It Down     Rock 06/06/2019
All The Colours are three piece alt-rock band from Melbourne, with over 20 years of music making history between them.
‘Tear It Down’, with its strong indie guitars and vocal harmonies reminiscent of early Interpol and Nirvana, highlights the strong dynamic All The Colours have fashioned for themselves over the course of two studio albums and years of touring between them. The end result is slick, finessed and goes down like the smoothest of whiskeys.

Syrup, Go On - Dreams     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 06/06/2019
Gold Coast-based, psychedelic dream pop outfit, Syrup, Go On boast luscious, orchestral soundwaves, providing a wall of sound that Phil Spector would approve of. 
'Dreams' brings Syrup, Go On’s early post-punk influences to the fore. The theme of one's inability to move on despite its necessity is as prevalent musically as it is lyrically. Ethereal pads interplay between swirling synthesizers and dreamy guitars, along with haunting backing vocals to create a melancholic yet hopeful atmosphere.

A Rioting Mind - Tonight     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 05/06/2019
A Rioting Mind is the brainchild of songwriter Camilla Sullivan and guitarist Libby Ferris. Their 90’s inspired sound mixes between ambient folk and alternative rock.
Tonight is a song inspired by adventures through the city, across the coast, over mountains, with the windows down, blasting loud music and singing along with the one you love and not caring what other people think of it. With strongly narrative, passionate lyrics and soaring guitars it is a defiant anthem to seize the night to.

Mannequin Death Squad - San Fran     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 05/06/2019
Melbourne punk rock duo Mannequin Death Squad create a huge sound that brings to mind panoramic rock sounds bursting out of a claustrophobic, tight space – the impact is volcanic!
Produced by Mark Opitz, San Fran is a perfect antidote for our times – it's a vicious punk rock attack on mindless consumerism, self-wealth obsession and denial of social responsibility. San Fran is an evolved example of the powerful punk rock sound that brings to mind panoramic rock sounds bursting out of a claustrophobic, tight space – the impact's volcanic!