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Sunnyboys - Way After Five     Rock, Punk, Pop 29/11/2019
Sunnyboys are enjoying a renaissance rarely seen for any band. In truth their popularity now eclipses what it did in 1980-1984. Why not then give the people new music?
Jeremy’s voice at times just a croak - a by-product of the life he has lead for much of last 40 years and which has now been well documented - adding further poignancy to the songs lyric - and it’s another Oxley classic. It while may not feature the trademark Sunnyboys sound but it still remains trademark Sunnyboys.

Other tracks by Sunnyboys:  Strange Cohesion  -  Lovers (On Another Planet’s Hell)
The Dead Riders - In The Sun     Rock, Alternative 29/11/2019
Sydney’s The Dead Riders are a rock trio with a passion for rocking songs, massive drums, with lots of guitars, riffs and vocal harmonies and explosive live shows.
The Dead Riders step up the speed and the volume with In The Sun. A heavy hard hitting track with melodic vocals that describes the importance of living for yourself and no one else and finding happiness. Big Drums, big bass and lots of guitars.

Tim Finish Him - Another Damaged Rock'n'Rolla     Rock, Garage, Garage, Indie 29/11/2019
Tim Finish Him is a Frankenbok ex-pat who has been studio-bound and banging out albums since going into self-imposed exile in 2017.
A little ditty based on my observations of the rock industry at the shallow end of the pool - and the people I saw squirming around there.

Other tracks by Tim Finish Him:  Alone in the Dark
Tim Finish Him - Cruisin' for a Piece of Ass     Rock, Punk, Garage, Metal 29/11/2019
Tim Finish Him is a Frankenbok ex-pat who has been studio-bound and banging out albums since going into self-imposed exile in 2017.
I was listening to and watching a lot of Eddie & the Cruisers (& Eddie & the Cruisers 2) and wanted to write a tune about a guy who was feeling the highs and lows of his life heavily.

The title is a line from the Highlander the movie and has always tickled me pink.

Other tracks by Tim Finish Him:  Loose End
Tiny Castle - Sentimental Holiday     Rock, Alternative 29/11/2019
Tiny Castle are an emerging four piece band from Brisbane, comprising of James Walker (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Will Rowles (Bass), Ben Goulter (Keys, Guitar) and Chris Trupp on Drums.
Recorded in the band’s studio in West End and mixed by Magoo (The Jungle Giants, Powderfinger, Kate Miller Heidke and Midnight Oil) Sentimental Holiday mixes the right amount of gritty bass guitar, breezy guitar riffs, dreamy synths and distinct drum lines to crack the perfect combination for everyone’s next favourite ‘windows down’ road trip track.

Trash & The Treasures - Swamp     Rock, Blues, Punk, Garage 29/11/2019
Raucous Blues-Punk with outbreaks of danceable harmonica-powered groove.
This is a song about de-evolution. To Paraphrase Douglas Adams - some people said it was a bad idea to come down from the trees, others said it was a mistake to leave the swamp. T&TT are taking us back!

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As We Are - Calling All Hands     Rock, Pop, Alternative 28/11/2019
A rock band from Brisbane. These Aussies blend ballsy guitar riffs with subtle pop melodies to create catchy hook-laden gems.
With so much discourse and disagreement in the world today, Calling All Hands is an anthem for those of us who desire change and more positive dialogue in our communities.

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Easy Street - Waves Waves Dreams Dreams     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Psych 28/11/2019
Easy Street are a warped, classic pop/garage folk five-piece from Sydney, Australia.
Written and recorded in a Sydney bedroom, 'Waves Waves Dreams Dreams' is inspired by the likes of Destroyer, King Gizzard and MGMT. It's energetic and uplifting with a pulsating and hypnotic beat. Featuring Easy Street's trademark harmonies and a chaotic saxophone reminiscent of Dark Side of the Moon.

Meres - Cut     Rock, Punk, Alternative 28/11/2019
Conceived in the perfect echo chambers of Canada’s cheap motel bathrooms, Launceston’s indie-rock queen Mary Shannon, aka Meres, presents an unadulterated blend of glittering, fuzzed out punk.
“I wrote this song around the time a friend's father passed away. It was written from a strange place of guilt, grown from the expanding distance between us - I wasn't sure how to be their friend like I used to be. It’s about wanting to feel that intense connection with someone again, trying to fight for it."

Other tracks by Meres:  Think You Like This
The Dull Joys - Turn the Other Way     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Garage 28/11/2019
The Dull Joys: post-punk guitar noise, broken hearted balladeering suffused with rich ambient textures.
Turn the Other Way features a hypnotically mismatched chorus hook and a drunken, heaving 3-4 jam between violin and lead guitar.

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Other tracks by The Dull Joys:  In Debt  -  Natural Habits
Geo - Good Time     Rock, Jazz 27/11/2019
Groovy, Funk-alicious Prog Rock lightly seasoned with darkness and eccentricity.
An upbeat, ska infused prog rock song paired with ironically downtrodden lyrics. A cathartic anthem for those who have experience depression and/ or mental illness.

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Other tracks by Geo:  Lonely Inside  -  Alien Fingers
Introvert - Dreamers     Rock, Punk, Alternative 27/11/2019
introvert are a newcastle-based alt-rock/punk outfit rapidly gaining attention for their infectious, vulnerable sound and vivid lyricism.
Swirling guitars, pounding drums and soaring lyrics (see the line "Don't waste your time on me, I'm fine") on 'Dreamers' sees Introvert flex their stand-out brand of alt-rock yet again.

The Feast of Snakes - No Thanks     Rock, Garage, Punk, Country 27/11/2019
The Feast of Snakes come from the guildford river. Playing hard tragic rock, country city punk, heavy neil young guitar.
No Thanks is an anthem of dissatisfaction and denial, Lewis sings continuously its titular refrain, as Olivia squeaks above it. He adds continuous asides to the two words, such as, "you're making me sweat, No Thanks, you're making me smile".

The song opens their set at Camp Doogs, the alternative Western Australian music festival with error and laughter.

Other tracks by The Feast of Snakes:  Forgotten
Future Haunts - Far Away     Rock 26/11/2019
Melding the cosmic studio journeying of The War on Drugs with the melodic immediacy of The Stone Roses, Future Haunts are a group that exist on the blurry edges.
Brisbane's Future Haunts unveil blistering new single 'Far Away', premiered via triple j's Home & Hosed. The track arrives alongside the announcement of the band's forthcoming second EP, Rushmore for 2020. 

On 'Far Away', Future Haunts' signature intricate guitars and driving rhythms are underlined by a shadowy undercurrent. A sense of urgency swells throughout the track, building to unrestrained, all-out fury.

Myoora - Trouvaille     Rock, Metal, Pop, Alternative 26/11/2019
Australian prog metallers Myoora have returned with their single "Trouvaille" & details on their upcoming 2nd EP "The Far & Few."
"Trouvaille" is a driving & melodic track showcasing new synthesizer textures and a saxophone solo. More of this experimentation is promised on "The Far & Few" out November 22nd, the band's followup to their debut EP "Moon Grotto" which was released when founding guitarist Daniel Nesci was only 16 years old!

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Slowly Slowly - Safety Switch     Rock, Alternative 26/11/2019
There’s an unshakable sense of comfort and resonance that comes with listening to Slowly Slowly. Vivid lyricism, emotionally-charged vocals and soaring guitars prove the four-piece as nothing short of striking.
Featuring guest vocals from rising Adelaide-based singer-songwriter Bec Stevens, 'Safety Switch' is the modern rock duet you didn't know you needed. Harnessing the fine line we tread in maintaining a healthy relationship, 'Safety Switch' is a vivid, emotionally-charged effort.

Violent Soho - Vacation Forever     Rock, Garage 26/11/2019
Violent Soho are back with ‘Vacation Forever’, their anthemic new track and first official single since their critically acclaimed #1 multi-ARIA winning, Gold certified fourth studio album ‘WACO’.
Crashing back into the collective conscious of Australia, ‘Vacation Forever’ is everything you want from Mansfield’s favourite sons. A bold, much-needed dose of every day Australian honesty with lyrics like “There’s a baby boomer across the street and it won’t stop staring at me” and “Cause they all want the good life, but I just want to breathe”.

Chantell Alexi - Army Man     Rock 25/11/2019
Mainly an alternative artist, this is Chantell's first venture into Rock. Chantell is never afraid to show her emotions buried deeply within her songs.
Army Man is a metaphore for a broken friendship. I was inspired to write the song after hearing about an old friend joining the Army. This friend had once promised to always be there for me, yet in the end were very quick to turn against me. I think that's something a lot of people can relate to.

Don and the Mobsters - Pure Sin     Rock, Alternative, Blues 25/11/2019
High energy live shows with hooky riffs and punchy vocals, Don and The Mobsters deliver Blues, Soul and a whole lot of Rock and Roll.
Don and the Mobsters come out swinging hard with the first track from their upcoming album, Pure Sin. This gritty Hard Rock track dials in layers of distorted guitars, Don’s signature sultry vocals and drum fills that will keep you up at night wondering how the hell they did that.

FINN - Coming Home     Rock, Blues, Country 25/11/2019
Finn is an original country-rock-blues group from Melbourne fronted by brothers Mark & Luke Finn. Their influences include; JJ Cale, Nick Cave, The Grateful Dead and more.
A blues driven catchy rock song.

Other tracks by FINN:  Hummingbird  -  One More Day