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Mukaizake - The Yeah Conditioner     Rock 17/12/2009
Featuring members of legendary Perth bands Umpire, Adam Said Galore and Blue Tile Lounge, Mukaizake combine intricate, dynamic guitar parts with highly accessible song structures and strong melodic vocals.
The opening rush of adrenaline from forthcoming album Unknown Knowns, ‘The Yeah Conditioner’ is Mukaizake’s triumphant return to the Australian music scene. The track sees the band at their compelling best, combining urgent rhythms, dynamic guitar interplay and Geoff Symons’ strong melodic vocals, twisting and flexing into glowing new shapes.

Other tracks by Mukaizake:  Rule Norse  -  Slack Bees
Max Judo - What's Going On     Indigenous, Soul, Roots 16/12/2009
Max Judo are a four piece rock outfit. They are a roots, rock, soul combo fronted by an-ex pro surfer who freely switches between a didjeridoo and an acoustic guitar.
An upbeat track What's Going On features the skills and talents of Max Judo and his band.

My Fiction - Tonight Tonight     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Dance 09/12/2009
MY Fiction burst onto the Brisbane scene 18 months ago and immediately built a fanbase around their high energy live shows.
Recorded by producer Magoo, Tonight Tonight is the latest single from Brisbane indie electro popsters My Fiction. High energy indie dance track with an 80's feel male vocals and great beat.

Other tracks by My Fiction:  The loop
Sound Casino - Marching On     Rock, Pop 09/12/2009
Formed in 2006 by local Sydney lads Andy Crosby & Ant Cooper SOUNDCASINO’s music is a unique flavour of Melodic Halycon Rock.
Marching On is a high energy and uplifting song perfect for dancing to. Great use of drums and guitar to go along with the vocals and catchy lyrics.

Other tracks by Sound Casino:  Feels So Good  -  The Show
The Twerps - Good Advice     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 08/12/2009
One of Melbourne’s favourite lo-fi pop bands, the Twerps play short, simple but incredibly warmhearted and infectious songs, at times reminiscent of 80s Flying Nun-era NZ pop.
A bittersweet tale of failed friendship set to an insistent beat and chiming, crystalline lead guitar.

Other tracks by The Twerps:  Dance Alone  -  Little Guys
Kate Bradley & the goodbye horses - Some Storms Have Names     Pop, Rock, Garage 01/12/2009
Hailing from the humid city of Brisbane Kate Bradley and the Goodbye Horses create music that moves between indie rock, alt-country, punk and folk styles.
The track is about the superficial and real worries that you get in this world.

Other tracks by Kate Bradley & the goodbye horses:  Hope On This Boat  -  Gold Body
The John Butler Trio - One Way Road     Rock, Roots 18/11/2009
OneWayRoad is a combination of most of my musical influences; dancehall, roots & rock. We found a way to bring all these feels in a way that sounds natural.
One Way Road is a combination of most of my musical influences; dancehall, roots & rock. Somehow we found a way to bring all these feels in a way that sounds natural and not too contrived or cerebral. I’m really happy with how we captured the vibe of this song

Other tracks by The John Butler Trio:  Close To You
Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp - Roulette     Rock, Garage 17/11/2009
Killer surf guitar meets pop garage grooves on Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp. Mariani hits the forefront of the Australian music scene with his bands The Stems and DM3.
Dom first made his mark in the mid to late 80s as the driving force behind now-legendary Perth outfit, the Stems. Following the band’s premature demise after one acclaimed album (At First Sight-Violets Are Blue), Dom went on to produce well-received albums with perfect pop-driven outfits, the Someloves and DM3.

Other tracks by Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp:  Tijuana Dreamin  -  Underwater Casino
The Revelators - That's What I'd Give (For Your Love)     Blues 16/11/2009
The Revelators combines gutsy groove based blues and heartfelt ballads. Including some Camilleri and Creighton originals, along with some tributes in classic Revelators' style, they consider this their true debut.
‘That’s What I’d Give (For Your Love) is as good as anything on Van Morrison’s excellent last album. The Revelators adeptly handle everything from country soul (Here We Go Again) to rocked-up bluegrass (Floating Bridge).’
Juice, Oct 02

Other tracks by The Revelators:  Here We Go Again  -  Hell To Pay
Slight Of Build - Collide     Rock, Psychedelic 12/11/2009
Slight of Build are a noisepop/shoegaze/indie/psychadelic band from Melbourne. Simultaneously graceful, violent, stylish, destructive, adorable, rugged, charming, volatile, desirable, drunken, elegant, dangerous, beautiful...
Collide - like driving fast through the desert in a haze of lust and fury, the landscape speeding past outside the windows while a million thoughts speed through your head.

Other tracks by Slight Of Build:  Burn It To The Ground  -  All Eyes Down
Radiant City - Urban Drill     Rock, Experimental 12/11/2009
RADIANT CITY are a two-piece. Brad plays drums, Andrew plays guitar. the result is a raucous and moody ambience that swells beneath waves of fuzz, driving rhythms and electronic textures.
"Urban Drill is a strident one-two punch that barrels into action with a tumultuous drum beat that could simulate either a roll of thunder, or the brutally loud soundtrack to urban living"

Other tracks by Radiant City:  He Fell After His First Flight  -  Man Versus Mathematician
Rocket to Memphis - No Kissing at the Hop     Rock, Rockabilly, Garage, Blues 12/11/2009
Off-kilter sounds, hip-shakin' rhythms, infectious tunes and seductive vocals... This is the real voodoo, and Rocket to Memphis are in a class of their own.
An up-tempo swampabilly romp which spices up the primal essence of real rock n roll
with wild sounds, sexy vocals and the band's trademark voodoo rhythms. This dance-floor filler is a 2 minute 20 second stompin', hip-shakin' monster!

Other tracks by Rocket to Memphis:  Gator Stomp  -  Bad Girl
Little Scout - Paper Aeroplanes     Pop, Folk, Pop 11/11/2009
Little Scout are a group of friends from Brisbane who have dedicated their lives to crafting perfect indie pop music.
Paper Aeroplanes is a delicately crafted endearing indie pop song. With drums, keys and guitars as the foundation it has enticing and effortless sweet female vocal melodies. With every instrument having its place in the song the result is a sparse and simply beautiful track.

Princess Rodeo - It means nothing     Rock, Pop 10/11/2009
With a smorgasbord of influences, a sense of adventure, and a desire to make aural love to strangers of all shapes and sizes, Princess Rodeo are ready to rock!
“It means nothing” is a melodic journey that explores a moment of truth, where honesty overrides self-preservation. It’s about the magnitude of everything else beyond the individual, swallowing you whole. Driven by a confident pulsing rhythm, the refrain – ‘It means nothing’ is raw and real.

Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes     Rock, Grunge 10/11/2009
Rowland S. Howard is a legend of Australian rock, a musician whose distinctive style and sound has resonated across the underground rock landscape for three decades.
The band lurch in to Pop Crimes as if dragging a rain soaked body across a muddy field. Within the first few breaths Rowland references Stalin, Calvary and genocide, whilst razoring guitar lines the current crop of post-punk revisionists could only fantasize about.

Other tracks by Rowland S. Howard:  (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny  -  Life's What You Make It
Blame Ringo - Garble Arch     Pop, Rock 10/11/2009
Blame Ringo are a band on a unique mission: to use the power of song to Blame Ringo for everything! Three part harmonies and 60s inspired guitars are the norm.
"...Gorgeous driving pop. A great folk-twinged sing song: just the kind I appreciate. A lovely, layered, unaffected recording. Hitting great tones."
-Steph Hughes, triple j

"Blame Ringo strum a gentle pop that has obvious 60s and 70s influences, but bends them carefully to the band's own focussed purposes..."

Ivy St. - Crooked Teeth     Rock, Punk, Garage 10/11/2009
Ivy St. are a three piece post-punk band, based in Hobart. They have played alongside the likes of Buzzcocks (UK), Children Collide, The Grates and The Nation Blue.
3 instruments, 4 verses and a pulse that doesn't let up. a relentless, classic punk inspired track.

Other tracks by Ivy St.:  Drunk On Blood  -  There's A Whole Lot More That Waits
My Majestic Star - Crampling     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop 10/11/2009
Perth band My Majestic Star meld elements of shoegaze and post-rock to create songs brimming with fuzzed-out ambience and shimmering, haunting melodies.
A prime example of My Majestic Star’s ability to merge weightless daydream pop with droning shoegaze. The track’s melodies swim in uppers and downers, all the while building and brooding. The track also features the stunning vocals of the band’s cellist, Miriam Braun, alongside Chris Mason’s distinctively dreamy tones.

Other tracks by My Majestic Star:  Like Cracked Glass  -  Hi
Drawn from Bees - Long Tooth Setting Sun     Rock, Pop 04/11/2009
Drawn from Bees are an Art-Rock band from Brisbane.
Starts off with the vocal harmonies of the chorus. Very hooky. A popular favourite.

Other tracks by Drawn from Bees:  Waiting for the End  -  Amelia
Drawn from Bees - Picture Show     Pop, Rock, Acoustic 04/11/2009
Drawn from Bees are an Art-Rock band from Brisbane.
Track has a very consistent acoustic guitar feel through out, harmony driven, it's got some great hooks, very radio friendly track.

Other tracks by Drawn from Bees:  English Line  -  All This Time