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Only The Sea Slugs - Moonpark (radio Edit)     Rock, Pop, Experimental 15/07/2011
A taste of their forthcoming mini album ‘Street Music’ (out September) Sydney 5 piece Only The Sea Slugs are all set to unleash their new single Moonpark.
Broody and melodic with The Sea Slugs signature reverb rich layers, Moonpark marks the 2nd release from the upcoming ‘Street Music’ mini LP slated for release this September.

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Other tracks by Only The Sea Slugs:  She Said
Pecking Order - Pinata     Rock 13/07/2011
Inventive, loud and direct. Pecking Order are putting attitude back into alternative rock.
Pinata is a song that is remeniscent of mid 90's post grunge era bands like Faith No More and RHCP. Put you're moshing socks on, turn it up loud and get ready to jump around your living room to this great track.

Delorean Tide - Endless (Summer Nights)     Rock, Pop, Punk, Grunge 13/07/2011
We are a band from Sydney that pushes everything constantly and a hard as we possibly can! These songs are off our debut EP"Endless"which we are super proud of !!!
It's an up to date cover of the Richard Marx Song "Endless Summer Nights".....with a few changes.We've shot an insane party video for this song which will be out soon.

Other tracks by Delorean Tide:  Breathless (Part 4)  -  Crown of Stars
What Matters - Past Confrontations     Christian, Rock 13/07/2011
What Matters are an alternative rock band. Their music has been compared to the likes of Anberlin and Reliant K, and their live set has been labeled “highly energetic”.
The 'rockiest' track from the debut album New Beginning. The song has a fresh sound with solid guitar riffs, and embodies the core meaning of the entire album through the lyrics.

Other tracks by What Matters:  Illusions  -  Whispering
Harmony - No Hope     Rock 13/07/2011
Harmony are a 6 piece lo-fi freight train out of Melbourne, haunting and beautiful. Feat Tom from the Nation Blue backed by 3 gospel inspired backing vocalists.
No Hope is our attempt to really hit that sombre note of 50’s & 60’s girl groups. Old instrumentation, haunting melody. It features pretty wailing bridge as performed by Maria Kastaniotis. Once again this was a first take that was intended to be a demo but remained throughout recording, mixing.

Other tracks by Harmony:  Heartache
The Panda Band - 51 Swimsuits     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 11/07/2011
Perth's The Panda Band are set to independently release album 'Charisma Weapon' on their own label Bam*Boo on July 15th followed by a huge national tour July and August.
The inspiration came from watching a Miss America pageant. Most people’s first reaction is quite negative towards these things, but some of them do genuinely great charitable work. They’re out having a go at making the world better.

Broadway Mile - Now You Know     Rock, Pop 11/07/2011
Broadway Mile are a 3-piece rock band from Maitland NSW (north of Sydney). Their influences range from Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Alter Bridge, The Living End, Crowded House to Noiseworks.
The ultimate break up song!

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Other tracks by Broadway Mile:  'Til The End  -  Walk On By
Super Wild Horses - Black Book     Rock, Garage, Punk, Rock 08/07/2011
Super Wild Horses are a female two-piece from Melbourne. Their sound is a mix of energetic Garage, Punk with 60's Girl group melodies.
''Black Book'' is the latest offering from Super Wild Horses. It was originally released on a split 7'' along with friends and fellow Melbournites Boomgates. It has received A Rotation from Sydney's Fbi radio along with solid support from Triple J and even an influential Forkcast from

Other tracks by Super Wild Horses:  Mess Around  -  Standing On The Corner
The Grates - Turn Me On     Rock, Pop 06/07/2011
Tough in its intent and infectious in its delivery, The Grates third album "Secret Rituals" holds the promise of drawing an army of new fans to their beck and call.
First single ‘Turn Me On’ is a statement of intent. Sassy, sexy and bold, ‘Turn Me On’ sheds The Grates’ inhibitions. Incorporating bass, layered keyboards and electronic touches the single is adventurous in its musicality.

Other tracks by The Grates:  Sweet Dreams  -  Like You Could
The Dead Leaves - If The Shoe Fits     Rock, Pop, Country 06/07/2011
The Dead Leaves are a four-piece from Melbourne, their music has been described as a raw and passionate collision of the dark brooding sonics of Joy Division and Grizzly Bear.
This is a slow burning track that creeps up on the listener until it's melodious climax. Lead vocalist Matt Joe Gow's deep baritone is reminiscent of The National's front-man, Matt Berninger. The genre-bending track infuses elements of rock, country and pop and is an absolute beauty.

megastick fanfare - Teething     Rock, Pop 05/07/2011
Megastick Fanfare is a young five-piece from Sydney. Proponents of experimental pop, the band uses a variety of instrumentation - both acoustic and electronic - to create its sound.
The track - much like the album proper - experiments broadly with texture and structure, while maintaining a firm pop grounding and melodic focus. Its infectious, counterpoint vocals are complimented by soaring horn lines, warm keyboards and expansive percussion.

Dave Roberts - The Cold Light Of Day     Rock, Folk 01/07/2011
Original singer songwriter. Whose songs are about real issues and everyday life. The genre is from hard rock to strong ballads with meaningful lyrics that capture the moment.
A song that address's the reality and the seriousness of the drug problem that is sometimes so close to your loved ones.

Other tracks by Dave Roberts:  Blood On The Moon  -  Hero
The Happy Endings - Pull The Trigger     Rock 24/06/2011
The Happy Endings really was just a jam at our mutual friends BBQ that has kept on going.
Honest Pop/Rock music with catchy hooks, killer riffs and danceable beats. Radio ready songs in the vein of Birds of Tokyo.

Other tracks by The Happy Endings:  Backdown  -  Catorina
Regurgitator - One Day     Rock, Pop 22/06/2011
Regurgitator - Brisbane's musical purveyors of all and everything return with new material and an extensive Australian tour.
Regurgitator's punchy fun new track'One Day' from upcoming release 'SuperHappyFuntimeFriends'.
Regurgitator's "UNIT" was recently voted #13 and "Tu Plang" #31 on the industry voted Top 100 Australian albums.

Other tracks by Regurgitator:  No Show  -  All Fake Everything (Radio Edit)
Ill Starred Captain - Four Feet Away     Rock, Garage, Grunge 16/06/2011
A hard touring two piece band creating a wild hearted folk/punk/surfedelic sound made by drummer Justin Francis & singer / guitarist Scott Bassham.
A surfedelic, punkrock journey that makes reference to strange visitation and some big Aussie waves. Wierd for asing written in the depths of an Irish winter. But you can dance to it.

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Other tracks by Ill Starred Captain:  Black Swan Eye  -  All Good Too Easy
Jonnday - One Type Of Falling     Pop, Rock 15/06/2011
Rising Pop-rock stars Jonnday, from the Central Coast NSW, are taking audiences all around Australia by storm with their live performance and their new record 'All or Nothing'.
The story behind the song 'one type of falling' is about how a girl falls in love but finds it difficult to read how the boy is feeling. The song is upbeat and captivating, enjoyable by a variety people with all different tastes

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Abbe May - Design Desire     Rock, Blues 13/06/2011
Abbe May's album “Design Desire” is due for release July 7 and is already one of the most anticipated releases amongst genre-bending tastemakers.
"Design Desire" from the album of the same name by Abbe May

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Other tracks by Abbe May:  Mammalian Locomotion  -  You Could Be Mine
Crooked Saint - The Big Easy     Pop, Rock, Roots 11/06/2011
Melbourne’s 'Crooked Saint' (aka Tim Wheatley) announces his debut EP Every Angry Inch - the project showcasing the multi-instrumentalist in total musical control for the first time.
'Aren't we all looking for the big easy, one last flight of fancy for it all?'

The Paper Scissors - Lung Sum     Rock 07/06/2011
Discovered by underground radio including FBI and Triple J, The Paper Scissors launch their new album "In Loving Memory" in June
Lung Sum, the first single from "In Loving Memory"

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Other tracks by The Paper Scissors:  Taller Than You Then  -  Over There
Enola Fall - I Am An Aerial     Rock, Pop 07/06/2011
Musically they sit somewhere between the cabaret crescendo of Arcade Fire and the windswept melancholy of Tom Waits, singer Joe Nuttall’s voice running the gauntlet from whisper to sea-lion roar.
Title track off the EP, melodically stunning with overtones of Arcade Fire.

Other tracks by Enola Fall:  Andromeda