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Eli Wolfe - She's like an ocean     Blues, Folk, Roots, Rock 02/07/2010
Eli Wolfe is taking his original groove-based and hypnotic songs and captivating instrumentals around the country on his Community Australia Tour. Playing 100 shows this year, a debut album's coming!
'She’s like an ocean’ is based around the instant connection sometimes felt when two people meet each other for the first time, and pondering on why this may be so.

The track features Eli on nylon guitar and stomp, accompanied by cello and harpsichord.

Heidi Everett - AWOL     Rock, Pop, Country, Folk 02/07/2010
A musical performance over ten years in the making with only the very best musicians engaged in this epic adventure, with well known Melbourne songwriter Heidi Everett at the helm.
A highly contagious rock song with the pulse of a galloping horse, AWOL beats out with the energy of an emergency. Lyrics like "Where has all your fight gone? You're not the person that I remember" soar immensely into the final chorus. Heidi's voice is Blondie meets ACDC. Pure fun!

Other tracks by Heidi Everett:  Running Away  -  Another Day
Nathan Kaye - Couldn't Put You Down     Rock, Roots, Blues 02/07/2010
Kaye's music is as raunchy and unrelenting as it is haunting and deeply touching. His Lapsteel-slide guitar work is flawless. His voice scarred with years of a life worth living.
The Zepplin-esque "Couldn't Put You Down" is written about that early 'honeymoon' phase of a relationship when you're doing it several times a day! The Lapsteel slide guitar solo is as unrelenting as teenage lovers on a secluded beach.

Other tracks by Nathan Kaye:  Tear In Your Hand  -  Thought You Were Real
Once Upon a Time in the West - Fall In Line     Rock, Blues 02/07/2010
Blues/rock duo based in Hobart, Tasmania
Fall In Line

Other tracks by Once Upon a Time in the West:  Rainy Day Blues No. 11
Shadow Thieves - Never Seen Today     Rock, Pop 02/07/2010
Shadow Thieves vigorous expression of music is both thought provoking & inspiring enough for even the non-dancers amongst us to rise from our perches & throw our limbs about.
A story about those times in life were you know you have seen better days and there seems to be know answers for the muddle of this present day you find yourself in. The days where you never really see anything but gray matter.

Other tracks by Shadow Thieves:  Mystery  -  Promise
BARB - Leo     Rock 26/06/2010
BARB is a proper band! It's an Antipodeans darling line-up; Liam Finn, Lawrence Arabia, Connan Mockasin, Eliza-Jane and Seamus Ebbs.
Leo pays homage to the great actor Leonardo DiCaprio.. written from the perspective of Connan's 4 year old alter-ego DON DICAPRIO

"Don" ad-libbed all the lyrics on the spot and they over dubbed the rest of the band singing along later. BARB’s homage to the great Leonardo DiCaprio.

Other tracks by BARB:  Alcoholic Darling
Rocketsmiths - Doctor     Rock, Pop, Punk 26/06/2010
Rocketsmiths - one of the most exciting acts in the Australian music scene and with the release of these songs, they are certain to be one of 2010's great finds...
An infectious, high-energy ode to wasted youth and missed opportunities, 'Doctor' is an anthem for the generation that never got around to making anything of their lives...

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Other tracks by Rocketsmiths:  Underground  -  Shot At The Seat
Jimmy Barnes - Before The Devil Knows You're Dead     Rock 22/06/2010
Jimmy Barnes is one of Australia's icons in rock music. Former front man of Cold Chisel, Jimmy has forged a successful solo career with many #1 albums.
Jimmy Barnes has once again delivered one of his most powerful rock singles; ‘Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead’.

Recorded earlier this year with a stellar line up of L.A session musicians, and produced by Don Gehman (REM, John Mellencamp) 'Rage And Ruin' is scheduled for release late August.

Other tracks by Jimmy Barnes:  God or Money  -  Largs Pier Hotel
Tin Can Radio - A Deafening Silence     Rock, Psychedelic, Chill, Electronic 22/06/2010
Tin Can Radio is an unashamedly high energy Brisbane-based band. Their infectious flavour of synth-driven indie dance music infuses the band’s unique melodic stylings to driving discopunk and dance rhythms
A Deafening Silence takes listeners on a sonic journey into dreamy landscapes, indie breakdowns and momentous orchestral features, all the while maintaining a solid pop-sensibility

Other tracks by Tin Can Radio:  From Moments to Memories
7 Years - Seeing Red     Rock, Punk 22/06/2010
Formed in 2004, 7 Years have been working hard on building a fan base and playing as many shows as they can. 7 Years currently working on a new EP.
A catchy track that is one of the best songs the band have written. Very popular track live at gigs and gets the crowd involved

Other tracks by 7 Years:  Days Go By  -  Overtime
White Woods - Ballet Tea     Pop 17/06/2010
Hobart vs Melbourne quintet playing glacial, white-noise driven indie which recalls Flying Nun bands of the Eighties and Rough Trade heroes alike.
Grainy indie-rock with a crystaline finish.

Little Red - Rock It     Rock, Pop 15/06/2010
Little Red came together in Melbourne five years ago, when five very different musicians came together united by a love for infectious hooks, taut rhythms and indelible melodies.
Underpinned by a sly disco bass hook and spry piano, ‘Rock It’ builds from the unhurried verse to an effortlessly anthemic chorus that grows, via the band’s trademark four-part harmonies and thick distorted guitar, into a widescreen aural picture.

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Other tracks by Little Red:  Slow Motion  -  All Mine
Brittle - Teenage Wolf     Rock, Grunge 10/06/2010
Having supported Kisschasy, Katy Perry and Snow Patrol, alternative rockers BRITTLE captured their dynamic live sound and energy on their new EP “The Owls” Produced Mark Opitz (Cold Chisel, INXS)
Teenage wolf is a guitar driven rock song with a positive message and great hooks. The song was written by brittle and promotes everyone's right to be different. Think 30 Seconds to Mars, Greenday and My Chemical Romance and Muse.

Other tracks by Brittle:  Burn My Bridges  -  Weak Spots
Custom Kings - Sunday     Rock, Pop 10/06/2010
After numerous side projects, family obligations and working holidays, Melbourne’s much loved Custom Kings have returned to the studio to record their long awaited second album.
Lead single ‘Sunday’ showcases the above to brilliant effect – fuelled by a giddy rhythm section, rich layered harmonies and Nick Vorrath’s soothing vocals it is a sugar-rush that can’t be denied.

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Other tracks by Custom Kings:  We Go Wild
Jonesez - Best Friends     Rock, Pop 09/06/2010
Jonesez is the brain child of former Horsell Common frontman Mark Stewart. He wrote the debut Jonesez album in his basement in suburban Melbourne with Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy) as producer.
Best Friends is a pop gem. It's written about a guy who put himself through school by selling marijuana to fellow students.

Other tracks by Jonesez:  Piranhas  -  Be That Guy
Russia - Who you know     Rock 09/06/2010
Sweat drenched, straight up and down, four on the floor, ROCK + ROLL!! With fat riffs, big drums and huge choruses, Russia will have you turning up that volume knob!
A high energy, very catchy, party track with disco beats and a rocking chorus! A tale of our personal experiences with the music industry, it's honest and raw and will have you moving your feet + singing along.

Other tracks by Russia:  Centrelink  -  Brothers in the army
Animal Shapes - Attack & Arrest     Rock, Punk 04/06/2010
Animal Shapes recorded their debut album in three days. Featuring members of Sydney bands Grand Fatal, Lungs and The Optionals. They try to construct noodley twinkle-core as democratically as possible.
Taken from Animal Shapes debut album "Calabi-Yau". This track shows off the bands unique harmony, where all members sing.

Other tracks by Animal Shapes:  Planck
Mere Theory - Remedy (Is You)     Rock 02/06/2010
Mere Theory have firmly established themselves as one of Australia’s most intriguing bands. Their no-nonsense attitude and distinct modern rock sound has endeared them to discerning music lovers australia wide.
Its not easy to accept that your actions are contributing to problems, and that habits are hard to break. This song is about 'stepping up to the plate'. The power to change lies in awareness, and in the ability to make action count.

Other tracks by Mere Theory:  Break Through
The Stu Thomas Paradox - Shake Your Derriere     Rock 28/05/2010
The Stu Thomas Paradox is the hot-wired voodoo-surf group, and latest vehicle for the music of Stu Thomas (Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist).
A summer hit waiting to happen, this tune has sly rock groove, and oodles of tasty space. File this one under "SEXY". An invitation to dance, sing and get down and dirty. Tips of the hat to Iggy, The Stones, and Duane Eddy.

Other tracks by The Stu Thomas Paradox:  Lost In Space  -  Love Charm
The ReadyMades - Horatio     , Rock, Blues 26/05/2010
The ReadyMades' quirky blend of original songs reflect the band's sense of fun and the ridiculous. Difficult to pigeonhole, they describe themselves as pop, punk, funk, story telling genre benders.
All jangling, toe tapping, pub stomping ditty about lust gone wrong. Very good for radio.

Other tracks by The ReadyMades:  Wolfman  -  Rip Off