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The Naxalites - Ten To One     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 29/02/2012
The Naxalites play deep and gritty psych-tinged garage rock. They are Keeping Music Evil for Music lovers in Melbourne and, thanks to online radio, the world.
Ten To One is a slightly mystical sounding rock song telling the story of the murder of the Nepalese royal family by tenth in line to the thrown, Prince Dipendra. He emptied the chamber of his M-16 into the royal family until he was King, then shot himself and died.

Other tracks by The Naxalites:  Black Skull Death Cult  -  Massacre In Paraguay
Bridie O'Brien - Disco Lights     Rock, Blues, Roots 29/02/2012
A flaming heart wielding a burning guitar and a soulful voice. Touring her 2nd studio album of original material. Passionate impressive guitar playing meets idiosyncratic vocal delivery.
Upbeat moving rock song, unusual arrangement, passionate lyrics.

Other tracks by Bridie O'Brien:  Dead or Alive  -  Lonely
kellie lloyd - Your Heart Is A Hunter     Rock, Pop 29/02/2012
i write songs in alternate tunings and play live with just a drummer (for massive impact) or a whole band. I'm inspired by PJ Harvey, Swervedriver and Mazzy Star.
haunting organ sets the scene for the driving beat and subdued female vocals. the song moves and dances like a seductive siren drawing in the listener only to surprise them at the end. this song is ultimately a song of hope in letting your heart be free.

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Other tracks by kellie lloyd:  We Are Made Of Stars  -  Insect Wings On Ice
Between The Devil And The Deep - The Bridgeburners     Metal/Punk, Rock, Hardcore 28/02/2012
Sydney's BTDATD are earnest post hardcore in the realm of Refused, ATDI, Fugazi and Defeater, Paper Spine is their debut album
Caustic vocals, guitars darting between heavy riffs and angular intertwining melodies and a cathartic, driven sound

Other tracks by Between The Devil And The Deep:  Ballast  -  Paper Spine
Charlie Horse - Dead Roses     Rock 28/02/2012
……“If Lucinda Williams had ever jammed with The Pretenders, I suspect it would have sounded a little like this – tasty.” whereangelsfear
Dead Roses, a seemingly innocent slow waltz ballad but upon further listens it reveals the sinister side of the singers intentions. She seems to have accepted that there is no happy way out of this and is determined to take the object of her desire with her.


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Other tracks by Charlie Horse:  Am I Not Your Baby No More  -  I Killed My Mind
The Ghost Hotel - Hand That Bleeds     Rock 28/02/2012
The Ghost Hotel are a five-piece mixture of rough and ready guitar noise, acoustic twang
"Hand That Bleeds" - aggressive, heavy and something of a departure from The Ghost Hotel's previous alt-country leanings.

Lovers Jump Creek - Ditty     Rock, Rock 24/02/2012
Lovers Jump Creek write and perform the music they like to play and hear. They take inspiration from many different genres and produce a unique brand of rock.
Ditty is a relentless bass driven track. Easily a crowd favourite the song contains a range of textures, gripping to your ears until its finished with you.

The Floors - You Got to Move     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues, Roots 24/02/2012
Sincere and effectively simple; The Floors’ raw and primitive live sound summons a similarly raw and primitive reaction... people dance. They sing along.
In the studio The Floors are a live band. They perform their songs together in a room, captured by a few German microphones and a friend with good ears. The life of the recording is the performance... You Got to Move!

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Brat Farrar - Punk Records     Rock, Garage, Punk, Psychedelic 22/02/2012
Brat Farrar comes rumbling out of a Melbourne bedroom with tunes that move from new wave garage through to noisy grunge and industrial tinged punk.
First track from the debut Brat Farrar release


Other tracks by Brat Farrar:  You Got Me Hanging Around  -  So Overwhelming
Fushia - Mood Swing     Rock, Pop, Electronic 22/02/2012
"An alternative indie 4-piece from Brisbane, with a median age of 18, but the chops and professionalism of a much older band."
Mood Swing started out as an electro pop tune that Fushia wrote years ago. They were convinced they could turn it into a big rock son. They kept the 80's handclaps though. Handclaps are cool.

The Spindrift Saga - Early in the Morning     Rock, Pop, Grunge, Garage 21/02/2012
This is what happens when three university trained musicians get together and pay homage to the alternative artists that so heavily influenced thier youth.....'riff lovers enter here'
A high energy back tempo inspired groove with a seriously catchy chorus hook. If you've ever had to put up with petty arguments in your relationships with the opposite sex, this track will tap a nerved.

Other tracks by The Spindrift Saga:  Play Your Games  -  Revolution
10BA - Words: Carved Out of Metal     Rock, Metal, Punk, Psychedelic 21/02/2012
Surreal, crazed, impassioned and fiery rock here.
A portentous, staggering journey through primal consciousness.

"Like a ball from a schizophrenic cannon".

Other tracks by 10BA:  Dr Needle Dances The Groove  -  Keep Silent orTell Lies
The Lammas Tide - The Hudson Line     Folk, Psychedelic, Rock 21/02/2012
The Lammas Tide combines elements of traditional English and Scottish folk music with driving grooves, fuzzed out guitar riffs and soaring vocal harmonies.
The Hudson Line is a highly danceable and compelling psych-folk trip to the hippie heyday of Greenwich Village with a catchy fiddle hook and funky groove.

Other tracks by The Lammas Tide:  Lady Godiva  -  The Devil's Stone
Chasing The Jeffrey - Rock This Town (Never Going Home)     Rock, Pop 20/02/2012
Chasing the Jeffrey are a 4 piece ' Pub Rock' band from Queensland . Hard hitting rock, very lyrically diverse and every bit Oz Rock to the core.
As a hard working band that plays most weekends of the year, we wrote this track with the perspective of success for our future as a band. It is a lively track that tells of higher ambitions, such as leaving our hometown and making it 'big' in the city

Other tracks by Chasing The Jeffrey:  Underdog  -  Hollow Son
The Barebones - Strangely Alone     Rock, Folk 17/02/2012
The Barebones are an alternative rock band with a taut backbone of guitar, augmented by waves of piano and organ. Taking inspiration from Wilco, Neil Finn and You Am I.
The track Strangely Alone explores gender roles and how an over-sexed culture renders individuals disconnected and lonely,

Minus House - Apatheist     Rock, Atmospheric 17/02/2012
Minus House can only truly be described as Dream Rock! Employing atmosphere and ambiance to an Alternative rock foundation to create quasi-pop epic's!
Apatheist combines a hard hitting hook based chorus and progressive structure to create a driving and ambitious rock song. Likened to but in no way an imitation of an edgier, harder hitting Coldplay number, Apatheist provides the melodic content to lock itself in your head for days.

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Other tracks by Minus House:  Red  -  Twenty Seven
Made in Japan - Sights and Sounds     Rock, Electronic 17/02/2012
Made in Japan of Sydney play smooth and uncomplicated shoegaze rock. If their debut album 'Sights and Sounds', is anything to go by - 2012 might just be their year.
'Sights and Sounds' is a laid back and gorgeously lush song. Reminiscent of the relaxed vibe of their hometown Sydney, the combination of silky-smooth vocals and honey guitars seems almost picturesque. An irresistible and accessible shoegaze masterpiece.

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Glasfrosch - Green     Rock, Electronic, Pop 16/02/2012
Exploring sound and genre through elements of popular and experimental music, film music and jazz, Glasfrosch make music that is colourful, dreamlike, and challenging.
'Green' by Glasfrosch is a colourful, imaginative track that blends lyricism and electro-pop in a mixture that can only be described as 'just right'. The arrangement pulls out all the stops, including strings, piano, melodica, vocal percussion and brilliant synth sounds. One of the most exciting Australian acts right now.

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Other tracks by Glasfrosch:  Requiem  -  Black Comedy
Lone Tyger - Fortune Teller     Rock, Blues 16/02/2012
Lone Tyger is a three piece electric blues rock band from formed in Melbourne 2010. The single Stone Crow was recorded with producer Stephen Schram Jan 2012.
Produced by Stephen Schram (Little Red, Vasco Era), the track was recorded live and has electric energy of crunchy valve guitar, heavy driven bottom ends, rumbling drums and dulling vocals. A lo-fi bluesy, boogie rock.

Other tracks by Lone Tyger:  Stone Crow
Shannon Noll - Living In Stereo     Rock, Pop 15/02/2012
Multi-Award winning artist Shannon Noll's fourth album, A Million Suns, stays faithful to his classic rock roots while ramping up the pace like never before.
‘Living In Stereo’ is an unapologetic party number, one to put on when getting ready to go out, and then crank up when you get there.