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Salt and Steel - The Beast, The Devil and Me     Rock, Blues, Roots 13/06/2019
Salt and Steel are two fiery and passionate female performers whose earthy, rock, blues and roots inspired sound has been garnishing a growing tribe of committed followers.
The Beast, The Devil and Me is a representation of the fire element. With an unapologetic grinding rock sound, this song diverts from their previous release with a loud, guitar-driven call to embrace the wildness within. Featuring grunting guitars and a chorus of female vocals yelling ‘you won’t slow me down’, the message screams loudly about channeling ones inner fire.

Samsaruh - Powerlines     Rock, Grunge 13/06/2019
Melbourne based singer-songwriter Samsaruh has stormed into the Australian music scene with her stellar debut releases gaining huge radio support including having the #1 played track on triple j.
Back with a vengeance, 'Powerlines' is fierce and frenetic, a driving and determined statement of intent from the young Melbourne artist. The new single is again produced and co-written by Oscar Dawson from Holy Holy, who previously collaborated with Samsaruh on singles 'Subvert' and 'The Beginning'.

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Scarlet Drive - I Just Think That You're Cute     Rock, Funk, Pop, Punk 13/06/2019
Michael, Michael and Maddey deliver nostalgic anthems with youthful vigour and the freshness of their own unique blend of punk, funk and reggae.
Deviating slightly from their staple blend, 'I Just Think That You're Cute' is the product of countless sleepless nights at the studio, and Scarlet Drive's foray into the world of upbeat indie pop with a tongue-in-cheek poke at surface-level relationships.

Stu White - I've Just Driven From Peregian     Rock, Reggae, Chill, Pop 13/06/2019
Stu White is a singer-songwriter from Queensland's Sunshine Coast. His original music blends catchy melodies with lyrics that deal with real life.
Inspired by growing up in the surf and beach culture of the Gold Coast, 'I've Just Driven From Peregian' track is an ode to the ocean. It is written about the Sunshine Coast, where the artist currently resides.

With a catchy hook, and imaginative lyrics, listeners are transported to a simpler time of life.

Other tracks by Stu White:  Orphans Will Rise  -  Mr Anonymous
Summer Flake - In The Dark     Rock 13/06/2019
Summer Flake is the moniker of Melbourne based musician Steph Crase.
'In The Dark' is the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming record. The song's playful drum breaks and big bold guitar riffs belie panicked rumination on how to find a way out of the gloom - a motif repeated throughout the album.

The Barklys - Second Time Around     Rock, Alternative Country 13/06/2019
Melbourne band who write and play original songs in a roots/rock/alt country vein. Big on harmonies. Powerful female lead vocal and strong instrumentation.
Second Time Around is a wry song about making the best of a second chance in life.

Other tracks by The Barklys:  Going Back  -  When The Phone Rings
The Beautiful Monument - Reaper     Rock, Punk, Rock, Pop 13/06/2019
The Beautiful Monument have made it their purpose to express their life experience through music, and to share those terrifying but all too familiar thoughts with the world.
Lifted from their forthcoming album, "Reaper" is a deceptively vibrant rock that contrasts dark rock verses with soaring choruses. "Reaper" is a reflection on the first experience of loss and the grief that follows in its wake. It's a stark realisation of finality of death and how things will never be the same.

The Grogans - How Would You Know     Rock, Easy Listening 13/06/2019
The Grogans mainly focus on surf rock with hints of gutsy blues rhythms and dirty grunge/punk driving grooves as well as a cruisy laid-back reggae aspect to complete their sound.
The band wrote ‘How Would You Know’ after building a Tepee with some friends, intending to portray the feeling of hanging with people close to you and enjoying spending time together “Let these days drag on for hours, as the sun rays make us browner”. Band uses catchy melodies mixed with the meaningful lyrics to pass this onto the listener

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The Immaculate Crows - Psychedelic Girl     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Pop 13/06/2019
The Immaculate Crows were a Brisbane alternative band that played in 1982 and 1984. They were founded by Bruce Neilsen (guitarist, songwriter) and Chris Allen(drums). Bruce named the band.
The song was inspired by a night with a girl called Fiona. I was not an avid drug user but on this rare occasion I ate something Fiona gave me and subsequently couldn't sleep all night and passed away the time doing such exciting things as going for a stroll in Toowong Cemetery and staring at a Donna Summer poster.

The Paddy Cakes - Wasted On Me     Rock 13/06/2019
The Paddy Cakes are quickly forging a name for themselves with their fast-paced, high energy live shows, a contagious sense of mischief and fun, and some seriously slick sound production.
The track is about “being in a bad situation, and understanding how to deal with it. Just learning how to deal with things over the years, moving on, and trying new things

The Rockefeller Frequency - The Rift     Rock 13/06/2019
Rock n Roll band channeling a 90's flavour
With true punk rock ethos, the single has been a full DIY journey, from inception, through to its release. The recording process took place in the band’s own Basement Studios in Brisbane

The Scoundrels - Sail Away     Rock, Punk, Grunge 13/06/2019
"On their debut EP It’s Not That I Don’t Want It, I Just Didn’t Expect It…, South Australia-based outfit The Scoundrels present a slice of alt-rock brilliance." Happy Mag TV
This song is about mental health challenges and finding it difficult to cope with change when you’re already facing a mountain of adversity.

Other tracks by The Scoundrels:  Ordinary Boy
The Trapps - When I'm 22     Rock, Pop, Live Performance, Punk 13/06/2019
the Trapps are a Mid North Coast rock band based in the Manning Valley of NSW. We have been together for about 5 years and released 3 EPs
Written by the Trapps bass player about nostalgic glance in to the everyday observations of a adolescence. We wanted to show a rawer sound to the bands recent recordings .

Tyne-James Organ - Something New     Rock 13/06/2019
The Melbourne singer-songwriter built up an adoring fanbase by releasing unique and captivating cover songs from the likes of Childish Gambino, DMA’s, Chet Faker on his YouTube channel
The man known for wearing his heart on his tight, white sleeve has stomped hard on the pedals with the song possessing a raucous rock level that is a step up. With a chorus that would leave Arctic Monkeys or Royal Blood blue with jealousy, it’s certified to be the next big gun.

Wilding - Speed King of the Commonwealth     Rock, Britpop, Pop 13/06/2019
Wilding is Melbourne odd-pop songwriter Justin Wilding Stokes. His music is a joyous collection of bubblegum-fuzzpop, foppish Abbey Road psychedelia, Madchester grooves, Seventies piano-pop and Merseybeat smiles.
A high energy blast of bubblegum guitar-pop. It’s a joyful and affectionate song about riding a mobility scooter with wilful abandon. A celebration of triumph over adversity. It's one of a series of upcoming observational songs Wilding recently wrote about people who live in his neighbourhood of Coburg, Victoria. Like Alan Bennett jamming with Ray Davies.

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Bad//Dreems - Double Dreaming     Rock 12/06/2019
Bad//Dreems return with Double Dreaming the first offering from their third studio album, due out in October through Farmer and the Owl.
A fevered vision of the end days, an absurd tale of Neil Young’s hearse, Samson and the Lion, identity politics and Celine. It is a fitting introduction to the forthcoming album, with its Devo-esque guitars and frenetic groove. Lyrically the album examines the ridiculousness of the post-truth world as it teeters on the edge of the apocalypse!

Goldfish Smarts - Streets That End In Blue Water     Rock 12/06/2019
Goldfish Smarts is a musical project based in Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches. Three guys, arguably past our prime, but dedicated none the less to making some sleek tunes.
Streets That End In Blue our 11th song! If you live on Sydney’s northern beaches or once did and have moved away or you would like to understand the essence of living in such a beautiful place, this song is for you. Lots of beach vibes, iconic landmarks and a little dig at our former MP/PM

Jailbirds - Nothing Good Lasts Forever     Rock 12/06/2019
Jailbirds follow in the footsteps of AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo and The Lazys - Four on the floor good time Aussie rock and roll!
Big guitars, bigger drums and that attitude. It's Aussie rock like it use to be and will be again!

Kythira - Change My Mind     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Folk 12/06/2019
Kythira is the project of nomadic musician Alyssa Gengos, named after the Greek island of the same name (Κύθηρα).
‘Change My Mind’ “is one of those songs that happened all at once. It was scribbled in a late-night frenzy in my journal and worked out the next morning. I was feeling stuck – I hadn’t written a pop song for months – and so “Change My Mind” was almost a plea to myself to change my thought pattern.

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Other tracks by Kythira:  My Name
Lights Out West - Cactus     Rock 12/06/2019
Lights Out West is a three-piece rock band from Victoria, Australia. Producing energetic guitar and drum driven tracks, the band pay homage to the formative years of Rock and Roll.
‘Cactus’ is the first single release from Lights Out West. ‘Cactus’ was created in the living room with the drums being played on a guitar case and an acoustic bass guitar. The lyrics were inspired on a surf trip to iconic Cactus Beach, south Australia.