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Bitumen - Lash     Rock, Industrial, Punk, Goth 10/10/2018
Grandiose post-industrial power.
Lash is the first track from Discipline Reaction, the much anticipated debut LP from Melbourne based post-punk industrial unit Bitumen. This free-standing document was recorded at Magnet Studios in Coburg, and produced by the band with the help of Alexander Anglias (The Faculty, Ill Globo) – the phantom fifth member, and realised with the guidance of Peter Bramley (Vacant Valley).

Other tracks by Bitumen:  Twice Shy  -  Sicker Dowry
Command A Panda - No One's Fucking Steering     Rock, Hardcore, Blues, Punk 10/10/2018
Duo band making music that sounds old with a little something new, with an outlandish disregard to following any normal genre. Expect a healthy dose of distorted rifts belting drums.
In a nutshell, the song is about how we’re all just kinda wingin’ it and it doesn’t matter how old you are, at the end of the day, we’re all just having a go

Me & Pete - The Road We Come     Rock, Folk, Blues, Alternative Country 10/10/2018
Rousing rhythms and lyrics that tell a story make the music of Me & Pete. Add growling harmonica, mellow flute, vibrant sax and smooth harmonies and that is the band.
The road we come is a sharp, electric folk song that rambles with to an upbeat rhythm and a haunting interplay of flute and sax. The lyrics drift back to times along the road and the lessons taken into the future.

Other tracks by Me & Pete:  Maddi  -  Only Time Will Tell
SARSAPARILLA - POSTCARD     Pop, Rock, Electronic, Gay-Aligned 10/10/2018
SARSAPARILLA is a bedroom producer based in Melbourne. They draw influences from far afield to create beats using found sounds and samples.
SARSAPARILLA teamed up with Sydney based singer/songwriter Rubi, and producer Pete Holz (Gang of Youths, Peking Duk) to produce this first offering - a dreamy, melancholy pop soundscape.

The track POSTCARD is an homage to lives lost and possible futures never seen. It draws on the struggles of conformity and the desire to belong in an increasingly complex world.

The Dunes - Mountain     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Experimental 10/10/2018
The Dunes have quickly gained a reputation in Adelaide as the town's leading psych-drone-fuzz band. The 5 piece have just released their debut album, mixed in US by Brett Orrison.
Mountain is 7 minutes of driving bass & drums, reverb/delay drenched guitars, and 60s inspired keys, with Stacies vox slipping in and out of delayed modulation. It builds to the end of the song, described by one person as "if Fun House era Stooges played Hawkwind". The Dunes are Stacie Reeves, Matt Reiner, Adam Vanderwerf, Jess Honeychurch and Clair O'Boyle.

Other tracks by The Dunes:  New Old  -  When You Wake Up
TIMI TEMPLE - 2pm For Breakfast     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Punk 10/10/2018
TIMI TEMPLE is a DIY musician from Sydney... He blends Garage/Surf/Psych into a melting pot of fun. His songs usually have social/reflective commentary delivered with tongue in cheek attitude!
2pm For Breakfast is Timi Temple’s latest foray into deep lyrics intertwined with infectious cheekiness

The song is inspired by the creative lifestyle, where waking hours vary and routine breakfast times are non-existent!

While this song is fun and upbeat, Timi delivers some political insight into our modern world of capitalism and obsession with wealth through deep intrinsic lyrical prowess.

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Will Coyote - Void Bop     Rock, Roots, Alternative Country, Pop 10/10/2018
Melbourne based, NYC-native songwriter blends psych-folk, post-punk, garage and Americana. Swirling melodies and cinematic arrangements provide bed for the dark comedy of inventive stories and characters, eccentric yet somehow familiar
A swaggering, garage-y stomper that hits like a shot of adrenaline, dealing with such fun subjects as social anxiety and modern disconnection.

Recorded by Alex O'Gorman (Angie McMahon, Dan Parsons, Blake Scott, Batts) and mixed by Anna Laverty (Peep Tempel, Courtney Barnett, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Nick Cave, Loose Tooth).

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Alithia - Diamonds     Rock, Psychedelic 09/10/2018
AlithiA, meaning truth in Greek, was formed by singer John Rousvanis in 2004. The band’s momentum gathered steam, becoming a core component of Australia’s progressive rock scene revival.
AlithiA founder and lead singer John Rousvanis says the new single ‘Diamonds’is about the influences of life’s circumstances and the journey one may wish to take. It encompasses the many states of mind consciously/unconscious, in dream states, being aware of it all at once, while at the same time losing all rationality, faith, and falling into internal collapse and despair."

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Already Gone - Chain     Rock 09/10/2018
A band that has the balance of rock, folk, country and grunge just right. Songs with honesty and substance that get under your skin, cartwheeling around your head for days.
Already Gone are excited to release their new single "Chain" from their forthcoming album. Chain is set to give listeners a taste of what they can expect from Already Gone in the near future. Chain is the first studio single release from Already Gone since their well-received debut EP from 2017 "Get Back Home".

Other tracks by Already Gone:  Fine Line
Broderick Smith - Angus McMillan     Rock, Blues 09/10/2018
Broderick Smith has been making music for almost fifty years, and has been involved in the songwriting of over 200 songs.
From Man Out Of Time, Broderick Smith presents ‘Angus McMillan’. Co-written with Rob Hirst of Midnight Oil, ‘Angus McMillan’ is inspired by PD Gardner’s book ‘Our Murdering Founding Father’.

Broderick Smith - The Desert Blooms Again     Rock, Blues 09/10/2018
Broderick Smith has been making music for almost fifty years, and has been involved in the songwriting of over 200 songs.
‘The Desert Blooms Again’ is a continuation of ‘Unknown Country’ from Brod’s previous album of the same name. In ‘Unknown Country’ the character walks into an unknown wilderness trying to find some meaning, and in ‘The Desert Blooms Again’ the character returns to the town, having realised that what he was looking for was with him all along.

Courtney Barnett - Small Talk     Rock, Folk 09/10/2018
Courtney Barnett shares ‘Small Talk’, an unheard and unreleased track from the sessions which gave birth to Tell Me How You Really Feel, out now via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
The surprise track itself shows Courtney’s stylistic versatility as she winsomely sings over a walking bass-line before launching into joyful a series of ramshackle jams and choruses. It’s a song as skilfully infectious and charming as she’s ever recorded.

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Drunk Mums - Phantom Limb     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 09/10/2018
“The newer stuff is f**king great, and their older material is played with a renewed enthusiasm. The band seems reinvigorated, and their audience is more rabid than ever.” The Music
'PHANTOM LIMB’ - a perfect example of Drunk Mums’ new output: catchy, frenzied and steeped in rich riffs and grit

Jackmann - Not A Bad Person     Rock, Pop, Grunge, Garage 09/10/2018
Born in Australia, baptised in Kenya, tried in Mongolia, tested in Eastern Europe. Jackmann is an age-old story of self-reflection and discovery against a backdrop of identity and conflict.
Recorded by Sam Okell at Abbey Road Studios on March 13, 2018; released July 27, 2018.

John Blease on drums, Adam Chetwood on guitar, Tim Heath on bass, Paddy Milner on Mrs Mills.

This song is a meditation for the 21st Century gentleman.

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Lime Cordiale - Following Fools     Rock 09/10/2018
Lime Cordiale are a Sydney based alternative-indie duo.
Following Fools was influenced by an article by Tim Winton. He talks about sitting in the surf waiting for waves and the conversations he overhears. This song is about the responsibility of these older males. Honesty, Love and Acceptance.

LOSER - Phase Me     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Punk 09/10/2018
LOSER is Tim Maxwell (Apart From This/Grim Rhythm), Chris Cowburn (The Smith Street Band) and Craig Selak (The Bennies). Melbourne's newest alt rock trio, the gift that keeps on giving.
Opening track and new single 'Phase Me' was the first LOSER song written, the song that formed the band. It sounds instantly familiar, with a riff that will circle in your head for days...

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Mannequin Death Squad - Honey Punch     Rock, Garage 09/10/2018
Mannequin Death Squad are a hard hitting punk rock duo from Melbourne combining provocative lyrics with crazy riffing and maximum velocity vocals
“Honey Punch came about before we left for our second tour of the UK. We realised that we had no new songs since the first tour haha. It ended up being a blessing because we had a crazy creative burst and came up with Honey Punch and most of the songs on our upcoming EP in a few days"

MNMM - This Song Is A Lie     Rock, Ambience, Experimental 09/10/2018
MNMM – a captivating ‘middle-east meets west’ mix of post-rock, ambience, heaving progressions and Iranian musical elements.
As the first single off the record, This Song is a Lie opens with a slowly unfolding progression as each instrument chimes in. Light strings, howling kamancheh (Persian spiked fiddle), subtle yet intense drumming and Pour’s guiding vocals all result in culminate in a soundscape defined by intricacies – a true feast for those with adventurous ears.

Monsters of the Dirty South - Unfinished Business     Rock 09/10/2018
Monsters Of The Dirty South is two piece garage rock savagely on its own terms!
Loud, pummelling, two piece garage rock. You'd be forgiven to think this came from a band twice its size. Abrasive, riff heavy guitars, and fast, powerful drumming from this new powerhouse on the scene.

Other tracks by Monsters of the Dirty South:  Swings and Roundabouts
Nitro Zeus - Augment     Rock, Metal 09/10/2018
Alternative rock band from Brisbane. Equal parts absurdity and menace, the band blends a mix of classical music, hard rock, prog, metal, punk and blues.
Quote from Roos Live experience review - "This track sounds like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are joined by a cabaret singer at a doomy, shoegazey, operatic metal show in a blues dive - it's incredible"