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Contrast - Black Hole     Rock 06/12/2018
Contrast formed in Melbourne in 2012 when longtime skateboarding friends James Thomson, Jack Crook and Nathan Brown discovered a mutual love of post-punk/guitar noise music.
'Black hole' is a sonic experimentation that creates a huge wall of sound by tuning the guitars so all the strings drone out. A highlight track off of indie Melbourne band Contrast's debut album 'Singularity,' the guitar riff is accompanied by bitter sweet lyrics that suck the listener deep into a metaphorical black hole."

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Other tracks by Contrast:  Limbo  -  Resistance
Dirtyfrank - Solar Power Man     Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Roots 06/12/2018
Dirtyfrank is an indie acoustic rock band renowned for creating unique, haunting, and distinctive acoustic music filled with powerful raw emotion.
Solar Power Man was written about a delayed Summer, having to keep warm during a cold Summer wondering when the hot weather will arrive.

tilde - Addicted Love     Rock, Grunge, Pop 06/12/2018
Fuzz rock with a 90's tinge.
Fuzz rock with a 90's tinge

Neighbours - Myna     Rock, Garage, Punk 06/12/2018
Neighbours are an effervescent four piece out of Sydney's Inner West.This female fronted garage punk outfit have been described as Xray Specs with 90's guitar and the sound of 1983.
Neighbours latest offering Myna is the shadow to the light of well received single Bubble.
With restless urgency and a menacing gothic tinge Myna broaches on sensitive topics around Australia's prison system.

Rob Favotto - LIFT OFF     Rock, Instrumental, Soundscapes, Atmospheric 06/12/2018
Instrumental progressive epics that take you on a journey to the outer regions of the cosmos....
Rock elements with orchestral dynamics, with clean chordal rhythm passages and distorted lead themes. Powerful and dynamic sections with a grand orchestral style climax. Stylistically, extremely varied, with a journey into the outer limits.......

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Other tracks by Rob Favotto:  Heavenly Regions  -  The Trumpets Sound...
We All Drive - Jack The Ripper     Rock 06/12/2018
2 piece rock band based on the Gold Coast
The title track for We All Drive's debut EP features huge rock sounds with major influences from Motorhead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Other tracks by We All Drive:  Dead Weight  -  Designer Wine
The Dead Pharaohs - Joy     Rock, Britpop 06/12/2018
An eclectic swirling sand storm of finely honed songs drawing on ifluences from Burt Bacharach, to the Kinks, to AC/DC. A bit of something for everyone!
Our ode and homage to the late Ian Curtis.

Greyhound - Glen Davis     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric 06/12/2018
greyhound play really dark music. we are from sydney. we are an instrumental 5 piece. we're doomy and cinematic.
Recorded in the Capertee Valley near the old mining town of Glen Davis, this track is a doomy exploration of pastoral psych and an Australian landscape.

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AGNES BLUE - Wasted     Rock, Garage 06/12/2018
AGNES BLUE are a 2 piece Rock act from The Sunshine Coast, QLD, featuring siblings Jack (Guitars/Vocals, aged 21) and Frea (Drums, aged 19) Blandford.
'Wasted' outlines the societal pressure put on people to give up their creative projects and dreams in order to work 5 or 6 days of the week to make enough money to pay the bills. The song also tells the story of how some people turn to alcohol and drugs of a weekend to forget their troubles and worries.

Roar Sky Harvey - Hail Me     Rock, Rock, Rock 06/12/2018
Roar Sky Harvey are a purely distilled shot of Rock IV - injecting adrenaline and joyous jeopardy back into the sickened Rock scene
a glistening gusto of retro-riveted Rock blended with modern production. Rock n Roll of the 2018 era!

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Other tracks by Roar Sky Harvey:  Roaring Life  -  You Get The Picture
Markus Meo - 4 Lines Here (But The Talent Don't Lie On My Face)     Rock, Roots, Retro, Garage 03/12/2018
Indie songwriter producer from Adelaide South Australia
A fresh new Indie rock tune that gives out a cool vibe with electrifying guitars, 4 Lines Here could mean many things to different people but at it's core it means go after your dreams no matter how old or young you are. The track has a upbeat drum track and simple lyrics but catchy.

Lot56 - One Man Rollin' Stone     Rock, Alternative Country 01/12/2018
Lot56's country rock n roll is the perfect elixir for the soul
One man Rollin Stone is a grass is not greener lament. An all in the mind daydream about how good it must be? but then reality bites with the realisation that all the answers lie within.

Other tracks by Lot56:  A Price Too Big To Pay  -  Darlin' Girl
MARSHALL - Strive and Repair     Rock 01/12/2018
It is my life long goal to put my music out into the world, not just Australia. I am willing to sell my valuables and risk it all!
As we face adversary on a daily basis we continually get knocked down, but we get back up.

This goes the same for the world we live in As humans we destroy the word and the world repairs its self..but as the words say "She won't be in the next life"

Other tracks by MARSHALL:  A Thousand Years High
oWo - Domesticated     Rock, Pop 01/12/2018
A three-wheeled garage hotrod that once cruised the byways of the 70's AM band, now doing burnouts in the carpark of the post-rock supermarket.
A crunchy, catchy riff driving bass and snappy drums percolate under a vulnerable lyric which relates a story of personal angst and frustration at an inability to be content with contendedness.

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Other tracks by oWo:  Ivory Sand
The Royce Twins - Shade Of The Moon     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 01/12/2018
The Royce Twins are Gabriel and Michael Saalfield. These twin brothers are singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. The Twins are known for their original lyrics and harmonies.
The Royce Twins present 'Shade Of The Moon', the next single from their '4 Years' EP. Simply, it's a track for hot summer days and nights. The song is relaxed with great builds and twin harmonies. 'Shade Of The Moon' also showcases some confident lyrics about sharing what you're really thinking with the one that you want to be with.

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Bloods - No Fun Ft Girls Rock!     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Pop 30/11/2018
Whether it’s through their highly infectious, undeniably fun punk-pop-meets-riot-grrrl tunes or their live shows, Bloods has consistently been celebrated by critics and fans alike.
To celebrate five awesome years of Bloods, and to send Sweetie out on a high – The band teamed up with Girls Rock! Sydney and re-recorded ‘No Fun’, a track from their unforgettable first EP ‘Golden Fang’.
The track features new parts from Mia Betteridge (guitar), Roxy Tilse (guitar + BVs), Charley Barnes (vocals), MC, Natalie Patterson (guitar + BVs).

Chavez Cartel - I Can Pretend     Rock, Grunge, Garage 30/11/2018
Following the recent release of their debut single ‘Bipolar Express’, Chavez Cartel have gained new followers both in Australia and internationally through various publications, playlist inclusions and radio airplay.
‘I Can Pretend’ exudes a softer side to Chavez Cartel, exposing a raw and emotional fuelled aspect of their song catalogue and versatile rock style. The track is ultimately about loss and love, dedicated in loving memory of a dear friend Ashley Salkeld.

ARIA award winning producer Govinda Doyle worked his magic on the single ‘I Can Pretend’.

Cheshire Grimm - So Much for the Summer     Rock, Grunge, Pop 30/11/2018
Cheshire Grimm are a New Zealand band currently based in Melbourne Australia who describe their sound as Alt Rock/Grunge with a twist
Don’t Stress . . . It’ll get better soon, I guess . . .

So Much For The Summer is a solemn account from Cheshire Grimm’s dual leading ladies - the painful experience of losing loved ones to suicide.

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Cosmic Fossil - Know Yourself     Rock, Grunge 30/11/2018
3 piece band from ADL. Garage Rock/Funky/Grungy
Know Yourself...

Flight To Dubai - Fearlings     Rock, Punk, Garage 30/11/2018
Sydney's post punk 4-piece, Flight To Dubai deliver a earnestness and vigour performance featuring baritone lead vocals. A deeply satisfying contrast of rock n roll entice and delicate early blues.
Fearlings is an insight into the ghost of a feeling that passes through us when denying an impulse. A sacrificial emotional security leaves us helpless when at our most vulnerable and only prolongs the inevitable - but at what cost?