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Wawawow - Space Invaders     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 15/02/2017
The only onomatopoeia band around, psych-junk foursome Wawawow have one thing on their minds: a weird, good time. Cheeky, trippy, and delightfully screwy.
With a frenetic simplicity, Wawawow's 'Space Invaders' is a nihilistic response to the local scene, combining meaningless lyrics with a raucous quirky energy.

Wawawow - Sabre the Toothtiger     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Experimental 11/04/2018
The only onomatopoeia band around, psych-junk foursome WAWAWOW have a sound described as “a data-driven Thee Oh Sees for kids that keep their shirt on”. Cheeky, trippy, and delightfully screwy.
An expression of the frustrations of collaborative songwriting, through a raucous merger of biting guitar licks and bit-crushed bass synth. Infuriated lyrics through screeching vocals are satirised with one-liner guitar punchlines, as if you put the White Album into a blender and baked it into a modern Bond theme.

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Wawawow - Fluoro Fitzwilliam     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Pop 12/07/2017
The only onomatopoeia band around, psych-junk foursome Wawawow have one thing on their minds: a weird, good time. Cheeky, trippy, and delightfully screwy.
“Fluoro Fitzwilliam” is five fuzzed out minutes of deranged psych pop, inspired by the colourful dreams of a house cat. If you listen closely, you may just hear him calling.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Waverley - Where Were You     Rock 28/09/2011
Waverley bring to the table an unforgettable breed of indie rock with a dirty, 90's twist that land your feet firmly on a place in time.
The unmistakable opening line sets up "Where Were You" as a gritty, indie rock song with a perpetually questioning chorus that will buzz in your head for days. The story follows two lovers, neither making the effort for the other, but to stubborn to just let it go.

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Waverley - Paper Walls     Rock 01/12/2011
Waverley bring to the table an unforgettable breed of indie rock with a dirty, 90's twist that land your feet firmly on a place in time.
Grungy and fun, "Paper Walls" is like a conscience trying to convince that person in your life that there is so much to gain from getting out of a toxic relationship. It’s a tight, drum driven anthem juxtaposed with the raw and indolent voice of front man Darius.

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Waterline - Your Town     Rock 22/03/2012
Waterline is a Melbourne based indie rock band with strong blues, reggae and folk influences. Waterline takes its inspiration from artists like Don Walker, Paul Kelly and Mick Thomas.
Your Town is about bittersweet memories. I hadn't seen or thought of her for 10 years. In a rush of deja vu, it all comes back - the tenderness, the pain; in a moment a past forgotten becomes present again. Is this still your town, or are you long gone?

Other tracks by Waterline:  Perfect Kiss  -  Fire
Water Bear - Interstellar Confusion     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 11/11/2016
Melbourne-based pysch surf-rockers, Water Bear offer up a modernized fusion of the sound of the ‘60s & ‘70s with their second offering 'Purple Jake'.
Purple Jake crash lands on the Australian shoreline, his spaceship is badly damaged from the impact. Jake is disoriented and spends his first moments on Earth absorbing the leisure lifestyle of coastal Australia. He gravitates toward the youth, smokes a bit and inevitably begins his journey on earth.

Other tracks by Water Bear:  Simon Says
Watchour - Here, Now, Because     Pop, Rock 11/10/2011
Watchour is a Sydney based band that have just recorded their first highly acclaimed pop rock EP. Their work was produced by former Thirsty Merc guitarist Sean Carey.
'Here, Now, Because' is a true pop rock tune inspired by bands such as U2, Snow Patrol and Powderfinger. It is an upbeat song that is built around its melodic guitar sounds and compelling vocals. Its message conveys the struggles that many of us have to communicate in relationships.

Other tracks by Watchour:  Falling From Grace  -  Counting Sorrows
Watching Wolves - Heart In A Hurricane     Rock 05/05/2019
Watching Wolves are a high-energy live act that aims to highlight a musical story-telling effect that reminisces and laments over all of life's beauties & tragedies.
Heart In A Hurricane is about the consequences and after-effects of a continually fractured & deteriorating relationship between two individuals that were once very close. The song expresses the reasoning and emotions behind the relationship's breakdown, along with the feeling of abandonment this brings.

Wasters - Bye Bye Bye     Rock 22/01/2016
Wasters combines sunny pop melodies with awkwardly honest lyrics, burying it all under a mountain of gooey fuzz guitar and feedback.
Equally personal and fantastical, “Bye Bye Bye” is the tale of an alien who scorched the earth and fled to outer space. Produced by the band and mixed by Aria-Nominated Producer Pete Holz (Gang of Youths - The Positions).

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Warships - Just Cos I Like You     Rock, Garage, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 06/02/2019
Warships are a 4 piece hailing from Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges, led by drummer/singer/archeologist Phil Moyes and releasing their debut EP in February 2019.
Just Cos I Like You, the lead single from Warships debut EP of the same name. Released as a limited run vinyl 7", the third single from the band features a horn section led by long term John Farnham sax player Steve Williams, cutting lyrics from frontman/drummer Phil Moyes and some tasty guitar work over the outro by Jerry Higgins

Other tracks by Warships:  Revolution  -  Staring at the Waves
Warships - The Ocean     Rock 07/10/2017
Independent Rock n Roll band
The Wave is a rock track with dance grooves

Warships - Set Your Mind     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 14/03/2017
A Rock n Roll band the delivers atmospherics and groove
Driving yet laid back with bass grooves. Soundscapes of synths and delayed guitars

Warren Skane - NOT OF MY TASTE     Rock, Metal 11/03/2019
Electronic Loop Artist/Beat Maker from Perth, Western Australia.
Describes the everyday struggle coping with a fast paced lifestyle!

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  AGAINST ALL EVIL  -  50,000 DREAMS
Warren Skane - I NEED YOU     Rock, Metal 11/04/2019
Electronic Loop Artist/Beatmaker from Perth,Western Australia.
This track is about needing someone in your life despite the arguments and ups and downs that can occur.

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  KEEP THEM GUESSING  -  REALITY IS YOU WITH ME
Warren Skane - Here I Am     Rock, Metal 26/08/2019
Independent Electronic Loop Artist from Butler, Western Australia.
Here I Am is all about finding your soulmate. Strong vocal with a rocking tune to boot.

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  Comin' For Ya  -  Rise Of The Robots
Warning Will Robinson - Element 123     Rock, Electronic, Punk, Retro 13/04/2015
Warning Will Robinson are a Sci-fi technology band from Hobart, Tasmania that writes about science, gadgets, annoying people and day to day theories on life in general.
A satire of the Science research fraternity. Lots of noise and buzzsaw synth with pounding bass and drums and hectic lead guitar.

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Other tracks by Warning Will Robinson:  Exodus  -  Smoke alarm
Warning Will Robinson - Alien in New York     Pop, Dance, Electronic, Rock 15/08/2013
Warning Will Robinson is an electro Sci-fi technology band from Hobart, Tasmania, writing about science, gadgets and day to day theories on life in general.
A song about a runaway alien girl in search of a new planet to live, but finds out that there's no place like home!

Other tracks by Warning Will Robinson:  Push Button  -  Washing Machine
Warning Birds - Sally     Rock, Pop 14/05/2012
Triple J Radio’s Zan Rowe has said of Warning Birds that theirs is “full, heartfelt music”. Their performances are emphatic and energetic, and their music is complex and intelligent.
Sonically cool and deliciously melancholic in the vein of Death Cab for Cutie, ‘Sally’ is a standout piece of songwriting for this new Perth four piece; a stunningly evocative suburban tragedy that tells of the outlawed relationship between a high schooler and his young graduate teacher

Other tracks by Warning Birds:  The Lane  -  Ripcord
Warning Birds - Dark Places     Pop, Rock, Roots, Folk 01/12/2012
Perth four-piece Warning Birds are establishing themselves as a new voice in Western Australian song-writing. From the sun-scorched coast arrives music written by the sea with a distinctly darker edge.
Played out in a rural coastal town and under the shadow of abuse, 'Dark Places' is told from the perspective of a young boy who can only watch on helplessly the girl who lives next door, listening each night to the sounds of the violent home she lives in.