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Reel Deep

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Paul Conrad - Never Enough     Pop, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 26/01/2020
Paul Conrad is coined as Sydney's dark lord of pop
'Never Enough' is Paul Conrad's latest single and leading track for 2020 which will see the release of a three part album trilogy entitled 'Hotel 27'.

The song personifies precepts of addiction and explores the struggles people have in their relationships to things they grow dependent on, be it substances, people, or ideologies.

It is released through Reel Deep.

Paul Conrad - The Rest Of Your Life     Hip Hop, Electronic, Retro, Pop 01/06/2016
Paul Conrad makes music for your last night on earth. A plague of empty pop-songs playing across the sound system in the empty husk of the Vatican or post-apocalyptic Hollywood.
'The Rest Of Your Life' explores every facet of one's life up until the time it was created & listened to and then summons everything that beckons thereafter.

TOMMY - Goldmine     Pop, Retro, Soundscapes, Rock 01/06/2016
The alluring and down-to-earth TOMMY captivates her listeners in all their respective forms with a warmth and fragility around her reverent vocal delivery that is pretty mesmerizing.
With a voice that captivates listeners in all their respective forms, TOMMY's ‘Goldmine’ is the kind of song that makes you want to hold your head out the window of your car & feel the late afternoon headwind as you drive off towards something you’re yet to discover.