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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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Sophisticated Dingo - Head Talk     Rock, Punk, Garage, Rockabilly 08/07/2017
Sophisticated Dingo are drummer James “Jimmy” Medley and frontman Lewis “Lew” Matte. The pair found each other through a shared love for energetic garage-rock and honest pop songwriting.
After being confined to a Melbourne loft and refining their melodies and frenzied arrangements for almost a year, garage-rock duo Sophisticated Dingo are escaping from the captivity of suburbia and confusing drunken conversations with their latest raucous-yet-catchy anthem “Head Talk”.

Balloons Kill Babies - Illuzia     Metal/Punk, Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric 05/07/2017
Balloons Kill Babies are a three-piece making heavy instrumental post-rock. Succinctly described as “huge and dark,” their performances in and around the city attract audiences hungry for something different.
Illuzia is the new instrumental post-rock track from Balloons Kill Babies!

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Lavidius - Cold & Alone     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 05/07/2017
Lavidius is an Australian heavy metal band from Brisbane, formed in 2008.
Brisbane's metal lords Lavidius are taking things up about 20 notches today with their brand new single and video - Cold & Alone.

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Oh/Villain - Constant     Metal/Punk, Punk, Hardcore 05/07/2017
Oh/Villain have shared the stage with the likes of Slaves (USA), Chiodos (USA), Dance Gavin Dance (USA), Save The Clock Tower (AUS), Polaris (AUS) and Storm The Sky (AUS).
Oh/Villain have impressively created a sound that entwines post-hardcore riffs and vocals with beautiful melodies and beat-down hooks, throwing a spin on the traditional foundations of everything there is to love about the post-hardcore movement.

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Stepson - Come With Me     Metal/Punk, Punk, Hardcore 05/07/2017
Stepson are a 5 piece melodic-hardcore band from Brisbane, QLD that pride themselves on having high energy, honest lyrics and raw, emotive music.
Come With Me" is about the constant self-deprecation you face when you think you aren't good enough for some one you truly care about. For me personally, I thought I was doing the right thing but the extent of what I created was ultimately the worst thing I could've done.

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The Playbook - Reach     Pop, Punk, Rock 05/07/2017
5-piece punk rock/pop punk band from Melbourne, Australia.
Reach" - a fast, driving, energetic song with that explores losing touch with someone you thought you could never live without, despite making every effort to continue the relationship that you thought was crucial to your existence.

The Real Mac Dimarco? - Watch It All Evolve     Metal/Punk, Hip Hop, Rock 04/07/2017
The Real Mac Dimarco? are a live hip hop band out of Adelaide with influences ranging from punk rock, funk, grunge, folk and everything in between.
Watch It All Evolve is the first song on our debut EP and will get you started on the journey of our music. Sweet lyrics, a funky bass line & a drum beat that will keep you moving this is definitely a song worth putting on repeat.

Other tracks by The Real Mac Dimarco?:  Papa Luigi  -  Repitition's Back
Whispering Jackie - Breaking Up This Time     Rock, Punk 30/06/2017
Sydney-based punk-rock trio, Whispering Jackie have just released their new single ‘Breaking Up This Time’ and announced a run of shows to support the release.
Combining elements of punk, grunge and garage-rock, ‘Breaking Up This Time’ takes cues from the likes of the group’s staple influences Magic Dirt, Sonic Youth and Hole, whilst melding more modern sounds of White Lung, Best Coast and DZ Deathrays.

Rose Avenue - Losing It     Rock, Punk 29/06/2017
Rose Avenue is a unique alternative smooth hard blend of pop-punk/garage rock and RnB vocals.
“Loosing it” is close to a Classic Pop Blink 182 track but with a twist. It is about learning to have a good time and letting loose. The true core of the song is to create that joyful atmosphere to be able to take the listener out of their world/shell.

The Cherry Dolls - Cop Out     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 27/06/2017
Clocking up two years of unrelenting gigging and recording The Cherry Dolls have given more than fair warning of their promise as one of Australia’s most electrifying bands.
Written in their backyard tin shed studio, Cop Out is the essence of the Dolls sound – taught, angular guitar lines going hell bent for leather out over a thunderous primal beat, staying true to their punk rock roots.

Ultrafeedy - I Don't Believe In Nothing No More     Rock, Punk, Pop, Grunge 27/06/2017
Fast, Loud, Abrasive 2 piece punk rock from Brisbane. With 1 EP already released, Ultrafeedy aim to build on their signature sound, capturing the energy from their live performances.
A track expressing anger and dissolution at ones own life choices, how they fit into society and problems with mental illness. This song is the album opener and sets the pace for the rest of the record with punchy drums and desert guitar tones.

Other tracks by Ultrafeedy:  #1 Son  -  Slaves Of Substance (Traffic Light Song)
Space Boys - Big Fudge Sunday     Metal/Punk, Punk 24/06/2017
Intense punk sounds from a Wollongong 4-piece with no shortage of crust in the mix
Loud filthy bass tones, maniac rambling, genuine cookery

Other tracks by Space Boys:  Shoegazi  -  Filthy Stomp
Drunk Mums - Ode To Death     Rock, Punk, Garage 23/06/2017
Melbourne rock outfit Drunk Mums return with a new single ‘Ode To Death’ The first single of their forthcoming EP Denim.
True to their punk garage sound, this 3-minute banger boasts powerful distorted guitar riffs and an infectious sing-a-long chorus. Following the release of ‘Ode To Death’ Drunk Mums will roll out a small Australian tour with some of their favourite bands in support.

Stand Atlantic - Coffee at Midnight     Rock, Pop, Punk 22/06/2017
Australia's exciting newcomers and alternative pop/rock trio, Stand Atlantic formed in 2015. Bonnie Fraser (vocalist), Jonno Panichi (drummer) and David Potter (bassist) signed with Rude Records only two years later.
With their debut single ‘Coffee at Midnight’ released on June 26th, Bonnie says, “the song is about that feeling of desperately trying to cling onto something or someone vs. finally letting go and realising that maybe it just wasn't that great in the first place.”

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Party Dozen - Straights     Metal/Punk 22/06/2017
Party Dozen is a project loosely based on improvisation.
Straights is balls to the wall. Energetic, heavy and furious.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Instrumentalist of the Year (National Awards) - Kirsty Tickle

Other tracks by Party Dozen:  Wide World  -  Food Play
Alpha Wolf - Golden Fate; Gut Ache     Metal/Punk, Metal, Hardcore 22/06/2017
Metalcore/Nu Metal five piece from Melbourne
Guitarist Sabian Lynch says "this track was written as an outlet for myself, about a time where I neglected to be there for a friend at a time of need. It's about the guilt I've felt and lived with since I heard the news of him taking his life.

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Other tracks by Alpha Wolf:  Ward Of The State
Belle Haven - You     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal 22/06/2017
Five piece post-hardcore band from Melbourne
"Lyrically, 'You.' is my attempt to change my perspective on what it was like to be abandoned by someone I loved in a time of desperate need." Explains vocalist David Vernon of the track

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Luca Brasi - Got To Give     Metal/Punk, Rock, Punk, Pop 22/06/2017
Luca Brasi release their latest single 'Got To Give' ahead of their biggest headline tour to date.
Tassie’s favourite sons Luca Brasi have returned with a brand new song, Got To Give ahead of their biggest tour to date.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (TAS Awards) - Tyler Richardson

Shorelines - New Heights     Pop, Punk 22/06/2017
Brisbane pop-punk band with influences including All Time Low, State Champs, Neck Deep.
This song is about the band members' old bands breaking up and having to start again with Shorelines, so it’s basically about new beginnings and having to leave some things behind.

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Easy Life - I'm Fading Away     Metal/Punk, Pop, Atmospheric 21/06/2017
Easy Life are a young melodic hardcore band from Shellharbour
Melodic hardcore with a killer hook

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