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Positive Feedback

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Haiku Hands - Onset     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Electro-pop collective Haiku Hands have impressed audiences and critics worldwide, becoming one of Australia’s most hyped prospects after bursting onto the scene in 2018
Classic rap braggadocios with a conscious tip. Incorporates sounds and elements from old school 80’s & 90’s hip hop, rave and electro and combines them with contemporary, new school electronic production. The result being a fresh, nostalgic, head banging track that you’ve never heard before. Onset is colourful, wild and rude. Get into it.

Haiku Hands - Not About You (jayteehazard remix)     Electronic, Dance 01/11/2017
Synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands present an eclectic multi-sensory live experience. Their infectious performance commands the room, confirming an act well and truly on the rise.
A fusion of hip hop, pop, electronic, dance and disco to create the club ready remix of the tongue in cheek, rave-inspired 'Not About You'.

Haiku Hands - Not About You     Electronic, Pop 07/06/2017
Haiku Hands, the elusive crew of artists who's influence can be felt across live performance, visual art and production.
A tongue in cheek, rave-inspired introduction to the some of the country's coolest creatives, "Not About You" is four to the floor, pop till you drop.

Haiku Hands - Jupiter     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Hip Hop 18/04/2018
With their signature pairing of genre bending songs, synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands is a three piece hailing from Sydney and Melbourne.
Erupting with buoyant beats and jam-packed with attitude, Jupiter is a collaboration with some of Australia’s finest writers and producers, including Joelistics, Jayteehazard and El Gusto (Hermitude).

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance     Electronic, Dance 05/02/2019
Haiku Hands are Syd/Melb group that combine hip-hop and pop into high energy punk influenced performances. They have often got the label "art rave collective".
This song is an outcome of exploration between Haiku Hands, Joel Ma (Joelistics) and Angus Stuart (El’ Gusto). A bold manoeuvre made to taunt, provoke and defy. Filled with in your face production and high energy vocals, DYNTD builds and bursts into life with a beat that is sure to put your body into action.

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Gunns - Who's Gonna Be Your Dog     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock, Electronic 16/02/2016
Gunns are a WA band leading the way in psychedelic surf rock with garage edge.
Leashed to ricocheting guitar riffs, latest single ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog’ burns through slowly raspy vocals before winding into dangerously flirtatious keys.

WAMAWARDS NOMINEE 2016: Best EP - She's A Rainbow

Other tracks by Gunns:  She's A Rainbow
Gum - The Sky Opened Up     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 03/06/2014
Multi-instrumentalist and all round nice guy, Jay Watson is a wearer of many hats. A member of both Tame Impala and Pond, he’s better known to loved ones as Gum.
'The Sky Opened Up' is a bustling assembly of agitated riffs, lo-fi hooks and building energy. Constantly twisting and whirling, this track is an aural kaleidoscope.

Gum - Misunderstanding     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 13/05/2014
Multi-instrumentalist and all round nice guy, Jay Watson dons many hats. A member of both Tame Impala and Pond, he’s better known to friends as Gumby or Gum.
A collection of 10 songs, described as “paranoid pop songs, mostly about falling in love and all of the things that he thinks are going to kill him”.

Gum - Gemini     Pop, Psychedelic, Soul, Rock 08/11/2016
Gum is the moniker of Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson.
The psychedelic synth-pop single with glimpses of future soul is first cut from Gum's forthcoming LP 'Flash In The Pan' set for release November 11, 2016.

GUM - Couldn't See Past My Ego     Rock, Experimental 19/06/2018
GUM the moniker of Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson.
Described as "an endlessly flexible musical polymath," Watson's ability to traverse multiple genres is evident in his latest sonic offerings, mixed and recorded himself.

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Gum - Anesthetized Lesson (Kevin Parker Remix)     Rock, Experimental, Funk 07/04/2016
Gum is the solo project of Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson.
Recording the album I was listening to a lot of dance music and while it was a big influence, my mixing of the album didn’t really reflect that. When Kev offered to do a remix of ‘Anesthetized Lesson’ and I jumped, I knew he could make it sound wild.”

Other tracks by Gum:  Anesthetized Lesson
Graace - Kissing Boys     Electronic, Pop 08/05/2018
Following her 2017 collaboration with producer Hayden James on platinum selling single ‘Numb,’ GRAACE the moniker of 21 year-old Sydney artist Grace Pitts unveils her debut single ‘Kissing Boys.’
Immediately addictive, ‘Kissing Boys’ is an ode to young love and the antidotes of heartbreak. A piano ballad with a vibrant production twist, the track originated from piano chords that GRAACE had been playing for weeks, unexpectedly evolving one night to form the entire single.

Golden Vessel - Tell The-Girl (ft. Emerson Leif)     Electronic 28/03/2017
Brisbane producer who has collaborated with Woodes, Lastlings and OKBADLANDS and is signed to Exist. Recordings, a new label founded by Danny Harley (The Kite String Tangle).
‘Tell The-Girl’ is characterised by the forward thinking down-tempo electronica, stunning pop melodies and vocal features that fans have become accustomed to.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Golden Vessel - Shoulders (feat. Elkkle & Mallrat)     Electronic, Chill 10/06/2017
Golden Vessel creates smooth electronic arrangements of down-tempo beats featuring elements of hip-hop, trap and soul, all laced in a pristine lo-fi sheen.
The follow up to Tell The-Girl, 'Shoulders' is the new electronic pop gem from rising Brisbane producer Golden Vessel. It features smooth vocals from Mallrat and Elkkle brought to life by Golden Vessel's stunning, glitchy production.


Golden Vessel - MOONSTONE     Electronic 07/12/2018
Brisbane artist Golden Vessel is a gifted producer and songwriter who stays true to his collaborative ethos.
Melting fluid beats with space bound production, ‘MOONSTONE’ is the woozy new single from Golden Vessel and features silky appearances from frequent collaborators and friends Elkkle and Akurei. The track revolves around the theme of missed opportunities and the frustrations that result from knowing you were capable of achieving them.

Golden Vessel - Less~More     Electronic 26/08/2017
Brisbane-based producer Golden Vessel continues to storm through 2017, now releasing third single 'Less~More' feat. OKBADLANDS.
‘Less~More’ sees Golden Vessel team up once again with good friends OKBADLANDS, having featured the fellow Brisbane-based duo on his previous Before Sleep EP.

Golden Vessel - BIGBRIGHT     Electronic 09/10/2018
Brisbane artist Golden Vessel had a standout 2017 with the Right/Side EP release, headline tour, national tour support with The Kite String Tangle, and a festival debut at This That.
Brisbane artist Golden Vessel blasts back into our lives with ‘BIGBRIGHT’ his new single featuring good friends Elkkle, E^ST and DUCKWRTH.

The single is about that feeling you have when you’ve got a new crush on someone and you feel yourself being swept away so you tell yourself to try to slow it down a bit and control your feelings.

Golden Vessel - Daylight     Electronic, Chill 09/11/2017
Max Byrne is a producer out of Brisbane, Australia who is making chilled electronic music under the name Golden Vessel.
‘Daylight’ is the 4th single to be released from the Right/Side EP and features laid-back vocals and a bouncing beat, the track has been a hit with audiences around the country on each live outing.

Ginger And Drum - Ticking Boxes     Electronic, Pop, Dance 11/07/2015
Ginger & Drum's sound encompasses stripped back, echoing beats, mesmerising vocals and a very impressive use of synths.
Evocative indie-electro-pop, brimming with undulating synths, smooth beats and floating, contemplative vocals. Exploring the complexities beneath a seemingly perfect romance, this track not only has atmospheric and laid back vibes, but is also enchantingly expressive.

Ginger & Drum - Habits     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 10/08/2015
Ginger & Drum's sound encompasses stripped back, echoing beats, mesmerising vocals and a very impressive use of synths.
'Habit' delves into the dangers of falling into an addictive cycle of complacency, with Gault’s ethereal vocals deliberately amassing above an intoxicating baseline and trickling synths. The track is the result of 8 months of tireless production, with every kick painfully analysed and every vocal lick scrutinised.