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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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No Zu - Lay of The Land     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic, Funk 11/03/2010
NO ZU is the wild sounds of effected trumpets, heavy percussion and an obsession with the ideas of ‘exotica’ and ‘Australiana’. The rhythmic songs reference free-jazz, funk, and no-wave.
Lay of The Land is a wild song of exotica that features a latin-inspired beat, catchy percussion, haunting and bright synth parts and minimalist lyrical content referencing Australian history. Unique and reverb drenched vocal styles focussed on rhythmic wording and sound make for a strangely uplifting psuedo-dance song!

Other tracks by No Zu:  In a Shroud  -  Tropic of Graffiti
The Videomatics - Intense Wear Lipstick     Rock, Pop, Electronic, Dance 10/03/2010
“They say they’re from Brisbane, sometimes Glasgow. Whatever that means. From what I can gather, they seem influenced by British music, sculpture and, erm, synthesizers.." – Jane Gazzo, Channel [V]
A marvelous melange of 80s inspired pop, this track could have easily appeared on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

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Other tracks by The Videomatics:  Intense Wear Lipstick (Matt Pleasure Remix)
Eleanor Angel - The Well     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 08/03/2010
Brisbane songstress Eleanor Angel is a stunning vocalist whose honest, gentle melodies are delicately woven around fingerstyle guitar. Her songs are augmented by lush, spacious string arrangements and soft percussion.
'The Well' is gentle story of love fading and a relationship drying up. The song boasts gorgeous vocal and string melodies and lush vocal harmonies.

Other tracks by Eleanor Angel:  Into the light  -  Waking up Slowly
Sidwho? - Millionaire [12 inch mix]     Pop, Chill 05/03/2010
Aka Sid Sidhu, also plays in The Swiss and for Empire of the Sun
Vintage laidback disco indie

Clubfeet - Edge of Extremes     Pop, Chill 05/03/2010
Melbourne band. How good is that lead singers voice?
Indie disco

Coral Life - Bondi Dreaming     Pop, Rock 03/03/2010
Coral Life play inspiring danceable music. Led by Amanda Easton of Pop Tarts fame they have are a unique blend of rock, pop and funk.
A somg that captures the vibrant energetic atmosphere of Bondi

Other tracks by Coral Life:  My Daughter
Laura Hill - Odd Socks     Pop, Folk, Roots 03/03/2010
Influenced by her surfing lifestyle, travel, nature, people and life experiences. Laura’s sound is engaging, honest, light hearted and memorable.
A flirty, relaxed and chilled out track perfect for Summer!

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Polaroid Fame - Face Off     Rock, Electronic, Pop 03/03/2010
Dancy Indie Rock with catchy bass lines textured synth beds & hooky vocals with some pop thrown in for good measure.
Face Off is a song about the battle that happens between what your heart feels/wants & what the voices in your head whisper to add confusion & doubt.

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Other tracks by Polaroid Fame:  We Live Your Life  -  Wanna Know
Spearmint Fur - Red Star     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric 03/03/2010
Dreamy, atmospheric, grindy, dissonant, are all words that have been used to describe the music of Spearmint Fur, featuring Singer/songwriter Zadia Lenders who penned this debut album.
Red Star features atmospheric guitars, sweet vocals, interspersed with rocking guitars and muses about feeling like an alien and missing the starship home.

Other tracks by Spearmint Fur:  Maybe  -  Under the Milky Way
The Touch - Shot     Rock, Punk, Dance, Electronic 03/03/2010
If you combined the interlocking riffs of Television with the electronic elements of Bloc Party it might sound something like The Touch.
Shot is the first taste of their work with producer Darren Cross (Gerling, The E.L.F), a more mature sound melding their earlier punk tinged dance rock with an undertone of electronica.

Other tracks by The Touch:  Shot (Youth Remix)  -  Shot (Loot & Plunder Remix)
Ali Towers - Hold On (The Sky's Burning)     Pop, Soul, Folk 25/02/2010
Earthy Guitars, haunting Piano and strings tell stories of loss and hope. Blues and Folk side of Pop, Singer/Songwriter in the vein of Van Morrison, Ray Lamontagne, and Tom Waits.
The age-old story of two young lovers making their way through life, who are then suddenly struck by tragedy.
Originally set in the 2005 Paris Riots.
Its hero and heroine’s names, both beginning with the letter J, are inspired by Lou Reeds characters, Jack and Jane in "Sweet Jane".

Other tracks by Ali Towers:  This Fragile Track  -  The Used Future
Magic Hour - California     Pop, Folk 25/02/2010
Magichour, songwriting duo Ian Housten Shadwell and Gemma Deacon offer an intricate tapestry of nto dreamy pop songs & Soundscapes infused with a verse chorus wisdom, and love of melody
Magic Hour - California.
Acclaimed Songwriting duo Ian Housten Shadwell and Gemma Deacon is an intricate tapestry ofsounds wrapped into dreamy pop songs; Soundscapes infused with a verse chorus wisdom, and a clear love of melody

Benedict Moleta - Minaret     Pop, Rock 25/02/2010
Two tracks from Benedict Moleta's fifth album, released April 2010 on Winterborn/Inertia. Childhood memories are saturated with the Western Australian landscape.
A toe-tapping journey through the outer suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Mixed feelings, nostalgia and excitement.

Other tracks by Benedict Moleta:  Metal Towers
The Stoics - Submarine Song     Pop, Acoustic, Atmospheric 25/02/2010
The Stoics are a five piece alternative pop band. They have independently released three Ep's in the three years since they formed. Their bio overflows with high profile support shows.
A song about the walls of your submarine suddenly blowing out and letting the harsh waters of lonely existence in.

Other tracks by The Stoics:  Living Proof  -  Doom Girl
The Box Rockets - Something     Pop, Britpop, Rock 24/02/2010
The Box Rockets are an indie pop rock outfit hailing from Melbourne, Australia. They produce lean, emotive and melodic music in the vein of The Beatles, Smiths and the French.
'Something' is a sweet, accessible and tender ballad. It contains a wistful nostalgic verse followed by an uplifting triumphant chorus.

Other tracks by The Box Rockets:  So Long  -  Walk On
Anthony James Cox - Sorrow & Joy     Rock, Pop, Soul 24/02/2010
Layered, resonant and soulful would be a few of the ways to describe Brisbane Singer Songwriter Anthony’s music. Intimate melodramas that bite with intensity and touches of joy
A real sense of genuine Joy to get your feet moving in the morning, 3min of Rythmic Bliss, the rock sensibility of driving guitars melded with the rhythms of Africa, and melodies of soul. Transient, fleeting, a moment, a lifetime complete with all of it's Sorrow & Joys

Other tracks by Anthony James Cox:  Under The Light  -  Summer Is No Time for Sadness
El Duende - Creatures     Rock, Pop 24/02/2010
Great songs, great arrangements, brilliant brass section and violin, make this band sound like a cross between the Saints and the Go-Betweens
The tone is set with the rousing opener, Creatures. It's joyous and romantic, but also melancholy and elegiac. It's designed for an adrenaline rush, and it owes a little something to the Saints' Know Your Product.

Other tracks by El Duende:  Trying  -  Lights of Town
Storme - Never     Blues, Roots 24/02/2010
A powerful singer, prolific songwriter. With captivating melodies, soulful harmonies she always has the best talented musicians behind her. Her live performances are inspiring, her recordings a work of art
A light and uplifitng track with smooth blues vocals, an easy going double line and lyrics to promote togetherness .

Other tracks by Storme:  Sillyones  -  Something's Gotta Give
Taylor King - Ready. Aim.     Rock, Pop 23/02/2010
Taylor King is a one piece band without boundaries. Influenced by everything that can be seen, everything that can be heard; out to evoke the deepest of emotion and thought.
This song will mean something different to every single person that listens to it. But to me, it is a very personal song that deals with a lot of troubling issues in my life.

Other tracks by Taylor King:  Counting Numbers  -  All of Us
Trip Poppies - Vegan Baby     Pop, Rock 23/02/2010
Out of the Bundjalung Garden of Eden come the Trip Poppies, with a collusion of Rock & Pop Adult Contemporary music informed by alternative sensibilities and a consciousness of spirit.
This is a simple, sweet love song about opposites attracting. It is fast bossa meets rock meets pop - very post modern! Real flute and percussion give it that extra ear candy.

Other tracks by Trip Poppies:  King of Confidence  -  Everything's Beautiful