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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Slum Sociable - Deja Vu     Pop 08/08/2019
Lo-Fo washed-out jazz hop from Mordialloc’s filthiest animals, Slum Sociable are a duo moving from melancholy and inverted to explorative and experimental.
Melbourne’s much-loved Slum Sociable (Miller Upchurch and Edward Quinn) return with new track ‘Déjà Vu’ taken from their brand new EP L.I.F. which is out today. Premiered on triple j’s Good Nights, the high energy has already been proven to be a fan favourite from just a handful of live performances.

Stevie Bankster - Low     Pop, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop 08/08/2019
Australia's answer to urban and soul music. Smooth emotive tones guarantee you will feel something when listening to Stevie Bankster
Low is a track full of angst and power, a hype song, an anthem of strength and moving forward. Low was birthed in Nashville TN, whilst I was there for a week creating some tunes with producer, prodigy Ben Flanders.

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Stevie Bankster - Unlovable     Pop, RnB, Soul, Chill 08/08/2019
Australia's answer to urban and soul music. Smooth emotive tones guarantee you will feel something when listening to Stevie Bankster
Unlovable was the first track I wrote and recorded in Nashville. I wrote it about my own feeling of worthlessness, because somewhere along the way in this life my default opinion of myself was just that- that I was worthless, Unlovable and not deserving of love. It’s a long journey and I’m still on the road to self love.

Tawny K - Listen Up     Pop, Electronic, Dance 08/08/2019
Tawny K is an aspiring young artist from Adelaide, South Australia, successfully releasing the title track ‘Listen Up’ in 2018 as the lead single from her first studio album.
‘Listen Up’ is a fun and infectious pop hit that features an upbeat dance rhythm, building towards a powerful EDM/electronic breakdown. In the lyrics, the artist talks about topics that are real and relatable, by singing about the need to be understood and listened to by friends and loved ones.

Tim Guy - Magic Man     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic, Dance 08/08/2019
6 albums in, it's beautiful pop music. Guess you could call it lo-fi, but that's not really it. Sometimes it's shimmering and intricate. But, there's more to it that that.
Written, recorded and performed by Tim Guy at Hot Rocks Recording Co. Melbourne.
with Alexandra Roper on drums.
Mixed by Edmund McWilliams at Auckland Recording Studio, Auckland.
Mastered by Gus Franklin at Electric Dreams, South Melbourne.

Twinfolds - Meet You At Dinner     Pop, Rockabilly 08/08/2019
Since forming 2015, Brisbane four-piece Twinfolds have developed a distinctive sound that blends laidback psych-rock and bedroom-pop for a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and forward-thinking.
Meet You at Dinner evokes feelings of nostalgia, as it explores the hurdles at the tail-end of a relationship which ultimately goes astray as a result of struggling to maintain a work-life balance. This nostalgia is layered with a simplistic and ultimately untroubled vibe, it’s wistful yet content, as the woozy instrumentation is layered with effortless vocal delivery

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Other tracks by Twinfolds:  Drowned Out  -  White Flag / This Is Where It's At
Elizabeth - Parties     Pop 07/08/2019
Elizabeth’s solo music is a full floral bloom of heartache and personal reaffirmation. Her voice shimmers, remaining light to the touch as it conveys a multitude of emotions.
Parties is about the lack you feel when you lose someone close to you and try to fill the void with cocktails and strangers. It's about the surprising distance you can feel from someone even though you once loved them so hard. It's a heartbreak banger designed for sad girls and those who love them.

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Odyssey S - Even When We Let Go     Pop, Experimental, Pop, Chill 07/08/2019
Odyssey S is a young, non-binary artist from Melbourne. Debuting his skill for lyrics and pop melodies, matched with modern electro production on his single 'Even When We Let Go'.
Working with Stuart Le Brander (Evangeline) on the track, a simple idea came to life with gorgeous results. “Working with Stuart was a dream. What started as a simple four-chord love song on guitar was quickly fleshed out into a sultry blend of pitched vocals, 808 bass, punchy reverbed drums and layers of vocoder and vocals.” Odyssey S

Sarah Goodwin - Bloom     Pop 06/08/2019
A vivacious artist with the music to make your heart soar, Sarah Goodwin is Australia's new pop princess. Specifically tailored for the commercial scene, her music is sure to POP.
The song 'Bloom' is about growing through adversity and believing in yourself. With soft vocals and a powerful punch in the chorus, this song fills you with inspiration to make you feel like you can overcome anything! With catchy hooks in the song, you wont be able to get Bloom out of your head. Listen, reflect and be inspired

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Other tracks by Sarah Goodwin:  Deep Down
Jason Winston - Yarra     Pop, Gay Alligned, Dance, Electronic 05/08/2019
Originally from Melbourne, singer-songwriter, Jason Winston fuses dance, pop and rnb with a taste for lyrical authenticity.
Yarra unpacks the complicated beginnings of a relationship. This song reflects one magic night in Melbourne. I wrote it a couple of months into the relationship when I found myself overwhelmed with the dynamics. I wanted to capture the limitless nature of my connection with this man.

Jess Tyler - Precious Daddy Issues     Pop, Jazz, Live Performance 05/08/2019
Jess Tyler is an emerging singer-songwriter from Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs. Jess uses irresistible melodies and sound to evoke a vulnerability that is both familiar and fresh.
Delving into the complex matters of daddy issues and finding strength within the conflict.

Other tracks by Jess Tyler:  My Own Way  -  Utopia (No Such Thing)
Lorenzo Iannotti - If Love Comes To Call     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 05/08/2019
As a classically trained tenor, combined with his love for contemporary music, LORENZO’s songs are a powerful mix of strong vocals, creative melodies and powerful lyrics.
Australian music artist Lorenzo Iannotti has just dropped his latest single If Love Comes to Call. Following on from Now and Forever, his breakthrough hit early in 2019 which saw Lorenzo enjoy global attention and massive support at US radio, he’s back with a new heart-stirring mainstream pop ballad.

Dande and The Lion - Twilight Highway     Pop 02/08/2019
“Twilight Highway” is the follow up to their single “Stardust”, accompanied by an innovative animated music video. These tracks precede their EP, recorded and produced by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels).
We wrote Twilight Highway with the intention of creating something lively and basically just wanting to dance! Nick wrote it with Thelma and Louise in mind, two girls having fun, flirting, driving with no real destination. The video has a 90s vibe to it with a computer game feel, leaving the viewer to question the reality of the story.

Doolie - Attention feat. China Roses     Pop, Electronic, RnB 02/08/2019
Blending pop, R&B and electronica, 21-year-old Queensland singer-songwriter Doolie (Doolie Shadforth) delivers ‘Attention’ featuring South Australian electronic pop-rap singer/songwriter China Roses and production by Gold Coast rapper/producer GXNXVS.
As playful as this song is, it’s so true. Doolie wanted every line in this song to be relatable; it’s all about that person you're trying to reach and just can’t quite catch.

Doolie says, "having China Roses feature feels like that obsessive back & forth my girlfriends and I would have about someone we liked."

Dress Code - Youth Culture     Pop 02/08/2019
Emerging indie-pop quartet from Adelaide.
'Youth Culture’ combines the band’s honest and mature songwriting with a youthful charm, reflecting on the ways that young people romanticize everyday moments to imitate fabricated Hollywood-esque glamour.

“We’re a generation that's been raised by movies and TV shows and grandiose moments,” says the band. "...we expect extraordinary things to happen, and when they don’t we fabricate them in hindsight.”

Eleanor Jacks - Blue     Pop, Downbeat, Electronic, Folk 02/08/2019
21yo singer-songwriter Eleanor Jacks wears her heart on her sleeve. Her song-writing and performances have become an essential emotional outlet for a young girl who thinks about things a lot.
Her latest single “Blue” sums up a relationship on a knife edge – a relationship where boundaries are blurred and feelings swing between incredibly good and (self) destructively bad.

The song is Eleanor’s only outlet of expressing “the feelings you have when you know a relationship isn’t good for you but the alternative isn’t what you want either.”

Harrison Storm - Falling Down     Pop 02/08/2019
Harrison Storm catalogs life in similar fashion. His music signifies a turning point as change, growth, and evolution follow on the other side of the song
“These songs are the most relevant to where I am right now,” he explains. “It’s a really interesting time, so the songs are personal and I’m sharing what’s going on with everyone else. It all started in the aftermath of a breakup."

Other tracks by Harrison Storm:  How To Help
Isaac Lilsht Najar - Secret Admirer     Pop, RnB 02/08/2019
My name is Isaac, I'm 18 year old from Melbourne, Australia. Who has a passion for music. I want to share my creativity to the world.
Using a real experience as inspiration for this song.

Jarrod Jeremiah - Moments Time     Pop, Electronic 02/08/2019
Sixteen year old Australian Singer, songwriter and producer began music from a young age. At the age of 15 age he began producing, singing and mixing his tracks independently.
a groovy, unique and one in kind song, as it is set in a 7 4 time signature, which is never seen in Pop music (usually 4 4 or 6 8). The unique time signature gives the song a creative and catchy groove which even to someone who knows nothing of the complexity behind the piece can still groove along.

Jermango Dreaming - La-Dee-Da     Pop 02/08/2019
Jermango Dreaming is the solo project of Sydney party planner Jermaine Sakr who looks to share his introspection through smooth synths and laid back psychedelic vocal styling.
This song is pretty self explanatory. A classic F you, “I don’t need no one” break up song. It’s a follow up of the independence found in breeze, with a bitter sweet twist.