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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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EROS - I'm Sorry     Pop, Easy Listening 17/08/2018
At 18 years of age Eros has already penned over 70 songs. Live on stage is where EROS shines and brings his songs to life.

Kelli Brogan - IF THIS IS ALL THERE IS     Pop, Easy Listening 17/08/2018
Kelli Brogan: A story-teller in song. The messages are emotive and compelling, able to connect with her audience. A talented singer with the ability to cover a range of genres.
The lyrics within this song will resonate with many. Its emotion will ‘speak’ to the audience; it has a truth to it that they will appreciate. The message will be clear to those who make the connection with their own lives or those who they love. Taking charge and making changes, never settling for second best. Such a powerful song.

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Mosquito Coast - Skipping Girl     Pop 17/08/2018
DreamPop duo Naomi Robinson & Conor Barton were discovered in school after winning triple j Unearthed-High 2015. They’ve since had 4 singles on rotation & released the Television Love EP.
With nods to Mosquito Coast's familiar breezy pop sensibilities, ‘Skipping Girl’ brings a new sense of maturity and confidence to their sound. Swirling guitar, sweet harmonies and lush synths provide the backdrop to a contagious melody – a testament to the pair’s songwriting prowess and commitment to developing their craft.

Seattic - Young     Pop, Electronic 17/08/2018
Seattic is a solo synth-pop project by Adrian Osman, a Melbourne based songwriter and former lead guitarist of Brisbane rock outfit Tourism.
'Young' is an upbeat synth-pop track about the struggle of continuing to date the same kind of person over and over, knowing they're never the right one but not changing a thing because of the young, fun and careless energy they give. Young will be the third single following on from 'Hey Girl' and 'Coming Back'.

Bradley Stone - I Choose You     Pop, Acoustic, Folk 15/08/2018
After topping the Triple J Unearthed charts for months, Bradley Stone went from strength to strength, performing at the Sydney Opera House and featuring on Drapht’s ARIA award winning album.
"It's one of the first songs I ever wrote when I was younger, for my first summer love. I feel like it's time we brought love songs back."

Produced by Garrett Kato and Bradley Stone, 'I Choose You' is a beautiful, catchy acoustic pop song.

Edward R. - Paradise     Pop 15/08/2018
Edward R. is the past meets future persona of producer, writer, performer Geoffery Roberts. The Melbourne artist is one of the most versatile new voices in Australian indie-pop.
Paradise' is just the sun-drenched beginning of a new time and space for Edward R. who has spent the last two years refining his sound and playing around with different genres. Drenched in warm hues, it's driven by 60s chamber hooks, dreamy guitar riffs and lush production - with a lyrical reflection on one's hope to find their own nirvana.

The Chesterfield Band - Home     Pop, Roots 15/08/2018
A four-piece band that weaves together elements of indie-rock, roots, folk, and pop to craft a sound that belongs entirely to themselves.
With a unique mix of soaring guitar solos and sauntering melodies, the song’s textured instrumentation feels simultaneously laid-back and energetic.

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Other tracks by The Chesterfield Band:  Imagining
Rya Park - Tokyo     Pop, Rock, Soul, Pop 14/08/2018
Rya Park is a 23 year old rock/soul singer-songwriter. She was born in England, grew up in Singapore and now resides in Melbourne to pursue music.
Rya Park penned the song whilst trying to cope with being in a long-distance relationship, channelling her sense of grief and processing that into a track that is both nostalgic and honest.

On the lyrics and inspiration behind the
track, Rya reflects: “I was seeing someone who went to Tokyo and we did long distance for a while."

Bell City Square - Make Me Feel Nothing     Pop, Electronic 13/08/2018
3-Piece have relocated from Darwin to Melbourne. Shimmering synth/pop. Bell City Square cleverly incorporating electronic elements and often it's the spaces between instrumental flourishes that add lustre to the arrangement
Weaver's matter-of-fact delivery during verses makes the perfect foil for the heart-bleeding vulnerability\u2028 of the single's chorus; his vocal range and emotional investment throughout the song's duration equally impressive. Enter piano stabs to signal the breakdown, giving us a chance to catch our collective breath before one last beseeching chorus plea: "I need something to make me feel nothing!"

Bloods - Step Back     Pop, Rock, Garage 13/08/2018
Sydney band Bloods continue to deliver highly infectious, undeniably fun punk-pop-meets-riot-grrrl tunes with their new single ‘Step Back’. Bloods sophomore album Feelings will be released worldwide on 17th August.
Bloods new single ‘Step Back’ is simple, catchy and reminiscent of all that was good about the 90s. Vocalist MC says of the track, I didn’t write actual lyrics to this song until the day before we recorded it. Clearly I was really feelin’ myself at the time. This was probably the most fun to put the vocals down to!

Brittle Sun - Laika     Pop, Psychedelic, Alternative Country 11/08/2018
Brittle Sun deliver sweet psychedelic folk melodies with dynamic vocals and gorgeous piano woven with lap steel guitar and a solid bass.
A dreamy, poignant song about a dog lost in space.

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Amy & Ant - Rectangle Friend     Pop, Electronic 10/08/2018
Amy & Ant are a pop duo playing songs you'll fall in love with.
Rectangle Friend was written about looking in the mirror to find out who you are. In more recent years the rectangle that is our closest friend is our phone. "She says rectangle friend why are you looking at me that way?"

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Other tracks by Amy & Ant:  Floss  -  Kirra At 3 Feet
Ⓐ - I'll Be Coming Home (feat. Melo & Rosella)     Pop, Dance, Hip Hop 10/08/2018
Beach-induced dance and hip-hop combine from the Australian Mornington Peninsula.
Beach-induced dance and hip-hop combine from the Australian Mornington Peninsula with a story about being lost and Coming Home.

CJ Hooper - When We Rise     Pop, Folk, Christian, Easy Listening 10/08/2018
Strong, emotive, catchy melodies that connect to everyday life is what draws you into CJ Hooper’s music. The Sydney based singer-songwriter plays multiple instruments and delivers distinctive vocal harmonies.
Seductive harmonic guitars, smooth vocals and lush harmonies feature in CJ Hooper’s new single ‘When We Rise’. With catchy uplifting grooves, driving beats and atmospheric weaving guitar lines, this visionary tale of reaching out, inspiring hope and rising from adversity is beautifully written and produced. ‘When We Rise’ is the single from CJ Hooper’s debut EP ‘Urban Road’.

Other tracks by CJ Hooper:  Burning Me Up  -  Highway 14
Dyan Tai - Smoothie     Pop, RnB, Retro 10/08/2018
Malaysian born Dyan Tai, sets himself apart in Sydney’s music scene with his unapologetic and provocative style as a singer/songwriter, performer and DJ.
A upbeat song with 90s retro influence about body positivity and concepts of masculinity in popular culture

Other tracks by Dyan Tai:  6 Figure Man  -  Underneath
Florian - Sweet Devotion     Pop, Dance 10/08/2018
Reborn from the ashes of a lost musician, Florian is an unapologetically pop femme-machine with an Australian accent, pink hair, dance moves for days and a potty mouth.
Sweet Devotion is a bittersweet love song about Sydney, Florian wrote the track from her apartment in Newtown, looking at an amazing Sydney sunset with the disappointment that there was nothing to do once the sun went down. Conflicted about the attraction as an artist to move overseas, this tune is a plea for Sydney to get it’s sh*t together.

Jozsef James - Needs     Pop, Dance, RnB 10/08/2018
Imagine mixing the pop of INXS with edge of Muse and clever pop style of Peter Gabriel and you get an eclectic soundscape with worldly lyrics,
A song about losing oneself in a relationship. What started as a rock song, ended with a George Michael/Prince feel due to producer Danny Sabers vision while recording in the heat of summer 2017 in Palm Springs. The haunting music video was filmed in Joshua Tree, California and the eerie desert imagery blends well with the theme of the song.

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Other tracks by Jozsef James:  Hypnotizing  -  Lies
LUUNG - Overcast     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Easy Listening 10/08/2018
"Overcast" is the follow up release to my debut Ep. It shows my growth as an artist and is one step closer to the sound in my head.
This is a song about life.

Go for a drive with the windows down.

I hope you dig it.

Production & writing: Bailey Jeffs
Mixing: Chad Copelin
Mastering: Simon Lam (kllo)

Matt Alderman - Roll It Again     Pop, Rock 10/08/2018
Matt Alderman is a singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia known for his easy-listening, alt-pop tunes.
‘Roll It Again’ is Matt’s first release since his debut EP ‘Layers’ and is the first of six songs recorded at Wundenberg’s Studio in Adelaide, South Australia. This upbeat yet cruisy tune could easily be the soundtrack to an afternoon at the beach with mates or a cruise in your car with the windows down on a hot summer’s day.

Nic Cassey - Pretty Thin     Pop, Folk, Roots 10/08/2018
Nic Cassey is an enigma. Its hard to pin him down except when he's writing excellent folk songs. He plays all the instruments and sings and writes. Yes. Good.
Dreamy Folk Artist Nic Cassey surprises with “Pretty Thin” a captivating upbeat jam. Nic’s voice finds new depth and resonance on this driving, percussive track with a stack of brass thrown in for powerful effect.