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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Miles Recommeds - Thank You     Pop, Folk, Roots, Rock 10/05/2019
Conceived whilst living through the military coup in Bangkok in 2014, Miles Recommends is the brain-child of singer/songwriting and production duo Des Atkinson and Lou Cadell.
Written expressly for the upcoming Australian federal election, new single 'Thank You' is a rollicking tune which opens up on the fact that whilst both the left and right sides of politics are arguably equally insane, it’s ultimately the disengagement and distraction of the silent majority which allows stupidity to reign supreme

Ok Moon - Harpoon     Pop, Easy Listening, Atmospheric, Atmospheric 10/05/2019
Ok Moon, the collaborative project between Dustin Tebbutt, LANKS, Hayden Calnin and Xavier Dunn deals in raw and colourful stories of the heart woven through cinematic pop songs.
"Harpoon” is the second single from Ok Moon’s forthcoming album, two years in the making. The self-produced release is a combination of four different voices rolling into one, fuelled by a rare creative chemistry and respect for each other. The resulting album is a lush sonic landscape that sways between intimate pianos, yearning guitars and driving electronics.

ORCHA - Reverie     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic, Rock 10/05/2019
ORCHA is the project by Melbourne-based creative Matt Sheers, which carries an experimental, immersive and intricate soundscape of music, which oscillates between acoustic and electronica.
‘Reverie’ is a song about the thoughts of stress and anxiety that constantly race through my head every day, about how I cope with those negative, irrational thoughts by pushing them down, or self-medicating. I look forward to sleeping so much because it’s one of the only true reprieves that I get from the anxious feelings” says ORCHA.

Peak Twins - Water     Pop 10/05/2019
Peak Twins founding members Joel Carey and Liam Kenny formed Peak Twins in their share house in 2012, and have just announced their second album 'Beloved'.
“Water” is essentially a series of positive affirmations, the chorus of which reminds its listener that no matter how much strength one can muster: “Love don’t come easy at all”. Produced by Jack Farley (Twerps, Beaches).

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Peppermint Showers - Dotted Lines     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock, Psychedelic 10/05/2019
Peppermint Showers are a dream pop/bedroom lo-fi band from Perth Western Australia.
Float there with me.

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Other tracks by Peppermint Showers:  Fairhaven
Rabbit in The Tree - You and I     Pop 10/05/2019
Dark-style pop with smooth hooks and amazing vocals.
You and I was written by three teenagers, with one band member [Jas] playing piano, guitar and bass. The track is a about lost opportunity set within a stylised suite of instruments and polished production.

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Rhiannon Paige - Sunshine     Pop, Acoustic 10/05/2019
Melbourne-based female acoustic-indie artist, delivering beautiful melodies over soft, gentle tunes with strong, raw vocals.
A bittersweet story of love that just won't work, Sunshine puts a positive spin on an inevitable end of a relationship. The music is light-hearted and loveable, something you can't help but sing along to.

Other tracks by Rhiannon Paige:  Swim Down
Royal East - My Message     Pop, Rock, Electronic 10/05/2019
Melbourne indie/pop rockers Royal East deliver a velvet sledgehammer hit of syncopated grooves and bright hooks. Supported by dulcet tones of Pat O’Bryan, It’s high energy and it feels good.
Straddling the line between pop synths and guitar driven 00s indie rock, Royal East’s latest offering ‘My Message’ is as ethereal as it is hard-hitting, with recording and production by Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe).

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Simon Pianta - Virtual Reality     Pop 10/05/2019
Producer and Saxophonist making pop songs that are punchy and fun.
Virtual Reality is about someone trapped in a relationship and they've just realised that their expectations have been turned upside down.

Other tracks by Simon Pianta:  Get Connected  -  Sexuficial intelligence
Sophia Berlyn - Can We Go Home Now     Pop, Rock 10/05/2019
Sophia Berlyn is a 21 year old songwriter and vocalist based in her bedroom in Newcastle NSW.
This song is about feeling like you don’t know where your life is going anymore- even though you know you should, and everyone else seems to. Maybe it’s just a quarter life crisis, but damn it sucks.

Yev Kassem - When It's Pretend     Pop, Garage, Folk 10/05/2019
I'm Yev Kassem. I play in a band called 'dave.' but this is my solo thing. It's raw and honest. I record by myself in my kitchen.
A song about the idealistic way we imagine relationships when they aren't real and how we can pretend they are everything that we want.

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Other tracks by Yev Kassem:  Star  -  Smoke Alarm
Zoe A'Dore - Galaxy     Pop, Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
Melbourne artist Zoe A’dore begun her musical journey in classical violin. After some time Zoe went on to learn the electric drums and recognised a penchant for songwriting.
When you find someone and everything seems to make sense. It’s the profound feeling that you can be completely yourself and there’s no limitations with them. You’re now part of this whole new world and it’s a safe space. It’s not that you can’t obtain that happiness as an individual, but more so there’s another person enhancing your amazing qualities.

No Mono - Keep On     Pop, Electronic, Funk 07/05/2019
A collaboration between two of the country's most revered artists Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek, the pair give us a further look into what is a most exciting project
No Mono announce Islands part 2
This iteration sees percussion take on a bigger role. The BPMs are increased and the energy at times borders on frantic, but there’s also a swagger. New single “Keep On” bounces in. A slinky electric guitar noodles in the breaths between rich piano chords. We can picture it sampled in the Black Panther sequel.

Akova - Headlights     Pop, Acoustic, Folk 04/05/2019
Bob Dylan said: “The world don’t need any more songs. They’ve got enough. Unless someone’s gonna come along with a pure heart and has something to say.”
My daughter asked me, "Dad how do I know if this guy is the one?" Love is the bridge that goes from living life on earth to living heaven on earth. Are you in love right now?

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Other tracks by Akova:  Quotes  -  Who Am I
Elliot Cox - Vibraphone     Pop, RnB, Rock, Chill 04/05/2019
Elliot Cox is a dynamic multi - genre artist and producer based in Brisbane, Australia he is also the lead singer and guitarist for 'Elliot Cox and The V Formation'.
Vibraphone is the first single release in 2019 for Elliot Cox. It describes the feeling of first meeting someone and captures those emotions in a song. It is the perfect blend of percussion and harmony, and its catchy melody will keep you bobbing your head the whole way through. Expect to groove, expect harmonies!
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios

Benji Lewis - Away     Pop, Electronic, Gay Alligned 03/05/2019
Australian artist Benji Lewis creates lush landscapes of warm, dreamy, electro-pop sounds that can be likened to that of Sam Smith & Troye Sivan.
Australian artist Benji Lewis returns with his next stand-alone single ‘Away’ (produced by Golden Vessel), which is a song about feeling free and doing whatever you want to do.

Corduroy Spaceship - About Everything     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock, Chill 03/05/2019
Delicate vocal melodies, reverb soaked guitars and crunchy drum recordings are the work of Torsten Gustavsson, whom established Corduroy Spaceship in 2018.
Exploring the themes of love, life and death through an obsession of modern psychedelia and psych pop, the song was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in bedrooms across Australia. The track combines delicate vocal melodies, reverb soaked guitars and crunchy drum recordings to create an ethereal and vast soundscape reminiscent of acts such as Pond and Methyl Ethel.

Other tracks by Corduroy Spaceship:  Something I Could Never Have  -  Dying
Dangerfield - Mystify     Pop, Pop 03/05/2019
Dangerfield is a five-piece rock band from Brisbane. Featuring members of The Thrill, Cassia and Cheesy Crust.
Mystify is an up tempo rock pop track, melodic track featuring Dynamic vocals, soaring guitar parts and a simple yet solid rhythm section.

The song explores the mystical aspect of 2 people getting to know one another, not knowing who or what they want, and whether they want each other at all..

Ed Jackson - Windswept     Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Folk 03/05/2019
Ed Jackson is known for his use of playful lyrics and upbeat melodies offset with human insights and gently unfolding narratives.
Windswept presents a balmy fusion of revelry and young-love. The track has a bright upbeat summer vibe infused with ukulele acoustica and captures the mood of a backyard party at a weatherboard beach house.

Fraser Rathmell - Hard out Here     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Hip Hop 03/05/2019
Fraser Rathmell is a producer and songwriter from Tasmania, Australia who produces R&B influenced tracks with hints of hip hop, electronic and rap.
Hard Out Here is lofi hip hop track layered with vocals on top of a feel-good bouncy beat. It's about trying your best to make a future for yourself but at the same time facing the reality that it’s hard to always keep pushing. There’s a lot of pressure on young people and it’s often hard to express that.