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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Cheungers - I do what i want     Pop, Easy Listening 23/12/2019
School student who produces his own music for himself and for his classmates. Hopes to build a career out of music.
'I do what I want' is a self explanatory song about how you should have fun with your life and enjoy it to its maximin potential. The target audience is school students, as it is a rebellious, upbeat, catchy song.

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Nick Panchuk - She's Gone     Pop, Rock 23/12/2019
Nick Panchuk is a Russian-born recording artist based in Brisbane, Australia.
She's Gone is a track that describes a story of a couple that are in love and that are learning to make mistakes and deal with the real world together. Sometimes we do not realize what our words and actions can do to our other half thinking there will be no consequences.

Other tracks by Nick Panchuk:  Trust me Till The End  -  Need to Need You
Dear Matilda - Can't Stay Away     Pop, Indie, Folk 20/12/2019
Dear Matilda is a singer-songwriter with a lot of punch. Her lyrics are open and honest and leave nothing to be desired. Expect a mix of Folk, pop and rock!
“Can’t Stay Away” is about the age old tale of unrequited love and the optimism one has at first about a new and exciting crush. This track is the first chapter of an upcoming EP for Dear Matilda exploring the fantasy of a long distance crush, which you’ll find out more about later!

G-Nat!on - Girls Night Out     Pop, R&B 20/12/2019
G-NAT!ON, are a dynamic, all girl pop group from Adelaide. This six piece singing sensation are on a mission to impact the Australian scene. Described as a ‘powerhouse of harmonies’,
‘Girls Night Out’ is our very first single release and we describe as our summer anthem. The tropical pop sound and influence that we decided to embrace, is incredibly catchy and will get you up dancing. It follows a strong message about how girls can go out, have a great time without the influence of any boys.

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Jess & Matt - Know About You     Pop, Country 20/12/2019
Sydney duo Jess & Matt’s trademark harmonies have grabbed attention around the globe after taking to the prime time stage of X Factor Australia in 2015.
Written and recorded in Nashville, "Know About You" is a quirky pop-country 21st century love song sharing the real-life story of Jess & Matt's pre-relationship social media stalking from their alternate perspectives. This track is a playful, feel-good and infectious summer pop anthem.

Jessica Hook - Back Into The Blur     Pop 20/12/2019
Jessica Hook is a teenage artist from the Yarra Valley in Victoria and stands on the edge of launching her career with 2 singles out and an upcoming EP.
The lyrics of Back Into The Blur were written in 2 minutes, says Jessica! Penned on the back of an English book during class, it captures creative impulse arising from a real life challenge.

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Jessica Hook - Cold as Ice     Pop 20/12/2019
Jessica Hook is a teenage artist from the Yarra Valley in Victoria and stands on the edge of launching her career with 2 singles out and an upcoming EP.
The song talks about a stage of Jessica's life - when someone who matters, turns cold. The baffling moment when a person you have been close to for such a long time, suddenly acts as though you don't exist.

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Matthew Miller - Piece Of My Heart     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/12/2019
A fusion of current pop and contemporary musical theatre, written from the heart, providing a voice for queer stories in Australian music.
Piece Of My Heart is a cry for honesty in relationships. A heavy lyric with an up tempo pop track to help recreate the confusion experienced during the breakdown of a relationship. Dancing and crying at the same time kind of vibes.

MOSS - Pippi's Song     Pop, Rock, Country, Latin 20/12/2019
MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock & Blues Band, writing social / political songs aimed to get messages important to us out there while you rock.
We saw the parallel between Greta Thunberg and Astrid Lindgren's character; Pippi Longstocking as we witness global leaders unable to debate her on the issue she presents, rather they lowered themselves to bully her by focusing their inept rebuke on her physical appearance and personal attributes. Like Pippi, Greta very ably puts the bullies in the trees.

Polarize - Meet Me In The Middle     Pop, Alternative, Rock, Psych 20/12/2019
Polarize are an indie rock/heady pop band from Melbourne, Australia.
'Meet Me in the Middle' is a slice of modern psych pop. Its built around a set of pulsating synth strings, that helps transport the listener into a slow motion daze, as they waltz through a sleazy LA nightclub circa 1977.

The American Public - City of Thieves     Pop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/12/2019
The American Public (Ben deHoedt, Matt Harris) formed in Adelaide, 2000. Ostensibly a "beats and guitars" duo, encompassing a shared love of intelligent harmonic pop and fascination with the US.
The first AP single in 17 years is a slinky, moody R’n’B flavoured anthem for the opportunists and underdogs, its sonic skylines brought into focus by tightly wound vocal harmonies and shimmering, tremulous guitar passages. It's somewhere on the unlikely continuum between Underground Lovers and Frank Ocean. [THERE IS ONE SWEAR WORD. A NON-EXPLICIT VERSION CAN BE PROVIDED ON REQUEST]

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David Robinson - What in the World?     Pop, Folk, Roots, Country 19/12/2019
David has toured his award-winning songs across Australia and around the world. Armed with guitar, harmonica and expressive voice, David’s loosely-termed ‘folk-pop’ happily wanders through blues, country and punk territories.
Small towns are struggling everywhere and big business and government don't seem to care. People have to leave in order to get on. What can we do to save our heritage?

Other tracks by David Robinson:  Comfort Street  -  Miles to Go
Harry Nathan - Sweet Vanilla Sky     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening 18/12/2019
Harry Nathan is a producer, singer & songwriter from Sydney. He is fundamentally inspired by the desire to explore the intricacies of modern love and human connection.
I wrote Sweet Vanilla Sky whilst going through a break up.

Breeze Millard and Joshua Paton - Holding On     Pop, Easy Listening, Indie 17/12/2019
2017 Whyalla Recording Scholarship Winner Breeze Millard follows up her phenomenal debut with amazing ballad, “Holding On," co-written with piano genius Joshua Paton, creating a powerful vocal and piano duet.
The beautiful ballad explores reminiscing and regretting time gone by, whilst debating whether it is worth "holding on" to these memories or letting go in hope for the future. This song resonates with fans of all ages, as we all share experiences which we wish to forget or relive.

Catcall - One Desire     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/12/2019
Catcall is an electronic pop artist from Sydney.
80's inspired synth-pop produced by Catcall

Gabbi Bolt - Christmas Eve (Gremlins)     Pop, Soul, Roots, Comedy 17/12/2019
A 22 year old songwriter equipped with a keyboard and a groove. A soulful mix of Norah Jones, Janis Joplin and Adele all rolled into one weird alto butter blend.
Christmas Eve (Gremlins) is about being a broke uni student at Christmas time. It's a one-woman show, with a vintage wurlitzer electric piano, and multi-layered harmonies. Gabbi sings and plays like the love child of Stevie Wonder and Fiona Apple.

It is the lead track from the Dreaming of a Green Christmas fundraising compilation album, available from Lifeline Central West.

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James Franklin - Peace, Love and Freedom     Pop, Rock 17/12/2019
A pinch of Folk, A teaspoon of Rock, A handful of Soul and the comfort food that is James Franklin’s music is ready to make you feel good.
I wrote this song for the youth of the world who fight everyday for what they believe in. This is for the ones who fight for "Peace, Love and Freedom"

Jozsef James - Be Wild     Pop, Dance, Soul, R&B 17/12/2019
Eclectic, funky pop. Imagine Michael Hutchence started a band with Prince and Peter Gabriel. Soulful vocals and dance-able, funky production.
A funky, upbeat song about overcoming the loss of a loved one. With an uplifting gospel choir chorus and Bowie-esque guitar licks to match, let this song lift your mood and challenge you not to sing along.

This is Jozsef James second release with producer Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, Madonna, David Bowie, Michael Hutchence).

LARA - Fashion     Pop, Dance 17/12/2019
Alternative pop singer and keys player.
This track is inspired by Vogue/ disco and disco house. It's a super catchy pop-disco track with a strut-worthy chorus and all the 70's vibes.

Le Fleur - The Sands of Time     Pop, Soul, R&B, Jazz 17/12/2019
Hook filled funk pop from the planet Melbourne
The Sands of Time is a funk pop song with a message of self empowerment and hooks that you'll be singing for the rest of time.