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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Mell - Wolf     Pop, Easy Listening 15/08/2019
A gifted singer/songwriter, Mell has self recorded and produced her first single which was mastered by Leon Zervos (Studios 301, Sydney).
Wolf is Mell's debut single.

Being a rare style in Mell's repertoire she decided to release the single prior to her upcoming debut album.

Nick de la Hoyde - Animals     Pop, RnB, Country, Electronic 15/08/2019
Melding his love of hip hop, pop and R&B with introspective lyrics Nick and his producer/collaborator ZU/ZU, have together crafted a sound that is simultaneously intimate, expansive and engaging.
Animals marks a new era in Nick’s musical evolution, comfortable with the pop music mould enough to break and carve it his own way. About the journey back to discovering our own inner instincts, Animals is a bright, synth and percussion laden track. Along with long time collaborator ZU/ZU, Nick mixes subtly with moments of grandeur.

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Nick de la Hoyde - Ghost     Pop, Electronic, Country, Dance 15/08/2019
Melding his love of hip hop, pop and R&B with introspective lyrics Nick and his producer/collaborator ZU/ZU, have together crafted a sound that is simultaneously intimate, expansive and engaging.
In Ghost Nick swoons over what’s its like growing up, falling in love and hoping everything you do will be remembered. Verging on country in its story telling, Ghost is bright and yet nostalgic, making it one of Nick’s most emotional releases to date. Ghost features organic instrumentation, sweet guitar and piano tones, pulsing drum rhythms and retro synths.

Poppongene - Eternally Alone     Pop 15/08/2019
POPPONGENE is the alias of multidisciplinary Melbourne artist Sophie Treloar. Originally from Byron Bay, Treloar is now based in Melbourne and is spending her time bringing you devotional dream-pop.
Produced in collaboration with Tim Harvey (Real Feelings, Jade Imagine, Emma Louise), “Eternally Alone” is an upbeat ode to dating-complacence, dreaming of an effortless connection, all the while reasoning that alone isn't so bad. A humorous pop song about wanting warm connection without warped compromise. A daydream about a lovely shimmering romance that no one has time for.

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Sophie Castriota - Whipped     Pop, Dance 14/08/2019
Sophie Castriota is an Australian artist and singer songwriter from Brisbane, Australia
This song is about a bad breakup and becoming free... To find your self worth and power.

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King Ibis - Apple Tree     Pop, Folk, Dance 14/08/2019
King Ibis draw a sound that's familiar yet individual. Their alternative/indie take on pop melodies and fun grooves is infectious and likely to leave you wanting more.
Wanting something unattainable, the forbidden fruit in the apple tree.

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Other tracks by King Ibis:  Another Week Alone  -  On The Roof
Lyndsie Storer - How Do I Say Goodbye     Pop, Acoustic 14/08/2019
Lyndsie Storer is a singer songwriter who touches hearts through her lyrics.
This is a touching song that many can relate to. Very moving and relatable.

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WE ALL WANT TO - Sad Secret     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 14/08/2019
Brisbane supergroup WE ALL WANT TO have been making sublime pop music for nearly ten years now. They're masters of hooky indie anthems, smart, sweet and clever..
A song left over from the recent 'On The Dots' album, Sad Secret is nonetheless a subtle pop gem, two and a half minutes of emotive, wistful and vulnerable songwriting. Skye Staniford's singing finds that place where regret and hurt turn into resolve, making this a tiny anthem for anyone who's ever had their heart broken.

E for Echo - How To Win     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic 13/08/2019
They have had an exciting year to date, accumulating +12K streams on Spotify, playing with The Jezabel's and launching Talk Don't Talk at a sold-out show at Oxford Art Factory.
It kicks off with sparse drums and syncopated bass that frame the band's signature layered vocals. With a fast-paced, rhythmic delivery, it's reminiscent of the late noughties acts The Ting Ting's, followed by a hook-heavy chorus and an unexpected, dancehall electro breakdown.

"How To Win speaks to the frustration we can all feel trying to keep our heads above water.”

N.Y.C.K. - Alive     Pop 13/08/2019
N.Y.C.K. write songs together most weeks and record them on the floor boards that crack on an upright piano, two synthesisers and a recording device that Nick bought one summer.
The last piece of the puzzle from their debut EP of the same name, ‘Alive’ is the final chapter of the chronological breakup, heartache and change explored from N.Y.C.K’s first release. Sitting as the first song on forthcoming album Wild Streak, ‘Alive’ is devastating in its lyricism and triumphantly elated in its musicality

Nick Griffith - Back and Forth     Pop, Electronic, Experimental 13/08/2019
Meet Illawarra-based artist, Nick Griffith, who shares his debut single, 'Back and Forth'. Out August 14 via Dinosaur City, the track is a unique blend of indie, electronica and pop.
A new and re-worked version of a song Griffith wrote back in 2015, 'Back and Forth' is built upon vintage drum machines and distorted synths.

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Elenore - Landslide     Pop 12/08/2019
Elenore is the vibrant new pop disturbance to hit Melbourne, bringing together tones of smooth, sultry and striking vocals creating her distinctive sound.
'Landslide' goes through the ups and downs of a relationship both with a partner and with yourself. It stems from the struggle of rising and lowering emotions sprouting from mental health and self worth.

S3 Saba Brothers - Can I Have this Dance     Pop, Chill, Rock, Folk 12/08/2019
Raymond, Steven and Nathan are brothers who together have formed a band in 2010. Music is their career and what they aspire to do for the rest of their life.
The new release blends genres, utilizing a fresh indie sound with hints of contemporary pop and alt-country. The boys have delivered yet another radio-friendly track that’s sure to expand their fan base and attract attention all over the country.

DALLI - Blood     Pop, Electronic, Rock 09/08/2019
“He builds a dream-pop vibe of cascading guitars and harmonic synths. Dalli then rests atop this floaty musical base to lay his booming and emotive lyrics.” - AAA Backstage
"Blood’ is about sticking by someone even when everyone else has cut ties and closed the door on them. It’s for a family member of mine who I love, but have really struggled to trust and forgive over the years. It’s about learning the hardships of unconditional love.” Dalli

Haiden - All About Me     Pop 09/08/2019
Sydney based, 14 y/o Songwriter, Artist and Percussionist
Indie/ Pop/ Contemporary R&B

Ilka - Walked On     Pop, Downbeat, Experimental 09/08/2019
Ilka has a strong deep velvety voice that she pairs with poetic lyrics. Her debut single made quite a splash charting in the top 10 of triple J unearthed.
Walked on is about feeling intimidated by someone, and how even people you are close to can make you feel ungrounded. Anyone can break your heart even those that intimate you. With arresting lyrics and a velvety voice this song might just break your heart too.

Isaak & Cherri - Raining     Pop, Alternative Country 09/08/2019
You want to hear how an acoustic guitar and vocal session would really sound? Steady yourself for what you are about to hear.
The self-penned "Raining" will take you by storm. Don't be lulled into a false sense of "what's so special about guitar and vocals?" vibe. When you feel the hairs on the back of your arm lifting off you'll know you're listening to a tune that is pitch-perfect.

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Jason Fichera - For You     Pop, Electronic 09/08/2019
Australian singer-songwriter & producer delivers his most accomplished work yet with the release of his highly anticipated single 'For You'.
'For You' tells the sweet story of falling in love and delineates the victorious relief that comes with finally letting go. Contains euphoric synths, melodic drops and catchy vocal hooks.

Other tracks by Jason Fichera:  For You (Acoustic)
Joe Mungovan - Be With You     Pop, Folk, Chill 09/08/2019
Kiama native Joe Mungovan blends indie folk and pop together to produce his unique style. With attention to articulate lyrics and rhythmic detail, Joe’s songs express his genuine emotion.
'Be With You' is a slow building song layered with many different textures and colours. The track displays a new side of Mungovan’s sonic pallet with the use of ambient strings, lifting synths and syncopated rhythms.

Leanne Tennant - Bring It All Back     Pop, Rock, Roots, Folk 09/08/2019
"Bring It All Back" flaunts thick bass-lines, catchy guitar licks and Leanne's signature silky vocals. Leanne is the 2018 Carol Lloyd Award recipient, and 2 x time Qld Music winner.
Her new single "Bring It All Back" is about a conversation between two people with opposing views, and leans into the current social climate, "it’s about one person who is willing to challenge their own thoughts and ideas, however failing in epic proportions as they’re stuck communicating with someone that has their mind set and refuses to generate alternative perceptions."