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Mucho Bravado

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Sex On Toast - Doubt     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Retro 12/03/2016
Melbourne's Sex on Toast are an irrepressibly charming 10 man organisation who specialise in raw early 80’s funk, hard-edged new jack swing, blazing improvisation and heartfelt blue-eyed soul.
First listen of 'Doubt': you'll be hit in the guts by its Phil Spector-esque 'wall of sound' production. Second listen: you'll snicker at the flippant observational lyrics as they follow a protagonist who is an "unappealing git". Third listen: you'll view Sex On Toast in a whole new light.

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Meredith - How Could You Believe That     Electronic, Downbeat, Folk 18/03/2016
Brisbane artist Meredith creates music that is effortless and free flowing and as utterly enthralling as the singer’s warm aura.
The single is a twinkling yet unsettling exploration of how a toxic relationship can affect not only the sufferer themselves, but also those closest to them.

Gypsy and The Cat - I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else     Electronic, Pop 22/03/2016
Gypsy and The Cat is the moniker for Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers.
Gypsy and the Cat have dropped 'I Just Want To Be Somebody Else', the scintillating second single from their upcoming highly-anticipated LP.

'I Just Want To Be Somebody Else' is brightly furnished with summery, undulant synths, featuring Gypsy & the Cat's iconic lighthearted harmonies and a driving, anthemic chorus.

SKIES - Speed Boy     Electronic, Pop 22/03/2016
SKIES are a three piece electronic band from Adelaide, South Australia. Their 2015 singles 'Call for My Heart' and 'Too Young' both garnered heavy praise. Now they return with 'Speedboy'
Its about the limbo of relationships. A lack of progress, in conjunction with the constant emotional ups and downs. The notion that the relationship is rotating a vicious cycle of emotion, and each time you end up at the same position.

2016 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE: Best Song, Best Music Video (Mitchel Tuul for Skies’ ‘Speed Boy’)

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

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Jenny Broke the Window - Airport Love     Pop, Rock 24/03/2016
Jenny Broke the Window are an alternative/pop band from Sydney, who have amassed well over 2 million streams online and reached an audience well beyond their humble hometown.
Swelling, wistful, and atmospheric, the song's rhythm echoes the beat of a heart that's had just about enough. Hushed vocals are juxtaposed over bubbling synths, strings and cruchy guitar riffs that add just the right amount of drama.

Darling James - The Itch     Rock, Folk 29/03/2016
Darling James is the moniker of Melbourne-based songwriter James O'Brien, former frontman of The Boat People.
Intergalactic imagery is jarringly juxtaposed with scenes from everyday life as O'Brien admits his inability to outrun himself. “Every atom pulled apart, a cloud of dust then ancient stars” he sings while almost immediately settling on more terrestrial concerns - “take me to that party you talked about last night”.

Boxxer - The Air Inside My Lungs     Electronic 08/04/2016
Boxxer is the result of methodical isolation and an artists obsession with musical experimentation
Boxxer’s debut single is atmospheric pop with subtle accents of R&B. Undulating synths demanding excitement, pulling us forward. As the synthesised soundscape builds it’s easy to be seduced into the melody and hooked on the narrative of heartbreak and desire. Haunting and reckless yet speckled with hope.

Self Talk - Hypocrite     Rock, Punk 08/04/2016
Self Talk write punchy pop-rock songs, inspired by heartache and hindsight, nostalgia and new beginnings.
Hypocrite is a catchy pop-rock song with a dark edge, about the regrets and internal struggle we experience at the inevitable end of an on-again-­off-­again relationship.
It’s about seeing what we want to see until, with the help of hindsight, we can finally see clearly.

Vinnie LaDuce - Passion Pop     Electronic 08/04/2016
The audacious Vinnie LaDuce from Byron Bay Australia
The pop of a cheap bottle of bubbles and carefree afternoon at the beach with a couple of your closest friends. It’s no wonder the latest Vinnie LaDuce joint is so damn breezy when he spends the end of most days doing exactly that.

The Sinking Teeth - Pavement     Rock, Punk 14/04/2016
The Sinking Teeth are a three piece rock band from Melbourne. They've played alongside the likes of Bodyjar, Luca Brasi and Kingswood. They release their debut album this year.
'Pavement' was written to bind people together in an ever disconnected society. The Teeth just want you to take a goddamn grip of yourself and be grateful for your roots. If The Teeth’s urban anthem doesn’t extract melancholy commuters out of their tight suits and onto the pavement, nothing will.

Other tracks by The Sinking Teeth:  Good Grief
Stillwater Giants - Montage     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 14/04/2016
Stillwater Giants have returned from a long bout of silence to unleash 'Patience' & 'Montage', the infectious first two singles from their upcoming debut LP, to be released in June.
'Montage' is evidence of the band's maturing sound, while maintaining all their trademark boisterousness. Warped synths, bending & biting guitars, upbeat vocal hooks, a sense of fuzzy nostalgia with just a touch of longing, wrapped up in a 'live at the studio' style recording - it's all there.

Other tracks by Stillwater Giants:  Patience
The Tambourine Girls - Police     Folk, Psychedelic, Blues 06/05/2016
The Tambourine Girls is the creation of founding guitarist and frontman Simon Relf (formerly of Deep Sea Arcade)
Relf’s lyrics stem from experiences of living along the NSW South Coast and Southern Highlands. Currently based in the town of Bundanoon – halfway between Canberra and Sydney off the Hume Highway – he has grown accustomed to the solitary lifestyle of living and writing outside of Australia’s metropolitan areas.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

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JP Klipspringer - The Beast     Pop, Chill 11/05/2016
JP’s most recently released single, I Blame Carl Weathers, was added to Triple J low rotation and received regular airplay during July and August of last.
The Beast is Klipspringer's first release of the year and is a fresh cut from his debut full-length album, due out in September 2016. Produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Gordi, Megan Washington), the track was recorded at iconic Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne.

Steve Tyssen - Love to Love     Electronic, Psychedelic, Britpop 11/05/2016
Steve Tyssen is an Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is best known for playing drums in Brisbane bands Eddy Blue, 1989, Greenthief and The Royal Artillery.
I was really trying to portray a strong sense of irony and sarcasm - almost mockery of the concept of 'love' and what we are led to believe it's like to be in love.

Neighbour - Space Camp     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 25/05/2016
Neighbour is an adventurous musical puppet with strings being pulled from the mind of Brisbane based singer-songwriter, Ryan Nebauer.
Neighbour's fresh single 'Space Camp' takes all the bewonderment of the final frontier, encapsulates it in high-sheen rocket, and shoots it into the stratosphere - all in less than three minutes.

Fieu - Impossible     Pop 01/06/2016
Fieu(pronounced Fee-yoo) meaning ‘heat’ or ‘fire’ is the alias of Queensland Alt-Pop artist Emily Brewis combining powerful vocals with keyboard synths, ambient electric guitars and energetic drum beats.
Channeling sultry vintage pop vibes, “Impossible” is the latest single from Queensland based artist Fieu. A song about self-empowerment featuring lush 60’s vocal layers, keyboard synths, and a fun quirky demeanor to define this cinematic track.

Mary Handsome - No Hot No More     Rock 01/06/2016
Forming in the early months of 2014 from a mutual love of thrashing guitars around and just being general nuisances.
A lead line driven banger from the Mary Handsome lads

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Waza - Rocks and Bones feat. Aquila Young     Electronic 02/06/2016
With a sound that’s just as multifaceted as the hidden alleyways and bright lights of his native hip-hop scene, Sydney’s savviest beatmaker Waza is coming off a stratospheric 2015.
Waza orchestrates a kaleidoscope of modern day sound with wavy synth lines to sampling rocks and a tin bucket from his backyard.

Brisbane dreamscape songstress Aquila Young delivers a soulful tale about the attraction between the opposite sex and wanting more.

Other tracks by Waza:  Lost In Space  -  Bad Teeth
Greeves - Lonely Obsession     Folk, Rock, Chill 02/06/2016
Prog rock band Greeves picks up where the greats of the 70s left off. Their fresh take on the concept album epic is a captivating experience of lively, dynamic music.
Lonely obsession is a ballad about longing to be with somebody. It's a quiet stripped back acoustic tune with lush 4 part vocal harmonies.

Other tracks by Greeves:  Moving Up
Feuds - River Of Wine     Rock 17/06/2016
Four piece Brisbane band Feuds bring the emotion amongst commotion. Vocalist Jeremy Hunter, drummer Patrick Balfe, guitarist Perry Walker and bassist Gavin Callaghan band together for some totally charismatic rock.
Anthemic from start to finish, the crowning glory of 'River Of Wine' lies in its chorus, which is driven by what is arguably one of the most colossal vocal hooks in recent memory.