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Mere Noise Records

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TEXAS TEA - Old At Heart     Rock, Country, Alternative Country 08/07/2019
Indie country goodness from Brisbane, since 2005.
2nd single from Texas Tea’s fourth album - Röda Tråden. Röda Tråden was written with the two principal members of the band living on opposite sides of the globe with Kate Jacobson residing in Stockholm, Sweden and Benjamin Dougherty in Queensland Australia.

Texas Tea - A Hundred Million Years     Pop, Alternative Country, Country 18/03/2019
Indie country- originally from Queensland - since 2004.
"A Hundred Million Years" is the first single from the much anticipated fourth album from Texas Tea - Röda Tråden. Texas Tea venture from alt country to indie pop for this tune. Their record will be released officially on the 8th of April.

Undead Apes - Get Low     Pop, Punk 15/07/2016
Pop punk Brisbane 4 piece with songs on time-honoured themes as astrophysics, recreational use of embalming fluid, tofu, communist brainwashing of youth via rock'n'roll, and affairs of the heart.
Get Low is the first single from their long-awaited third long-playing album 'Landfill'. Undead Apes lay bare the false dichotomies at the heart of rock'n'roll by being both smarter AND stupider, uglier AND prettier, punker AND unpunker than ever before.

Little Lovers - Glebe Island     Pop, Rock 06/06/2016
After over a decade, 2 cities, 2 drummers, 489 bassists & hundreds of gigs, Little Lovers will finally release their debut album Golden Decade. Indie guitar pop at its finest.
Glebe Island! - the first track off long awaited debut album from the Little Lovers. Infectious indie guitar pop.

Other tracks by Little Lovers:  Come On June
Dollar Bar - (You're) Blind Baby     Rock, Pop 19/06/2014
Brisbane indie rock stalwarts. Independent Aussie rock since 1998.
'(You're) Blind Baby' is the fourth single from "Paddington Workers Club" - the new album from Brisbane's perpetually uncool Dollar Bar. Contains backing vocals from Matt Banham and Ben Salter.

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Dollar Bar - Half the Battle     Rock, Pop 27/03/2014
Brisbane indie rock stalwarts. Independent Aussie rock since 1998.
Third single from "Paddington Workers Club" - the new album from Brisbane's perpetually uncool Dollar Bar.

Dollar Bar - Diff'rent 4 Gurls     Rock, Pop 01/11/2013
Independent Aussie rock since 1998.
Second single from "Paddington Workers Club" - new album from Brisbane indie stalwarts Dollar Bar.

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Dollar Bar - Everyone's Everyone's     Rock, Pop, Garage 11/09/2013
Legendary Brisbane indie rock group reformed for new long player.
Debut single from upcoming album by Brisbane indie chums - Dollar Bar.

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Tiny Migrants - Uncontrollable     Pop, Psychedelic, Garage, Psychedelic 11/09/2013
Tiny Migrants are monster garage fuzz cosmonauts from Fortitude Valley exploring the lo-fi side of space exploration.
Taken from Tiny Migrants debut 7" release out now on Mere Noise Records!

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Texas Tea - Heart Says Yes (Head Says No)     Pop, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 03/08/2012
Kate’s voice could suspend a scalpel in mid-air. Chairs collapse, birds explode, etcetera. Ben’s guitar and slide is the bed on which the cowboys collapse after Kate’s king-hits. RAVE MAGAZINE
Heart Says Yes (Head Says No) is a good introduction to the tones displayed upcoming 3rd album. Recorded with legendary Brisbane producer Magoo, the track is a two and a half minute burst of revisionalist vibe, melding Dougherty’s Gibson SG junior with Jacobson’s late night vocal lilt.

Texas Tea - I Don't Write No Sad Songs     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Roots 07/05/2012
Alt country goodness from Brisbane Australia.
The first single from Brisbane alt country royalty Texas Tea's third album. Recorded by Magoo (Tex Perkins, Midnight Oil, Regurgitator etc.)