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Liberation Music

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Slum Sociable - Castle     Electronic, Jazz, Soul 18/08/2017
Slum Sociable are a Melbourne duo consisting of Ed(ward) Quinn (production/keys/guitar) and Miller Upchurch (vocals and percussion).
‘Castle’ takes a darker turn from the lush, synth-heavy ballad, ‘Don’t Come Back Another 100 Times.’ Premiered on triple j Good Nights, the track blurs genre lines and builds an invigorating atmosphere through melancholic vocals and tight percussion

Other tracks by Slum Sociable:  Don't Come Back Another 100 Times
Slum Sociable - Can't Figure It Out     Electronic 19/06/2018
Lo-Fo washed-out jazz hop from Melbourne, Slum Sociable are a duo moving from melancholy and inverted to explorative and experimental.
Can’t Figure It Out’ is Slum Sociable’s most infectious work to date and showcases another welcomed progression in song writing from the acclaimed duo. It features their renowned lo-fi beats, bright synth hooks and vocal melodies

Slum Sociable - Apartment     Rock 11/01/2016
Melbourne band, Slum Sociable return with the first cut from their debut EP TQ.
The second single from their debut EP ‘TQ’, ‘Apartment’ is a hip-hop heavy combination of dirty guitar licks, groove based drums, hooky vocals, moody synth stabs and features some of the band's sexiest bass lines to date, all steeped in irreverence.... according to Molerat.

Other tracks by Slum Sociable:  All Night
Slum Sociable - Anyway     Rock, Pop 20/02/2015
Having played a grand total of 2 live shows and releasing one single to critical acclaim, 2015 is going to be a huge year for the duo hailing from Mordialloc.
The first taste of what's the come from Mordialloc duo Slum Sociable, comes lo-fo track interchanging jazz, psych and dub, producing an intensely unique track. Their debut EP is due out in March, and if 'Anyway' is anything to go by, they are ones to pay attention to in 2015.

Slum Sociable - Afterthought     Electronic, Jazz 29/11/2018
Slum Sociable are proud to reveal the striking new single ‘Afterthought. It’s the third track to surface from the subversive Melbourne duo this year.
‘Afterthought’ is an up-tempo summer heater and the duos most dance-ready tune to date.

Slum Sociable teamed up with Kim Moyes of The Presets, to bring the idea to life. They also shared production duties with Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, The Jungle Giants).

‘Afterthought’ focuses on Miller Upchurch’s renowned vocals, as they soar atop tight drum machines and chunky synthesizers.

Slum Sociable - Name Call     Electronic, Jazz, Soul 03/11/2016
Slum Sociable are Edward Quinn (production/keys/guitar) and Miller Upchurch (vocals/percussion). A Melbourne-based duo steeped in groove, that glide through the intersection of soul, hip-hop and electronica.
‘Name Call’ is the first cut from the subversive duo’s awaited debut album and adds to their already impressive repertoire, which includes single ‘Anyway’, and ‘Apartment’ from debut EP, TQ. It takes a firm hold on the hips and guides left to right to left in a hypnotic sway.

Shane Nicholson - Where The Water Goes     Country, Folk 09/02/2010
Shane Nicholson is a celebrated singer/songwriter, producer and one half of the very successful Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson duo.
Musically Where The Water Goes is an “easy country stroll” (PBS review)!
Shane sheds some light: “It’s basically a kind of social commentary... gambling with crooks, swimming with sharks, and the loss of innocence. If you’re gonna fall down, do it with as much style as possible!”

Shane Nicholson - 'Bad Machines'     Country, Rock 07/12/2010
Music critics have been unanimous in their praise of Shane Nicholson, in recent times there is no doubt at all that Shane has created a unique musical place for himself.
In December Shane will release 'Bad Machines', the first single from his fourth solo album of the same name which is set to be in-stores in March 2011. Good rhymes.
Great songs. Bad Machines. Shane Nicholson.

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Other tracks by Shane Nicholson:  Famous Last Words  -  Whistling Cannonballs (with Paul Kelly)
Seeker Lover Keeper - Wild Seeds     Pop 25/06/2019
Accompanying news of Seeker Lover Keeper's second full-length album 'Wild Seeds' comes the release of the title track and second single.
Accompanying news of the album comes the release of the title track and second single ‘Wild Seeds’. The song is an exhilarating departure from the band’s indie-folk roots, here Blasko, Seltmann and Throsby embrace drama and pathos with an uninhibited performance of soaring vocals and three-part harmonies inspired by the joy and turmoil of youth.

Sean Heathcliff - Ordinary     Folk, Rock, Acoustic 22/02/2017
It’s been two long years since we’ve had the pleasure of releasing new music from Sean Heathcliff, fka Kagu.
‘Ordinary’ exhibits a move towards a more live and organic sound for Heathcliff, with acoustic drums and minimal instrumentation. A delicate space is created through Heathcliff’s bittersweet guitar melodies and effortlessly unique vocal. This new restrained style of composition highlights Heathcliff’s ability to create pop music in its purist form.

Other tracks by Sean Heathcliff:  Too Far
Sarah Rzek - This Town     Pop, Acoustic 02/03/2016
Sarah Rzek - the fresh faced Melbourne Bayside singer/songwriter with a unique, soulful voice has been recording music for over five years and described as a fresh faced talent.
‘This Town’ is Sarah’s first major commercial release and is a gorgeous introduction to the twenty-one year old, whos soaring, yet smoky vocal and unique gift for song writing finds her positioned well beyond her years.

Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes     Rock, Grunge 10/11/2009
Rowland S. Howard is a legend of Australian rock, a musician whose distinctive style and sound has resonated across the underground rock landscape for three decades.
The band lurch in to Pop Crimes as if dragging a rain soaked body across a muddy field. Within the first few breaths Rowland references Stalin, Calvary and genocide, whilst razoring guitar lines the current crop of post-punk revisionists could only fantasize about.

Other tracks by Rowland S. Howard:  (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny  -  Life's What You Make It
R.W. Grace - Shell     Pop 18/06/2015
R.W. Grace, a mesmerising singer-songwriter, formally from Perth having relocated to Sydney
Driven by a pulsating drumbeat and sinister synth, R.W. Grace’s ‘Shell’ is a raw but calculated follow up to first single ‘Pluto’. The second offering from the Perth born musician teeters between haunting whispers and angelic howls, as R.W. Grace’s powerful voice intimates deeply personal lyrics.

R.W. Grace - All The Friends I Lost     Pop 03/11/2015
Perth-via-Sydney songstress R.W. Grace returns with music from her debut EP 'Love It Need It Miss It Want It'.
‘All The Friends I Lost’ is the new single from Perth-via-Sydney songstress R.W. Grace. The track began to take shape one New Year’s Eve, as R.W. Grace reflected on relationships gone by. Despite its dark content, the track builds playfully to a full, infectious chorus.

Perfect Tripod - Meet In The Middle Of The Air     Rock, Comedy, Cover Version 17/08/2013
Eddie Perfect and Tripod unite to create a supergroup, and release 'Perfect Tripod Australian Songs'. The album features brand new vocal arrangements of iconic Australian songs.
The celebrated rendition of Paul Kelly's Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air that inspired the album, with breathtaking vocal harmonies.

Other tracks by Perfect Tripod:  Forever Now  -  Overkill
New Gods - Razorblades     Pop, Rock 10/01/2013
The band, named after a Meatpuppets track, features Dominic Byrne and Adrian Beltrame (Little Red), Richard Bradbeer (Eagle and The Worm), Sam Raines, and Dale Packard on keys (Ground Components).
Razorblades is a slow punch in the guts, enriched with heavy effects, roaring vocals and smacks of celestial pop rhythms. Meanwhile a heart-melting sax croons in episodes throughout.

Other tracks by New Gods:  On Your Side
Mick Thomas - Most Of the Time (Feat. Ruby Boots)     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Cover Version 22/02/2017
These Are the Songs is a lovingly crafted compilation spanning the past eighteen years and more of Mick Thomas’ creative life.
‘Most of the Time’ is originally from Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy album. Far from being a poignant heartfelt testimony of troubled life, in this version Mick and Ruby give it a sparky new angle as the two protagonists compete in saying how little they miss the other.

Other tracks by Mick Thomas:  Gallipoli Rosemary  -  AFB (Australian Flag Bikini)
Mick Thomas - Gallipoli Rosemary     Folk, Country 17/04/2012
Boasting an ear for warmly-weathered folk and a knack for nailing the minutiae of Australian life without resorting to clichés, Mick Thomas' potent reflections have revealed quiet revelations for decades.
A Rosemary bush called the Gallipoli Rosemary came back from Gallipoli with a friend's great-grandfather. The last thing he did when he left the battlefield was rip it from the ground. It’s about what connects you to the past and generations of cuttings and of men.

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Other tracks by Mick Thomas:  My Mother's Guitar  -  Goodbye Slowly
Mick Thomas - As You Lay Sleeping     Country 28/09/2009
Legendary Australian singer-songwriter Mick Thomas presents 'Spin! Spin! Spin!', an album where collaboration is key. It features a stellar lineup of guests like Paul Kelly & Tim Rogers.
Mick describes the production of As I Lay Sleeping, as "unspoken dialogue between an overly comfy couple, the product of a few days with acoustic guitars in Felicity’s living room – and a neat sequel to one of the Weddings’ biggest hits, Step In, Step Out."

Other tracks by Mick Thomas:  Can I Sleep On Your Floor?  -  Spin!Spin!Spin!
Melody Pool - Xavier     Folk, Country, Acoustic 18/06/2013
Melody Pool, a 21-year-old songwriter and musician from Kurri Kurri in NSW, has spent the past few years working primarily as a supporting musician on her local circuit.
‘Xavier’ is one of a handful of Melody Pools songs that are emotionally charged.

Other tracks by Melody Pool:  Henry  -  Somebody You've Never Met Before