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Selfish Sons - Sleep     Rock 20/02/2020
Selfish Sons have established themselves as eccentric entertainers with a powerful sound and their anthemic new single will go off at what is expected to be a sold out tour.
'Sleep' was written to help explain and provide insight into the burdens that come with insomnia and anxiety - a serious battle that frontman Jordy Marcs has faced in the past.

This dynamic track delicately balances cool, calm verses with explosive choruses that are tied together with an anthemic motif - making it a moving, feel-good and optimistic track.

Cedarsmoke - Pure Heroin     Rock, Alternative, Punk 13/11/2019
Making light of dejected, self-defeating and despairingly tragic stories, Cedarsmoke's (Brisbane's alt-rock 5-piece) new single mixes Rom-Coms and Punk-Rock to re-tell the tragic life and death of Sid Vicious.
Littered with historical and pop-cultural references, 'Pure Heroin' poetically sums up the gloomy romantic tragedy of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

This punk-rock-ballad opens with keys and the husky vocals of Cloumassis before diving into the almost comical, contrasting chorus with bright synths, big band hits and the catchy lyrics such as, "Love hurts, yeah that's what I heard".

Fat Picnic - Don't Wanna Get Up     Reggae / Dub, Soul, Roots, Rock 13/11/2019
Fat Picnic have been one of Brisbane's mainstays of soul-infused ska and deep-dub. After years of releasing singles, touring and performing at festivals they are now releasing their debut album.
'Don't Wanna Get Up' boasts bright succulent horn lines, pumping bass lines, crisp guitars and an anthemic chorus that a crowd can chant along to.

The track has already received national airplay on Triple and Double J.

Other tracks by Fat Picnic:  Feeling Good Feeling Bad  -  Can You Feel It
Cold Words - Outcasts     Rock, Metal 31/10/2019
With an easily accessible sound that toes the line between alt and hard-rock, Cold Words delve into themes around the complexities of depression, anxiety and confronting life-threatening illness.
'Outcasts', is a slow-burning alt-rock track that pushes and pulls, from soft spacious moments to very controlled heavier sections. In an ordered fashion, the band move through calming verses with clean and overdriven guitar tones and restrained drum work.

With more momentum, dynamics build and in an anthemic style Hughes belts out chilling, raspy cries, harmonised by a wailing guitar.

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Jordan Merrick - Dangerously Sincere     Blues, Country, Folk 23/10/2019
With a unique style of folk, blues-rock, cabaret and vaudeville is Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Jordan Merrick, who is set to release his debut album on October 25.
This is a slow-burning laidback soul-blues track. Focussed around the smooth vocal melody and lyrics featuring harmonies and verses from Amela, the track is backed by a 1-bar electric-guitar loop and organ.

As the drums roll in, the draw-bars on the organ get put to work and the gain on the electric guitar gets turned up for a rocking bridge.

Other tracks by Jordan Merrick:  The Toll  -  Record Time
L. Flora - Bigger It Gets     Soul, R&B 18/10/2019
L. Flora blend dreamy keys and luscious guitar tones, dragging drum beats and honeyed vocals that jump from the smooth and enchanting melodies of neo-soul to RnB-inspired lyrical flows.
This bursts with colour and complexity while remaining laid-back and composed. Keeping things grounded, the band ride the dragging beat broken up with full-band hits and snare rolls as Millie Khalu drops sassy, tongue-twisting alliteration.

This gets swept up and floats away as they open up in their dreamy chorus with smooth waves of keys, guitar and Khalu's sweetened melodies.

Pretty Thrills - Flames     Rock, Pop 14/10/2019
Pretty Thrills (Sydney-based) are debuting with an explosive pop-rock single that will set the band up for a thrilling year in 2020.
Fueling this debut single are pop-rock guitar-riffs, electro-synths, a high-powered drum beat and a commanding vocal delivery from Max Donnellan who transitions tonally from soft, breathy verses, into the demanding choruses.

This is all followed by an enrapturing bridge as the band gets explosive in half-time as Max belts out the lyrics, "Burn it down".

Jordan Merrick - I Don't Belong     Blues, Alternative, Folk, Roots 23/09/2019
Jordan Merrick has had countless tracks land in the AMRAP charts and is now – ahead of his debut album – releasing his ominous, slow-stomping new single, 'I Don't Belong'.
Meeting somewhere between the sounds of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, this ominous, slow-stomping single features smooth, overdriven blues guitar; quivering piano lines; a honking sousaphone; and a steady heavy-beat accentuated by timely booms and clangs.

This is all topped off by the deepened growling-croon from Merrick and pieced together by ARIA winning producer Steven Schram (Paul Kelly).

Jimmy Davis - Hold You Down     Rock, Soul 30/07/2019
Jimmy Davis is an electric, emotive and free-spirited singer-songwriter who has already hit some amazing benchmarks in his career and is now releasing a passionate and explosive new alt-rock single.
'Hold You Down' emanate's Jimmy's transition from his indie-folk debut to this powerful, eclectic alt-rock style peppered with pop, blues and even heavy-rock styles.

The track evolves from a solemn and intimate intro verse and chorus that crescendos to an enrapturing vocal performance. Backed by the band, the track opens up and unleashes with over-driven guitar and belting drums.

Tobias Wonderdog - The Sun     Rock, Alternative Country 12/07/2019
Let classic-rock nostalgia shine with Tobias Wonderdog's first follow up single, 'The Sun' (out July 12), since debuting late last year.
Meandering through the likes of 90's classic-rock with a touch of country inspiration, 'The Sun', is a steady, laid-back track all the while maintaining a gritty and gutsy tone with classic-rock riffs and a wailing wah-pedal guitar solo.

Faux Bandit - The Pros and Cons of Object Permanence     Rock 19/06/2019
Renowned for their adrenaline pumping, heart-racing hard-rock, Faux Bandit have fused together a new single that meets somewhere in between the world of heavy and indie rock.
The track exudes and perpetuates anxiety, skyrocketing the heart-rate right off the bat and in time with the brash, snare-pelting beat. It's quickly accompanied by heavily distorted tones from the electric guitar and the raging vocal outbreaks throughout the verses. Then, in a seamless fashion they transition from their aggressive blasts into an immersive and unforgettable indie-rock chorus.

Jordan Merrick - Low Country     Folk, Soul, Rock, Alternative Country 23/05/2019
This Brisbane-based folk singer-songwriter and poet, Jordan Merrick, is starting the next phase of his career with a new single featuring Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire) on Keys.
This is one of Merrick's most ambitious tracks featuring Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire) on keys and the golden touch of ARIA winning producer Steven Schramm (Paul Kelly, Bob Evans).

Bestrewn with layers of 60's pop-rock tremolo riffs on the electric guitar, piano and an old school organ, Merrick comes out of the shadows with a slow, poetic croon.

The Little Lord Street Band - Frankie's Back In Town     Folk, Rock, Country, Alternative Country 23/05/2019
The multi-award winning, beloved indie/ folk/ country/ feels-good outfit, The Little Lord Street Band, are back with their new single 'Frankie's Back In Town'.
A joyous Springsteen-esque moment of reflection and celebration as a small town welcomes home a favourite daughter.

Fletcher Pilon - One More     Folk, Rock 11/04/2019
Fletcher Pilon at only 18-years of age is an incredible young singer-songwriter with thought-provoking lyricism that is matched with his passionate vocals and deep oceanic electric guitar tones.
'One More' is one of Pilon's most powerful releases backed by heart-pounding drums performed by Indy Linzbichler and Grace Labrum on bass. With his compelling songwriting ability, he explores humanity and how one goes on in life writing their own story drawing from their own influences and lessons learnt from their decisions.

Vesper Green - Sub Solar     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Rock 05/04/2019
Vesper Green have materialised with loud alt-rock. “I think it’s fair to say you’ve brought back Seattle grunge in a big way with this particular track.“ (Jane Gazzo, Triple M)
’Sub Solar’ is an eclectic catharsis of purging rock that lyrically and instrumentally alludes to the fact that time slips through the hands. Upon the realisation that life is passing by quickly, there’s an anxious panic and rush to pick up the pieces to make up for all of the wasted time.

Jack Shannon - Liquor Blues     Folk, Rock, Pop, Roots 20/03/2019
With his supple, tender vocal tones accompanied by a matured, dynamic indie/ folk-rock arrangement, Jack Shannon is a 19 year-old Brisbane-based singer-songwriter who's releasing his enthralling new single, ‘Liquor Blues’.
Accompanied by palm-muted guitar, Shannon's intimate vocals kick off the track to tell the tale of, as Jack states, “a girl who’d go out every weekend, ending up in tears to then blame it on everyone else”. Shannon keeps the pulse beating as layers of guitars flow in and out - building towards a stellar crescendo for the outro.

Milk Buttons - Penguin     Rock, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
In full bloom, Milk Buttons are following up their highly acclaimed debut EP with six explosive, golden yellow alt/ psych-rock tracks in this sophomore EP, ‘Daffodil’ (out March 22)
In black and white, ‘Penguin’ marches forward in a snowstorm of fuzz and melancholic sentiments.

Other tracks by Milk Buttons:  Bright Lights and Strange Bouquets
Cedarsmoke - F*&king Up     Rock, Garage, Grunge 12/03/2019
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
In their self-proclaimed drab and despairing world, this one is about trying not to f*&k up.

Other tracks by Cedarsmoke:  Downer
Cedarsmoke - Let The Wind Blow     Rock, Garage, Grunge 19/11/2018
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
‘Let The Wind Blow’ has the band aptly highlight the relatable mundane, circadian way of life. Imbued with a tender sense of despair, it cuts to the core about being tied down, trying to break away from “Invisible chains” and to ultimately to just let it blow and let it take you where it wants to.

Milk Buttons - Some Impression     Rock, Psychedelic, Rock 26/10/2018
Spin out with the new single from Milk Buttons featuring gloomy, psychedelic tones and mind-bending layering of melodies and rhythms - running from time signatures of 4/4, 7/4 and 7/8.
In their alt/ psych-rock way, ‘Some Impression’ makes the simple seem technical and the technical seem simple with their head spinning riff on repeat. Milk Buttons meld together thrashing drums and big riffs with the dulcet yet pensive vocals of Cameron Bower in the sparse verses that follow the guitar lines harmoniously.