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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Sally Sa - Stuck     Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop 22/02/2019
Sally Sa, the Singer songwriter from east coast of Australia with the husky taste of soul.
The lyrics just sort of came to me” she explains. “I love free - styling and singing about my relationship with music just came easily for this one”.

Callum Watson - Waltzing Matilda     Jazz, Blues 15/02/2019
Callum Watson is an award-winning Australian Pianist, Composer and Producer.
A new upbeat jazz treatment of the Australian classic Waltzing Matilda for solo piano.

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Ella Haber - Old Friends     Jazz, Soul 15/02/2019
Ella Haber is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney. A fresh voice on the rich landscape of emerging Australian talent, Ella’s arrival marks a new chapter for the jazz/soul singer.
Produced by Jordan Rakei with live instrumentation recorded at Old Paradise Audio in London, the single shines with passionate energy from Haber as she transforms each word into drops of liquid gold melodies. Delivered with irresistible soul, the singer/songwriter’s vocal finesse slides with ease between an assortment of tempos, keys and textures.

Dirt Hand - THORN     Jazz, Instrumental, Experimental 08/02/2019
Nina Simone bludgeoning The Necks over the head with a rubber chicken.
THORN is a discussion. I created a set of rhythmic variations and had one group clap through that rhythmic set while the other group sat at their instruments. I gave them no chords, no tonal centre and no instructions except to just listen to the claps and respond to the rhythms as they changed.

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Michael Pignéguy - Mega Jam     Jazz, Instrumental 06/02/2019
Michael Pignéguy (pronounced Pin-ay-gee) is a gifted drummer, composer, band-leader, arranger and producer. He performs & records alongside a variety of other skilled, international musicians & vocalists
Mega Jam was recorded between Russia, Ukraine & Malaysia, arranged & produced by Michael Pignéguy, featuring Anton Davidyants (Russia) - bass, Oleg Polyanskiy (Ukraine) - keys & Michael Pignéguy (Australian) - drums

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Kate Fuller & The Boys Club - Don't Speak     Jazz, Swing, Soul, World 26/01/2019
Award winning Australian jazz singer Kate Fuller is joined by Alana Dawes on double bass and Kyrie Anderson on percussion, as they cheekily explore femininity through swing era tunes.
This is a unique Latin style jazz cover of one of Gwen Stefani's 90s anthems from her iconic band No Doubt. Growing up listening to Gwen and her powerful feminist lyrics we wanted to pay homage to the woman who said to us we're not "just girls" in this smooth rendition of one of her more heartfelt pieces.

Ellen Kirkwood + Sirens Big Band - [A]part 1     Jazz, Electronic, Instrumental, World 08/12/2018
Ellen Kirkwood is an award-winning composer and trumpeter from Sydney, Australia. Sirens Big Band are a powerhouse collective who champion gender diversity in jazz, and new Australian music.
Our lives are becoming increasingly influenced by the internet. In many ways it’s wondrous; information at our fingertips, news and entertainment from around the world, instant communication with people who are far away. Simultaneously it’s like a cancer that works its way into our psyches. Addictions form, political rifts widen, personal information is sold and our attention becomes a commodity.

Other tracks by Ellen Kirkwood + Sirens Big Band:  [A]part 3  -  [A]part 4
Jennifer Salisbury - Do You Love Christmas?     Jazz, Swing, Blues 06/12/2018
This vintage style jazz Christmas EP is by Jennifer Salisbury. She has a vocal timbre and delivery well matched to the era of choice.
A fun original Christmas tune in romantic vintage jazz style. With hints of Bing Crosby, Doris Day and big band Christmas.

Other tracks by Jennifer Salisbury:  Give in to Christmas, Baby  -  It's Christmas
Nicola Milan - Big House     Jazz, Soul, Pop 06/12/2018
Trip hop infused jazz pop draped with silky vocals, wrapped in secrets.
An upbeat, horn driven, soulful jazz-pop track about a very naughty man and a whole lotta love.

Esstee Big Band - Flame Trees     Jazz, Acoustic, Chill, Cover Version 03/12/2018
The Esstee family is proud to launch their fantastic new album of swingin' originals and specially commissioned arrangements from some of Australia's finest. Featuring Margot Leighton & Zac Teichmann.
The Cold Chisel classic given a new, lush big band treatment with a tasty brass fanfare intro. Featuring Margot Leighton. Written by Don Walker & Steve Prestwich. Arrangement by Anthony Barnhill. You're guaranteed not to have heard Chisel in this way before!

Other tracks by Esstee Big Band:  It’s Not Just The Girls Havin’ Fun  -  I Love The Life I Live
Andre Camilleri & the Stargazers - Puppet On A String     Jazz, Blues, Easy Listening, Retro 29/11/2018
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific and underrated songwriters in one, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues.
This is the title track of the album and the 1st song I wrote for this release. I been listening to Norah Jones, Tom Waits and Randy Newman when I got the idea to try and do something along those lines.

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Other tracks by Andre Camilleri & the Stargazers:  If You Ever Change Your Mind  -  Can't Get You Off My Mind
Jennifer Salisbury - Top of the Bill     Jazz, Blues, Swing 21/11/2018
Jen Salisbury is a singer with a very special affinity to vintage jazz, an inherent sense of swing and a very characteristic vibrato.
A fun track written in vintage jazz musical style with New Orleans and blues influences. This track was written whilst cooking dinner for my family and I was pretending to be doing something glamorous with my life.

Other tracks by Jennifer Salisbury:  First One Finger  -  The One Thing That You Want
The Senegambian Jazz Band - Sarayela     Jazz, African, World 18/11/2018
A melting pot of cultures, influences and sounds intricately woven to create a magical sonic experience unlike anything in the Australian music scene.
Sarayela is about what you put out into the world. A belief that if you put out good, it will be returned to you. Equally, if what you put out to the world is bad, it will be returned to you.

Other tracks by The Senegambian Jazz Band:  Yombo Yombo
Dr Effector - Senor Blues (feat Nick Maybury & Ben Scarf)     Jazz, Psychedelic, World 17/11/2018
Dr Effector is an independent Australian musician/producer.
Senior Blues is a homage to the late, great Horace Silver, the brilliant jazz artist and composer. This version features the fabulous Nick Maybury (Wildabouts, Perry Farrell's Kind Heaven Orchestra) on multiple guitars and the dulcit tones of Ben Scarf (AudiO.C.D.) on vocals.

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Zela Margossian Quintet - Mystic Flute: A Version     Jazz, Instrumental 16/11/2018
Zela Margossian Quintet is an ethno jazz band based in Sydney, performing original works and arrangements with influences from Armenian traditional music.
Originally composed by Alan Hovhaness, and re-worked / re-arranged + added to by Zela Margossian.

Brian Heywood - Rhythm of the Road     Jazz, Pop, Easy Listening 09/11/2018
A guitarist, vocalist and award winning song writer, Brian is just as at home performing on a big festival stage in the outback as an urban live music club.
This is a laid back Latin / Jazz /Pop sound with a traveling theme.

Entropy Quartet - Hidden Mist     Jazz 06/10/2018
Entropy Quartet is a four piece ensemble from Melbourne that merge elements of improvised jazz, funk and groove, roving through syncopated states and improvised landscapes.
An immersive, meditative track that contains beautiful sculpted solos and a rich textured musical landscape that takes the listener to another place.

Other tracks by Entropy Quartet:  One Day All This Will Be Yours  -  The Irrelevance of Time
Flora Carbo Trio - Good to Go     Jazz, Instrumental, Swing 21/09/2018
Flora Carbo’s debut album ‘Erica’ features Maddison Carter (drums) and Isaac Gunnoo (bass) .The music is inspired by aspects of Flora’s world, and her love of the saxophone trio sound.
I’ve always really enjoyed collecting paint colour cards from hardware shops. I love how inventive and interesting some of the names are! ‘Good To Go’ was the name of a creamy yellow colour. I thought that it was so quirky and unusually fitted that I had to write a song about it.

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Other tracks by Flora Carbo Trio:  Berlin Coffee Map  -  Erica
Bowlines - A Home Outgrown     Jazz, Classical, World, Instrumental 20/09/2018
3 of Australia's leading string players improvise music fusing jazz, classical and world genres.
Cinematic music with a variety of moods, from classical to rock music grooves

Other tracks by Bowlines:  When Every Door Is Closed  -  The Horse Knows The Path Through
Jonah Myers - Nevermind the Oxygen     Jazz, Pop 20/09/2018
I have been submerged in music my whole life. It's okay because I have gills, but I'm also learning to swim.
Nevermind the Oxygen is a sentimental bossa nova tune with some creative, modern arrangement and production elements.

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Other tracks by Jonah Myers:  Shy  -  Summer Pyjamas (& Some Are Not)