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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Jaala - Junior Spirit     Jazz, Pop 21/03/2018
Jaala will massage you in metaphorical ways you never knew you loved. Intricately decorated and lovingly crafted, their music comes from a place of deep focus and care.
Happy and beautiful and spacious. As the closing track to the album 'Joonya Spirit', Junior Spirit is uplifting and danceable.

Other tracks by Jaala:  Good Circuit  -  Long Live
Tangents - Stents     Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, Jazz 08/03/2018
Sydney "post-everything improv" quintet return with a teaser EP via Temporary Residence Ltd. Tangents meld electronic production, experimental rock and free improvisation to create their unique sound.
Starting from a pulse that the group begins to hover around, there is a propulsion to 'Stents' despite the drums off kilter stutters. The story unfolds as sounds come from all angles, before the drums are overtaken by an intense electronic break and the climax collapses.

Other tracks by Tangents:  In The Beginning  -  Arteries (Extended)
Mildlife - The Magnificent Moon     Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic, Dance 02/03/2018
Mildlife take the musical canvas, rip the lids off the paint tins, and throw vibrant slashes of colour into kaleidoscopic jams.
"The Magnificent Moon" a 9 minute psychedelic disco journey is the opening track taken from Mildlife’s debut LP "Phase". Capturing the spirit of the band, this kaleidoscope jam is the interplanetary path between jazz, funk and disco with the perfect amalgamation of cosmic electronics and soulful acoustic instrumentation.

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Other tracks by Mildlife:  Zwango Zop  -  Im Blau
Thierry Fossemalle Trio - Actual Asset     Jazz, Chill 02/03/2018
Thierry Fossemalle, Bassist and Composer, teams up with David Sanders and Steve Russell to explore, expand and experience classic chamber Jazz ideas and ideals
Latin inspired acoustic jazz trio

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Lee Hannah - Infinitely     Jazz, Easy Listening, Soundtrack (Film Related), Ambience 01/03/2018
Melbourne artist Lee Hannah releases their visual album, Infinitely - a stunningly slow-moving 20 minute short film / album depicting the intricate natural and unnatural ecology of Australia’s mallee district.
Infinitely is the title track from the visual album. An improvised piece influenced by artists like Mick Turner and The Necks.

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Other tracks by Lee Hannah:  Mallee  -  A River Won't Run Forever
Harry James Angus - Paper Faces     Jazz 22/02/2018
Harry James Angus has found critical success across the globe with Australia’s beloved The Cat Empire, the jazz disciple, trumpeter and vocalist has branched with acclaimed projects of his own.
A re-imagining of classic tales from Greek mythology set to a sublime reduction of gospel, jazz and soul, Paper Facesis the story of Persephone and Hades. Persephone was the daughter of the goddess of the harvest, and she was kidnapped to become Hades bride.

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Christopher Young Trio - There Is Always A Way     Jazz 15/02/2018
Christopher Young’s latest album; Digital Analogue was recorded at RMIT studios by engineer Tony ‘Tok’ Norris with the synthesis of the digital analogue signal, hence the album name.
The tracks on this album are an eclectic mix of contemporary jazz allowing the listener to follow the band’s journey through the use of different styles and textures which will appeal to jazz lovers of all ages. Digital Analogue gives a nod to European jazz and contemporary music.

Other tracks by Christopher Young Trio:  Out Of Time
Silicon Valley - Sleepless Nights     Jazz, Funk 15/02/2018
Up and coming groovy jazz 5 piece Silicon Valley are a wave of 70's funk revival with a youthful twist, led by the smooth sultry vocals of Emma Volard.
Sleepless Nights is a throwback to the music Silicon Valley knows and loves, a shoutout to the 70's but with downbeat, sparse moments that are uniquely part of their own songwriting

Neil Sagewood Trio - Bolero     Jazz, Instrumental, World 14/02/2018
The Octagon project delivers dynamic live performances which convey the fun, playful, tender and deeply reminiscent qualities of Neil's stunning compositions to audiences throughout Australia.
A fun exploration of melody in the steady Latin grooves

Other tracks by Neil Sagewood Trio:  Brothers  -  Pialla D'Azul
Isabella Formichelli - Same Song (Radio Edit)     Jazz, Pop, Blues, Funk 01/02/2018
Isabella Formichelli is a 19 year old singer songwriter from Knox, Melbourne, This is her debut single
Upbeat Pop Jazz song with Female Vocals and Sax Solo

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Other tracks by Isabella Formichelli:  Same Song (Extended Version)
Out of Abingdon - Substation 75     Jazz, Acoustic, Soul, Atmospheric 22/12/2017
Combining intricate melodies and driving rhythms, Tina’s seductively silky vocals and double-bass, and Warwick’s bluesy guitar/vocals creates smooth, soulful acoustic lounge and groove music.
Rhythm and repetition are design features of iconic Brisbane electricity SUBSTATION 75, which inspired our song.
As we wind down the use of coal-based power and bring on renewables, we hope it is repurposed for the arts!

Let’s talk about power
Let’s take back the power

Other tracks by Out of Abingdon:  What Kind of Life  -  Black Dog
Girl Friday - Damaged Heart     Folk, Jazz, Blues 20/12/2017
Girl Friday with her rich, soulful voice will transport you to a different time with one foot firmly planted in the present day.
Damaged Heart is realistically romantic with a jazz/blues feel and close harmony backing vocals. Reminiscent of a simpler time, Girl Friday is accompanied by ukulele, double bass, violin and drums on this track.

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Ryan Beno - Ulterior Motives     Rock, Instrumental, Ambience, Jazz 20/12/2017
Ryan Beno is an instrumental band of four from Perth, Western Australia.
Ulterior Motives is the first single from Ryan Beno's second EP, Don't Say Too Much, centred around a noir-ish piano motif and sophisticated, shimmering instrumentation.

Other tracks by Ryan Beno:  Reptile  -  Black Dragon
Ten Tribes Of Texas - Heart Of Stone     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Britpop 20/12/2017
Ten Tribes Of Texas are a versatile electro-pop, blue-eyed soul, dance outfit from Sydney playing original compositions by Michael Griffin. They feature Australian singer Adaja Black as guest artist.
electro pop with grunt at its dancy best

Other tracks by Ten Tribes Of Texas:  Stronger (Everyday)  -  Black Woman
Animal Ventura - Animal     Funk/Soul, Easy Listening, Jazz, Roots 15/12/2017
Waves of Brazilian soul, breaking on the coastal-folk of the Australian shores.
A laid back jam best enjoyed in the sun. The track boasts a warm and dreamy soundscape, the vocals gently woven around the horn section and a fluctuating bass line.


Other tracks by Animal Ventura:  Same As  -  Slave Of Love
Neil Wickham - Kingdom     Jazz, Instrumental, Easy Listening 15/12/2017
Neil Wickham is a highly-respected Brisbane-based saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and composer who has been performing professionally since the mid-1980's, alongside some of Australia's finest musicians, orchestras and vocalists.
Kingdom is a driving Latin-jazz piece, featuring an hypnotic bass figure and a bebop-inspired melody, played on saxophone, flugelhorn and flute. The soloists perform around the delicate chord changes, with the acoustic guitar and percussion build to a dramatic climax before the melody re-enters.

Other tracks by Neil Wickham:  Kitty's Theme  -  Much More Than This
Trichotomy - Dancing About Architecture     Jazz, Classical, Live Performance, Acoustic 06/12/2017
TRICHOTOMY are one of Australia’s most inventive contemporary music ensembles. With a reputation as a leading group in progressive trio music, they skilfully blending dense, exciting improvisations and delicate atmospherics.
Jazz trio Trichotomy perform LIVE with String Quartet blending sounds of modern jazz and classical concepts.

Other tracks by Trichotomy:  State of Change  -  Life Gets in the Way
Maximillian - Waited So Long     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic, Folk 29/11/2017
Exotic Brazilian guitar, ragtime exuberance, New Orleans-inspired vocals with a Delta blues heartbeat. Maximillian marries North and South American influences with skill and originality on his Brazilian seven-string guitar.
Waited So Long is the Delta-inspired single from the debut album. A quirky, unrequited love song, this track boasts a Randy Newman vibe, with zesty finger style guitar riffs evoking piano rags of a bygone era.


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Other tracks by Maximillian:  Flamengo  -  Jacobs Reserve
Grievous Bodily Calm - Djinn     Jazz, Live Performance, Instrumental, Experimental 22/11/2017
Beat music combining elements of hip hop beats and jazz improvisation.
The first single from Grievous Bodily Calm's debut release.

Other tracks by Grievous Bodily Calm:  Replicant  -  Monochromatic
Fleur Green and The Keepers - Burn Bright     Jazz, Pop, Folk, Soul 04/11/2017
Fleur Green and The Keepers are an alt-pop sensation born in the inner west of Adelaide. Famed for sweet and heavy pop melodies, headed by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fleur Green.
Burn Bright, the third single from Fleur Green and The Keepers' debut album When The Tide Rushes In.