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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Steve Clisby - Walking These Streets     Jazz, Soul, Rock, Blues 25/07/2014
From a 50 year career in a world besotted with rock n roll to taking the leap to audition for The Voice while holding true to his musicianship.
“Walking These Streets” is a big, bold statement, coupling his unmistakable, soulful vocal with a driving beat, strings and a funky attitude.

The Terence Koo Trio - Eye of the Tiger     Jazz, Instrumental, Cover Version, Acoustic 19/07/2014
Jazz piano trio from Newcastle, NSW. Terence Koo (piano), Andrew Wallace (Bass), Rob Coxon (Drums).
Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" meets Paul Desmond's "Take 5", (and Take 6, is there was one!). A creative and innovate reinvention of a rock classic.

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Other tracks by The Terence Koo Trio:  Smells Like Teen Spirit  -  Hallelujah
Jim Yamouridis - Body of Proof     Folk, Blues, Jazz 14/07/2014
"Cult artist... a unique singer who can electrify without resorting to the usual box of tricks... yield to the talent and impeccable melancholia of Jim Yamouridis." Rock'n' Folk magazine Feb14
Swing beat, great deep voice and groovy arrangements. RECOMMENDED BY: PBS, MELBOURNE

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Other tracks by Jim Yamouridis:  The True Blue Skies  -  White Linen
Casey Golden Trio - Unmentionable     Jazz 12/07/2014
Casey Golden Trio recorded by Eastside Radio.
This track is a very melodious piece featuring Casey Golden on piano.

Other tracks by Casey Golden Trio:  Library Adjacent
Dahlia Dior - Padam Padam     Jazz, World 12/07/2014
Dahlia Dior recorded by Eastside Radio.
The piece culminates everything that made the Parisian influence on music great.

Other tracks by Dahlia Dior:  Mon Dieu (My God)  -  La Foule
Lauren Lucille - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood     Jazz 12/07/2014
Lauren Lucille recorded by Eastside Radio.
This is a classic Jazz Standard and Lauren does it justice.

Other tracks by Lauren Lucille:  I Put A Spell On You
The Alister Spence Trio - Felt     Jazz 12/07/2014
The Alister Spence Trio recorded by Eastside Radio.
'Felt' is a very melodious piece featuring Alister Spence on piano.

Other tracks by The Alister Spence Trio:  Seventh Song
Collider - A Night on a Roller Coaster Turns a Woman's Hair White     Classical, Jazz 05/07/2014
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in October 2011 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Other tracks by Collider:  Breakfast with the Brothers Karamazov  -  Homeland
Stephen Magnusson - Untitled Improvisation     Jazz 05/07/2014
Stephen Magnusson recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Stephen Magnusson recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in March 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band - The Royal Jelly Romp     Jazz 05/07/2014
The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in August 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Other tracks by The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band:  Supernatural  -  Drinking from the Watering Hole
Vince Jones: The Monash Sessions - Union Man     Jazz 01/07/2014
Vince Jones' joins the esteemed artists who have recorded with the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music at Monash University. An Australian musical icon who has influenced legions of singers.
This Vince Jones fan favourite has been arranged by Jordan Murray and includes a performance by the talented Monash University Vocal Ensemble (Directed by Jacqueline Gawler).

Jex Saarelaht Trio - Closing     Jazz, Instrumental 27/06/2014
Pianist-composer Saarelaht, best known as leader of long-running trio, debuted his quartet with saxophonist Julien Wilson at Wangaratta Jazz 2007. Personnel has settled to include Philip Rex and Niko Schäuble.
Closing (commissioned by a Sydney cardio-thoracic surgeon for use during operations)

Marlene Cummins - The Blues it Knows Your Name     Blues/Roots, Jazz 14/05/2014
Marlene knows the blues from an Aboriginal woman’s perspective. Koori Woman Blues is a biographical journey and Marlene's story is one of vulnerability, strength and survival, and laced with humour.
The Blues it Knows Your Name was inspired by Marlene's life and written for her by long time music colleague and friend Murray Cook.

Other tracks by Marlene Cummins:  Some Kind of Wonderful feat. Jerome Smith  -  Koori Woman
Stella - Mauriciens en Australie/Mauritians in Australia     World, Dance, Atmospheric, Ambience 10/05/2014
A multi lingual singer/songwriter who performs all genre with passion and a unique style that makes you want to dance, laugh, cry and reminisce about life & love
This song is about growing up in Australia as a migrant from Mauritius and trying to balance traditions, adapting to the Australian way of life as well as fusing cultures. The heckler in the background is making fun of keeping the culture.
Make you want to get up & dance

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Other tracks by Stella:  Gone Too Soon  -  Beautiful Day
Adam Dunning - Ordinary (feat. ChanCé)     World, Jazz, Ethnic 29/04/2014
The "Voice of Summer" (BBC).Blessed with outstanding reviews worldwide, his originals are melodic and relaxed, known for their freedom and nature themes. Solar, Bossa Nova,and the sun and moon.
Passion, love and the human spirit precedes any form of social control. Adam Dunning partners with Turkish singer ChanCé for a different kind of Dunning song. Recorded in Istanbul in 2014, the song portrays freedom in from a raw, natural, instinctive angle.

Harry Coulson's Rain Dogs - Thin Lizzy     Jazz, Instrumental, Blues, Grunge 28/04/2014
Not an average jazz trio. Drawing as much influence from Bill Evans as the Dirty Three and Mark Ribot. Harry Coulson's Rain Dogs are jazz, blues and grunge thrown together.
A crankin' up-tempo tune composed at a soundcheck for a rock gig. Featuring a breakneck guitar solo and trash-can drum break. The form of Thin Lizzy is based over an odd bar structure of 2x 3/4 bars followed by 2x 4/4 bars which took some getting used to in rehearsals.

Other tracks by Harry Coulson's Rain Dogs:  Out Out.  -  Stay Light
Jessica Saphia - Lucid Dreams of You     Jazz, Blues, Easy Listening, Acoustic 25/04/2014
Smokey jazz vocals and songs for the soul with melodic lines and cathartic raw emotions.
Song based on the ability to manipulate you dreams. In lucid dreaming you become aware you are in a dream, so can change what happens, where you go and who you are with in your dream. Where would you go, what would you do?

Other tracks by Jessica Saphia:  Hello Day  -  Make Life Better
The Soldier's Wife - Bombs Away     Folk, Easy Listening, Jazz 20/04/2014
The Soldier's Wife project saw six prominent Queensland songwriters work with the wives and widows of Australian servicemen from WW2 to present to explore and tell their personal stories.
Bombs Away describes the longing for a Soldier's wife to come back home safely from war and to be safe in the arms of his lover.

Other tracks by The Soldier's Wife:  Little Digger  -  The Sofa Down the Hall
Dan Sheehan - So-Called     Jazz, Instrumental 09/04/2014
Dan Sheehan is a Melbourne pianist/composer/improviser engaged in writing and performing original music which reflects a passion for post-jazz exploration of wide contemporary and classical influences.
'So-Called' highlights Sheehan's strength at composing materials that serve as platforms for exciting moments in performance. This piece marries a haunting melody with a memorable rhythmic/harmonic cell which the trio navigates to a euphoric climax.

Other tracks by Dan Sheehan:  Holding Pattern  -  St Marks Avenue
Brianna Carpenter - In Our Hearts     Pop, Jazz 04/04/2014
If Brianna Carpenter smiles at you while singing, you best smile back. It's not like there's a choice, the sides of your mouth spring up to reach your ears.
Infectious jazzy pop forcing the sides of your mouth to spring up to the bottom of your ears.