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Hub Recordings

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Connor - Fragile ft. Krue     Electronic 27/08/2018
Connor is the moniker of Darcy Thornycroft whose textured songwriting and atmospheric production draws influences from the likes of Galimatias, Atu and Ta- ku.
Fragile (ft. Krue) is a dreamy and somber electronic track focusing on the difficulty of showing your vulnerable side and showing caution when speaking your feelings. Daniela (Krue) explains this, “I think fragility or vulnerability is part of anyone, but too often we’re too afraid of showing this side. But it’s okay, because everyone is allowed to do this”.

Food Court - Slightest Brightest     Rock, Garage 17/12/2016
One of Aussie's leading garage rock bands, Food Court are back again with 'Slightest Brightest', a taste of their debut album that they can't wait to share with you!
'Slightest Brightest' is a glorious 3-minute slice of a rock band at their best, all inner-city attitude and sharp guitars. A kind of anti-anthem that whets your appetite for the album to follow, rightly maintaining Food Court as one of the kings of Aussie garage rock.


Bray James - Deciduo     Pop, Electronic 19/10/2016
Boy makes song. Bray James draws inspiration from the natural landscape that surrounds him. He pairs catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics.
Your first encounter with Deciduo is colourful. Bright. But stare, and listen long enough and a shade of purple settles, hinted at in lyrical form. Meaning that slowly reveals itself, like an afternoon sky hiding a late storm. Until it is right upon you.

Bel - Melancholia     Electronic, Pop, Folk 26/08/2016
An inky single that embraces the darkness, produced by electro-pop heavyweight John Castle (Vance Joy, Megan Washington). ‘Melancholia’ features textured synths, unforgettable hooks and driving beats amid Bel’s gorgeous vocals.
Like Anohni’s Hopelessness, Bel’s project is made for troubled times. ‘Melancholia’ is the first track from her upcoming debut EP. A brooding, conflicted affair. Dark synths and ominous bass roll below Bel’s sombre vocals giving way to a sad, yet strangely uplifting, chorus in the vein of Lana Del Rey.

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Ella Thompson - I Go Over     Pop, Experimental 02/11/2015
In July, Ella was personally invited by Mark Ronson to join his show as part of the Uptown Funk tour + Splendour performance alongside Kevin Parker and Andrew Wyatt.
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

The pure pop of ‘I Go Over’ hint at an impressive body of solo work, for an artist who has made a reputation as a stellar collaborator


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Flamingo Jones - Botanical Animal     Pop 05/09/2015
Experimental tropicalia. Part pop. Part Calypso. Part Malibu and pineapple.
Jungle. Steel pan drums. Animal sounds. And glorious melody.

Other tracks by Flamingo Jones:  Skinny D.I.P.
Grand Pavilion - Stranger     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic 28/07/2015
Knife-sharp beats, hazy synths, soaring vocals - Grand Pavilion offer a unique spin on current electronic music scenes. The innovative production duo make transformative music combining layered samples and rhythms.
'Stranger' is a beautiful reminder of how the current electronic movement can marry with melody and songwriting to create haunting landscapes to create something completely fresh and imaginative. Well crafted and understated pop.

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