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Evergreen Artists

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Bernie - Angels and Devils     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 19/11/2015
Melbourne's own Bernie has been described as a prolific songwriter with an angelic voice. Her performances are both raw and captivating, truly a unique little lady.
The opening seconds quickly introduces Bernie's key musical strength; heartfelt melodies coupled with her beautiful and simply elegant voice. Abound with metaphoric imagery, Angels and Devils is a track that weaves the vocal lines along soft guitar tones and a steady beat. A fragile yet rich blend of acoustic folk-pop.

Forever Ends Here - Send Me Crazy     Pop, Punk 19/11/2015
Sydney based Pop Punk outfit Forever Ends Here have established themselves as one of Australia’s outstanding up and comers with their infectious brand of music.
The track is driven by punchy energetic guitars riff's and delivers an excellent hooky pop chorus. Fans of pop-punk will find it hard to look past this latest single - a treat for those who really enjoy the atmospheric and uplifting vibe of the genre.

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - Rattle My Cage     Rock, Blues, Garage, Grunge 26/11/2015
The Melbourne based rockers A Gazillion Angry Mexicans have been turning heads locally since forming, delivering earnest rock music and playing countless live shows.
A drone like guitar riff opens up this rock and roll banger, making way for an epic rhythmic chug that will have your head nodding instantly. Rattle my Cage features elements of stoner/doom rock, and takes influence from bands such a Queens Of The Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys. Killer!

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Colour Dazed - Release Me     Rock, Garage, Punk 27/11/2015
Melbourne three piece Colour Dazed make rhythmic psychedelic post-punk with a penchant for lucid story telling.
Release Me is a mellow post-punk/garage rock track that stands out due to the unique vocal style drawing influences from acts such as the The Smashing Pumpkins. The gang vocal chorus is punchy giving the track a real old school vibe reminiscent of 90's grunge anthems.

Hollow Heart - Namesake     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 08/01/2016
Hollow Heart are a new Sydney based Hardcore outfit who draw influence from bands like Counterparts, Being as an Ocean, In Hearts Wake and Architects to produce their signature sound.
Namesake is like a bull at a gate, smacking you in the face with brutality and catchy melody at once. This track raises awareness for mental illness, as the band are very passionate about helping others through mental struggles. Keep a keen eye fixed on Hollow Heart.

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The Dead Love - Wastelands     Rock, Grunge, Pop, Garage 15/01/2016
Sydney based Grunge Power-Pop band The Dead Love can be described as nothing less than incendiary.
90's Grunge/Power-Pop at it's finest. The Dead Love have produced a truly unique and infectious track, highlighting the best of old and new. You will be singing the chorus hook in your head for weeks.

Centre and The South - Take It As it Comes     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Soul, Funk 28/01/2016
Centre and The South's sound is a web of roots, upbeat funk and soul interlaced with a pronounced mellow reggae flavour.
Take It As It comes is a track that excudes positivity, it's bouncing pace takes listeners down a colourful funk reggae soundscape that will definitely make you want to groove as its skips along. Upbeat, happy and carefree are key emotions that resound from the songs message and delivery.

Other tracks by Centre and The South:  Ride the Storm  -  Is There More
Navy Blue - Hollow     Rock, Metal 03/02/2016
Navy Blue are a Progressive Rock band from Bendigo, Victoria Australia.
An entrancing soundscape featuring droning synth and plucked guitars opens this progressive rock banger, taking the listener on an aural journey from the start. This is a truly captivating track that will have listeners wanting more from this new country Victorian Progressive Metal outfit.

Ras Jahknow - What A Gwan     Reggae/Dub, Roots, World 03/02/2016
Originating from the heart of Cape Verde West Africa, Ras Jahknow ushers an innovative reggae style drawing their worldly sound from a variety of countries from across the globe.
‘What A Gwan’ bestows the bands iconic sound of rolling bass power melded with melodic sincerity to deliver a prized strain of vintage roots reggae.

Forever Ends Here - Chapters     Pop, Rock 26/02/2016
Sydney based Pop Rock outfit Forever Ends Here have established themselves as one of Australia’s outstanding up and comers with their infectious brand of music.
Chapters is a synth pop rock banger. An entrancing lead male vocal opens the dynamic track, that erupts into a a true stadium rock chorus.

Statues - Dogswamp     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 02/03/2016
Statues are a chaotic hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia, and have earned a reputation for being one of the most insane live acts in the country.
From the second this track begins, it absolutely smacks you in the face with intensity. Dogswamp is a true heavy anthem.

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - Midnight Desert Radio     Rock, Grunge, Garage 09/03/2016
A Gazillion Angry Mexicans debuted with their EP ‘Juan, Two, Three, Four’, which received stellar reviews from and Vulture Magazine plus many more media outlets.
Midnight Desert Radio truly highlights what AGAM do best - Balls to the wall Alternative Rock. Reminiscent of a mix of Queens of the Stone Age and Motorhead, this track is a Rock classic.

Kill Dirty Youth - Lunatic     Rock, Punk, Grunge 09/03/2016
Kill Dirty Youth debuted in 2014 with their EP 'We're Living Off Dog Food', which they toured relentlessly along the east coast.
Lunatic is an unstoppable force of raw energy. Press play and prepare for a true Grunge banger.

The Dead Love - Love Drugs     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 11/03/2016
Sydney based Grunge Power-Pop band The Dead Love can be described as nothing less than incendiary.
Love Drugs is a true reincarnation of 90's Power Pop/Grunge. Extremely catchy, drenched in melancholia and packing a healthy dose of Garage/Rock, this track displays the new direction of The Dead Love perfectly. Press play and enjoy!

Misguided - Know The Enemy     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 16/03/2016
Brisbane based Metalcore band Misguided are fast becoming known around town for their chaotic live show and unique brand of music.
Know The Enemy opens with an eerie sample from Batman, and then opens a can of hell on the listeners ears with precision metal core riffs, combined with a brutal lead vocal. Misguided clearly focus on conscious material in their music, and deliver this with complete earnest.

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She Cries Wolf - We're All Arsonists     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock, Grunge 23/03/2016
The band debuted with album ‘Divorce‘ in 2015. The album received an extremely warm response from fans and media alike, and has paved the way for an incredible 2016 ahead.
Lead Singer Luke's soaring raspy vocal is accompanied by raw guitar work to open to absolute banger of a track. She Cries Wolf have really stepped up their caliber of songwriting with this track, adding outstanding melodies to balls-to-the-wall Hardcore and oozing with elements of 90's grunge.

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Illyria - Sarim     Metal/Punk, Atmospheric 11/04/2016
Gracing from Perth, Western Australia, 'Illyria' are currently preparing to release their debut self-title album to the masses on Friday April 22nd.
Sarim opens with subtle, chorus laden acoustic guitar that leads in a huge wall of sound. This track is truly epic, and displays the bands unique ability to tastefully gel several genres together to create a masterpiece. Listen and get lost in this beautiful soundscape.

Héloise - Old Salt     Blues/Roots, Folk, Easy Listening 06/05/2016
Melbourne based Folk/Blues artist Héloise is an eclectic song weaver who pens earnest music that warms the soul.
A western spaghetti vibe opens up an absolutely stunning new single from Melbourne's Heloise. Packed with soul and sass, this track will have you shaking your hips and tapping your toes instantly!

Other tracks by Héloise:  Down The Line  -  Sonny
Misguided - The Agenda     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 06/05/2016
Brisbane based Metalcore band Misguided are fast becoming known around town for their chaotic live show and unique brand of music.
The Agenda comes out hard and fast, with a rhythmic engine room accompanying and absolutely brutal lead riff. This paves way for vocalist Brock Spencer's brutal scream, which cuts through the mix in a soaring way. Premiered on Triple J's 'Short. Fast. Loud', this track is absolutely killer.

Perpetrator - Sinking In     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 06/05/2016
Perpetrator are a fresh = Brisbane hardcore outfit, the 4 piece have been playing shows for just over a year and have built a reputation for fast, heavy hardcore.
Sinking In punches you in the face with a maelstrom of hardcore guitars and a driving drum beat. The vocals in this track are absolutely soaring, reminiscent of early hardcore outfits with a new spin. Push play and turn up loud.