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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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Coda Conduct - Leaving Home     Pop, Hip Hop 26/07/2019
Smart, fun and relatable, Coda Conduct they have been winning over the hearts of audiences for years with music that is equal parts earnest and irreverent, sincere but still playful.
‘Leaving Home’ is a song about outgrowing things, especially when they begin to feel constrictive. 'Home' in this song is any place that is well-worn and familiar - a job, school, town or relationship. Maybe it's quitting your first sh*tty retail job, or ditching your judgemental high-school 'friends' - either way, it's a celebration of growing and getting out.

Coda Conduct - Lying To Myself feat. Kinder     Hip Hop 21/11/2019
Coda Conduct's music combines their love of rap and hip hop with pop, dance and electronic influences, delivered with their trademark humour and intelligent lyricism.
‘Lying To Myself’ is a summery, windows-down singalong featuring upcoming duo Kinder. It’s the ultimate collaboration between rappers Sally and Erica and dance/pop party starters Briony and Savannah, who recently all toured together for Listen Out. The song is about ignoring self-doubt and self-criticism, and instead putting your trust in the people who are ready to cheer you on.

Other tracks by Coda Conduct:  Can't Be There
B Wise - The Key     Hip Hop 22/02/2018
B Wise is an up-and-coming rapper hailing from Western Sydney. Jumping off the success of his massive single 'Feel Something', he brings us his strongest track to date, 'The Key'.
'The Key' is about our basic need to crave love, human touch and admiration. It can often be taken for granted, and when it's gone, it's easy to feel lost and isolated.

B Wise - Risk it     Hip Hop 23/09/2016
There’s a new wave of local MC’s making noise and amongst them stands B Wise, an African-Australian artist with a different story to tell.
'Risk it' is a party track about getting loose on the weekend and doing things you may regret in the morning. Enjoy your life!

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by B Wise:  Drugs and Drama  -  Smile
B Wise - No Questions     Hip Hop 17/08/2016
There’s a new wave of local MC’s making noise and amongst them stands B Wise, an African-Australian artist with a different story to tell.
The first taste of the EP is ‘No Questions’, a hard hitting introspective joint on which Wise reflects those moments in his life that made all this shit happen. He is honest, direct and possesses a level of story-telling skill beyond his years.

B Wise - Lead The Way     Hip Hop 20/09/2018
B Wise is a young rapper from South-West Sydney. Signed to Elefant Traks in 2016, his debut album 'Area Famous' drops on September 14th.
'Lead The Way' is a jam track, about the importance of family. Dedicated to B Wise sisters, describing the impact they have had on his life.

Other tracks by B Wise:  Lost and Found feat. Anfa Rose  -  Time feat. Kaiit
B Wise - Flex On     Hip Hop, RnB 05/06/2018
B Wise is a rapper from Western Sydney. Gearing up for a big release this year, he has recently dropped his mammoth single 'The Key'.
'Flex On' paints the picture of someone simply enjoying the spoils of hard work. As B Wise describes in his own words, “That feeling you get when your pay cheque hits the account on a Friday”.

B Wise - Feel Something     Hip Hop 20/10/2017
B Wise is a Nigerian-Australian hip hop artist from South West Sydney. New single, 'Feel Something' and it is about growing up with a crew that always had his back.
‘Feel Something' is about a sense of community. It's a story about my teen years. At the time, my world revolved around ‘the area’ - slang for any neighbourhood in the West or South West of Sydney. We were young & reckless, but someone always had your back.

B Wise - Actin' Different     Hip Hop 25/08/2018
B Wise is a young rapper from South-West Sydney. His debut album 'Area Famous' drops on September 14th out through Elefant Traks.
Actin' Different is about embracing your free side, the side where you don’t care what anyone thinks about you and you're just living in the moment. That feeling of opening the sunroof in the middle of winter, feeling on top of the world. Actin' Different is produced by Juve and mixed by DOPAM!NE.

Astronomy Class - Four Barang In A Tuk-Tuk     Hip Hop, World 20/05/2014
Astronomy Class are a "unique hybrid of the Australian musical landscape" (The Music). The trio is made up of producers Chasm, Sir Robbo and vocalist Ozi Batla.
First single taken from Mekong Delta Sunrise feat. Srey Chaanthy (The Cambodian Space Project)