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FISHER - Losing It     Electronic, Dance, House, Techno 31/07/2018
FISHER is a tech house producer & DJ based between Sydney & LA.
The enthusiasm for FISHER’s new single ‘Losing It’ has fast been approaching fanatical. Now, FISHER is finally giving the people what they want. ‘Losing It’ has already hit #1 on Beatport, #20 on the ARIA Club Chart, hit #10 on the Aus Spotify Viral Chart & been added to triple j.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Dance Release

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Charlies Flat - Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime     Electronic, Cover Version, Dub 31/07/2018
Charlies Flat is an Australian collective of producers, singers and musicians inspired by dub, beats, soul and 80s.
Reimagined electronic interpretation of this 80s hit.

Other tracks by Charlies Flat:  Shiny in the Dark  -  Come Back and Stay
Paper Flowers - Mirrors     Electronic 31/07/2018
Paper Flowers is the electronic bedroom project of Melbourne based multi-insturmentalist/producer Jacob Rohde. Ambient
Slow building, ambient, thought provoking

Other tracks by Paper Flowers:  When I see you
Jim Ottaway - Astral Voices     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Instrumental 30/07/2018
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
'Astral Voices' is the opening track to Jim Ottaway's international award-winning album... 'Deep Space Blue'. The track is pure ambient bliss taking the listener on an astral journey to the far reaches of the universe. Close your eyes and relax!

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Other tracks by Jim Ottaway:  Deep Space Blue
ZĀN - Fight     Electronic, RnB, Soul 27/07/2018
ZĀN is a singer, songwriter & producer whose musical routes lay in an eclectic mix of South Asian cinema, alt-R&B and electro-pop.
Singer-songwriter and bouncing producer ZĀN is joining the protest with his new single Fight; an alt-R&B slow-burner featuring densely layered harmonies fused with hindustani ad-libs.

Fight serves as a thematic manifesto for the EP 'Gulnaz' focusing on themes of struggle, survival and how to stand firm for your place in the world.

Dom Dolla - Take It     Electronic 27/07/2018
Has received over 20 million streams and consecutive ARIA Club Chart #1’s for 'Be Randy' and ‘Define’ his 2016 collaboration with Go Freek and ARIA nominated for Best Dance Release
Dom Dolla makes a triumphant return to 2018 with ‘Take It’, a deep, dark, heaving club mix that combines an evocatively catchy vocal, with a deep groove beat to create one hooky production.

Jim Ottaway - Lightning Strikes Twice     Electronic, Instrumental, Atmospheric 27/07/2018
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
Lightning Strikes Twice is a light melodic electronic track composed to reflect those times in life when you think that a significant person or situation may never grace your life again... but they do... with great joy!

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Other tracks by Jim Ottaway:  Back In Time  -  New Suns Are Rising
Josh The Cat - I'll Remember You     Electronic, Pop 26/07/2018
Josh The Cat is a place, a state of mind, a portal through which Melbourne singer, songwriter, producer Joshua Teicher travels to explore his personal musical galaxy.
I'll Remember You brings together his gentle and quirky personality with his bold and refined production and songwriting skills, creating an addictive, bittersweet earworm of shimmering nostalgic pop--as though Beck were fronting a Pharrell jam. From dreamy and sparse beginnings centred by Josh the Cat’s crisp voice and underpinned by super-funky bass guitar, the song blooms with each chorus.

Bela Chase - Clouds     Electronic, Pop, Dance 25/07/2018
Bela Chase is an electropop artist and producer, creating sounds of deep synth pared with her singer songwriter roots.
Clouds was recorded at Studio 301 with producer Jack Prest. It is the second release by Bela Chase as a solo artist.
It's up beat and takes on a dream pop like state.

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Other tracks by Bela Chase:  Arcadian  -  Like This
Confidence Man - Out The Window     Electronic 25/07/2018
A portable party that’s levelled dancefloors and flattened festival crowds as it’s rolled out worldwide, Confidence Man are a machine custom designed to make you dance and lose your cool.
With Confidence Man’s current single, ‘Out The Window’ (a crowd favourite) getting high rotation on airwaves around the world, now we see the release of a phenomenal remix of the track from Greg & Che Wilson, who bring forth the funk.

Goosebumpz - Not The Same (feat. Shelley Davies)     Electronic, Dance, Pop 25/07/2018
Goosebumpz is a Sydney based electronic music producer and live act who is known for his eclectic assortment of original bass heavy, broken beat jams.
Not The Same (feat. Shelley Davies) is a fierce, modern Future Bass dance track. It has punchy, pop style choruses, lush cinematic breakdowns, and lashings of bass. The song features Brisbane based vocalist Shelley Davies and expresses feelings of love, loss and bittersweet acceptance.

Other tracks by Goosebumpz:  Boilermakers - Jesus Age (Goosebumpz Remix)  -  Biohack
Yumgod - May Crush Ako S'Ayo     Electronic 25/07/2018
Yumgod (Neil Cabatingan) is a Filipino electronic music producer based in Inner West Melbourne.
May Crush Ako S'Ayo is a footwork edit of the original track by Filipino pop group Cinderella. This track is from the BARRIO TRAX EP, a collection of footwork and club tracks sampling 60s and 70s Filipino pop records

Ray Ramon - Bad Bad Man     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Hip Hop 23/07/2018
Ray Ramon is a Nigerian born Australian multi award winning Independent Artist, singer-songwriter and Music Producer.
Bad Bad Man is the second release EP album of 2018 by Australia's Ray Ramon

This main feature track was written bordering on Domestic Violence.

Ray's campaign is quite clear and depicted in the video.

Other tracks by Ray Ramon:  Bad Bad Man (Dan Thomas Tribal House Circuit Remix  -  Bad Bad Man (DJ HI5 Remix)
Australian Athlete - Surf 'N' Turf     Electronic, Funk 20/07/2018
Australian Athlete is the brand new project from Sydney keyboard wunderkind Harry Sutherland. Drawing on an intense conservatorial jazz piano training, he has channelled these skills into a boogie/disco/funk arena.
Exploring a wealth of disjunctions behind the Australian psyche, “Surf ‘N’ Turf” playfully dances with ideas of identity such as the obsession with sporting success and the dichotomy of coast and country. Diving into a collage of dazzling synths and groove-inducing rhythms, the track is reminiscent of warm retro funk and fused with a body-moving boogie, showcasing Sutherland’s unique musicality.

Born Dirty & Anna Lunoe - Badass (with Anna Lunoe)     Electronic 20/07/2018
Born Dirty laying down an infectious, high-octane, house beat underneath Anna’s power-filled vocals.
Born Dirty & Anna Lunoe flex their songwriting & production muscles on “Badass” - laying down an infectious, high-octane, house beat underneath Anna’s power-filled vocals. The song is meant to capture the exact essence & energy of what the duo think everyone should feel walking into the club in 2018.

Loston - Solitaire     Electronic, Experimental 20/07/2018
Loston made it to the forefront of electronic music, having had his music repped by heavy hitters at the world pinnacle music festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Coachella.
While Mellor has collaborated with the likes of Ta-Ku and Nicole Millar, it's been four years since his debut, Loston embarked on a journey proving that electronic music doesn’t need to be disposable, throw-away beats designed purely for playlist success. The result includes today's release, 'Solitaire', within EP 'Echoes' described by Loston as being like 2018: A Space Odyssey'.

MERCHANT - War Cry     Electronic 20/07/2018
Electronic artist, Merchant, describes himself as a “rogue survivor of the sands of time”. Unknown origins but it’s clear that he's been influenced by the chorales of Nero and ZHU.
The EP’s closing track, ‘War Cry’, commences with an unnerving ambience, picking it right back up with heavy war drums and a clever curation of background sounds to accompany the overall theme.

Other tracks by MERCHANT:  Beyond the Walls  -  Creatures
POLOSHIRT - Too Good Too Be True (Feat. Price J)     Electronic 20/07/2018
Already causing a stir both locally and internationally, the collaboration of Winston Surfshirt and Polographia now known as POLOSHIRT
On ‘Too Good To Be True’ our favourite newcomer Price J adds her sweetly soulful vocals to the lovers duet with Winston.

SaD - The Poets of Antiquity     Electronic, Goth 20/07/2018
SaD are Simona Castricum and Daphne Camf (NO ZU). Together they pay romantic homage to minimal wave through crooning lamentations and danceable vulnerability. Ask for them by name.
The Poets of Antiquity is an upfront gothic synth-pop debut release with crooning vocals, mechanical synth rhythms and melodic guitar.

Jethro - Need to Say     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 19/07/2018
Jethro is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer, Israel Amoy.
Broken memories should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, for some, they are a haunting reality.