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upsidedownhead - circulate ft. PLGRMS     Electronic, Dance 19/06/2019
sydney-based musician and producer upsidedownhead returns with the release of his brand new single ‘circulate’, an exhilarating and infectious anthem featuring electronic duo PLGRMS.
‘circulate’ is about learning to be ok with letting someone go.

“it's about constantly walking in circles in your mind and trying to keep up with your thoughts about someone. you finally choose to let go and embrace them for who they are, but instead of completely letting go".

V O E - So Cold     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Dance 19/06/2019
Adelaide artists Tevlo & CARZi came together through a chance collaboration and quickly realised their mutual intoxication for Drum and Bass, forming the duo V O E .
Screaming out for answers with nothing but cold emotionless responses, 'So Cold' tells the story of a struggle to find love as questions and distrust arise. With heart wrenching vocals over delicate piano and fierce drops, 'So Cold' will leave you wanting more.

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V O E - Spotlight     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Dance 19/06/2019
Adelaide artists Tevlo & CARZi came together through a chance collaboration and quickly realised their mutual intoxication for Drum and Bass, forming the duo V O E .
Spotlight is about stepping up to the stage and facing your fears, despite being terrified and doing it anyway. The uplifting drum and bass track couples the inspiring lyrical content perfectly.

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V O E - Witching Hour     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Dance 19/06/2019
Adelaide artists Tevlo & CARZi came together through a chance collaboration and quickly realised their mutual intoxication for Drum and Bass, forming the duo V O E .
This vocal drum and bass track continues V O E's theme of the fight for love, Witching Hour speaks of knowing something is bad but being addicted to the emotion.

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Other tracks by V O E:  Trust Myself  -  Broken
Anna Lunoe - Right Party     Electronic, Dance 14/06/2019
Anna Lunoe is one of Australian's most renowned DJ's, vocalist, songwriter and producer now. Performing at the worlds biggest music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra, TomorrowWorld and Hard Summer.
Right Party is an absolute bop with a heavy dance bassline that is paired with an infectious vocal.

Other tracks by Anna Lunoe:  Creep
Brad Jordan - Come Down     Electronic, Techno, Dance 14/06/2019
A 20 year old rapper/producer/university student/financial advisor from Sydney’s south, Brad Jordan is versatile artist that takes inspiration from a variety of genres.
The inspiration for the track came from reminiscing on nights as a high school student, sneaking out the house, hiding beers from mum and dad to go to underage parties that friends hosted when their parents were away (Brad Jordan definitely does not condone this behaviour, children). It's about breaking your parents rules for a thrill as a kid.

HyperFlora - Greta Oto ft. Rahel     Electronic, Industrial 14/06/2019
Melbourne-based indie-electronic duo HyperFlora have just unveiled their stunning debut track ‘Greta Oto’ ft. Rahel, member of Billy Davis and The Good Lords – mixed by Tristan Hoogland.
‘Greta Oto’ is a dreamy melting pot of hip-hop, indie-electronic and alternative-pop. Distant piano, brooding flute and flickers of samples play under the mesmerising blend of vocals, before its slinky bass and beats work their way into the mix. The two producers navigate the remainder of the track with the utmost precision, as dynamics duck and weave unconventionally.

Nyxen - Insomnia     Electronic 14/06/2019
Tokyo-born and Sydney-residing Nyxen has had a whirlwind career thus far with an ever-expanding catalogue of dynamite electronic tunes.
‘Insomnia’, first heard performed at each stop of her recent live national tour, is a story told reflecting the tracks title to keep the mind tantalized late into the night.

Another purely Nyxen production starts in her signature guitar style, before equally soothing and infectious vocals fixate listeners on the single’s soulful yet upbeat journey.

Water And Bridges - Endless Sky (feat. Mark Spence of Royal Chant)     Electronic, Pop 14/06/2019
Retrowave and synthwave producer from Port Macquarie.
A collaborative 80s-style synth-pop track with the vocalist of garage-rock darlings Royal Chant.

Written with heavy influences of David Bowie and Tears for Fears.

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Andrew Hetherington - Smooth Chillout     Electronic, Chill, Downbeat 13/06/2019
Andrew Hetherington is an Australian musician, songwriter and music producer who writes retro pop songs and instrumental music.
Sit back, relax and chill out with these smooth synths and graceful guitars that will soothe your soul. Almost haunting Pink Floydish bends and psychedelic backwards sounding guitar leads to a chorus dominated by a pleasing guitar melody. A short uptempo bridge breaks with the familiar, signifying the climax, which leads back to the recognizable outro.

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Ashley Seeven - she     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 13/06/2019
Mixing sounds, pushing boundaries, empowering words, sounds that move you, verging into the darkness to create an edgeyness
Without pain there is no gain, as they say. Some wonderful women in my life have brought along some hard lessons. Thank you to them, because I have learnt more from them than anything else. Here the words have to be sung to bring out HER.

B-Syde - Reailty     Electronic, Folk, Pop, Dance 13/06/2019
Producer, performer, beat maker; B-Syde is a multi-instrumentalist using live production to manipulate and loop audio from an array of instruments, sequence tight drum breaks and manifest chunky bass lines.
Reality is B-Syde's ode to his craft; depicting the struggles of a life dedicated to pursuing an unconventional path and a promise to follow his dream by any means.

Cy Gorman & Wu Kush - Prophit     Electronic, House, Techno, Chill 13/06/2019
Cy Gorman is a multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre and multimedia artist, while Wu Kush (AKA Juxtpose/JXTPS) is a jazz-trained guitarist turned techno maestro.
Prophit is a hypnotic slo-mo techno/deep house groove with rippling Juno keys. Premiered via San Francisco blog Dream Chimney, which has also featured Aussie artists like Albrecht LaBrooy, Freda & Jackson, Hayes & Zeitgeist, The Posse, M5K, Chord Memory Band and Len Leise.

Early support from Jimpster, Mano le Tough, Richard Dorfmeister, Bandcamp Weekly, Aera, Clipp.Art etc.

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Dive Bell - Lupine     Electronic, Rock 13/06/2019
Dive Bell are a four-piece out of Sydney who create expansive musical landscapes driven by synths and guitars.
"Lupine is a track that I wrote in Melbourne a few years back, inspired by a doco I watched which vividly depicted the territorial nature of wolves. It thematically raised ideas around belonging vs entrapment and freedom vs extradition." - Aleesha Dibbs, Dive Bell

e4444e - Woe     Electronic, Experimental, Soundscapes 13/06/2019
e4444e is a visually inspired, experimental artist from Newcastle, Australia. The 21 year old see's himself as a sort of pattern maker or sonic collage artist.
Woe to me is the feeling of going through something. The whole ep feels like that. Pushing through a road and feeling all the crests and contours going through your body. Stuff gets thrown at you and it comes out of you differently. - e4444e

Other tracks by e4444e:  Streetlight (hide)  -  Wednesdae
For Miles - ICE-772     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Downbeat 13/06/2019
For Miles // incorporates elements of neo-classical composition fused with electronic production to produce uniquely accessible works, exploring the abstract art of synthesis.
ICE-772 // A track inspired by rail journeys across Europe - the song was actually composed aboard an I.C.E service from Nurnberg to Berlin (hence the name). Many of For Miles' songs are inspired by journey, travel and the views we often miss while on our daily mundane commute

Haikyo - Moonmantles     Electronic, Chill, Instrumental, Ambience 13/06/2019
Solo soundscapes and ambient mixtures.
Moonmantles is the first release of Haikyo. Everything other than the electro drums is done by bass guitar and effects. Think sad cosmic space cowboy.

jayteehazard - Ahh.200     Electronic, RnB 13/06/2019
jayteehazard is a writer/producer with a unique style that is dance floor friendly with depth. Jayteehazard has worked with the likes of Hermitude, Hilltop Hoods and Haiku Hands.
Taking things down a notch the shimmering synths in Ahh.200 will transfix you from the get-go, transporting the listener to a dreamy mellow world, but not for long. Soon after an unassuming baseline slowly builds momentum towards a drop that is guaranteed to have you moving.

Lastly - Strength Through Breath     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat, Ambience 13/06/2019
Lastly just wants to release honest art which is thoughtful, creative and from the heart in an age where mediocre is almost a genre
A song about finding strength through breathing and meditation, Produced by Tim Whitt, Mastered by Alex Mader at Disk Edits. Debut single for Lastly ahead of a forthcoming EP release in August/September

N.Y.C.K - LXE     Electronic 13/06/2019
The second glimpse of new music from Australian duo Dominique Garrard and Nicholas Acquroff, ‘LXE’ follows on from enchanting single ‘Wild Streak’.
Hauntingly beautiful, ‘LXE’ is a tale of how infatuation can strip you bare of emotions until you’re left naked, vulnerable and burdened with the harrowing question of why? Anticipation is echoed by a heartbeat throughout the track where graceful piano is accompanied by hazy, strong tempo - all unveiling another elegant chapter of N.Y.C.K to the world.