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Easy Listening


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The Tracking Crew - Time Is Moving Slow     Easy Listening, Alternative, Blues 28/03/2020
Production team, The Tracking Crew, began releasing original music on the SBD label from husband and wife writing team Kay Bee & Buzz Bidstrup, aka Treehouse Music ft. vocalist Sherene
Time is moving slow is a groove based emo ballad about a loss of connection and not being understood. It was written by founding GANGgajang members Kay and Buzz Bidstrup and was produced by David Nicholas and Buzz. The featured voice is Sherene with musicians James Gillard and Glen Hannah joining Buzz on keys, drums and ukulele.

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Other tracks by The Tracking Crew:  Caught In The Rain
Chris Costello - Folks Doin' Time     Easy Listening, Alternative 24/03/2020
Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Chris Costello has been making music for decades. As the acclaimed songwriter and brains behind Brisbane band The Bowls Club and as a solo musician.
A catchy singalong song about the futility of the human spirit

Other tracks by Chris Costello:  Candle in the Bin  -  Daydream Holiday
Michael Buining - Beyond My Fire     Easy Listening, Rock, Country 21/03/2020
Michael Buining is a singer/songwriter covering a diverse range of styles blues, roots, rock, country & folk and has two working bands- 'The Roadhouse Regulars" and "Swamp Dawkins".
This is a song about surviving. It's about wanting to live, love, laugh, cry. We've had a devastating drought, then devastating fires and now a devastating virus.

I hope this song warms your heart and inspires you to survive beyond your fire.

It was written for a burns survivors group- but it speaks to all of us.

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Left of Country - Follow Me Home     Easy Listening, Country, Folk 11/03/2020
Left of Country is a Wagga Wagga based trio with a country folk sound. All of our recordings to date have been our own originals.
Sailors have long used a star on the ocean and lights in the harbour to find their way home. This song is about finding something or someone as a guide when things aren't going right.

A catchy song which you'll be singing along with by the end.

Other tracks by Left of Country:  The Devil Would Have His Due  -  The Spirit
John Hanley - Home     Easy Listening, Rock 06/03/2020
John is a singer songwriter living with Motor Neurone Disease. Through his story and music, John is raising awareness and funds to help in the fight to find a cure.
"The first time we played Home it hit me hard that I was singing this song for a mate I have never met. I was singing it to thank Scott Sullivan who started the MND and Me Foundation before he passed away, and to thank everyone else who has helped anyone impacted by MND".

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Brian Raynor - No Bed Of Roses     Easy Listening, Christian, Folk 03/03/2020
Brian Rayor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter/composer/entertainer working principally in aged care facilities across the metro area.
Sometimes Life seems to conspire against us and we see darkness all around, but there is a profound truth in the saying that "wherever there's a shadow, there is a light."

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MAGGIE CUDANIN EBBINGHAUS - Love@Waltz     Easy Listening, Dance, Easy Listening, Easy Listening 02/03/2020
Representing the older generation and composing and singing new songs with positive messages to the world. Firm believer of the Great Power of God.
Love Song with a waltz tempo. Good for any age group who feel the beauty of love. Good for all seasons.

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Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaaus - Exit Now     Easy Listening, Indie 01/03/2020
Filipino-Australian independent singer-songwriter who is a domestic violence survivor. Was able to compose the song Exit Now after overcoming severe depression.
Strong message to people suffering from depression, anxiety and all sorts of emotional pain. You can see the opportunities around you; you will notice people who love and care for you; you will realize your potentials; you will see the beauty of your surroundings; when your emotional pain is gone. So command all your pains to Exit Now.

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Ella Powell - Watching over Me     Easy Listening, Pop, Folk, Country 28/02/2020
Ella Powell is a 16 year old Singer Songwriter based on the Central Coast, NSW. Ella is a rising young artist whom has already captured hearts around the globe.
A heart wrenching contemporary ballad featuring piano, cello, strings and captivating lyrics which create many layers of emotion.

Juliet Vrakas - Entwined Hearts     Easy Listening, Contemporary Classical, Alternative, Classical 25/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter. Music Composer. Solo Guitarist
The seven (7) written works; 'Angel In The Wind, 'Silent Tree, 'Entwined Hearts, 'My Moon My Night, 'Oh Candle Light , 'Friday Morning, 'Maybe Its Just Me, are from Juliet's poetry diaries. Softly sung spoken whisper, accompanied by light guitar playing in the background. Kind of nostalgic reflection of ones meaning of life, invoking emotion and dreaming.

Adam Gardiner - Sleep Time (Sound Asleep)     Easy Listening, Instrumental, Alternative, Jazz 24/02/2020
Adam Gardiner is a musician and composer from NSW. He likes Funk, Soul and RnB artists such as: Allen Stone / Stevie Wonder. He also draws inspiration from film music.
Sleep Time (Sound Asleep) features a delicate and intimate felt piano surrounded by ambience, swells and soothing rain sounds.

Other tracks by Adam Gardiner:  Sleep Time (Night Sky)  -  Sleep Time (Rainy Lullaby)
Groove City - If I Knew     Easy Listening 18/02/2020
It's all about Disco and good times
Groove City get their inner Niles Rodgers on

Lyndsie Storer - Let It Rain     Easy Listening 15/02/2020
Lyndsie Storer is a singer/songwriter that sings from the heart and moves people through music.
Let It Rain is a heartfelt song dedicated to everyone affected by the Australian bush fires.

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MAYBE DAVID - Stay A Little (For the Rest of Our Life)     Easy Listening, Rock 14/02/2020
MAYBE DAVID is a young songwriter and musician located in Sydney, Australia. He writes and sings about love, joy, passion and life.
A timeless love ballad. Yearning, searching, finding.

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Finn - Overdrive     Easy Listening, Indie 05/02/2020
Singer-songwriters from South Melbourne. Influenced by; JJ Cale, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Nick Cave. Country-blues-rock.
A song about being burnt out, and giving your all to something. A reflection on being over confident, pushing things to the limit and falling short, and then taking time to heal.

George Harrison-esque chord progression with clean vocal melody, and tasteful slide guitar throughout.

Other tracks by Finn:  Lost and Lonely  -  Night Angel
MAGGIE CUDANIN EBBINGHAUS - Exit Now     Easy Listening 30/01/2020
Singer/songwriter whose main objective is to send positive messages to all the peoples of the world through adult contemporary music.
Exit Now is for those who want to heal themselves from emotional torture, heartaches, depression or anxiety. This song could help you reflect on your feelings and behaviour and consequently make you feel better.

So, if you are carrying a heavy burden, just sing along and command your heartaches to Exit Now!

Firefly soul - You Give Me More Remix     Easy Listening, Soul, Jazz, Pop 24/01/2020
This melbourne Songwriter, Artist/Producer Len Sharmans latest single Remix You Give Me More is an ambitious track with narrative lyrics ,sweeping strings, hypnotic guitar and captivating vocals.
This Melbourne Songwriter, Artist/Producer Len Sharmans latest single Remix You Give Me More is an ambitious track with narrative lyrics, sweeping strings, hypnotic guitar and captivating vocals. Co-written with R Pettinato

Tom Redwood - The Glue     Easy Listening, Psych 23/01/2020
Tom Redwood is a Melbourne based songwriter and performer. His latest album "The Glue" produced by Matt Walker is his 4th LP.
The Glue is a love song, expressing the feeling of a middle aged man, broken hearted in his youth, at last experiencing the joyful spark of true love.

Other tracks by Tom Redwood:  Get to Church on Time  -  The Sun Shines Down
Firefly Soul - Taking Time Out Remix     Easy Listening 17/01/2020
The music of Firefly Soul capture soulful feelings of rhythm and melody that conjure and churn into songs that blend into easy listening fusion groove
Taking Time Out captures soulful feelings of rhythm and melody that conjure and churn into songs that blend into a splendid spiral forward melodic harmonies and rhythm that is easy captivating

Matt Cal - Changes     Easy Listening, Roots, Blues 23/12/2019
Matt Cal is just trying to be a great singer/songwriter. “It’s always about the song. Gutsy but intimate and honest I guess is how I like to play.”
A reflective ode to the comings and goings we endure in our days on earth, set within Cal’s recent personal experiences at a poignant time in his life.

The song is a storm building and releasing like the loss and beginnings of life.

‘Changes’ represents creation in the moment, embracing feeling over analysis. A free flowing live recording.