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Jess Holland - Australian Dreamer     Country, Folk, Blues, Roots 01/02/2018
It has been a four-year process for singer-songwriter Jess Holland to bring her third long-player – Miss Demeanour – to the world.
This track is about the hard-working Australian culture, how we are all working for a better future. This song ended up being harder hitting once we worked out the drums for it. I wrote the song with the syncopated rhythm and in the studio, that rockier vibe came out.

Brodie Glen and the Clinic - Church     Country, Rock, Rockabilly 31/01/2018
Good time country/rock and roll music never in danger of taking itself too seriously, it's about going to church and hanging out in The Mallee.
A very fast song about heading to church and wondering if you've backed the right team.

Other tracks by Brodie Glen and the Clinic:  Strike Me Down  -  Mercy
Brodie Glen and the Clinic - Mercy     Country, Folk 31/01/2018
Good time country/rock and roll music never in danger of taking itself too seriously, it's about going to church and hanging out in The Mallee.
A country song about not always doing the right thing.

Other tracks by Brodie Glen and the Clinic:  Strike Me Down  -  Church
Brodie Glen and the Clinic - Strike Me Down     Country, Rock, Rockabilly 31/01/2018
Good time country/rock and roll music never in danger of taking itself too seriously, it's about going to church and hanging out in The Mallee.
A scorching country tune about hanging out in The Mallee.

Other tracks by Brodie Glen and the Clinic:  Mercy  -  Church
Ben Mastwyk - This Country     Country, Blues, Folk 31/01/2018
A prolific songwriter steeped proudly in country roots.
Mastwyk wrote “This Country” reflecting on shifting musical, political and personal tensions. Originally written as a Dylan-esque acoustic dirge the track was reimagined as a high-octane seventies-inspired country funk number in the studio.

Watling & Bates - Small Town Tales     Country, Acoustic, Folk, Comedy 20/01/2018
Watling & Bates are an Australian old time musical duo. They write songs about road trips, finding love at country halls, and finding gems on life's gravel roads.
Small Town Tales, title track of Watling & Bates 2018 release, was written by Geoffrey Bates. Inspired by today's youth, it tells of different expectations and generational challenges compared to their parents and grandparents. It's a Dad song, expressing the awe of a computer-illiterate father for his intrepid millennial daughter.

Other tracks by Watling & Bates:  Ciderville  -  I Got Gold
Katie Jayne - Sunlit Avenue     Country, Pop 08/01/2018
After returning from performing overseas for a couple of years, Katie Jayne is back to pursue a solo career.
Katie Jayne's debut single is a catchy country pop crossover track, perfect for any summer/spring playlist.

Grayson - Margarita     Country, Pop 02/01/2018
Grayson captures the heart of every moment with his storytelling. His music and lyrics captivate us with not only tales of heartfelt experiences, but the forgotten moments in between.
Margarita is Grayson's follow up single to his American #1 "10-9-8-7." Margarita sounds and feels exactly like Summer should ... Hot, fun and easy!

Vanessa Bourne - Old Familiar Ways     Country 02/01/2018
Vanessa Bourne an Australian Singer/Songwrtier/Composer. Vanessa writes and sings from the heart. She owes her success to the radio stations for all their support and is thankful for that.
If you like your Country Music pure Country then 'Old Familiar Ways' is that kind of song. This song will get your feet tapping and they lyrics will put a smile on your face because its about what a country girls heart wants in a relationship.

Other tracks by Vanessa Bourne:  Hurtin' Over You
Tristen Bird - Yonder Comes The Sun     Country, Folk, Blues, Alternative Country 23/12/2017
Tristen's forthcoming release 'Yonder comes the sun' features a who’s who of the Americana music scene and is currently under production with Grammy award - winning producer Matt Ross Spang.
Yonder Comes The Sun is a high energy single that introduces Tristens band featuring Jimbo Hart on bass guitar (Jason Isbell & the 400 unit), drummer Clint Hyndman (Something for Kate) guitarist Stefan Hauk, violinist Xani (The Twoks), Organist Liam Kealy, vocalist Michael Barclay (Paul Kelly) & vocalist Scarlett Mitchell.

Other tracks by Tristen Bird:  Anywhere You Wanna Go
Norma O'Hara Murphy - Galway Bay     Country, Cover Version 22/12/2017
Having won several Golden Guitars and numerous other Industry awards Norma is recognised as one of Australia’s finest.
Sung straight from the heart, this third generation Irish Australian brings us a timeless classic. Norma learnt this song as a child and it has always been a special family favorite. Norma was awarded Australian Celtic Artist of the year in 2014.

Sam Newton - Hazel Eyes     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 21/12/2017
Hazel Eyes is the first single released from Sydney-based Sam Newton's forthcoming album Stare Into The Dark. The album is released in February 2018.
Hazel Eyes seeks to combine the raw energy of Dylan with the lyrical prowess of Van Zandt. It was written about the helplessness and desperation that we all experience when someone that we deeply care about is crying. It goes straight for the jugular and offers no apologies.

Sean McMahon - Show Me The Way     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 21/12/2017
‘From stripped back casual charm to royally rocking, Sean McMahon has built a bespoke musical home of his own’ —Chris Lambie ,Rhythms
‘Show Me The Way’ encapsulates Sean’s immense talent, weaving poetic lyricism with fuzz guitars and a cosmic country resonance without sacrificing his melodic songwriting pedigree

Ell & Hart - Caught Up In A Rainstorm     Folk, Country, Pop, Chill 20/12/2017
Ell & Hart is comprised of Australia's Sheona Urquhart and Sweden's Jade Ell. Original, folk-pop tunes from two charming ladies.
Features the renown tight harmonies of Ell & Hart, who improvised a way of recording simultaneously to capture the “vibrations” that occur when they sing together.
Jade recorded from the studio’s drum-kit room, with Sheona in the next room, singing to each other through a glass door separating them

Michael Waugh - Little C Word     Country, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 20/12/2017
Little 'C' Word is the powerful and intense first single from the forthcoming album The Asphalt & The Oval from Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Michael Waugh
First single from Golden Guitar Award nominee Waugh’s second album, ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’, produced by ARIA award winner, Shane Nicholson. Michael’s story-song celebrates Australians calling a spade a bloody shovel – a tribute to his brother and how sometimes there’s only one word to describe how you’re feeling.

Other tracks by Michael Waugh:  Footy Trip
The Redneck Gentlemen - Apple Pie Whisky     Country 19/12/2017
Tamworth Based Country Rock Band!
The song is based around a Whisky called Apple pie Moonshine, the band's beverage of choice.

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Tyson Lucas - It's Ok To Be Me     Country 16/12/2017
Award winning singer-songwriter 17 year old Tyson Lucas creates true country music with story telling at its heart.
Tyson want's listeners to know that even though people might pressure you into playing a mainstream sport or doing something else, but you really want to be a musician, that’s okay. The main message is that everyone’s dreams are important.

Brent Larkham - Home     Country, Rock 15/12/2017
Award Winning Country Singer/Songwriter Brent Larkham.
HOME is a soulful country rock ballad that tells of the connection between our favourite songs, and the place that is our friends, our family and our favourite memories.

Lucy Parle - Always     Country 15/12/2017
14 Year old, Lucy Parle, has her sights set on a successful career in the country music industry.
‘Always’ was written after I watched the movie Dear John. The song is from John’s perspective about his break up when he went to war. It is about how John felt when he received the final letter from Savannah telling him she had fallen in love with someone else.

Renee Jonas - My Man In Red     Country 15/12/2017
Renee Jonas is a singer/songwriter that grew up listening to the natural sounds of the Australian bush.
My Man in Red is a cheeky, 'naughty but nice' Christmas Carol. This lighthearted, irreverent, playful track is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit (or into the Christmas spirits)...

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