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Brendan Smoother - Gypsy Girl     Country 24/08/2018
Combining heartfelt songwriting and an eye for a story, Brendan Smoother prides himself on songs that count for something.
‘Gypsy Girl' is Brendan Smoother’s first single since the release of his highly anticipated debut album ‘In The Meantime’. A story of “Imaginary Infidelity” at a local “Faithful Cafe”. It’s a driving song with punch from the rhythm section and ear catching hooks from a B-bender Telecaster all under the masterful production of Michael Carpenter.

Peta Mai - After You     Country, Pop 24/08/2018
Peta Mai has a soulful voice, narrative lyrics and stirring musicality. She has shared the stage with Keith Urban and established herself as a fixture in the country music scene.
'After You' was written in Nashville with a couple of Peta Mai's favourite local writers, Caleb Lovely and Quinn Loggins.

Harry Jakamarra - Little Southern Girl     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 23/08/2018
Harry Jakamarra’s gritty Banjo dirges, growling voice and dark, twisted lyrics are imbued with the rugged texture of the West Australian desert.
A vintage Alt Country trucker inspired by life on the road. Accelerated by Liz Stringer's backing vocal growl.

Other tracks by Harry Jakamarra:  Sergeant Moore  -  A Little Bit Longer
Pete Denahy - You Actually Burn More Calories Eating Celery Than You Get From The Celery Itself     Country, Comedy 23/08/2018
Pete Denahy is a comedian and bluegrass musician hailing from Yackandandah in Victoria. He is best known for his Gen Y anthem, Sort Of Dunno Nothin'.
This is one of Pete Denahy's scientific songs. It is based on facts he heard from a taxi driver one evening.

Catherine Gunther - Buried Alive     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 22/08/2018
Honest, unapologetic and heartfelt is Catherine Gunther's fresh take on Australian Americana. Raw, emotional and passionate, her new single it’s a story of lost love, painful goodbyes and unexpected change.
Buried Alive is about the pain and betrayal of an unexpected end of a relationship. It's the thoughts of a person processing the sudden goodbye from a person who was their entire world. It's sad, angry, mournful and emotional, as they ride a wave of emotions learning the love they once gave has now left a hole in their heart.

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Jason Owen - These Are The Times     Country, Pop 22/08/2018
After being launched onto the Australian music scene following his time on TV's The X Factor in 2012, Jason has continued to grow into a genuine country artist.
Jason understands just how hard it must be for everyone on the land during this difficult time. The hardship being experienced by the farmers has touched Jason immensely and is offering assistance in his own way. Putting pen to paper, Jason is hoping to raise much needed funds with his new single, ‘These Are The Times’.

Michelle Walker - Backbone     Country, Rock 22/08/2018
Australian and North Queensland songstress Michelle Walker is fast becoming a well-known name as a chart topping recording artist and sought after award winning song writer.
What is Backbone? It’s pure grit. Hard yakka. It’s the callouses on your hands and dirt in your eyes. It’s the unwavering love found between family and friends. Backbone is masterfully produced by Lindsay Waddington of Kross Kut Records (Gold Coast, Australia). It features some of Australia’s finest musicians.

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Matt Ward - Annabelle     Country, Easy Listening 20/08/2018
Delivering a soulful blend Australian Country, Red Dirt and Americana music, Matt J Ward's musical journey has been anything but typical.
Crafted by award-winning producer Matt Fell, this track is the first from the upcoming album ‘Heartland’. Combining classic Australian influences with modern country feels, it is easy to draw comparison to the likes of Paul Kelly, Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell in the songs, vocals and band arrangements.

Steve Cheers - Waving At Trains     Country, Pop, Rock 20/08/2018
After several years’ break, NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers is back with The Measure Of A Man, a brand new album bubbling with catchy hook-laden country tunes.
NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers writes from life experience and from the heart. ’Waving At Trains’ is the fourth single from his new album ‘The Measure Of A Man.’ This melodic based Australian indie styled country pop single is perfect for all playlists.

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Blackbirds FC - Even Then I Love You     Country, Pop 18/08/2018
Blackbirds FC is an Alt.Country band with an acoustic, harmony driven sound and a full-time string section.
A love song transformed from being another creepy ex story by feedback from Charles Jenkins who cleverly suggested that it be written from the perspective of a brother trying to watch over a wayward sibling.

Other tracks by Blackbirds FC:  Heavy Heart  -  It's OK To Surrender
Libby O'Donovan - Back To Broken Hill     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Blues 18/08/2018
Libby O’Donovan is a “powerful and sassy performer” (SMH), renowned for her nuanced interpretations and extraordinary voice. Her album "Back To Broken Hill' is out July 27 through ABC music.
Back To Broken Hill, written by Beccy Cole tells O'Donovan's story about growing up in Broken Hill and is a beautiful country, mid-tempo ballad showcasing O'Donovan's outstanding vocal.

Brett Voss - About Love     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 16/08/2018
Falling somewhere between indie rock/country and alternative country Brett Voss's style borrows from his diverse influences. His music delivers broad brush strokes of a combination of these genres.
Written about the ebb and flow of life, “About Love” was recorded and mixed by Jared Adlam at Machine Lab Studios. The song features country elements, within an indie rock style and draws comparisons to Shane Nicholson and Josh Pyke with a strong pop aesthetic.

Kirsty Lee Akers - House Full of Flowers (Hannah's Song)     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 14/08/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers is a multi-award winning Country artist who self-produced her latest and 5th studio album, Under My Skin.
This song was written for and as a tribute to young Hannah Rye, who touched the hearts and lives of the people of Newcastle and surrounds prior to her passing in 2017. Written by Akers, who met Hannah a few years ago, and legendary songwriter, Jerry Salley, House Full of Flowers is a special track released in commemoration of Hannah.

Pete Cullen - Take Me Out Drinking     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Roots 14/08/2018
Pete Cullen releases new country banger "Take Me Out Drinking for the Gympie Music Muster
To say the 2017 Gympie Music Muster was a “good old time” for Pete Cullen and his band would be a massive understatement. Four days of camping, jamming, poker, and performing to raucous crowds was the inspiration for Cullen’s new country banger, Take Me Out Drinking.

The Track was recorded with Golden Guitar award winning producer Matt Fell in Sydney.

Watling & Bates - Barry and Adrienne     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 13/08/2018
Original oldtime Gothic hillbilly honkytonk from the western edge of the Northern Rivers of NSW.
Barry and Adrienne is a modern Australian love story about finding happiness together. About hopes and dreams finally coming true. This music-box tale features banjo by Gareth Bjaaland, and the Dobro of producer Thor Phillips.

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Other tracks by Watling & Bates:  The Train Was Leaving  -  Minus Three
Watling & Bates - I Got Gold     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Folk 13/08/2018
Original oldtime Gothic hillbilly honkytonk from the western edge of the Northern Rivers of NSW.
I GOT GOLD is the first radio single release from the SMALL TOWN TALES album by WATLING & BATES. The song finds simple treasure amongst life's gravel and stone. The Dobro of Thor Phillips provides a sparking highlight to this deeply emotive work.

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Gareth Leach - Death & Taxes     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Roots 12/08/2018
Gareth Leach is an alt country/Americana singer/songwriter now based in Melbourne.
Death & Taxes tells the tale of inner-conflict and the irony of trying to escape the monotony of life’s struggles only to be somewhat trapped in a cycle of the same revelations time and again, with classic sounding outlaw guitar by Lee Morgan. Leach’s powerful vocal performance is sweetened by chorus harmonies from Americana songstress Gretta Ziller.

Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart - Love Or Money     Country, Folk 10/08/2018
In 2015 Country Stars Felicity Urquhart, Lyn Bowtell and Kevin Bennett joined forces to present ‘Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart’.
‘Love Or Money’ is the first single from the new album ‘Weeds’ by multi-award winning Australian Folk/Country supergroup Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart. ‘Love Or Money’ concerns the age old struggle between the competing demands of the desire for love and the need for money, and the choices and sacrifices we make in seeking one or the other.

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Bohemian Rogue - Ode to Moffs     Country, Easy Listening, Alternative Country, Folk 10/08/2018
Sunshine Coast band playing their own style of Laid back coastal groove music, a mix of alternative, Country and folk. Easy listening with a touch of Australian humour
Song is based on the lifestyle of living and playing music at Moffat Beach Sunshine coast QLD. Singing about playing music at the local brewery and the view of the Ocean, sea, Pine trees and parks, watching people drinking coffee, beer and enjoying the environment

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Bridget O'Shannessy - Some Other Girl     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 10/08/2018
Just 18 years old, Bridget O'Shannessy is set to be the sweetheart of country music. Endearing and engaging, it is no surprise she is attracting the attention of industry taste-makers.
Set to be the new sweetheart of Australian country music, Bridget O'Shannessy has returned with her latest offering Some Other Girl; a song channeling the flaunting attitude of Shania Twain, streaked with Bridget's endearing 18 year old spirit.