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Good Will Remedy - Tomorrow We Run     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 18/05/2018
Americana is where the song is king - a broad genre that encompasses country, alt country and rock –and it is here that Good Will Remedy find themselves at home.
It's about those days when you just want to lock the front door – put the keys back through the letterbox and just disappear – and the only decision to make is whether to turn left or right? …oh and to be sure to make the most of your final night before you leave!

Hayley Marsten - Money Can't Buy Class     Country 17/05/2018
Equal parts sass and raw emotion, Hayley Marsten is a purveyor of bold country music is older and wiser on Lonestar, which is at once playful and deeply personal.
Inspired by a girl who had a lot of nasty things to say about Hayley, like how she could never pull off a designer bag or fancy things, the single is taken from Hayley’s latest EP Lonestar.

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Other tracks by Hayley Marsten:  Second Fiddle  -  Until You
Heywood & Moore - Goodbye Yesterday     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Pop 17/05/2018
The sound of Anglo-Australian duo Dawn Moore and Brian Heywood is a tight amalgam of raunchy guitar driven roots music and rich vocal harmonies.
Goodbye Yesterday is an upbeat song about looking forward instead of backwards. Featuring the lead vocals of Dawn with harmonies from Brian and the electric and acoustic guitars of Brian and Hugh McDonald (Redgum) and the drums of David Hicks (Seekers).

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Dean Perrett - He Talks Of Going Back     Country 16/05/2018
There is an old saying “write and sing about what you know”. For an authentic traditional Australian country sound, look no further than bush ballad singer songwriter, Dean Perrett.
This emotive song written by Ian Quinn captures thoughts and feelings of those who would love to go back to a special time in their lives but know they never will be able to.

Johnny Chester - The Streets Of Ballarat     Country 16/05/2018
With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
Chess is back with a brand new story song. It’s the tale of a young man’s journey from the family farm to the bright lights of Ballarat, Victoria’s third largest city, where he finds a job, a new life and true love.

Steve Cheers - Now’s The Time To Let It Go (featuring Stephanie Jansen)     Country, Rock, Pop 16/05/2018
Steve mixes traditional country elements with his own unique style of modern country rock, complemented by sweet ballads and always with thoughtful lyrics that consider the human condition.
NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers writes from experience and from the heart. ’Now’s the Time To Let It Go’ is the third single from his new album ‘The Measure of a Man.’ It's melodic based Australian indie styled pop rock, perfect for commercial playlists.

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The Glorious North - The Widow     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 16/05/2018
The Glorious North are a country rock band proudly from the north side of Melbourne, singing songs about the interactions of girls, love, loss and booze.
A soaring country ballad, the Widow is a tale of love twisted into manipulation and murder. Recorded and produced by Dave Rogers (Ben Lee band) at the Chanel Studio in Melbourne, The Widow can be found on the band’s debut album, Welcome to The Glorious North.

Olivia Foy - Kiss Me     Country, Pop 14/05/2018
Australian-Chinese country pop artist from Melbourne. Singer/songwriter/producer
Summery, fun, and all about young love, Kiss Me has proved to be a strong debut for Olivia Foy, with the song reaching the top 10 on the iTunes Country Music Charts in both Australia and New Zealand.

Carter & Carter - Better Day     Country, Rock, Christian, Pop 10/05/2018
Carter & Carter are Australia's most successful and enduring independent contemporary country act. With ten National #1 singles, a Golden Guitar, an APRA award, twelve Independent Artist Awards and more
Better Day is the new single from Carter & Carter’s award winning album following the chart and award success of the first two singles ‘World Full Of Angels’ and ‘Stand Tall’.

Better Day captures perfectly Carter & Carter's strong song writing, unique harmonies, captivating vocals and positive message of empowerment.

Carpenter, Smith & Jones - Listen To Her Heart     Country 08/05/2018
Award winning musician, songwriter and producer, Michael Carpenter and Alternative Country darling-duo, Smith & Jones have collaborated to become - Carpenter, Smith and Jones.
“Listen To Her Heart” shows off the potency of the combination. A strong country pop production, with the required jangly guitars, create an effective foundation for the soulful and effortless 3 part harmonies of the trio. Sonically rich, yet still organic, it has all the trademarks of Carpenter’s production stamp.

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Melissa Robertson - Red Head At Heart     Country, Rock 07/05/2018
The growing success for Melissa Robertson’s music not only reflects her ability to connect to her audience because of her songs, but also because of her heart.
‘Red Head At Heart’ is the striking new release from Melissa Robertson. Bursting with energy, this tongue-in-cheek, original country rock song, packs a punch right from the start! You will love Melissa’s happy go lucky attitude. Simon Johnson takes the production to a whole new level.

Michelle Plozza - Works Better in the Movies     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 06/05/2018
Michelle Plozza, international award winner is a natural born storyteller who can immerse you in her lyrics. Michelle is a 2017 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist.
‘Works Better in the Movies’ debuting at #22 on the iTunes Country Singles charts is an outlaw country style song that bursts all bubbles about fairytale endings, love works better in the movies, because life is good in Hollywood, no matter where you are.

Kevin Sullivan - Outback Australia     Country, Rock 04/05/2018
A natural storyteller and family man, Kevin's forthcoming album 'Belonging' is inspired by the people and places of his life and travels.
Outback Australia, is the Special Release Single from Kevin Sullivan’s forthcoming album, Belonging. The anthemic country song was inspired after travelling and playing music throughout the Australian outback for over 18 years. It features award-winning artists Lyn Bowtell and Kevin Bennett on backing vocals and was produced by Simon Johnson.

Redneck Gentlemen - Four Shots Down     Country, Rock 04/05/2018
The Redneck Gentlemen are Australia’s newest country rock sensation, formed as a cover band in 2010 by John Lee (bass/vocals), Rob Bennic (drums) and Jared Scott (guitar/vocals),
Formed as a cover band in 2010 by John Lee (bass/vocals), Rob Bennic (drums) and Jared Scott (guitar/vocals), they quickly became a highlight for country music festival goers featuring prominently in the late-night pub scene. 'Four Shots Down' is the second single from the Redneck Gentlemen’s forthcoming debut EP. 

Small Town Romance - How It Goes     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 03/05/2018
Featuring water-tight harmonies and poetic lyricism, country outfit Small Town Romance present home-grown honky tonk that will stop you in your tracks one minute and have you dancing the next.
How It Goes is the new single form Small Town Romance. Situated firmly in the tradition of miserable, country duets, How It Goes tells of a mundane yet devastating break up. No fights, no public scenes, just the quiet tragedy of two people realising they no longer love each other.

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Benny Allen - Girl I Never Had     Country 03/05/2018
"I Never Knew I was Country" is a great quote from Benny Allen - He has always written songs, and has only recently found his audience - and it's Country.
Fun and funky, in a laid-back country rock style - Picture dancing with the one you love, holding her close and then realising it's all in your head! "Girl I Never Had" paints a picture of unrequited love, we can all relate to.

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Chloe Christine - No One Cares     Country 03/05/2018
Chloe Christine is an up and coming singer/songwriter and CMAA Academy Of Country Music Graduate.
No One Cares is Chloe Christine’s debut single that was released in 2018. Its an upbeat and fun song showing plenty of attitude. Chloe is trying to make the point that you don’t need to wear makeup and dress fancy, because... No One Cares.

Jim Harding - Wonderful You     Country 03/05/2018
Jim Harding, 2008 Queensland Masters Champion of Champion winner and 2015 Australian Songwriters Association Country Music awards finalist. ‘With Love' album fully displays Jim’s amazing country voice.
Nothing is more country than a man who is just passing through a small country town and, in the words of the song he gives up his Bar Room Nights and Neon Lights for the love of a woman. Another classic written by Carmelo Cacciola and Jim.

Other tracks by Jim Harding:  The Second Time Around  -  A Samford Valley Morning
Lowdown Hokum Orchestra - Love You All The Time     Country, Roots, Swing 02/05/2018
They've been called "brilliant" and so they should be because the members of Lowdown Hokum Orchestra have played with everyone from John Butler to Bob Dylan.
The debut single from the Lowdown Hokum Orchestra is an infectious toe-tapping western swing number about the joy of being in love. It features the duet singing of Doc White and Nichaud Fitzgibbon with a glorious slide guitar solo from guitar maestro Jeff Lang.

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Wendy Wood - Through The Eyes Of A Boy     Country 02/05/2018
Multi-Award Winning Tamworth Singer/Songwriter - Wendy Wood
Wendy's ANZAC song was written after seeing a picture of Alec Campbell, The Last ANZAC, standing tall with his rifle and bayonet. He was only 16 at the time and looked like a boy playing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.