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The Viper Creek Band - Australian Girls     Country 30/01/2019
When they formed in 2011, The Viper Creek Band believed that Australian country music was ready for an exciting new sound.
From the stay at home mum to the elite fighter pilot or even a brain surgeon, the ability and commitment of women is an integral part of Australian society and culture. The new track ‘Australian Girls’ by The Viper Creek Band celebrates the women of this wide brown land and their passion and ability to move the nation forward.

Chelsea Berman - Kiss Me Like You Miss Me     Country, Pop 29/01/2019
Chelsea Berman is a young singer-songwriter from the NSW Central Coast and was a finalist in this year's Toyota Star Maker.
Kiss Me Like You Miss Me was co-written by Berman with Golden Guitar winning artist Troy Kemp. A fresh track with a youthful country feel and catchy hook that will stay in your head for days, it's a song about the beginnings of a relationship.

The Mason Boys - This Land     Country, Rock 26/01/2019
The Mason Boys (TMB) aren’t your usual country band. They will shake the foundations with pure energy and the excitement of modern Country/Rock.
This Land takes the listener through a journey of claiming This Land as yours; painting a picture of the hardships faced by people on This Land; wondering what has gone wrong; then putting the call out to band together to help each other out. Together we can make it better, and keep This Land ours.

The Viper Creek Band - Australian Girls     Country, Pop, Rock 25/01/2019
'Australian Girls' is the second single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’.
Australian Girls is the 2nd single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’

Four Lions - How Much     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 24/01/2019
They're called Four Lions, but there's actually five of 'em these days. And you'll find them rocking out in the central Victorian town of Bendigo
How Much started life as a "rockier-type track with a Replacements' Stink vibe", referring to the (in)famous Minneapolis alt-rockers' 1982 EP.

Raymond Grossberg - Wisconsin     Country 23/01/2019
I have been listening to pop/rock music all my life, and when i started writing music, only country music came out - strange days indeed!!
Song is about waiting for your lover to return from a trip to the USA. However, it appears that he is not returning. It's more country rock than country. Three verses with a lead break after the second verse.

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Showpony Express - Mighty Murray River     Country 23/01/2019
Showpony Express. Award winning country artists from Tamworth NSW featuring instrumental and vocal collaborations from Samantha Bellamy on vocals and Ray Pratley on guitar
This song was written about the Murray River, its importance to farming, the regions it flows through and the people it feeds. It also was written to advertise the importance of the irrigation and how the mismanagement can quickly dry it up. It is probably quite relevant at this time due to the strains on the Darling

Dane Sharp - Aussie Spirit     Country, Pop 21/01/2019
Dane Sharp is a inspiring singer/songwriter mixing country, rock and heartfelt ballads seamlessly. His performances engage and captivate his audience with his honest delivery and down to earth personality.
Aussie Spirit is an anthem to celebrate being Australian, no matter what your heritage. It includes some of Australia's finest didgeridoo players and encapsulates so much of the spirit and heart of Australia and is released just in time for Australia Day.

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Kevin Sullivan - Unknown People     Country, Rock, Pop 21/01/2019
A natural storyteller and family man, Kevin's album 'Belonging' is inspired by the people and places of his life and travels.
Kevin Sullivan was working doing Forensic Crime Scene work at the time of the Waterfall Train Disaster and has written his brand new single 'Unknown People', not only about the Waterfall disaster, but also about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the effect on emergency services personnel.

Texas Tea - Ship in a Bottle     Country, Alternative Country 21/01/2019
Indie and alternative country-soul goodness from Brisbane, Australia since 2004.
An indie country love story from Queensland country duo Texas Tea. This single is the first release from Texas Tea since acclaimed 2013 album Sad Summer Hits.

Rob Imeson - Cold Hard Truth     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Easy Listening 20/01/2019
Australian singer/songwriter from Northern NSW. A storyteller in the country folk genre, with a passion for love songs - love of places and love of people.
A song of love lost....where does it go.....can you come back from this place?

Other tracks by Rob Imeson:  Unworthy  -  Sugar Cane Town
Jonny Taylor - Gravel Road     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 18/01/2019
An emotionally charged musician and relentless touring machine – Jonny Taylor – has cut his teeth on the dusty roads of Australia to take his original music to the people.
"Gravel Road" is lifted from Jonny Taylor's album, "Dig Deep".

Its a high energy song built around a story about a man seeking comfort and solace in a foreign place. As the saying goes … there’s no place like home!

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The Pigs - Go! Robot Goat!     Country, Alternative Country 18/01/2019
Having played music together in the hillbilly mountains of Australia for years, in 2004 The Pigs decided to travel from the the outback to form the band in Sydney.
Go! Robot Goat! is a banjo-laden story of a goat named Oliver with laser eyes that was created from a secret government experiment, escapes and befriends a family who keep it hidden from the men in white coats.

Other tracks by The Pigs:  Sterilised! Humidified! Sleep Deprived!  -  T-Boneʼs Boogie (That Itch Is You)
Brittany Elise - Another Day     Country, Rock, Folk 17/01/2019
Brittany-Elise’s story telling lyrics on her album ‘Something More’ are inspired by the people, influences and experiences throughout her life.
Another Day is inspired by the feelings and emotions associated with the everyday busy working life. Even on the tough days, it’s about the people you meet, the ones who positively influence you and the smiles that make everyday worthwhile.

Josh Setterfield - Broke     Country, Rock, Pop 17/01/2019
Josh Setterfield is a name being seen and heard, continuing to cut new paths across the country music landscape; bringing his unique blend of ‘New Country Rock' to fans worldwide.
Broke is the first single off upcoming sequel EP 'Till Dawn' from Josh Setterfield.
It is a fun, upbeat song which brings a light-hearted touch to a very relatable topic, being Broke.

Simple but very catchy, you'll have the riff caught up in your head for days to come!

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Nathan Seeckts - Old Blood     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 16/01/2019
Nathan Seeckts is a powerful singer songwriter who effortlessly fuses the sounds of Americana, folk, country and blues delivered with a commanding voice that is equal parts gravel and passion.
There’s a fine line between pride and arrogance. Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart until it’s too late. This track is the lament of a small town musician who let glimmers of notoriety go to his head over time, only to find himself years later without his youth or the so-called friends he thought he’d made along the way.

Natalie Pearson & Brook Chivell - I Wonder What You Kiss Like     Country, Pop, Rock 15/01/2019
Natalie Pearson and Brook Chivell have teamed up to release a catchy feel-good contemporary-country duet track, "I Wonder What You Kiss Like".
Natalie Pearson and Brook Chivell have teamed up to release a catchy feel-good contemporary-country duet track, "I Wonder What You Kiss Like", penned by country music favourites, Kaylee Bell and The Wolfe Brothers and produced by Adrian Hannan.

Harmony James - Change     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 14/01/2019
Don't let her lilt and sweet melodies fool you, this lady makes songs with a sting in the tale. She retreated from the spotlight, but her songs still have it.
'Change' takes you ploughing through with the artist as she works through the disappointment of a failed relationship; seeking positives while describing all the ways they were let down. We've all been there.

Kristy James - Everything to Nothing     Country, Pop, Rock 14/01/2019
Kristy James is an award-winning Newcastle-based singer/songwriter who started performing at age 11. Her sound is a little country, a little rock 'n' roll and a whole lot of attitude.
A powerful country rock song, Everything to Nothing is big and it’s angry; a story of a woman frustratingly trying to understand what happened to her relationship and how you can go from being someone’s everything to their nothing, literally overnight and explores many of the emotions we feel when faced with our loved one turning ‘cold’ on us.

Kiera - Speak Up     Country, Acoustic, Pop, Folk 11/01/2019
Nominated for a South Australian music award in 2017 and signed to Sony Music Distribution, Kiera's brand of country music is the real deal. With honest, poignant songwriting.
Kiera Says : Speak up means the absolute world to me as I really want to raise awareness for not just domestic violence, but anyone out there that may be struggling through hardship or hard times. I want them to know that it is okay not to be okay.