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Rory Phillips - Cars and Guitars     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Acoustic 19/05/2017
Rory is an aspiring young guitarist/singer/songwriter who, in 2016, graduated from the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music. At just ten years old, he has already achieved more than most.
This is Rory's life story (so far) in a travelling song. It tells the journey of how he started in music, to where it has already taken him and also where he'd like to go. At just ten years old, Rory also plays the lead guitar on this track.

Other tracks by Rory Phillips:  In The USA  -  Train Wreck Blues
Rory Ellis - The Letter     Country 12/09/2019
Rory has that voice you can’t buy. It oozes been there done that and the words that emerge from deep in his throat are rough enough to use as sandpaper.
We have all watched the romantic movies that tell the stories of a message in a bottle washed up on shore, after years of bobbing about in the ocean currents, only to find its way into the hands of destiny. This is a true story of a message in a bottle, and it is far from romantic.

Rory Ellis - Rah Rah     Country 17/06/2016
Master Australian songwriter Rory Ellis will hit the road this June to welcome his new 5-track release ‘Rah Rah’ into the world.
A dash of mystery, cheeky, oozing an exciting hint of sensuality, and ever so catchy. It’s Americana at its finest from troubadour Rory Ellis. This standout single, already infectious among close fans, will take you into those wicked corners of your mind. Rah Rah…Ooh Ahh‼

Other tracks by Rory Ellis:  Redneck  -  A Good Man
Rory Ellis - One Skin     Country, Alternative Country 19/04/2017
“Rory Ellis is one of those singer/songwriters, like Leonard Cohen, who makes the hairs on your arms stand up by simply opening his mouth and uttering a few throaty words.”
One Skin takes two hearts and wraps them together to form an unbreakable bond.
It’s the story of two people separated by distance, fear and the hurdles overcome to make their past relationship failures, traumas and loneliness a distant memory.

Rory Ellis - Another Woman Down     Country, Alternative Country 20/10/2017
Rory Ellis is one of those singer/songwriters, like Leonard Cohen, who makes the hairs on your arms stand up by simply opening his mouth and uttering a few throaty words
Inspired by the experience of someone dear to him, Rory wrote about the behaviour of a man who was aggressive, demeaning, jealous, with an uncontrollable temper and a gambling addiction.

Roo Arcus - Tumbleweed     Country, Easy Listening 29/07/2019
Roo Arcus is as real as they come. He sings the way he lives, honest, true and country. He’s a cowboy, storyteller, songwriter and one heck of a recording artist.
Tumbleweed is a song about a drifter who blows in and out of town like a ‘Tumbleweed'...that person who just can’t stay still long enough to win the heart of the love of their life, written by country music heavyweight songwriters Troy Olsen, Jim Beavers & Brett Beavers, and co-produced by Tim Crouch and Roo Arcus himself.

Roo Arcus - Red, White and Blue     Country 13/04/2016
Over the years Australian country music has produced some fine voices, but few that have embraced the path of the new traditionalists like our own Roo Arcus.
Red, white and blue ... Colors that fly in the flags of not only Australia and the US, but many of the allied forces. A song of patriotism, shared values, brotherhood and sacrifices made. Roo Arcus pays his respects while also directly questioning our collective commitment to our freedom.

Roland Kay-Smith - Lay Me Down     Country, Blues, Rock 31/03/2015
Roland Kay-Smith is a songwriter and musician from Sydney. Think Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Justin Townes Earle. Won triple j unearthed with previous band. The most important thing is
A country soul piano led ballad with a big old chorus and some manifesto style lyrics.

Watch video

Other tracks by Roland Kay-Smith:  Fire on the Mountain  -  I've Learned to Live Without You Now
Roger Knox - Stranger In My Country     Country, Roots 15/06/2015
Roger Knox, aka the Koori King of Country or Black Elvis (as he’s known in his homeland), is an Aboriginal Australian Country & Western singer.
Stranger In My Country

Other tracks by Roger Knox:  Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home  -  Took The Children Away
Roger Knox - Koori Rose     Country 19/08/2015
Roger Knox, aka the Koori King of Country or Black Elvis is an Aboriginal Australian Country & Western singer with a honeyed bear hug of a voice.
'Koori Rose' is a song that Roger's fans remember with fondness. It is a perfect illustration of the control and seeming ease that he brings to every song.

Other tracks by Roger Knox:  Warrior In Chains  -  Streets of Tamworth
Rod Dowsett - English Rose     Blues, Folk 17/01/2011
Fine Hand Crafted Australian Alt Country every track has a journey
English Rose by Rod Dowsett

Other tracks by Rod Dowsett:  Smile  -  Little By Little
Robert Muinos - I Was Dreaming     Folk, Alternative Country 04/09/2014
Perhaps better known to the public as the disarmingly charming guitarist in Melbourne's soul rock extravaganza Saskwatch, Robert Muinos has stepped out to showcase his talents as a singer-songwriter.
I Was Dreaming captures the sound of a band forged, not depleted by the road. You can hear the miles rolling by in the drums and bass groove, the late night' and hangovers in the yearning harmonica while the vocal melody seems to search for something naively optimistic.

Robert Muinos - Hold You Up     Folk, Country, Rock 12/11/2014
Perhaps better known as the disarmingly charming guitarist in soul rock extravaganza Saskwatch, Muinos has now stepped out on his own to showcase his talents as a singer-songwriter.
The tones are resonant and despite the proficiency of all musicians involved nothing is overbearing.

What we are offered is essentially a folk release. Chords. Melody. Words. What sets it apart from the rest is the mastery of all involved is directed at gently drawing emotional content from each lyric.

Other tracks by Robert Muinos:  Next Door  -  Breaking Up Feeling
Rob Stewart Nelson - Winx She's a bookies nightmare     Country 11/04/2019
I've been writing songs for over 25 years. I like country music. I'm in my sixties so I grew up with Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson.
This is a song about a racehorse called Winx who has been voted the best racehorse in the world twice. She is retiring this Saturday April 13th. Winx has broken all the records & had a following of 100,000's of people. Even the Financial Review write about her.

Rob McCrone - Honest     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 22/12/2015
I'm a greying balladeer with a penchant for big bands painting landscapes for me to run around and play in.
'Romeo and Juliet' themed piano ballad that builds with a string quartet, lap steel, saxophones, bass and percussion. Recorded in one take with musicians surrounding an old Steinway concert grand. It sounds somewhere in the triangle Burt Bacharach, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen.

Other tracks by Rob McCrone:  Kamikaze in Love  -  Cannonball
Rob Imeson and The Family Tree - The Never Never     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 18/06/2016
Music is our way of connecting with people as we make our way around Australia as a family band, making one fan at a time.
This song was inspired by the classic Australian 1908 novel, "We of the Never Never" by Jeanie Gunn, as well as our own unique experiences at Mataranka, NT, the home of the Elsey Station and "The Land of Plenty of Time".

Other tracks by Rob Imeson and The Family Tree:  Like Johnny Loved June  -  Mountains of Memories
Rob Imeson - Woman Waiting     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Easy Listening 13/12/2014
Singer/Songwriter from Yamba, northern NSW, Australia. Teller of stories, guitar hacker, harmonica crooner. Lover of many beautiful love songs. Father of three beautiful children. Husband of one beautiful woman.
A tribute song inspired by a statue at a war memorial, and dedicated specifically to the 645 Australian sailors who lost their lives off the West Australian coast on November 19, 1941. May they rest in peace.

Other tracks by Rob Imeson:  Sweet Affection  -  The Girl With The Indigo Eyes
Rob Imeson - Sugar Cane Town     Country 10/08/2018
Rob Imeson is a singer/songwriter from Maclean, on the North Coast of NSW.
The first single, Sugar Cane Town, deals with young love, teenage pregnancy, and the feeling of being trapped in a small, country town forever.

Rob Imeson - Old Welcome Feeling     Country, Acoustic, Folk 17/11/2018
Rob Imeson is a singer/songwriter from Yamba, on the North Coast of NSW. He has been playing music for the last 8 years solo and with his family band.
“Old Welcome Feeling” is the title track from Rob’s new EP. Written for a friend who left his hometown of Yamba, NSW, and found work as a fly-in-fly-out miner in Western Australia, the song is all about coming home.

Rob Imeson - Cold Hard Truth     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Easy Listening 20/01/2019
Australian singer/songwriter from Northern NSW. A storyteller in the country folk genre, with a passion for love songs - love of places and love of people.
A song of love lost....where does it go.....can you come back from this place?

Other tracks by Rob Imeson:  Unworthy  -  Sugar Cane Town