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Sally-Anne Whitten - You Can't Hide From A Broken Heart     Country, Blues, Roots 18/02/2019
Tamworth born & raised, on a healthy dose of blues/rock/country. Sally-Anne was awarded Most Popular Female Artist & Most Popular Independent Album “Burgundy Street” at 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival.
Co-written by fellow Tamworth artist, Allison Forbes, explores grief and loss. Having already booked a trip to USA, when a list of death and disasters occurred for her family, she was in two minds about going. With no refunds, the trip went ahead. The singer soon realised ‘you can't hide from a broken heart’, it will follow you everywhere.

Sally-Anne Whitten - Watch It Burn     Country, Blues, Rock 02/03/2018
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth on a healthy dose of blues, rock and country. Over the years she has honed her very own style of ‘funky country’
All about doing life your way and not being afraid to say good bye to people or things that are no good for you. A blues rock number, it’s no surprise that Sally-Anne was listening to a lot of Robben Ford and John Hiatt just before this track was born.

Sally-Anne Whitten - The Life You Left Behind     Country 28/10/2016
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth, NSW and is a self-confessed ‘Funky Country’ (a blend of country, rock and blues) artist.
A supermarket trip trigged an emotional outpouring that lead to the realisation of how deep and difficult grief is. Sally-Anne wondered if we ever really get of the loss of a loved one and wondered why, as non-permanent beings we seem to struggle with the concept of death so much.

Sally-Anne Whitten - My Place In The World     Country, Blues, Roots 28/08/2013
The Tamworth resident has been playing guitar & singing in touring bands since she was 15 and considers supporting Keith Urban on his 2000 Australian tour as a career highlight.
Written by the Tamworth local herself and close friend Allison Forbes. This is a lyrical tale about a musician’s constant struggle between sustaining a "real life" and chasing a career.

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Other tracks by Sally-Anne Whitten:  The Other Side Of Me  -  I Wish I Was In Memphis
Sally-Anne Whitten - Misfit     Country, Blues, Soul 31/07/2018
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth on a healthy dose of blues, rock and country. Over the years she has honed her very own style of ‘funky country’.
Sally-Anne and co get down and a little dirty here. Lyrically, Sally-Anne pulls no punches and mate Matt O'Leary has the starring role on harmonica. We all know those air-kissing, fake members of society depicted in the song.

Sal Kimber - Got You     Country, Folk, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3JOY_Local and Vocal Sal Kimber, hailing from the country now calls Melbourne home, recorded by Joy FM during her appearance on the show, "Local and Vocal."
Sounding rural & rootsy, but with urban savvy, her songs are perfect stories within a beautifully arranged, and feature wonderfully sympathetic & innovative instrumentation.

Sal Kimber & The Rollin' Wheel - Come a Knockin'     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 15/07/2016
Named by Rolling Stone as 'Australiana at it's finest', Sal Kimber And the Rollin Wheel are a band steeped in charm, authenticity and talent.
An alt country n soul rock pop number with rich momentum and drive. Fun and energetic. Driving keys and drums, with layered instrumentation and charming vocals. this track was added to Double J's best new music playlist.

Other tracks by Sal Kimber & The Rollin' Wheel:  Stumble in the Dark  -  Hell and Highwater
Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel - Do Right     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Blues 17/08/2011
Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel is the collaboration of award winning, talented songwriter and vocalist Sal Kimber and her band The Rollin Wheel.
'Do Right' is an upbeat track about looking for the ultimate love. About not settling and waiting on that ultimate love to knock down your door and give you no choice but to say yes- keep me on my feet- keep me guessing, wanting more.

Other tracks by Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel:  Beat Gets Louder
Saint Jude - Laurelie     Country, Soul, Alternative Country, Blues 18/09/2013
Saint Jude are a Melbourne based five-piece playing gospel tinged country and garage blues with a rock'n'roll swagger.
Laurelie is the second single from forthcoming 'Saint Jude II'. A deep slice of Southern-fried country soul, Laurelie sees Saint Jude at their heart-rending finest.

Other tracks by Saint Jude:  Only You I Need
Saint Jude - In My Dreams     Pop, Rock, Alternative Country, Roots 28/08/2015
Melbourne quintet Saint Jude play rambunctiously sweet, harmonic rock n’ roll with rich folds, all tethered by orchestration and gospel harmonies.
In My Dreams is an upbeat Dr. Dog-inspired summery pop song. Saint Jude are proud to announce that all proceeds from the sale of the digital single “In My Dreams” will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Other tracks by Saint Jude:  Until
Saint Jude - I Don't Know Why     Country, Blues, Alternative Country 12/03/2012
Saint Jude are a Melbourne based five-piece playing gospel tinged country and garage blues with a rock'n'roll swagger. Featuring members of Little John, Dynamo and Downhills Home.
I Don’t Know Why is a gentle, country-tinged pop burn full of quilted harmony and reminiscent of the sweet sentiment of decades gone by. Musically it is a measured, faithful assertion of hope and ambition, and as such, fittingly stands as one of Saint Jude’s paragon moments.

Other tracks by Saint Jude:  Black Monkey  -  Out of This Land
Saint Jude - All Ways Were Lost     Rock, Country, Folk, Pop 06/12/2011
Saint Jude are a new gospel-tinged country rock 5 piece featuring members of Little John, Downhills Home & Dynamo. They make music to dance, sing and cry to.
All Ways Were Lost is an upbeat soulful summer retreat. It’s a group of voices, a mess of guitars and a nifty bit with a glockenspiel. Most importantly, it's a solution to the doldrums, to the noise of the city, to the straight road and the long day.

Other tracks by Saint Jude:  Rain Is Falling Down
Sagamore - Good Love     Rock, Country, Blues, Alternative Country 13/11/2013
Sagamore are a collective of musicians formed around the soulful pop songwriting of Sam Cooper (formerly Sambrose Automobile). Consisting of long time friends from Victoria’s surf coast.
'Good Love' is a hooky little chilled out alt-country tune.

Sadie and Jay - Red Red Dirt     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 27/09/2017
Unpredictable, at times playfully mischievous and varying from thestandard, the ‘rogue’ in Sadie and Jay has inspired some wonderfullycreative and entertaining wayward folk songs!
Ode to that which is uniquely Australian. Celebration of the land and the people who live on it

Other tracks by Sadie and Jay:  Rogue Folk  -  Bounce
Ryan Sterling - Black Smoke Fills The Sky     Folk, Psychedelic, Alternative Country, Rock 06/09/2013
A combination of influences that culminates in a indie/folk/rock album that is perfect for the headphone experience. With 5 albums released in the last twelve months!
This song was written while thinking about soldiers in a place such as Iraq. The song has a psychedelic feel and features the Melbourne singer Ruth Lindsey and Andrew Bonici from the band Khancoban

Other tracks by Ryan Sterling:  Sunblinded Love  -  From Here To Eternity
Ryan Morris - Read Your Mind     Country, Rock 02/09/2016
Ryan Morris was born to be on the stage. With a drummer dad, singer mum, grandfather and great grandfather, love for music and performing was developed very early in life.
Read Your Mind is the emotive and catchy new single from Ryan Morris. Following his #1 single - Let Me Drive.

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Ryan James - Why Me?     Country, Pop 18/02/2020
Ryan James - Debut Single Debut #1 on iTunes, Country Star in the making. Cousin of Golden Guitar Winner, Aleyce Simmonds.
'Michael and I wrote Why Me from two perspectives, the couple who can’t believe how lucky they are to have each other, that “young love” feeling. And the change over time where you become complacent and take it for granted. You don’t realise what you’ve lost until it’s too late??'

Ryan James - Let It Burn     Country 12/10/2018
Ryan James is an up and coming star on the rise based in Sydney. Debut Single - #2 on the iTunes chart!
Let it Burn is the mid-tempo, debut offering from Ryan James.
All about the things you need to live and learn, and 'let burn' in life.

Ryan Daykin - War Fair     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 17/06/2019
Victorian-based Country musician Ryan Daykin is shaking things up with a range of influences that stretch from Motown to Shania Twain, Ryan’s music is dynamic as it is are captivatin.
War Fair speaks on the breakdown of a relationship, and reaching a point between the two of you where there is no going back. 'Hope is dead and love is gone - when you don't care and I don't care - there's no way to make this war fair'. And they say all is fair in love and war.....

Ryan Daykin - Falling     Country, Electronic, Electronic 18/11/2015
Ryan has released his debut EP 'Dreams', which features numerous tracks co-written by some of Australia’s finest award winning songwriters including Drew McAlister, Karl Brodie & Tamara Stewart.
‘Falling’ appeals with its honesty, and its strong message surrounding the struggle that is mental illness, its effect on its sufferers, and the ones around them.

Other tracks by Ryan Daykin:  Tonight Only Happens Once