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STUDIO 35ONE - Waiting On a Friend     Country, Acoustic 13/08/2019
Studio Based Songwriters are now playing live. Original Songwriters writing songs that everyone can make a connection to... Real songs for real people
We all have those friends that we can count on... Waiting on a friend is about waiting for that special friend that you haven't seen for ages or the new friend that your waiting to meet. People relate to this song written from the heart....

Other tracks by STUDIO 35ONE:  Searchin  -  Bitter Tears
Stu Tyrrell - The Number of the Beast     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, World 05/06/2017
Sydney singer-songwriter Stu Tyrrell plays stomping, roots infused trad. English and Celtic folk interwoven with Acoustic Metal and original songs of social justice and solidarity.
Iron Maiden’s “devil worshiping” classic The Number of the Beast re-imagined through the lens of Celtic folk.

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Other tracks by Stu Tyrrell:  The Saint of Kings Cross  -  Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey
Stu Larsen - Paper Sails     Folk 10/05/2011
Stu Larsen has no fixed address, no job, few possessions and little money - just a lot of generous friends who let him sleep on their floor/couch as he travels.
Written in a tent on the beach in millipede infested Robe, South Australia about sailing in the ocean...but actually it's about the challenge of maintaining a long distance relationship!

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Other tracks by Stu Larsen:  This Train  -  Seaforth Mackenzie
Strine Singers - Anchoring Me     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 05/03/2013
“Breeding earnest country pop songs and broad accents with jazzjacked harmonies, this unlikely crossover has created a beautiful frankenstein.”
A glimpse at the megaharmony beauty of Strine Singers. Cinematic yet simple lyrics.

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Other tracks by Strine Singers:  Try to Change  -  Fall Back
Strawberry Lane - Deloraine     Country, Pop 13/06/2019
We are two piece recording act based in Melbourne. We write and record songs in the pop/country genre.
Song set in the Tasmanian town of Deloraine. About a person who struggles to make a living on the land and eventually loses everything. He leaves and heads east looking for a better life.

Stoney Joe - Four Weeks On     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 06/07/2011
Straight-up fingerpickin' country guitar, ukelele and mandolin. Programmed beats and a vintage sh-101 synthesizer. Light and shade, outback beats and stories. Sub-bass landscapes, flowing melodies. Big hats.
The current single Four Weeks On is a musing on the fly in-fly out culture of the North West. It precedes Stoney Joe's debut album due later in 2011.

Other tracks by Stoney Joe:  Goin' Down to Freo  -  Brown Bread and Rice
Stoney Joe - Cold Morning     Country, Acoustic, Folk 30/07/2013
Stoney Joe plays big Country music, kinda. Fingerpicking strings and moonshine vocal harmonies sit easily alongside beat loops and a vintage SH-101 synthesizer, settling into an upbeat edge early.
Tender country ballad

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Other tracks by Stoney Joe:  Big Blue World  -  Kalamunda Hills
Stoney Joe - Brown Bread And Rice     Country, Alternative Country, Electronic 03/04/2012
Fingerpickin’ country guitar with ocarina, ukulele, outback beats, sub-bass landscapes and flowing melodies. Inspired by the great expanses of Western Australia and beyond. Music made to go down real easy.
Title track to Stoney Joe's debut album. It's a chilled out finger picking haiku, a perfect listen after a hard day's work outdoors in the searing sun. The whole album was recorded at Stoney Joe's own studio in Perth, Western Australia and mastered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Other tracks by Stoney Joe:  Invisible Line  -  Land Is Green
Stomperoo - I Chose You     Country, Pop, Easy Listening, Roots 01/09/2018
Stomperoo is a bluejazz and roots vehicle for songs which amuse, satirize, inform and stimulate. Influences include Arlo Guthrie, Georgie Fame, Frank Zappa and Mose Allison.
I Chose You is a waltz that describes the first love of a couple that leads to marriage. It is romantic and sincere. The song could be a good bridal waltz. The song is about freedom in commitment. It is about the relief of finding somebody who is perfect for you.

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Stevie Riff - Let's Do Lunch     Country, Indie 08/11/2019
Stevie Riff is a Brisbane indie singer songwriter.
Let's Do Lunch is a country lament of a man seeking another chance with a past relationship by offering a lunch date.

Steve Wernick & Rolfe Knudsen - Talent to Burn     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Blues 31/08/2016
Passionate yet tender lyrics with volcanic riffs on guitar & back-up vocals. A rare blend of beatpoets, punks, raconteurs and troubadours, they're not just another grass-roots band, they ooze street-cred.
This song's the story of Steve's childhood lessons he learned from his father, from soccer to employment to music to and life. "The old man's words ringing in my ears, keep believing, feel no fear, you'll never get nothing good
You didn't earn. Keep cool kid-You've got Talent to Burn!"

Other tracks by Steve Wernick & Rolfe Knudsen:  It's All About Me  -  Open Heart, Open Mind
Steve Tyson - Dance With The Dutch Girl     Country, Roots, Alternative Country 21/09/2017
"....the tracks on this third solo set reveal a master song craftsman with a nuanced lyrical touch and strong melodies. These are songs that are built to last." (Noel Mengel)
Based on a true story at the end of WW2. At an officer's dance in Borneo, my dad danced with a frail Dutch Girl who had been abused by the Japanese. She offered Dad her life's savings to marry her and take her back to Australia

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Other tracks by Steve Tyson:  Cavvanbah  -  Theatre
Steve Sparrow - Paint Your Cactus Green     Country 25/05/2016
Steve Sparrow is a Country Singer Song writer and exceptional guitarist. His songs have a message, and he often incorporates country-blues and folk influences at times in his work.
Paint Your Cactus Green. This is a ballad inspired by Steve’s young son Craig, and talks about those special moments in life that are so much a part of spending time with kids.

Other tracks by Steve Sparrow:  Just Can't Sleep  -  Loose Threads
Steve Shorten - Other Anzac Day     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 13/04/2011
Steve Shorten has performed for over 20 years as a soloist, and in bands performing a wide range of popular music throughout Victoria. Other Anzac Day is my debut single.
Other Anzac Day tells the story of the 1918 battle in Villers Brettoneux in which Australian troops prevailed against all odds.
Many Australians are unaware of the significance of this battle in our history, hopefully people who hear this song will want to find out more about it.

Other tracks by Steve Shorten:  Sister Goldenhair  -  Pretty Woman
Steve Lee - I Like Guns     Country 03/02/2010
'I Like Guns' features songs that show you a bit about who Steve is, especially the first single, “I like guns”, with it's spin on a usually very serious topic.
The first single, “I like guns” puts a new spin on a usually very serious topic.

Other tracks by Steve Lee:  I'll Give Up My Gun  -  The Shootout
Steve Lane - Reap What You Know     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock 19/08/2017
Steve Lane And The Autocrats present their distinctive, Australian blend of Americana, Blues, and Hook-laden Rock'n'Roll, reminiscent of bands such as Wilco, Elvis Costello and the Attractions and Paul Kelly.
The new single "Reap What You Know" started it's life as a nonsensical line to encourage the development of a melody, Lane sent the idea to Holton. "John has given me many of his poems. Sometimes the words will inspire an emotion and a piece of music will follow."

Steve Grady - So Long     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Country 16/09/2016
Acclaimed Melbourne via Brisbane songwriter, Steve Grady returns with beautiful new album 'Something To Fall Back On', out late 2016.
'So Long' & 'What Are You Doing Tonight' are a taste of what's to come from Steve Grady's brilliant new album 'Something To Fall Back On' out late 2016

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Other tracks by Steve Grady:  What Are You Doing Tonight
Steve Grady - Go Away & Miss Me     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Acoustic 26/02/2015
Steve Grady is recognised by peers and industry alike as one of the best up and coming Americana/folk singer-songwriters in Australia.
Go Away & Miss Me is a track about a woman telling her partner that she knows he isn't ready for the relationship yet and that he needs to go away and realise what he has.

Steve Eales - The Naked Cowboy     Country, Roots, Rockabilly, Folk 05/04/2019
Writing about life and times in Australia, Steve is a multi instrumentalist who performs around the world. Awarded as Male Vocalist and Songwriter in Australia and USA
A classic story describing a hot day under the Australian sun, a tempting cool river and an opportunity too good to miss out on. Our hero should be on the look out for passing tourists though.

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Steve Eales - Cos I'm Country     Country 16/04/2015
As the lead singer of Sovereign, Steve Eales became one of Australian country music's most awarded performers. No solo, he's ready to do it all over again.
"Cos I'm Country" is the first single from his long awaited new album, "The Open Road". Produced with Reggie Bowman of Australian supergroup, Southern Sons, "Cos I'm Country" is a straight up country smash showcasing exactly why Steve Eales is renowned as one of the best country songwriters in Australia.