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The Weeping Willows - The Pale Rider     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 05/05/2017
Four time Golden Guitar Nominated Country-Folk Duo, The Weeping Willows.
The Appalachian-inspired banjo heard in the Pale Rider, intrudes into the surrounding mix like the footfalls of the unflagging, pursuing horseman, unspoken dread lurking behind Laura and Andy’s hushed vocal as they lead us toward an inevitable outcome: the pale rider has found me…


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Other tracks by The Weeping Willows:  Fallen Ring  -  River of Gold
The Weeping Willows - Down Below     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 26/03/2013
The Weeping Willows are an acoustic, folk-laced, country-tinged duo. Andrew Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates are a couple of old souls, steeped in bluegrass tradition and draped in gothic Americana imagery.
Down Below is a lament for lost salvation with nods to Johnny Cash and Doc Watson, driven by steel-string guitar picking and 50's style, male and female duet harmonies.

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Other tracks by The Weeping Willows:  Hold On  -  North Wind
The Weeping Willows - Devil's Road     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 25/06/2019
5 x Golden Guitar Nominated and 4 x CMC Awards Finalists, The Weeping Willows hit the road in support of their new single, ‘Devil’s Road’
'Devil's Road' is the fifth and final single from The Weeping Willows' sophomore album, Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’.

Appropriately, Lachlan Bryan – that most restless of Australian Alt-Country wanderers – co-wrote ‘Devil’s Road’, a tale of a treacherous, infernal highway scored by portentous fiddle and brooding blues guitar…

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The Weeping Willows & Allan Caswell - The Roses Fall     Country, Alternative Country 10/04/2018
Golden Guitar and CMC Finalists, The Weeping Willows & Golden Guitar Winner, Allan Caswell have teamed up to write and record the poignant, The Roses Fall.
At its heart “The Roses Fall” is a love song and a story song. The couple in the song was created to tell story of the effect that the War had on ordinary Australian people. Damian Cafarella produced “The Roses Fall” at his End Of The Road studio in Melbourne.

The Wedded Bliss - Floodwater     Country, Rockabilly, Blues 28/07/2011
‘The Wedded Bliss are just plain wonderful, a rose scented brew of beer-tap poetry and narrative country with a side plate of 50s rock melody. Cheerful, melancholy, funny…’ BMA Magazine.
A hard-drivin' acoustic blues/rockabilly number. 'Floodwater' is a euphemism for getting drunk. The character in the song - in typical hard country fashion - has lost his girl..and decides to go and get blotto...with the typical consequences. Gene meets Hank with a little nod to the Louvin Bros.

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Other tracks by The Wedded Bliss:  Teenage Soap Star
The Wedded Bliss - Close enough for Rock 'n Roll     Rock, Blues, Roots, Rockabilly 02/10/2009
The Wedded Bliss places its faith in the blues, country, jazz & gospel. The songs weave honest tales of love, drunkenness, poverty, desire, faith & hope.
60s/70s style toe tapping roots boogie a-la The Rolling Stones, T-Rex etc. A song dedicated to anyone who has ever wanted to quit their job for the rock n' roll lifestyle.

Other tracks by The Wedded Bliss:  Saturday Evening Sinner, Sunday Morning Saint  -  Save you're Bitching for the Old Folks Home
The Wayward Henrys - Tears Are Grey     Country 16/09/2016
TWH have rolled down a rocky road and turned their journey into song. Music is the grease in their engine. Songwriting is the soldering iron that’s kept their chassis together.
‘Tears are Grey’, I wrote about a friend who was fairly unlucky in love,” explains Natalie, “and then Brock came home and said, ‘Yeah I like it, what about 'this ain’t just our break up song, this can be sung by anyone' and I loved it.

The Wayward Henrys - Early Grave     Country, Alternative Country 04/03/2016
The Wayward Henrys are a husband and wife, Newcastle based duo in the alt country vein, heavily influenced by their travels and vagabond spirit.  
The concept has been taken from a story that Natalie (one half of The Wayward Henrys) read about murderer, Israel Keyes.  This track is not only a tale of a deranged man but the helplessness of a beautiful young girl.

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The Water Runners - The Braidwood Mail     Country, Alternative 18/09/2019
The Water Runners hail from Kiama NSW and have become a popular act at pubs, clubs, festivals playing a high energy blend of folk with bluegrass, country and rockabilly influences.
The Braidwood Mail is written from the point of view of a man who decided to join the notorious Clarke Brothers who robbed and killed people across the south coast. Danita Harris, the young fiddle player, wrote the instrumental to this piece.

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Other tracks by The Water Runners:  Point of No Return  -  perceptive Man
The War of Ideas - The Beauty of Solitude     Rock, Folk 06/12/2017
The War of Ideas are a five piece outfit who successfully blur the lines between singer-songwriter, alternative, indie-folk, rock and pop altogether evading any categorisation.
Petrie wrote this song the day after watching "Searching For Sugar Man". "One of my take-aways from the film, is that it's easy to forget to make time to sit and reflect. To enjoy what you have, and not to worry about what you don't have."

Other tracks by The War of Ideas:  A Stranger to Wisdom  -  The Bitter End
The Viper Creek Band - Wrecked Everything     Country, Pop, Rock 14/03/2019
When they formed in 2011, The Viper Creek Band believed that Australian country music was ready for an exciting new sound. The band continues to deliver dynamic performances.
Wrecked Everything Is all about a guy who has met a girl and fallen crazy in love and can't function the way he used to because he cannot think about anything but her. She has wrecked everything for him, but in the best possible way.

Other tracks by The Viper Creek Band:  Blue Jean Jacket
The Viper Creek Band - Tonight You are Mine     Country, Alternative Country 11/05/2012
Five talented Newcastle-based guys got together in early 2011 to form The Viper Creek Band.
The second single form the debut Ep Crazy Tonight by Newcastle Band The Viper Creek Band. The filmclip was shot on location at Billabong Moon Hunter Valley and in Rocket Town Studio where the EP was recorded and features former Newcastle girl and Hollywood resident Tara Beaulieu.

The Viper Creek Band - Tonight Tonight     Country, Pop 14/01/2014
The Viper Creek Band are a Newcastle based contemporary, country rock band with a big sound and an energetic live show.
Short Track Description: A party anthem written by Troy and Drew from McAlister Kemp with Nashville songwriter Jeff Coplan (Love and Theft,Laura Bell Bundy).

The Viper Creek Band - Rockstars     Country, Rock 08/07/2016
Newcastle's The Viper Creek Band as one of the nation’s foremost country-rock outfits. VCB release their second album Just Press Play on August 26, 2016.
Rockstars is irrepressible with smouldering guitars making this a soundtrack for a non-stop big night out.

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Other tracks by The Viper Creek Band:  Just Press Play
The Viper Creek Band - Dance Like No One's Watching     Country, Rock 25/05/2013
The Viper Creek Band..The best kept secret in Australian Country Rock
A song about living life to the fullest and doing what ever makes you happy

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Other tracks by The Viper Creek Band:  You Saved Me  -  Let's Get Outta Here
The Viper Creek Band - Australian Girls     Country, Pop, Rock 25/01/2019
'Australian Girls' is the second single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’.
Australian Girls is the 2nd single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’

The Viper Creek Band - Australian Girls     Country 30/01/2019
When they formed in 2011, The Viper Creek Band believed that Australian country music was ready for an exciting new sound.
From the stay at home mum to the elite fighter pilot or even a brain surgeon, the ability and commitment of women is an integral part of Australian society and culture. The new track ‘Australian Girls’ by The Viper Creek Band celebrates the women of this wide brown land and their passion and ability to move the nation forward.

The Twine - Coming For You     Blues/Roots, Australian Indigenous, Folk, Live Performance 10/09/2013
Unique. It’s always been the Holy Grail for artists. The very idea that something entirely new can be created out of thin air.
While their songwriting craft continues to grow, the trio expect this album to be The Twine’s most percussive to date. The Twine continue to do what they do best – taking the stage into the studio and giving both themselves and the audience a truly memorable experience.

Other tracks by The Twine:  Obi  -  Come from Australia
The Toot Toot Toots - That's my boy     Rock, Country, Garage 22/09/2010
A foot stompin’, horn honkin’, go-go dancing psychedelic freak out. The Toots are a garage, country, big band bonanza whose songs tell ol’ tales of rural Australian misfits.
A rollicking, evil tale of paternal love.

Other tracks by The Toot Toot Toots:  Curses  -  Rooster Crow
The Tony Q Band - Truckin' Proud     Country, Rock 29/11/2018
The Tony Q Band are a brisbane based Country Rock Band, four army guys who met while servbing in action overseas.
“Truckin’ Proud” is the first single release from The Tony Q band. The song is an energetic country tune about the life of truck drivers as witnessed by Tony when he would travel with his father, who features on the singles cover.