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Collision Course PR

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Lagerstein - Dig, Bury, Drink!     Metal/Punk, Rock 13/06/2019
Banding together in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Lagerstein is a pirate metal band on a never-ending voyage to rock the stages.
"Dig, Bury, Drink!", the first cut from the band's third studio album has Captain Gregarggh singing, "Rum on every island, our best idea yet / No matter where we sail, the party is set", boasting to listeners all across the lands of the seven-piece party pirates' mantra.

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BLKLST - Let Go     Metal/Punk, Rock 17/05/2019
BLKLST exploded out into the Australian Heavy Music scene with their EP Hard to Swallow and the singles 'Hypocrite' and 'Phase'.
The track opens with haunting clean vocals that set the tone for the rest of "Let Go". Passionately aggressive rough vocals interrupt the melodic introduction and soon find their way back to the hypnotic cleans that breathe "so don't be afraid, just let go" before the heavy elements that give BLKLST their brutal reputation appear and weave their way throughout.

Daybreak - Godfather     Metal/Punk 16/05/2019
Daybreak is a five-piece metal band from Perth, WA.
‘Godfather’ shows the band refining their sound further. The EP of the same name is cut with with 3 tracks coming from 3 different angles of the heavy genre as the band see it. Vocalist Shaun Cox describes this release as "...the true genesis of Daybreak."

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Dregg - Hyperbole     Metal/Punk, Rock 16/05/2019
DREGG are an anomalistic, thought provoking hardcore band hailing from Melbourne, Australia.
Vocalist Christopher Mackertich says that the concept behind the song's lyrics is to "...inspire the nihilists, ease the worries of the pessimists and paint a picture of a perfect existence for the weirdos that don't fit in ... don't waste time dwelling on the inevitable and pursue what is meaningful for you here, right now, in the moment."

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Meliorist - Wanderer     Metal/Punk 16/05/2019
Meliorist is a five-piece modern metal outfit from Brisbane, Queensland.
Vocalist Corfield spoke about the meaning of the new track - "The song is about experiencing all that life has to offer and seeing the beauty of a life fully lived regardless of its imperfections. Ultimately realising that these imperfections are what make it so beautiful."

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Amberyse - Glass House     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 10/05/2019
Amberyse is a metalcore five-piece from Geelong.
"Glass House" is at its core about drug abuse and struggling to overcome addiction. Vocalist Jayden Andrews explains that the track is "...about someone who wants to break out of the lifestyle they've fallen into, but is fighting against others who are trying to pull them down. "Glass House" is a struggle of self, a fragile state."

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ATLVS - Sick     Metal/Punk, Rock 10/05/2019
ATLVS is a five-piece metalcore band from Gippsland, Victoria.
Vocalist Jesse says "Sick" is " analysis of the behaviour I have and still exhibit in times of limited perspective. Falling back onto old habits as a means of supporting current issues is no way of moving forward, and it's more or less an apology to the friends and family I've hurt in my pursuit to find who I am."

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Carrington - Interesting Places     Metal/Punk, Rock 02/05/2019
Carrington is a five-piece alternative/punk rock outfit from Perth.
"Interesting Places" touches on themes of loss. This song was written about a passing family member who struggled with terminal illness. The perspective changes throughout the song to draw parallels to the degradation of the Earth as a result of human influences, and how the feelings are somewhat similar.

Victoria K - Lacuna     Metal/Punk, Rock 02/05/2019
Victoria K is a Melbourne based metal artist.
Lacuna is a Latin word which means missing page or missing piece and the song talks about the search we all go on to find that one thing that we all feel deep down is missing from us. Our missing piece, the search for harmony within ourselves.

We Burn Bridges - Silhouette     Metal/Punk 18/04/2019
Five-piece post-hardcore band from Darwin.
Silhouette is about vocalist Jack Ryan's experiences with fake people and the persona's these people create in order to hide behind the mask they think others want to see. Ryan says... "growing up in a church environment you learn very quickly who is genuine and who's just there to tick boxes."

Illyria - Wilderness     Metal/Punk 17/04/2019
Illyria is a five-piece post-black metal band from Perth, Western Australia.
Wilderness is about the complications of love and lust and how it affects close relationships around us but also on a global spectrum. The lyrics utilise analogies such as political greed and war showcasing that even the most powerful figures in our society can be corrupted by worldly passions.

Carrington - 44 Days     Metal/Punk, Rock 11/04/2019
Carrington are an alternative/punk rock band from Perth.
"44 Days" is an expression of anger towards particular friends of front man Emmett Carroll. Carroll says "...Some people are selfish, and the sooner you come to grips with it the better. When I finished tracking this song and heard it all back it actually felt really good, I think I had gotten out what I wanted to say."

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Chaos Divine - Unspoken     Metal/Punk, Rock 11/04/2019
Chaos Divine is an enigmatic prog metal five-piece from Perth.
The band delivers "Unspoken", the epic first single from the band’s new album that teases but a taste of what is in store, and showcases just why Chaos Divine are one of the most formidable acts in the country.

Rumours - Paralysed     Metal/Punk 09/04/2019
Rumours are a metalcore group from Wagga Wagga, NSW.
The new single touches on the topic of toxic relationships and feeling bound to a situation that isn't healthy but being unable to break away from it to protect those involved. Vocalist Jackson Bentley made a decision to overcome this and "Paralysed" puts those thoughts in to words.

Liberties - Are You OK     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 05/04/2019
Liberties is a four-piece hardcore outfit from Newcastle.
"Are You OK" features classic heavy tones that the Newcastle four-peice is known to provide with solid raw vocals alongside a set of rough cleans. The short, catchy guitar riff is present all through the track and pairs perfectly with the hard hitting drum beat that drives the song.

We Burn Bridges - Self Drought     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 05/04/2019
We Burn Bridges is a Post-Hardcore five-piece from Darwin.
"Self Drought" is plucked straight from the brain space of vocalist Jack Ryan and touches on themes of unhealthy habits. "Self Drought for the most part is about my struggle with addiction" says Jack, "...not necessarily addiction to drugs or alcohol but the nature of addiction and how I can become fixated on things that aren’t healthy for me."

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Born Free - Blinded     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 20/03/2019
Born Free is a Melbourne hardcore outfit signed to Resist Records.
Lyrically, Nathan has strived to vent about the destruction of the planet, internal anguish and a personal take of life, death and everything in between and aimed to create a more dynamic and matured sound for 'Blinded' and the rest of the album.

Mirrors - Cold Sanctuary     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 20/03/2019
Mirrors is a Victorian hardcore four-piece.
With maturity comes introspection, and this new effort delves into the psyche, trying to navigate and make sense of the chaotic chatter of our inner most thoughts, begging for reprieve. To compliment this unrelenting theme is a backdrop of earth shattering production, rivalling any band on the world stage, bringing their deepest, strongest and most dynamic compositions to date alive.

To Octavia - XIII     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 20/03/2019
To Octavia is a melodic metalcore group from Melbourne, Australia.
'XIII' is a story of loss and reflection and is one of the the bands most emotional tracks accompanied by dynamic melodies and heavy riffs. Adam Kirk-Holmes on bass and vocals says this first single is "...the song that brings together all the aspects of what To Octavia is meant to be."

Illyria - Kenopsia     Metal/Punk 14/03/2019
Illyria is a five-piece post-black metal band from Perth.
'Kenopsia' features gracious melodies and pulsating rhythms from their hybrid genre and leads the way for the upcoming album, showcasing Illyria's chaotic cacophony of crafted sounds.

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