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Lecia Louise - Quitting's a Breeze     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots, Live Performance 13/12/2018
Lecia Louise demands attention with her soaring, bluesin’ rockin’ guitar riffs and licks with emotive lyrics created from life experiences.
The song is created from the simplicity of 2 chords which weave between suspended and major 7th notes reflecting the changing yet disturbing reality of depression.

The vocal melody rises in pitch from through each verse and choruse, finally reaching its musical and lyrical climax in the bridge.

When things get hard quitting can appear the easy way out.

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Wyldwind - Railway Station Blues     Blues/Roots, Blues, Australian Indigenous 12/12/2018
Singer/Songwriter/Performer Solo artist with a love of blues and roots music.
Recently released from the ball and chain gang he goes to meet his lady at the railway station and things don't go as planned.

Other tracks by Wyldwind:  Sophie Cat Blues  -  A Difficult Path
Matt Taylor - Southern Stars     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 10/12/2018
Matt Taylor is an Australian blues-rock legend, from the heady days of Chain through to his solo work.
Matt has made a career of writing Australian stories, and Southern Stars is a brilliant example of that.

Other tracks by Matt Taylor:  Ancient Gods  -  Wheels
Jackie Marshall - Darling Etc     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country 08/12/2018
Jackie Marshall is one of this countries most distinctive powerful voices. Her most recent offering Lilith Shrugs is out now.
Darling Et Cetera is a song inspired by a thing people do sometimes when they're looking for love, they look and tthey look until one day they realise that their lover is right under their nose. A friend they hadn't been able to see the true beauty of until a certain amount of time and learning had built up.

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Hat Fitz and Cara - Hold On     Blues/Roots, Blues, Folk, Roots 07/12/2018
High-energy duo Hat Fitz and Cara are one of Australia’s most enduring, popular and talented roots artists.
Fitzy and Cara are thrilled to announce the imminent release of their much-anticipated 5th studio album ‘Hand It Over’, featuring lead track ‘Hold On’, and they’re headed out on an extensive tour this Summer to get everyone’s blood flowing.

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Nathan Cavaleri - Rising Sun     Blues/Roots 07/12/2018
Nathan Cavaleri solidified his place as a blues guitarist in the Oz music scene collaborating with the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Tommy Emmanuel and Diesel from the age of 10.
Nathan pays tribute to the man that landed him his first record deal and tour at age 10, Jimmy Barnes, by bringing Cold Chisel’s ‘Rising Sun’ into his own musical world. With sleazy swamp riffs over hip hop implied beats and Diesel on backing vocals, the cover is barely recognisable as an Aussie classic, leaning towards contemporary gritty blues overtones.

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Bearfoot - Luminate     Blues/Roots, Roots, Reggae, Ska 07/12/2018
Blending So-Cal, Hip Hop and dub reggae, Bearfoot ’s sunsoaked-yet-dark take on roots, reggae & dub has sent ripples through the country
No idea where we are; we’re in this van climbing up this windy road, which turns from smooth bitumen to loose gravel, this rabbit appears out of nowhere, turns and looks at us, and instead of hopping off the road, it races up it, so we follow it and the next thing we see is the signs for the festival,

Marcus Wynwood - Right Back Home to You     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Rock 06/12/2018
Marcus Wynwood is an Australian guitarist who performs in the band Captives, and as a solo artist.
An acoustic rock/blues track, with a catchy chorus you can sing along to.

Other tracks by Marcus Wynwood:  Pulling Beers in England
Cheynne Murphy - New Love     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Pop, Folk 06/12/2018
North Coast Songwriter of the year nominee and Bluesfest artist in collaboration with Jeff Martin of the Tea Party on latest EP Headlights & Goodbyes.
Acoustic pop rock anthem about starting anew

Other tracks by Cheynne Murphy:  Run Aground  -  The Treasure Chest
Liza Ohlback - Mercy Train     Blues/Roots, Jazz 06/12/2018
Liza’s voice is rich with a huge range,, her songs are wickedly funny, delicously dark and sometimes poignant. Described as a 1940’s torch singer with a new Orleans Burlesque flavour.
A romping New Orleans style Blues/Jazz song with a Menphis horn brass section and Soulful/gospel vocals and Harmonies. A song with a message.....we need to help each other!

Other tracks by Liza Ohlback:  Happy Home  -  This Isn't Love
Matt Stillert - King Of The World     Blues/Roots, Folk, Experimental 06/12/2018
Experimental, left of field, Matt Stilllert, returning from a two year hiatus where he lost his mind, more than once, now with a mixbag of new sounds that defy classification.
"King Of The World", is an old number Stillert wrote many years ago for a friend going through some tough times, it evokes a longing and sentiment that pours fourth through scattered guitars and Stillert's many voices. This is just a taste of things to come from the mad hatter with his many new sounds.

Caroline Taylor-Knight - Dance For You     Blues/Roots 05/12/2018
Caroline Taylor-Knight is a captivating and passionate singer/songwriter delighting audiences with her heartfelt honesty, writing and performing - from stunning ballads through to pop, rock, country and everything in between.
"Dance For You" is a playful, fun track Caroline wrote because when she first met her now husband/producer Duncan Wood, he sang "You Can Leave Your Hat On" to her. This obviously scared Caroline and she questioned his intentions. But they've now been married sometime and have two beautiful girls, so on her last album Caroline wrote this in response.

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Jimmi Carr - Moving Target     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 01/12/2018
Jimmi Carr is a singer-songwriter from The Blue Mountains in NSW. His music moves through alt-country, blues and roots and funk/rock. Jimmi is preparing to release his new album
Moving Target is about dealing with mental health issues when people don't necessarily believe or understand your diagnosis. It is being released as part of the new 'Out of the Dark' compilation album, which features musicians from the Greater Blue Mountains and Lithgow area. The album is a fundraiser for mental health awareness and suicide prevention services in the area.

Other tracks by Jimmi Carr:  Free Right Now  -  A Message
Lachlan Grant Splendor - Fathers Second Son     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots, Folk 30/11/2018
Roots Rock Folk // Story Style Songs. Splendor aspires to inspire people to focus on love, harness strength, and refrain from working on weakness.
A song about self discovery. Lyrics tell a story of a younger brother remembering being passionately inspired by his older brother but becoming confused while growing up. A lonely teen seeking company but getting no sense of connection from his family. In embarking on a journey of self discovery, this young brother broke free and created his own reality.

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Other tracks by Lachlan Grant Splendor:  Dependent Happiness  -  Dark Night Moon Light
Sam Conway - Racism Suxs     Blues/Roots, Soul, Country 30/11/2018
Sam is a singer/songwriter from Ipswich in Qld.
Racism Suxs is a song that is a experience of life through the eyes of someone with coloured skin. Of the challenges that are faced with someone of different race.

The Ninth Chapter - What's Going to Happen Next     Blues/Roots, Funk, Folk, Roots 30/11/2018
While firmly based in the funk genre that inspired the birth of the band 11 years ago, TNC's sound casts a wide net, layering blues, roots, folk and other elements.
A track about hiding insecurities and vulnerabilities behind a vale of confidence.

Marni Sheehan and Mark Smith - Heavy Weather     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic 29/11/2018
Marni and Mark first worked together in the psychedelic blues band ‘Reuben Tice’ in the late seventies and have again joined forces, this time performing and recording as a duo.
Heavy Weather - track 3 from the new album Crazy Dream, a swaggering latin infused groove that moves along beautifully.

Other tracks by Marni Sheehan and Mark Smith:  Oh My Friend
Dilip n the Davs - Freo Mojo     Blues/Roots 29/11/2018
Dilip n the Davs are a Fremantle based, multi-genre dance band with a swag of albums already released over the last decade
A swinging upbeat Blues infused tune celebrating living in Freo, WA.

Other tracks by Dilip n the Davs:  Gypsy Rumble  -  Firecracker
Josh Cashman - Stay     Blues/Roots 29/11/2018
Melbourne singer-songwriter and musician. Navigating a whole new path for himself, Josh Cashman displays humble, harmonic and heartfelt to the core artistry.
On the 23rd November, Melbourne singer-songwriter / musician Josh Cashman will release the 3rd and last single for 2018. Independently and free from any constraints. The new record titled Stay explores a relationship that has run its course and though they love each other, must do what is best for themselves.

A Whale Called Phoenix - Piece of Mind     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 29/11/2018
Their music comes from somewhere where the desert meets the sea. Whale Called Phoenix has a strong sense of melody, engaging harmonies and having something to say
Piece of mind is about the tendency to adapt to bad situationsas opposed to getting out of it

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