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East Row Rabble - Good For Me     Blues/Roots, Funk, Rock, Soul 22/06/2018
East Row Rabble delivers a slick mix of funk, ska, blues and soul with heavenly horn lines that will get your booty shakin' and your feet shufflin'
“Good for Me” is an upbeat, cheeky, blues-rock love song with dynamic snaps and dirty horn jams. Rabble front man Ben Drysdale actually used the song to propose to his wife on the hills overlooking Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains, underneath the giant “Woodfordia” sign at the Woodford folk festival.

Other tracks by East Row Rabble:  Chalk Me Up
Ben Catley - Nosebleed     Blues/Roots, Hip Hop 20/06/2018
High energy, feel-good acoustic roots from coastal WA. With frantic guitar playing, grooving footstomping and a huge stage presence, you'll be sure to be on your feet and grinning.
Perth acoustic roots artist Ben Catley collaborates on 'Nosebleed' with Perth hip-hop producer, Uncle Sam. A fun and groove-heavy roots/hip-hop track about past and still-present physical afflictions. From fractured coccyx to palpitations, this song happily wears its heart on its sleeve.

Glen Heald - The Serpent Stone     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Australian Indigenous, Folk 19/06/2018
Glen Heald is an Australian guitarist and multi instrumental singer/songwriter who plays a mix of contemporary rock, fusion, blues, folk and acoustic ballads. A fully independent Aboriginal recording artist.
The Serpent Stone is an acoustic track with band, it showcases Glen Heald's ability to create driving melodic melodies on Steel guitar. The track contains great slide guitar, violin and baritone guitar. It is a must for anyone who loves great guitar music.

Other tracks by Glen Heald:  Reflection  -  Awakening
Alice Terry - Emotion     Blues/Roots, Pop 16/06/2018
Alice Terry sounds like she's had three husbands and killed them all. Grammy nominee Beth Hart says this genre-bending chanteuse is "The real deal."
Emotion features the full 9-piece band including upright bass from Phil Stack (James Morrison, Katie Noonan, Thirsty Merc), and a killer horn section. Matched with Terry's huge voice. Blues/pop, super fun, very catchy.

Other tracks by Alice Terry:  These Troubled Seas  -  6ft Deep
Jack Tully - The Great Tragedy     Blues/Roots, Folk, Chill 13/06/2018
On A Journey That Began In A Solar Powered Shack In Nowhere NSW With A Soundtrack Of Old Bluesmen, Jack Tully Has Made Pit Stops In Strange Places.
One morning we got talking about the tragedy of always wanting what we don’t have and moving the goal posts when we do have it; a perpetual cycle of longing. How can we find redemption from that, you know?

Medusa's Wake - Seldom Sober     Blues/Roots 12/06/2018
Rascals & Rogues is a debut Album for Sydney Celtic Folk Rockers Medusa’s Wake with tales of Old Ireland and not so long past Australian Folklore.
In the bands own words ‘It's fairly lively as all good Irish Whiskey drinking songs should be’, and we heartily concur, with full band backing and great production this one will have 'ye dancin' a jig' in no time at all.

Other tracks by Medusa's Wake:  Convicts Tale  -  Tilly Devine
Flaskas - Afterglow     Blues/Roots, Folk, Rock 11/06/2018
Sunshine Coast based Alternative Roots outfit Flaskas create truly unique music with a distinctly Australian rhythm.
Afterglow opens with an infectiously catchy bassline and is accompanied by reggae style guitars that add pure groove to the track. Flaskas sings of letting go of self-limiting beliefs and embracing the fact that we can achieve anything if we simply make the choice to believe in ourselves.

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Big Merino - Black Cockatoos     Blues/Roots 08/06/2018
Big Merino has only been around for 2 years but they sound like a band that's been playing together for much, much longer.
With an acoustic guitar intro that sounds so good, it’s as if the instrument is right there beside you, this epic song builds to a full production including strings, brass, keys and the bands 4-piece backbone.

Other tracks by Big Merino:  Turn This Boat Around  -  Maybe I Was Sleeping
Jack Biilmann - The Hills Have Eyes     Blues/Roots, Pop, Country, Folk 07/06/2018
Pambula Beach/Snowy Mountains product Jack Biilmann has built himself quite the reputation. With clinical guitar playing, clever lyrics and a knockabout aussie attitude, Biilmann will get your mojo working.
The Hills Have Eyes is a blues/roots track with a pop feel with an overall feel which nods to the likes of Milky Chance, Ziggy Alberts and Xavier Rudd. Using acoustic blues/roots fused with hip-hop style production the song delivers a groove-heavy and catchy tone with clever lyrics.

Suzanne Petersen & The Top Shelf - Black Cat     Blues/Roots, Blues 07/06/2018
Suzanne Petersen is an accomplished musician lyrical poet and vocalist pianist of many years experience. Suzanne writes about life experiences, her story telling is unique.
I was pacing around outside the hospital waiting for a friend to be discharged and I thought a little bit of voodoo might help the situation.

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Other tracks by Suzanne Petersen & The Top Shelf:  Long Way Back  -  Drinking Black
Orcaband - Destination     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues 06/06/2018
Orcaband are a 5 piece original Blues,Rock and Boogie band from the Blue Mountains in NSW. They have just released their second EP "Deluxe"
"Destination" is the first single from the "Deluxe" EP. This song was written and orginally recorded by American Blues Legends "The Nighthawks" back in 1982. This has been a staple part of the Orcaband live set since the band started.

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Other tracks by Orcaband:  Devil Is A Woman  -  Orca Boogie
Demi Mitchell - Man Of My Mind     Blues/Roots, Rock, Folk, Alternative Country 05/06/2018
Demi Mitchell is a singer and songwriter from Newcastle known for her sultry Tarantinoesque take on indie-folk. Her upcoming album release ‘The Overflow’ is due for release 30th July 2018.
'Man Of My Mind' is about self-doubt and the
fine line between devotion and obsession. It's a
reflection on how we're constantly putting pressure on
ourselves to be 'enough', especially women, and
taught that possession equates to love.

Warren Corowa - I Was Me     Blues/Roots, Chill, Easy Listening, Soul 01/06/2018
Warren is a musician and artist living in Darwin in the NT. Warren’s music is honest and positive with a mixture of genres from big band to soul and funk.
This song is about love breaking through when I was trying to find myself and putting up masks to cope.

Other tracks by Warren Corowa:  Cause I Still Love You Anyhow  -  Is It You Is It Me
Mustered Courage - Run To Paradise Feat. Mark Gable     Blues/Roots, Country 29/05/2018
Golden Guitar Award winner and ARIA nominated, Mustered Courage, have well established themselves in the forefront of Australia’s folk and roots scene.
Featuring Choirboys front-man Mark Gable, Mustered Courage have immortalized an iconic classic Aussie rock song in Australian based Bluegrass music. The result gave the song a new lease on life engaging an entire music community that may not be so familiar with the song made famous in 1988 by Choirboys.

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Papa Pilko And The Binrats - Right On Time     Blues/Roots, Rock, Alternative Country, Blues 21/05/2018
Voodoo Soul & Alt Country Rock N' Roll
'Right On Time' is an explosion of pure Blues Rock energy in it's rawest form.

Halfway - The Old House     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots 18/05/2018
Halfway is an 8 pce band from Brisbane Australia. They have made five critically acclaimed albums. The most recent being "The Golden Halfway Record" 2016
Based on a story about lead singer John Busby's memories of his grandparents' house in Rockhampton Queensland.

Timothy James Wright - Stay     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Funk 18/05/2018
Moving through genres but never arriving at any one in particular Tim and his band create unique melodic landscapes that touch heartstrings and tell stories.
"Stay" is an honest and raw account of feelings of desertion - explained by Timothy as being about "abandonment issues... wanting someone to be the one who doesn't leave".

Djolpa - Pride Of Our Tribe     Blues/Roots, Indigenous 17/05/2018
Djolpa McKenzie hails from Arnhem Land the remote community of Maningrida.
Our Aboriginal women are our backbone
They are the ones that keep us strong
Nurturing our children, giving life
They are the pride of our tribe.

Other tracks by Djolpa:  Red  -  Life Is A Dream
Clare Hennessy - April     Folk, Blues, Rock 16/05/2018
Clare Hennessy is a singer-songwriter with a love for witchy folk. If a spaghetti western was made in Twin Peaks, this is how it’d sound.
A bright anthem to echo the triumph of new beginnings, ‘April’ muses on transformation. With warm clarity, Clare Hennessy reminds us that when the month is right, taking flight is inevitable. Perfect for high-way driving.

Other tracks by Clare Hennessy:  Bittersweetest  -  Cherry Red
Mescalito Blues - Oh Lord     Blues/Roots 16/05/2018
Mescalito a unique duo with a sound much bigger then its parts!Now the Duo teaming up with Drummer! New release has taken Mescalito's even further into the Swamp Stompin Blues!
An Old Man asking the Lord for forgivness but knowing too well he's beyond saving

Other tracks by Mescalito Blues:  Nobody Rides For Free  -  Cold Hard Stare