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Amnesia Blues Band - Never Loved You Anyway     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rock 15/06/2019
Amnesia Blues Band bring you original blues with stories of hard drinkin' women, lost loves and broken dreams. No funk, soul, or rock and roll - just blues and boogie.
Amnesia Blues Band go full throttle on the opening track off Hailstone, I Never Loved You Anyway, a harsh tale of a fractured relationship full of recrimination where Buchanan’s hoarse roar is ably supported by Ning Hopkins' spiky lead guitar.

Other tracks by Amnesia Blues Band:  Nullabor Blues  -  Fast Johnny Cool
Skyscraper Stan - Dole Queues and Dunhill Blues     Blues/Roots, Rock, Alternative Country 14/06/2019
"Skyscraper" Stan Woodhouse lopes around the stage, 6’6” and stick thin, delivering characters and narratives in a powerful baritone flanked by his long time band.
A favourite of Stan's on the album and to perform live, he enjoys the drive, the aggression and the syncopation of the backing vocals - and it all came out sounding better anticipated. It's a very straight song - there are no bridges and there's barely a chorus but it holds together and gets a crowd going like nothing else!

Other tracks by Skyscraper Stan:  Talking About the Weather (While the House Burns Down)  -  Man Misunderstood
The Angle Grinders - Yallingup Beach     Blues/Roots, Rock, Rockabilly 14/06/2019
Hailing from SW WA, this 5 piece combine a blend of Blues, Rock and even a touch of country to tell some pretty dubious yarns of life in rural Australia
Load the boards on the FC Holden wagon and come along for the ride with this Rock n Roll Fantasy about surfing in the 60's down at Yallingup Beach, the place of love!

Colin Jones - Please Don't Make Me Love You     Blues/Roots, Blues, Soul, Acoustic 13/06/2019
Colin Jones’ neo-blues sound intertwines Blues and R&B with vocals that deftly push and pull from raspy whisper to full throttle growl.
Please Don’t make Me Love you is a Love song of a different stripe. A denial of passion caused by betrayal the songs tells the story of a love denied for survival.

Hoochie Mama - Unchain My Heart     Blues/Roots, RnB, Cover Version 13/06/2019
Hoochie Mama is a Sydney trio playing an eclectic mix of classic covers and also originals. From Rnb to rock country infused tunes to disco Hoochie Mama does them all.
Hoochie Mama interpret the classic Ray Charles hit giving it a fresh retro sound with solid drums and a grooving bass and tasteful guitar parts.Ballsy lead vocals and classic retro sounding backing vocals saluting the song from it's origin.

Jacob Rohde - Lullaby     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Pop, Live Performance 13/06/2019
Singer/songwriter/producer/engineer and DIY maximalist
Indie acoustic hypnotic and live.

John Hunter Combo - Damned If I'll Ever (Get Over Losing You)     Blues/Roots, Blues, Alternative Country 13/06/2019
John Hunter Combo brings 40 years of singing originals and harmonica playing to his Blues, Country and Folk songs, each with powerful story telling lyrics, emotion and humour.
Tried everything but can't get over losing you.

Karin Page - Box     Blues/Roots, Country, Folk 13/06/2019
With a musical style that blends blues, roots and country, acclaimed singer songwriter Karin Page releases ‘Box’, featuring Ash Grunwald, the first single from her forthcoming debut album ‘Walk Away’.
A powerful song with a sassy feel, ‘Box’ encourages you to be yourself and draws you in from the opening beat. It’s a song for those who don’t want to be pigeonholed in any aspect of their life and has earned Karin a WAM ‘Song of the Year’ nomination in the Blues/Roots category.

MOSS - BANKSTER BLUES     Blues/Roots, Blues 13/06/2019
MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock Band, writing social / political songs aimed to get messages important to us out there while you rock.
A song Inspired by Australia’s Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry and of course us having some fun with it. You have to laugh sometimes at these things or they'd make you cry. We hope you like it.

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Ryan Oliver - Believe In Me     Blues/Roots, Folk, Rock, Country 13/06/2019
Country past, city present. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Oliver combines travel, working class experience and Australian influence to create songs that have one foot inside and out of conventional genres.
This song is dedicated to and inspired by all the amazing people that support and perpetuate music; our friends, families, radio presenters, music industry workers and fans that make the ups and downs journey of music making possible.

Other tracks by Ryan Oliver:  Melbourne Is Covered In Snow  -  Took My Love
Sun Salute - Hold On     Blues/Roots, Reggae, Soul, Roots 13/06/2019
An international collective that draw inspiration from nature, travel and community, Sun Salute's philosophy is both simple and infinitely complex: to use the power of music for healing and change.
"In a world of super consumerism, Hold On shares a story of faith in the bond between mother and child. We, the children of our mother earth must act now and do all we can take less and start increasing our giving back to nature."

Tayla Young - Southbound     Blues/Roots 13/06/2019
Tayla's endearing vocal tones are a composite of Julia Stone and Missy Higgins, gentle but strong with an unmistakable Australian accent. Her songwriting is colourful and honest; a born storyteller.
Southbound is an emotional tribute to emergency personnel. The song is a story told from the perspective of being stuck in a traffic jam caused by a fatal road accident. The track aims to encourage patience and perspective to those who may find themselves in a similar predicament.

Adam Jones - Cupid     Blues/Roots 12/06/2019
A new single Cupid is out now from singer/songwriter/guitarist Adam Jones, based in Melbourne since August 2018
A cheeky and fun tune from Adam Jones for his first single of 2019. Classic 70's retro backing, (drums, bass and guitar reminiscent of Al Stewart and Neil Diamond), behind Adam’s featured lyrics plus some new hooky female backing vocals.

Dana Crowe - Not Broken     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 12/06/2019
Dana Crowe releases her latest track Not Broken. A distinctive developed sound and feeling with a balanced mix of roots, twang and rock n roll.
A striking song of confidence and durability Not Broken has a distinctive swagger and incorporates a balanced mix of roots, country twang and rock ’n’ roll while still keeping a pop sensibility. We’re strong but also vulnerable. We aren’t broken but you can see some cracks.

Opelousas - Maw Maw     Blues/Roots, Blues 12/06/2019
Bare-boned blues for free-wheeling minds. Funky swamp-soaked grooves and rock and roll.
A hypnotic blues groove with Kerri Simpson's low-register voice, Alison Ferrier's atmospheric electric guitar and Shorty's swampy drums.

Other tracks by Opelousas:  I Never Kissed Her  -  Big Old Steam Train
Shinbone sTar - Deeper than the Blues     Blues/Roots, Blues 12/06/2019
Shinbone sTar is a Melbourne based blues band getting wide appeal with their first album and live performances around town
A good grooving blues song

Other tracks by Shinbone sTar:  Bad Bad World  -  Won't Cry For Love
Aaron Pollock - Stomp That Thing     Blues/Roots 10/06/2019
Aaron Pollock is a 22 Year old Musician, living in Melbourne Australia. Known for his unique folk and blues sound, he is becoming a popular new talent in Australia.
Stomp That Thing is track five from Aaron Pollocks new album 'The Blues Tapes'.

Gabrielle Kerr - Monsters     Blues/Roots, Rock, Folk, Blues 10/06/2019
Gabrielle Kerr speaks truths, the young raconteur is an old soul watching this new world spin. Telling tales of life, death and all things in between.
Monsters is a blues rock jam featuring dark imagery and rich lyricism about battling and conquering inner demons. With a catchy melody, gritty guitars, bluesy organs and emotional vocals all working to carry a message of self acceptance.

Other tracks by Gabrielle Kerr:  The Truth of Flowers  -  Pointless
The New Savages - Seventh Son     Blues/Roots, Christian, Folk, Roots 28/05/2019
The New Savages are an electric and original take on the first generation of recorded blues. Singer Milan’s striking baritone vocals seem to evoke the spirit of a great poet.
Seventh Son is the true story of a man I know who found God while he was in prison serving 20 years for drunk driving and killing someone. There was something very powerful in the thought of finding ultimate truth and grace in the worst position in life. I wanted to capture his conversion experience in a song.

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Other tracks by The New Savages:  Nobody But You  -  Devil Sent the Rain II
Ben Catley - Wildfire     Blues/Roots 24/05/2019
With exciting guitar playing and a huge stage energy, WA's Ben Catley captivates festival crowds like few other solo acts with his high energy roots music.
Wildfire was written and recorded pretty much on the spot in studio. All of the guitar work and most of the vocals are first takes. A short, punchy track with a tapping guitar hook and a hard, driving beat, Wildfire is about a desire to try and control the uncontrollable.