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Cat Canteri - Out Of My League     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 24/04/2018
Renowned songwriter Cat Canteri’s bold and reckless slide guitar style intermeshes with her poignant and poetic lyrics, reflecting the struggles and stories of her community, known as the Inner North.
Relationships are supposed to provide a safe and nurturing place where we can be ourselves. Out Of My League looks at a couple in a long-term relationship that is riddled with doubt, inadequacy and insecurity.

Other tracks by Cat Canteri:  Tram Stop  -  How Crazy I've Been
Daxton - Sanctuary     Blues/Roots 13/04/2018
2018 sees Daxton Monaghan, release his new album, ‘In Verses’. Daxton's expressive writing and musicianship shine on this album.
The lead single from the album. Starting out with a catchy guitar riff, this uptempo radio track is sure to please. A strong chorus and easy to relate 'easy come easy go' and 'good times' lyrics complete the picture.

Other tracks by Daxton:  I Don't Mind
Leny's Girl - Devil With A Gun     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock, Roots 13/04/2018
Leny’s Girl is a train ride through Blues, Rock, Country and back again.
This is a Rock track with Harmonica sweeping over the top. Beggsy uses his recently bought B&G guitar (know as a Little Sister) built in Israel. This track signifies a woman who has gone through hardships and takes back her power.

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Other tracks by Leny's Girl:  Stay  -  Be Gone
Cat Canteri - The Only One     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 10/04/2018
Poignant and poetic lyrics and a bold slide guitar style; renowned songwriter Cat Canteri encapsulates her verve and passion into her sound recordings, often with brave, personal and candid honesty
In a desperate act to heal old wounds and re-ignite a flame, a mid-night rambling love letter is recomposed into song; hard-hitting verses, an introspective chorus and a ballsy slide guitar solo.

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Ryan Downey - 1+1 (feat. Zoë Randell)     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 10/04/2018
Ryan Downey shares the incredible third single '1+1', a duet with the inimitable Zoë Randell (Luluc), from his debut album, Running, out Friday 13th April via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
In '1+1', a glorious crescendo encompasses the first half of the song until Downey’s extraordinary baritone voice intertwines with Randell’s equally beautiful alto. Almost supernatural in its ability to move you, this is as close to musical perfection as you’re likely to hear on a song this year. Pure magic.

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Steph Fischer-Ivancsy - Warning Signs     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop 10/04/2018
Steph Fischer-Ivancsy’s unique brand of blues is to listen to hard times and heartache engage with the raw energy of a young woman full of fire.
Warning Signs is packed with gritty guitars, chillingly dominant vocals and booming drums add a modern blues-rock element topped off with an explosive finish from Steph’s powerful pipes. The messages in Warning Signs are being cautious of getting to know people and don’t dwell on the hard times.

Bobby Alu - Move     Blues/Roots, World 29/03/2018
Tropical ambassador Bobby Alu is a Samoan/Australian rhythm superstar curating smooth feel and harmony. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flow.
Featuring snappy log drum rhythms inspired by a strong family lineage of Polynesian musicians, island-time ukulele and smooth harmonies dressed up in tight tropical folk stylings, 'Move' is a musical directive.

Wanderers - Off My Back     Blues/Roots, Soul, Rock 29/03/2018
Back with a smoother soulful twist to their output, Adelaide's genre-defying Wanderers' release new single 'Off My Back' after a busy 2017 that saw them gig all across the world.
A soulful driving track that tackles the issues of friends that consistently take advantage and abuse a good natured friendship.

Michael Woodrow - Bad Bad World     Blues/Roots, Rock 28/03/2018
Michael DUK Woodrow is a seasoned musician/song writer with experience across a wide variety of genres. His current orientation is towards Blues, Blues/Rock
A story of homelessness and the human man spirit to survive under and circumstances... we do what we must in a Bad Bad World.

Other tracks by Michael Woodrow:  Tramp Stamp  -  Just 12 Hours
Rochelle Pitt - I Believe     Blues/Roots, Indigenous 25/03/2018
Rochelle Pitt is an established singer/songwriter from Cairns in Far North Queensland. She is best known for her releases including Too Deadly My Sister and Black to Reality.
“I Believe” has a great gospel vibe. Fittingly, Rochelle’s powerhouse vocals take it to church.

The Sheyana Band - Honesty     Blues/Roots 22/03/2018
The Sheyana Band are a collective of sterling musicians who are masters at interweaving rock solid rhythms and tight toe tapping grooves steeped in blues and storytelling.
A radio friendly, foot tapping tune from The Sheyana Band. Classic blues rock backing, hooky guitar riffs, a catchy electric solo and a great power chorus complete the picture.

Other tracks by The Sheyana Band:  Your Will  -  Blindside
Dave Orr Band - Valley Below     Blues/Roots, Blues, Alternative Country 21/03/2018
Dave Orr Band is a contemporary Blues and roots act based in Brisbane.
A contemporary Blues track about not going down - even though you might be struggling with everyday issues.

William Crighton - Happiness     Blues/Roots, Rock 21/03/2018
Building a reputation as a world-class live performer, William Crighton releases his new album 'Empire' featuring the single 'Happiness'. This song has been played on Triple J, Double J, 3RRR.
Happiness sees William Crighton expand his study of the human psyche. The world he weaves bristles, heaves and crawls with life: birds and beasts, men and monsters; cities and seas; all imbued with profound significance, both personal and epochal. Happiness has been played on Triple J, Double J and 3RRR.

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Niksta - Until That Day Comes     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 17/03/2018
Niksta has hit the ground running with her fifth album.Songs in an Americana Style but with an Australian perspective think Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt.
Walking away - dealing with rejection and being ignored. Rather than fight and create tension having patience and tolerance and walking away. If its meant to be it will happen naturally without force.

Other tracks by Niksta:  I'm Coming For You
The Blackwater Fever - Tell Me Now     Blues/Roots, Garage, Rock, Roots 16/03/2018
A classic blues tale of infidelity and suspicion.

Vikta Bravo - Pay No Heed     Blues/Roots, Electronic, Folk 14/03/2018
Vikta Bravo makes ambient and soulful music influenced by dreams, the Australian landscape, and a wide range of musical styles that will take you on a journey.
Described as ''a haunting mix that comes with its own delectable ability to entice you into the melancholy'', Vikta Bravo's debut single 'Pay No Heed' will take you on a beautiful journey start to finish.

Matthew Armitage - Love From Afar     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 13/03/2018
Matthew Armitage encapsulates the best of the traditional blues aesthetic, while weaving his innovative contemporary flavours to create a soulful, mellow and deeply engaging musical experience.
Love from Afar is a redemptive tale of a lover done wrong. The danceable blues riff— inspired by Elvis Presley’s guitarist Scotty Moore—and primitive foot stomp, is instantly infectious. Inspired by the early days of rock n’ roll where the lines between gospel, hillbilly and blues were less defined.

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Other tracks by Matthew Armitage:  All In Orange  -  Dear To Me
Seraya - Hotel Love     Blues/Roots, Soul, Roots, Blues 13/03/2018
Seraya traverses a musical path of diversity and infectious melody. Her songs touch your soul and leave you with a sense of joy and unity.
‘Hotel Love’ is one of Seraya’s ‘darkest’ songs yet, but true to form, she turns it into a self empowering mantra for all women in the entertainment industry. Seraya teams up with producer Neil Coombe (The Go-Betweens/ DZ Deathrays/ John Steel Singers) once again for their most in-depth collaboration yet.

Other tracks by Seraya:  Peace Love and Understanding  -  Destiny
Suicide Swans - Willow     Blues/Roots, Rock, Experimental 13/03/2018
Toowoomba locals Suicide Swans are back with a bang in 2018. In only one day in late 2017, the band created their third full-length album La Jungla
It is about a real person who has passed now sadly, but led a very colourful nightlife and lived next door to me in Sydney.

The Dust Men - Dog's Day Out     Blues/Roots, Blues, Jazz 13/03/2018
“Tiny particles of matter gathered from a vast universe”
Dedicated to all our little backyard friends barking, digging holes, chewing stuff up and longing for a good old walk.

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Other tracks by The Dust Men:  Ballad Of Blind Creek  -  Wrong Time To Sing The Blues