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Flaskas - Slipper     Blues/Roots, Rock, Instrumental 13/08/2018
Sunshine Coast based Alternative Roots outfit Flaskas create truly unique music with a distinctly Australian rhythm.
Slipper opens with a powerful and booming kick drum that is soon accompanied by a tasty guitar riff and native instrumentation. Slipper is the opening track form Flaskas' debut album Kingdom Come, and sets the tone for a groove-laden Roots/Rock record. The band showcases their diverse musical skills from start to finish in the instrumental masterpiece.

Dana Gehrman - Find A Way     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 10/08/2018
Brisbane guitar-slinger & singer Dana Gehrman takes no prisoners on stage as she brings her 70’s inspired Roots-Boogie to life with more panache than most rocknroll men could dream of.
Duet performed by Dana Gehrman & Tim Rogers, written by Danny Widdicombe. 70's Country Rock.

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Kurilpa Reach - Bilson     Blues/Roots, Rock, Reggae, Psychedelic 10/08/2018
Bringing together a slew of influences, this Brisbane-based roots/ reggae/ psych-rock five-piece that stir up suave grooves and upbeat goods are releasing the eclectic new track, ‘Bilson’.
In the roots/ reggae/ rock fashion, this track demands attention from the start, with big upstrokes on guitar, stabs on the keys, wailing wah guitar licks and cries from the saxophone - all of which amalgamate into one hell of a skank.

Matt Young - Nature Of The Beast     Blues/Roots, Soul, Blues, Chill 10/08/2018
Matt Young is a solo singer-songwriter hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches. His smooth vocals and softly driving blues tones, site him well, paired with a fine whiskey.
A tale of a relationship breaking down, with the ultimate end message of you cant fight fate.

Other tracks by Matt Young:  This Bird Has Flown  -  Identify
Sam Conway - When Love is Right!     Blues/Roots, Country, Soul, Australian Indigenous 10/08/2018
Sam is a old school blues man and soul singer. He sings from the heart and soul. You'll tapping singing and dancing with his new hit "When Love is Right"
Is a uptempo boogie woogie blueys song. For those lonely men and women out there who wan to have a sing and a dance.

Tash Sultana - Salvation     Blues/Roots 09/08/2018
Tash has amassed over 175 million streams globally for her NOTION EP. Tash’s world-famous live performance has travelled the globe. She has performed to sold-out crowds at every headline show.
Tash Sultana is set to release her highly anticipated debut album FLOW STATE. All of the songs on FLOW STATE are produced, written, performed and arranged by Tash herself. She plays every one of the 15 instruments and sounds that feature throughout, including saxophone, pan flute, grand piano and guitar to name a few.

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Ainslie Wills - Society     Blues/Roots, Folk, Pop 08/08/2018
Renowned amongst the pantheon of acclaimed songwriters with her beautifully crafted and honestly told stories, Melbourne's Ainslie Wills is blessed with a voice of assured range and deep character.
Society is a delicate, personal prayer that highlights Wills’ fearless songwriting and raw talent. “I want this song to be a talking point for people who feel restricted by the pressure that society places on us to fit into a conventional way of living and existing. I know I feel that pressure constantly,” says Wills.

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Blue Child Collective - Dive     Blues/Roots, World, Folk 02/08/2018
A Fluid Groove collaboration born from the West Australian coastline, Blue Child Collective's easy-flowing, conscious song craft "evokes the gentle rhythms and roaring freedom of Australia’s seaside" (Happy Mag).
Inspired by apnea and nautical freefall, 'Dive' is a rolling harmonic journey into the depths of the sea and self. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be 20m underwater on the ocean floor? A gateway to focus and peace, freediving is a meditation and BCC's latest will carry you right along with them to that place too.

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Ben Catley - Rabbit Hole     Blues/Roots, Rock, Acoustic 01/08/2018
Infectiously high energy, feel-good roots from Scarborough Beach, WA.
A feel-good summery track about dashing naked into the ocean, sipping whisky under starry skies and soaking up care-free coastal life. Slightly touching on the dark, the track mostly celebrates the light and is drenched in Ben's usual high energy vibes. Recorded in Perth with Lance Robinson (Karnivool, 360) and mastered by Joe Carra (King Giz, Tash Sultana).

Blackwood Morris - Danny's Song     Blues/Roots, Grunge, Rock 31/07/2018
Raw, swampy sound from the south west of isolated west oz. Intense and rhythmic melodies holding you true.
A song written about the mining industry, how many partners are forced to work away which puts a massive strain on a relationship and causes infidelity

Other tracks by Blackwood Morris:  Hesitate  -  Fat Kids
Delsinki - I Lost My Way     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Country, Acoustic 25/07/2018
DELSINKI’s approach contains traces of (amongst others) of Leonard Cohen, Tim Winton, John Brack, bush poets and dreamers, all of whom litter this unique vision of contemporary Australian life.
A slow burn of self flagellation, self awareness and loss of self, Lost My Way is a honest and impassioned in both content and delivery and accompanied by yet another stunning video, directed by the artist Delsinki himself and featuring co-vocalist Coby Grant.

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Simon Curphey - Good In Me Bad     Blues/Roots, RnB, Rock, World 25/07/2018
Simon is one of australia's most fascinating and enigmatic low profile singer/songwriters of the last 30 years. Simon has a unique approach to music, in the playing, composition and feel.
About a beautiful Italian girl... track says it all.

Tash Sultana - Harvest Love     Blues/Roots 25/07/2018
TASH SULTANA is a dynamic young artist who has commanded world attention since homemade videos of Tash jamming went viral. A true virtuoso.
The emotion behind ‘Harvest Love’ derives from Tash losing someone close to her. As Tash explains, “People kind of assume that I only write songs with live looping but I actually write in all different ways. I think you get that way when you have a moment in life when the entire world is just too hard to comprehend.”

Nat Trimarchi - The Weight of Water     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Soul, RnB 19/07/2018
Nat's song 24 Carat Blues was R&B runner up at the 2006 Qmusic song awards. His latest EP True North is a collection of philosophical songs about direction and meaning.
About love, loss, and direction. In the search for a sense of connectivity and belonging, the metaphor of water in this song invokes Archimedes' principle to remind us that we can only find real truth in the incalculable experiences and processes of life. Meaning comes in understanding 'otherness', and the between-ness of things - not in anything we can measure.

Other tracks by Nat Trimarchi:  Home  -  Man Without a Country
Johan Danno - Rescue Me     Blues/Roots, Rock, RnB, Pop 17/07/2018
Music was the medication that saved Gold Coast and Florida's Johan Danno. On a mission to empower lives through positive vibes & Music, Danno is fuelled by purpose with passion.
Diving into the dark and brooding despair between addiction and love, 'Rescue Me' is soul-pop indie-rock; Foy Vance meets Hozier. Recorded in Byron Bay with Garrett Kato, the song and upcoming videos are part of a 2-part series bringing listeners and viewers on a journey from the depths of depression through to the heights of empowerment.

Sean McMahon - Spring     Blues/Roots, Folk, Alternative Country 13/07/2018
Sean McMahon is a dedicated, deft singer, songwriter and performer. His poetic and melodic style of song writing is loaded with confessional narratives, vivid storytelling and lyrical beauty
‘Spring’ is a country romance gem with wistful lyricism & a laconic sway overlaid with Sean’s gently rolling timbre.

Dave Power - I Don't Care You're Gone     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock 10/07/2018
A seasoned performer, Dave Power has been releasing world class country/blues for nearly a decade, and his dedication to the craft shows in the perfection of his delivery.
"The song looks at the heartbreak warfare that keeps you balanced on that fence after a breakup - on one hand, you put on a brave face and you're glad you're rid of the girl, after all, she made a mockery of you, but on the other you're desperately wishing you had her back...she somehow holds that power over you."

Erin May - Moonshine     Blues/Roots, Folk 09/07/2018
Erin May are a diverse four piece band with an acoustic rhythm section, spanning between roots, folk & rock music with an occasional country sound.
A blend of roots and folk with a country element. This song is the equivalent of an Australian bushman's version of bluegrass. Moonshine was built around a very unique rhythm on acoustic guitar with a great old feeling to it.

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Other tracks by Erin May:  Spider
Dane Overton and The Joy Williams Band - Bones     Blues/Roots, Rock 04/07/2018
Dane Overton and The Joy Williams Band deliver a smoky, gritty brand of modern blues that's as authentic on record as it is on stage.
A wine-o’s ballad of heartbreak and demise, Bones is a brutally honest account of a worst case scenario relationship breakdown. From the solid, distorted opening baseline, the intentions of Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band are immediately clear...this is raw, dirty blues coming straight from the heart.

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Geoff Achison - Skeleton Kiss     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Roots 04/07/2018
Veteran Aussie blues-roots artist Geoff Achison is a household name for many music fans in the more southerly states.
I often tell students that if you can’t think of something to write about, watch the news tonight. You’ll find ‘the blues’ right there. That’s the stuff that matters. This song reflects my concern for where we’re all headed and who’s taking us there.

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Other tracks by Geoff Achison:  Miniature Men  -  Sovereign Town