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Blue Grey Pink

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Cubs - Is This Love     Pop, Folk, Rock 25/01/2017
Perth band, Cubs alternate between songs that feel like warm embraces soaked in pumpkin soup, to ditties about lovelorn moments that stick to your shoe like chewing gum.
'Is This Love' will warm you like an embrace soaked in pumpkin soup and stick to your shoe like chewing gum. Taken from Cubs' debut ep 'Stars", recorded at Blackbird studio with Dave Parkin. 'Stars' is set to be unleashed onto the world in March 2017.

Michael Strong - The First Dream     Electronic, Industrial, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 25/01/2017
It’s hypnotic chaos. Feral experimental IDM, big splashes of industrial and drum & bass. It’s super ambitious, challenging, dark, heavy and filmic.
An elegant and ambitious IDM dream and an early preview of upcoming album Neurotica. The First Dream breathes and swells and wraps itself around your body.

Michael Strong - This Is Really Happening     Electronic, Industrial, Atmospheric 21/10/2016
Michael Strong is an award winning songwriter experimenting with a new direction while he builds his new recording studio.
A throwback pop number with a serious 90's electro vibe. catchy dance tunes for the sick and twisted.

Other tracks by Michael Strong:  The Final Age Of Men  -  The Hedonic Treadmill
Odlaw - Chumps     Rock, Punk 21/10/2016
Odlaw are a indie rock 5-piece out of Perth Western Australia. Mark Neal is the songwriter, he's been around a bit, nice guy, songs are interesting... sometimes.
Chumps was written after the 2015 WAM Festival and conference and we are launching at the 2016 conference. It's about a person in the music industry who is really annoying.

Odlaw - Coyote     Rock, Punk 16/03/2016
Odlaw is a indie rock band with a punk edge. throwback 90s flavour with the good parts of the north american emo scene. Pup meets metz
Roadrunner the cartoon. and fronting a band. they are one in the same

The Disappointed - Find A Rope     Rock, Pop, Punk, Psychedelic 26/09/2015
5 piece alternative rock outfit from Perth WA. The Disappointed blend jagged pop with feral rock genre mashing their way through a crowded scene.
Find A Rope finds The Disappointed heavier than ever, smothered in that self aware self loathing that suffocates a generation of dirt poor entrepreneurs. Lifted from Disappear, the five piece's intense upcoming third EP, you might hear some Faith No More and Modest Mouse in there

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Odlaw - Die Young Girls     Rock, Pop 18/05/2015
Odlaw is a four piece indie rock band from Perth Western Australia. it's a rock, pop, pop punk kind of a vibe.
Lead single from the EP. this track is about living in small towns, being young and dumb, thinking your invincible, witnessing others make the same mistake, and growing up.

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Other tracks by Odlaw:  And The I Should Have Waited  -  Beach