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Amrap Special Projects

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Alice Skye - Friends with Feelings (live)     Folk 15/11/2019
22 year old Alice Skye is a singer-songwriter, Wergaia woman and universal little sister. Now living in Melbourne, home to Alice Skye is country Victoria.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 7th July 2019.

Art of Fighting - Blues In (live)     Rock 15/11/2019
Art of Fighting, one of the most revered and acclaimed Australian bands of the 00s. Art Of Fighting is Ollie Browne, Peggy Frew, Miles Browne and Marty Brown.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 27th June 2019.

Other tracks by Art of Fighting:  Luna Low (live)
Bumpy - Morning Sun (live)     Soul 15/11/2019
Emerging with her own independent artistry, BUMPY delves into a world of vulnerability as power.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 7th July 2019.

Gordon Koang - Stand Up (Clap Your Hands) (live)     World 15/11/2019
Gordon Koang is a household name in South Sudan, with 9 incredible albums. Currently seeking asylum in Australia, Gordon spreads a message of peace, love and unity, dancefloor style.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 28th August 2019.

Other tracks by Gordon Koang:  Mal Mi Goa (live)
Hexdebt - Era (live)     Rock 15/11/2019
Melbourne post-punk four-piece HEXDEBT’s songs grip tension between tightly refined technical prowess and chaotic discordance, executing immaculate balance with staunch confidence.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 22nd May 2019.

Other tracks by Hexdebt:  Ekhos (live)  -  Gemini (live)
Kim Salmon - Shine Some Darkness (live)     Alternative, Rock, Garage, Punk 15/11/2019
Kim Salmon is renowned worldwide as the Godfather of Grunge. Originally aspiring to be a nuclear physicist, he was swayed by the sounds of rock’n’roll and became a Scientist.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 20th October, 2019.

Other tracks by Kim Salmon:  Let's All Get Destroyed
Mojo Juju - Don't Stop Me Now (live)     Soul 15/11/2019
The fiercely strong and flawlessly honest songwriting of Melbourne’s Mojo Juju draws upon eclectic influences to create a seamless and authentically original sound, bending genres and doing her own thing.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 25th October, 2018.

Moody Beaches - Guns (live)     Rock 15/11/2019
Moody Beaches are a post-punk grunge project from Melbourne, featuring members of La Bastard, Hot Wings, & millennia teen dreams Sugarfiend.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 8th March, 2018.

Pinch Points - Liquid Stone (live)     Rock, Punk 15/11/2019
Since May 2018, PINCH POINTS have played clean, angular guitar harmonies and heavy mechanical riffs, belting-out group-vocals, all at a turbo-punk speed.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 25th October, 2019.

Other tracks by Pinch Points:  Shibboleth (live)  -  Stranger Danger (live)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Sugar Still Melts In The Rain (live)     Indie 15/11/2019
Before embarking on a solo career, Sarah spent a decade fronting Batrider. Eventually becoming tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life, she shifted her focus to songwriting independently.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 23rd July, 2018.

Other tracks by Sarah Mary Chadwick:  Flow Over Me (live)  -  It's Never Ok (live)
Sui Zhen - Going Away (live)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative 15/11/2019
Melbourne experimental electronic/pop and performance artist, zooming in on the intersections between human life and technology.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 23rd September, 2019.

Other tracks by Sui Zhen:  Being A Woman (live)  -  Natural Progression (live)
The Bamboos - Lit Up (live)     Soul, R&B 15/11/2019
The Bamboos are an Australian funk and soul band from Melbourne. Formed in 2000, they quickly became one of the greatest funk and soul bands of our time.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 19th July 2018.

Other tracks by The Bamboos:  Nighttime People (live)
Tiana Khasi - Bitterness (live)     Soul, R&B, Jazz 15/11/2019
Tiana Khasi is a Brisbane-based jazz/soul artist who has featured on tracks with The Kite String Tangle, Golden Vessel, Sampology. Her debut EP, MEGHALAYA, release 29 March 2019.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 21st June, 2019.

Other tracks by Tiana Khasi:  Nuketown (live)  -  Meghalaya (live)
Tropical F*ck Storm - You Let My Tyres Down (live)     Punk, Rock, Alternative 15/11/2019
Tropical F**k Storm (aka TFS) are Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (The Drones), Lauren Hammel (High Tension) and Erica Dunn (Harmony, Palm Springs).
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 7th October, 2019.

Other tracks by Tropical F*ck Storm:  Rubber Bullies (live)  -  Paradise (live)
Rastatrix - Clarity     Reggae/Dub 13/07/2017
Rastatrix are a reggae band based in south-west Australia.
Promoting positivity in life and acting in a peaceful and loving manner.

40 Kays Out - Against Everything     Rock 13/07/2017
Band from Katanning. Formed in 2007. Playing mostly covers covering the genres of rock, pop, indie, and punk, now a little bit of original material.
A track about not being negative all the time.

The Tidswell Twins & The North Albany Senior High School Band - Life Imitates Art     Pop, Australian Indigenous, Indigenous 13/07/2017
Indigenous artists making a heap of waves with their beautiful voices, and yet only…Year 11 students at North Albany Senior High School (16 years old)!
Being young and having so much to look forward to and needing to be positive.

Mary Jayne & The Smoke Detectors - In Between     Reggae/Dub 13/07/2017
An ensemble of instrumentation including keys, cello bass, electric guitar and drums provide the backdrop for the sublime vocal and flute lines of Mary Jayne.
A song about the natural beauty and lifestyle of the Great Southern region in WA.

Blue Stuka - Give Me A Break     Rock 13/07/2017
Unapologetically rocking with a blues, funk sensibility. Catchy award nominated originals penned by singer /guitarist Dave Taylor.
Relationship troubles.

Carla Geneve - Sharknet     Rock 13/07/2017
18-year-old singer songwriter from Albany.
Melancholic indie rock track about growing up as a teenager in Albany, WA