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Greg Gould - The Boy Is Mine     Pop 25/02/2020
Greg Gould first took Australia by storm as runner up on Australia’s Got Talent with this phenomenal rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain.
‘The Boy Is Mine’ is the Brandy & Monica 1998 smash hit which Gould and Peyton (X Factor UK) have transformed into a stunning ballad of their own with a fresh message that's very close to their hearts. Their take on the track addresses the severe bullying they both faced in their childhood.

Jess & Matt - Know About You     Pop, Country 20/12/2019
Sydney duo Jess & Matt’s trademark harmonies have grabbed attention around the globe after taking to the prime time stage of X Factor Australia in 2015.
Written and recorded in Nashville, "Know About You" is a quirky pop-country 21st century love song sharing the real-life story of Jess & Matt's pre-relationship social media stalking from their alternate perspectives. This track is a playful, feel-good and infectious summer pop anthem.

David Taylor - Battered     Rock, Pop 12/07/2019
Sydney pop-indie singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, David Taylor, is one of Australia’s most promising young artists. At 21 years young, David already has an impressive musical resume.
Co-written by David and multi-platinum selling and ARIA Award winning Producer Peter Holz (Vance Joy/Peking Duk/Gang Of Youths), “Battered” is a song about the entrapment of being in an abusive relationship and not having the strength to leave. The track has been shortlisted for the 2019 Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition alongside Dean Lewis, Morgan Evans and more.

David Taylor - Nervous     Pop, Rock, Folk, Acoustic 25/06/2019
Sydney pop-indie singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, David Taylor, is one of Australia’s most promising young artists. At 21 years young, David already has an impressive musical resume.
A melodic, rhythmic and catchy song with a hint of romance. Nervous is about not being able to act the way you want around a person because you don’t want to say the wrong thing or blow your chance with them.

Sisters Doll - Black Mirror     Rock 16/04/2019
Melbourne glam-rockers, Sisters Doll, are a trio of Brothers of blood and of rock ‘n’ roll with a trademark melodic rock sound, and an on stage persona to boot.
Black Mirror's title is a synonym for the reliance we have on technology, our phones, our computers, social media or the like, and its manipulation and the trepidation that comes from a generation constantly glued to “black mirrors” [mobile phones].

Bloom - Feels Like Home     Country 11/04/2019
Bloom has been gaining International critical acclaim with her effortless soulful vocal resonance of power vocalists Adele, Amy Winehouse and Linda Ronstadt as well as her own original songs.
Bloom covers the hit 'Feels Like Home' originally written and recorded by American singer/songwriter/producer Linda Ronstadt and was originally released in 1995.

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Evol Walks - The Fire     Rock 16/01/2019
With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer, and a predilection for time-honoured rock ‘n’ roll, Evol Walks has rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender.
"The Fire" is a collaboration between Leah Martin-Brown and Tim Henwood (The Superjesus, The Rogue Traders, Palace of the King). Written in Brisbane and produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless in White, Hands Like Houses, Sylar) in Hollywood, California this track is a dirty, bluesy throwback to the raw rock and roll sound that helped launch Evol Walks in 2014.

Red Morning Light - Over and Confused     Rock 05/11/2018
With raw power and young ferocity, Adelaide trio Red Morning Light have been inspired by the likes of Foo Fighters and The Maine to develop their new alternative rock hooks.
Utilising harmonizing vocals and gritty guitar riffs, “Over and Confused” lends on the theme of betrayal and regret, being the victim and coping the realities of lost respect, while presenting itself as a vessel in which to assist in that coping.

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Greg Gould - Dreaming Wide Awake     Pop 10/10/2018
Greg Gould is one of Australia’s most exciting entertainers, connecting with audiences around the globe through his powerhouse vocals, charismatic stage presence and award-winning music videos.
The song is about losing someone who lost their battle with life. It's a song that can bring hope, comfort and some meaning to you and your loved ones who are no longer with us on this earth. Together we dream, wide awake.

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Shorelines - Worry About Yourself     Rock, Punk, Pop 25/09/2018
Described by popular music blog, Wolf in a Suit, as “punk rock at its finest”, Brisbane band Shorelines are well on their way to the forefront of Australia’s pop/punk scene.
It's the bands rock anthem from their side of negative and unnecessary conflict, explaining that they will keep creating their own path the way they feel is right for them, and that others should just focus on themselves. The single is part of an overall story of significant experiences the band have had to face with people in their lives.

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Sarahj. - Safe     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock, Pop 29/08/2018
Sarahj are a Melbourne alternative rock infused punk five-piece featuring Sarah Jones (Singer), Jemma McPherson (Piano), Kristian Brancaleone (Guitar), Jack Mcauslan (Guitar) and Connor Mcauslan (Drums)
Safe is about the feeling of security when your partner is by your side. “The songs on our EP are very personal, but every song our listeners will be able to relate to,” says Sarah. “We like to talk about the ups and downs of love and heartbreak. Discussing mental illness is really important to us as well.”

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Chasing Velvet - If I May     Pop, RnB 10/07/2018
Forming in 2017 on the Gold Coast, Chasing Velvet are Australia’s freshest all-female pop duo who’s sound is synonymous to that of Little Mix and Destiny’s Child.
Having spent a couple of days in the studio the pair were frustratingly fighting writers block and so started writing lyrics about how they weren't able to write a song and lyrics like ‘tying my tongue around the things that I mean’ were born. It is a pop lightness that progresses out into lush and subtle vocals.

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Mustered Courage - Run To Paradise Feat. Mark Gable     Blues/Roots, Country 29/05/2018
Golden Guitar Award winner and ARIA nominated, Mustered Courage, have well established themselves in the forefront of Australia’s folk and roots scene.
Featuring Choirboys front-man Mark Gable, Mustered Courage have immortalized an iconic classic Aussie rock song in Australian based Bluegrass music. The result gave the song a new lease on life engaging an entire music community that may not be so familiar with the song made famous in 1988 by Choirboys.

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Retrograde - You. Me. Sanity     Pop, Rock, Electronic 02/03/2018
Retrograde have cleverly curated a style that blends the sensibilities and sheen of synth pop with the raw guitar driven sounds of alternative rock.
It's infectious. It paints the picture of the beginning of something new – a personal change and the venture in to the headspace and lifestyle of a new found relationship. For the singer it represents what the band started as for him - A culmination of decisions to move forward.

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Bloom - The Sweetest Love     Pop, Blues 14/02/2018
Amanda Canzurlo, who has long performed under the pseudonym of Bloom, is a singer/songwriter based in Melbourne but born and bred in Perth.
‘The Sweetest Love’ is a positive and uplifting story of love. The song was inspired by the love between two women.

Tee Noah - Believe     Hip Hop, Rap 15/11/2017
Born in Ethiopia and adopted out to Australia as a child, TeeNoah has used music as his way to spread his message of love, life and self-discovery.
‘Believe’ is inspired by TeeNoah leaving that 9 to 5 to pursue his crazy dream which promises nothing and his new found understanding that the ultimate objective for us all is the same, to know love, to be loved and to give love.

MOBS - Say Anything     Pop 19/10/2017
Melbourne four-piece, MOBS, have bunkered down in the recording studio and developed a sound that places them in a similar category to artists like DNCE, MKTO, The Vamps and Sheppard.
The track was written about the Cameron Crowe movie of the same name but written in the perspective of the protagonist, announcing that he will do whatever she needs him to do, as long as he can make her happy.

Shorelines - New Heights     Pop, Punk 22/06/2017
Brisbane pop-punk band with influences including All Time Low, State Champs, Neck Deep.
This song is about the band members' old bands breaking up and having to start again with Shorelines, so it’s basically about new beginnings and having to leave some things behind.

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Young Lions - Burn The Money     Rock 28/03/2017
In early 2013, Young Lions was born and what ensued was a band whose alternative edge has rapidly positioned them in the forefront of the rock genre.
A group of militia succeed in a plan laced with anarchy and fuelled by passion to burn the worlds’ bank records and cash deposits. It's derived from world’s financial situation with 1% sitting at the top of the food chain, what would it be like in a world without money


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Monet - Nobody's Wrong     Pop 18/02/2017
Monet is a Brisbane solo pop artist, originally hailing from the Chinese town of Wujin which has a rich history that often influences his music.
This song is a simple ballad that encapsulates raw emotion and perfectly showcases Monet’s vocal ability. It is written for those who have had a broken heart, and also for those who are going through the “We don't talk any more, but we still care about each other” phase.

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