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2018 Australian Music Week

A selection of new music by artists performing at this year's Australian Music Week Conference
7-11 November, Cronulla, Sydney
For more information on Australian Music Week, visit


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Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife - Stars     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 25/09/2018
Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife deliver a shimmering style of Indie Americana, coasting a musical landscape between her Canadian roots and the heart and grit of Australia’s alt-country scene.
'Stars' is the sparkling first new single from Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife's upcoming full length album (scheduled for release in 2019) and is a flagship for a shinier, more contemporary pop sound the band is striving for, whilst still retaining the emotional depth and intelligence fans of McNeil’s music have come to love.

Harry Heart - Apollo     Rock, Pop, Britpop, Blues 21/09/2018
Harry Heart is no ordinary song-writer. Heart became an multi-instrumentalist as a teenager, touring nationally before finishing school. Heart’s music mixes UK influences with the brazenness of the Aussie scene.
Apollo is the third single from the new EP 'First Endorphin'. In the the theme of the EP, the song is relentlessly energetic and lyrically focused. The song draws influence from stadium rock acts such as Eskimo Joe, Birds of Tokyo and The Killers.

Other tracks by Harry Heart:  Blue Phases
Angus Dawson - What We've Done feat. Bri Clark     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Ambience 04/09/2018
Angus Dawson is a Perth producer making waves with his introverted and reflective work. Writing from the inside, Dawson explores experiences through delicate and immersive ambient/electronic producation and storytelling.
Opening with glossy synth lines and Clark's deep vocals, 'What We've Done' embraces Dawson's calling-card soundscapes with freshness of mixed vocals. Dawson takes a backing role until the second verse. The introduction of his warm lead vocals are fuelled with wholesome emotion and powerful control. The silky-smooth production and blended vocals throughout the work brings romance and powerful control.

James Van Cooper - Goodbye My Friends     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Rock 04/09/2018
James Van Cooper is stylish, cool and playful. There’s enough catchy hooks and twangy guitars on his debut album “Coming Home” to satisfy those that like thinking, dancing and singing.
A classic uptempo rollick, penned by Van Cooper, that captures the essence of feel good alt country & Americana stylings.

Jaguar Jonze - You Got Left Behind     Rock, Pop 22/08/2018
Jaguar Jonze crafts songs of melancholic beauty woven with gun slinging guitar lines and a strikingly rich, yet intimate voice.
“'You Got Left Behind' is about a few things - namely growing up and seeing people have a resistance to do so. With that came the torment of watching loved ones fall into a cycle of self-victimisation, self-harm and self-medication. I wrote the song around the time I was drawing a particular piece for my artistic project, Spectator Jonze.”

Little Georgia - Yellow Cup     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country 22/08/2018
Amongst a sea of rhythmic and raw guitar tones collaborators Ashleigh Mannix and Justin Carter deliver both beautiful harmonies and compelling lyrics which reveal the honesty in their music.
"It’s really just a moment in time – a swelling feeling in the chest that you feel when things are good. The world continues to move and change, and all the while, I love you.”

Chymes - Wild     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric, Chill 03/08/2018
Contrasting dark lyrics paired with seductive vocals and intricate soundscapes create illusive, intricate and mesmerising music that is Chymes.
Opening with breathy vocals and driving drums, ‘Wild’ is romantic and intense. Her seductive voice tease complex synth layers that assures new findings with each listen. The production creates a state of hazy hypnosis that takes the listener to a place where they feel before they can think. Lyrics following your intuition even when external interruptions negate your integrity.

Ben Leece - Villains     Country, Alternative Country 31/07/2018
Raised on Kamilaroi country, Ben Leece picked up his father’s Maton guitar & began writing songs before he even knew how to play.
‘Villains’ is the first track to surface from Ben’s recent sessions with Australian music stalwart Shane Nicholson, and draws upon a return to the home of his youth, Quirindi in North West NSW.

Dan Parsons - Whole Lot Of Courage     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 03/07/2018
Singer-songwriter Dan Parsons sings of the triumphs and anxieties of the human experience, conjuring up a 1970’s West Coast landscape for the iPhone generation.
From his new album 'Sunday Morning Cinema'
Recorded live to tape at The Aviary Studio, the result is a fully realised technicolour sonic experience.

Other tracks by Dan Parsons:  Sunday Morning Cinema  -  Dream On Lover
Hot Wax - Hear Me Out     Rock, Garage, Punk 29/06/2018
Hot Wax began in 2017 when the band formed in the East Coast town of Kirra Beach.
The second single is a punk rock offering from Hot Wax. A familiar skate punk aesthetic is present from the get-go and holds the grove for the duration. "The song is about taking advice and trusting people that know more than you. It’s about putting faith in what you know, believing in yourself and making your own future."

St Joan - First Blood     Rock, Pop, Folk 05/04/2018
Alternative rock consisting of a mix of driving and playful rhythms, gritty bass tones, brilliant electric guitar with raw energetic vocals.
This song combines powerful rhythmic drive with desperate heartfelt vocal melodies that deeply move and satisfy. The lyrics speak about the breakdown of the family unit due to adultery and distrust. The electric guitar cuts through the driving, warm, ambient sound with a vibrant desperation.

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Other tracks by St Joan:  Little Man  -  King Of The Hill
Jess Spahr - Betray Me     Pop, Ambience, Atmospheric 02/04/2018
Ethereal vibes with a modern production, Sydney musician Jess Spahr inspires a quiet confidence with her contemporary dreamy pop dancing around darker themes of betrayal and deception.
A sonic seduction of ethereal vocals, meditative piano and laid-back reverb, Betray Me delivers a definitive contrast with lyrics that dance on darker themes of betrayal and deception.

Fripps & Fripps - Pest Control     Rock 20/03/2018
Fripps & Fripps are a rock 'n' roll band
Pest Control is a song about passion. It bleeds raw energy and attempts to make you want to get up and take action. The song is rooted in the idea of standing up for what you believe in and tries to balance feelings of anger, happiness, and fun

PLANET - Save.Sold     Rock, Pop 09/03/2018
Drawing influences from past and present PLANET combine pop laden guitar hooks with soaring vocal melodies. The result is a sound reminiscent of Britpop but remains undeniably Australian.
‘Save.Sold’ was engineered by vocalist Matty Took, in addition to Lachlan Mitchell (Jezebels, Little Bastard), who also mixed the track, with Steve Smart (Studios 301) mastering the song.

Tori Forsyth - In The Morning     Country, Alternative Country 02/03/2018
She's more than sweet love songs. She's real and gritty. .She's gentle but she's tough, with a love for singing whenever and wherever she can.
The song has a few different meanings to me, it was a written in a darker time of my life, but I think it's also a song that basically rides on gender equality, the idea that a woman can do everything a man can.

Mason Rack Band - Time Again     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rock 01/02/2018
Infamous for their live drum duels, onstage antics and signature stage moves, Gold Coast blues rock powerhouse Mason Rack Band are an Australian festival force to be reckoned with.
A slow, sultry blues beat featuring Mason Rack's signature raspy vocals and hooky rock riffs with honest lyrics that speak of past wrongs and future rights. What would you do differently if you had your time again?

Arna Georgia - Broke and Single     Country 09/12/2017
Arna Georgia is a country music singer/ songwriter born and raised in Sans Souci in the city of Sydney and is now located in Newcastle.
Broke and Single the second single off Midnight Carousel and was co-written with singer/songwriter Michael Carpente. It's a light-hearted approach on the ups and downs of being in your 20’s, spending all your money on wine and clothes and spending Saturday nights at home with your cat.

Ella Fence - Hollow Drum     Pop, Electronic 06/10/2017
Singer, songwriter, performer.
A deep slice of Electro Pop.

Amaru Tribe - Cumbia Oceanica (trans: Oceanic Cumbia)     World, Roots, Electronic, Folk 01/04/2017
Strings, Skins and wood hold together this global tribe. Bouncing electronic waves with tribal instruments and a strong musical heritage they unite South America and Oceania into one musical vibration.
Electronic beats, Amazonic drums, vibrating charangos, Didgeridoo and powerful vocal harmonies align to the Australian land creating a musical portal that connects the entire south hemisphere and gives birth to an unknown genre which they call "OCEANIC CUMBIA" or "CUMBIA OCEANICA".


Other tracks by Amaru Tribe:  La Tribu (Trans: The Tribe)  -  Positive Vibes