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twnty three

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Alex Cameron - Miami Memory     Pop 09/07/2019
Alex Cameron reveals a striking honesty about love and sex in a time where a fleetingness hangs over everything.
A love song to the city, 'Miami Memory' embraces the lustful air of Miami and explores both Alex’s personal relationship with both the city and his girlfriend. Throughout, Alex’s sultry and playful delivery embraces themes of sex positivity, love and reflection. “‘Miami Memory’s a story about how we audition in the present for our future selves to enjoy in retrospect."

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Other tracks by Alex Cameron:  Divorce
Joji - Sanctuary     Pop 09/07/2019
A master of multiple mediums, Joji is an Osaka-born Japanese-Australian singer and producer capturing a following from every corner of the Internet.
An enormous power ballad teeming with emotion and sentiment, 'Sanctuary' gives voice to a lovesick yet hopeful feeling towards an unrequited love. While the single calls upon sensibilities of 80s icons like Phil Collins and Journey, 'Sanctuary' is drenched in minimalistic beats and futuristic soundscapes, acting as somewhat of a “taste before the madness.”

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Ryan Fennis - Doesn't Matter     Electronic 09/07/2019
Canberra-based artist, Ryan Fennis is an independent producer blending modern electronic, psychedelic rock, jazz and new-wave sounds.
A blend of modern electronic, psychedelic rock, jazz and new-wave sounds.

Other tracks by Ryan Fennis:  To Me  -  What You Want
Lil Spacely - OH NO!     Hip Hop 03/05/2019
The 25-year-old emcee and producer’s story is one of a whole lot of hustle. Atlanta and London might influence his sound, but Spacely’s stories are rooted in Western Sydney.
Of the track, Spacely shares, "Nowadays I hardly write pen to paper, I just sit there and meditate to what I’m hearing and play off muscle memory. OH NO! was self produced and self mixed, you know we have the tools now to write with other people, other producers but OH NO! was organic.”

Arno Faraji - things change     Hip Hop, Electronic 23/11/2018
Arno Faraji is the 18-year old Perth-based, Zimbabwe-born rapper and producer.
Arno Faraji says, "things change is about the getting used to the idea that nothing is immune to change - even good relationships. I think accepting that it’s a part of life really puts the power in your hands coz you can react however you want knowing that”.

Wafia - Bodies     Pop, Electronic 12/10/2017
Wafia (real name Wafia Al-Rikabi) is a Dutch/Iraqi singer and producer based in Brisbane.
Taken off her forthcoming VIII EP out via Future Classic on Jan 19 (2018), ‘Bodies’ calls on her family struggle across the on-going situation in Syria and is Wafia’s boldest, most personal work to date.

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Vallis Alps - Fading     Electronic, Pop, Chill 23/11/2016
Vallis Alps are an electronic duo based in Sydney, Australia.
Vallis Alps return today with their colourful new single, ‘Fading’. The track is taken from their forthcoming Fable EP, set for independent release in 2017. 'Fading' captures the tenderness and warmth of Parissa Tosif's vocals over effortless, soaring production by David Ansari to create an infectiously uplifting track.