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twnty three

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hearteyes - One Month Off (feat. Olive Rush)     Alternative 27/03/2020
The latest project from Sydney producer and multi-hyphenate artist Maurice Santiago (George Michelle, Deathbells).
Carried by a distinct sense of openness, the tape follows the producer’s impulses and inspirations wherever they lead. Like fellow pop iconoclasts The 1975, hearteyes too is a true child of our constantly connected culture, channelling his restless creativity into music without boundaries or barriers – either personal or musical – in his quest for sincere and heartfelt communication.

Other tracks by hearteyes:  Liplock  -  Attitude Problem
Tasman Keith - Nightmares On 9th.     Hip Hop 14/03/2020
Rising Sydney-based rapper.
Blending skittering trap percussion, syrupy, twisted 90s West Coast synths and a nocturnal atmosphere, Keith's malleable flow constantly morphs between a menacing drowsiness and his signature, energetic delivery. Overall it speaks to Tasman's refusal to be pinned down and a willingness to define his career with a continuously fearless approach, rather than constricting himself to any one sound or style.

Craterface - -12° (feat. FRITZ & Aquinis)     Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 25/02/2020
an alternative rap duo from Newcastle comprised of producer/vocalist Taki Local and rapper baby bruh, for fans of JPEGMAFIA, Kevin Abstract, SOPHIE and 100 gecs
Bringing fellow Novocastrians FRITZ and Aquinas into the mix, ‘-12°’ stresses the duo’s deep-seated connection to their hometown community. Traversing multiple styles and genres across its runtime, ‘-12°’ is about about being a cold, confident, calculating person and the emotional turmoil that comes with this braggadocio, it’s almost a duality… one that I think every musician with an ego feels.”

GAUCI - To Save A Moment     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/02/2020
Antonia (engineer, Leftenent), David Gauci (Hatchie, Super Chorus) and Felix Lush (Publique, solo work) make tastefully nostalgic pop, between the 80’s synth of Chromatics and the crying-on-the-dancefloor release of Robyn.
Of the song, the group say “‘To Save A Moment’ is a song about desperation and disintegration, a reflection on how second chances aren’t always worth the worry. It’s that feeling of going round in circles to always end up in the same situation, no matter how hard you try to hold on to the feelings you used to have”.

Arno Faraji - Bass Jumpin     Hip Hop 23/01/2020
Perth-based, Zimbabwe-born rapper/producer
Another warm and wavy offering from the 19-year-old artist who is developing his own unmatched sound with each release, pairing a raucous, sample-filled beat with Faraji’s quick-witted raps and impossible-to-hold-down flow. While his vibe-heavy, feel-good focus owes much to Soundcloud and party rap, Arno mixes KAYTRANADA, Injury Reserve type production with the bars of Goldlink and playfulness of Childish Gambino.

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Saint Lane - Hickeys     Hip Hop 23/01/2020
NZ born, Gold Coast based rapper.
'Hickeys' is sweet and tender track, addressing an ex-lover and the ugly details of a breakup over a buoyant acoustic guitar and a minimal beat. And while it still radiates the same irresistibly cheeky persona as previous singles, ‘Hickeys’ brings things down to a more unhurried, leisurely pace for fans of Post Malone, Winston Surfshirt, Ocean Alley.

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Tasman Keith - BILLY BAD AGAIN     Hip Hop 26/11/2019
Bowraville-born, Sydney-based rapper.
Produced by Kapital J & Papertoy with additional production from James Mangohig & Michael Hohnen, ’BILLY BAD AGAIN’ trades slyly menacing verses for an audacious, trunk-rattling chorus, with Tasman’s razor-sharp, Pusha T-evoking flow. ‘BILLY BAD AGAIN’ feels strong and streetwise, exuding a quiet, don’t-mess-with-me confidence. “No one catching up to me”, Tasman sings on the chorus. And you believe him.

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These New South Whales - It’s Its Own Heart     Punk 26/11/2019
These New South Whales are many things: a band, a tv show, a phenomenon.
Produced by Jonathan Boulet of Party Dozen and ARSE, I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do is an unrelentingly catchy second outing from the group, swapping the darker palette of their debut for a sunnier sound with distorted but bright, clangy guitars and driving rhythms – a combination that’s more indebted to their post punk influences than ever.

Other tracks by These New South Whales:  Do U Connect?  -  I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do
Polythought - In C     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 20/11/2019
Polythought is the musical meeting point of Sydney’s Oliver Tank and producer Vinay Matta (Hansaa), born from the pair’s mutual appreciation for expansive electronic landscapes and organic instrumentation.
Spacious, swirling synths, intricately layered percussion and hints of distortion build a 3D soundscape for Tank’s vocals to wander through as he interrogates himself. Meanwhile, Matta’s understated layering gives ‘In C’ an emotive momentum, blanketing the track with a gentle fragility before letting it dissolve away again.

Jay Cooper - 21 Personnel     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/10/2019
Sydney-raised, North American-based produce.
Cooper shares that: “The song came from a pattern of isolation being broken by the warmest affect, a short walk up the mountain for sunrise, an intense moment of clarity that doesn’t make a lot of sense on paper, and a book about the theory of programming war drones."

Triple One - So Easy ft. Matt Corby & Kwame     Hip Hop 30/10/2019
Hip-hop group made up of Billy Gunns, Marty Bukkake Large, Obi Ill Terrors, Lil Dijon from Inner West Sydney.
‘So Easy’ finds Triple One showcasing the group’s unbounded versatility. Known for their usual brash explosiveness, Obi Ill Terrors and Marty Bugatti tone it down in achingly melodic verses. Lil Dijon on the hook and Corby and Kwame harmonise on a swelling chorus. In-house producer Billy Gunns’ production is detailed in its restraint, with flourishes of soulful brass and synths.

breathe. - Haze     R&B, Easy Listening 01/10/2019
breathe. is made up of two friends who love making music, taking photographs, shooting film.
The track was recorded in Toronto and Sydney, and is a blurry, aching take on late night soul music. Of the track, the band share, “‘Haze’ was started late one night in our Oxford street studio and was finished between Sydney, London and Canada with input from lots of great collaborators."

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Alex Cameron - Stepdad     Alternative, Rock 17/09/2019
Cameron sings with stunning sincerity and his veracious brand of wit of his relationship and transition into familial life. Cameron’s flair for narrative and character are on full display.
Cameron has become a major presence in his girlfriend’s children’s lives, and 'Stepdad' is an ode to the oft-mocked peripheral parental role. Instrumentally minimal and driven by manic, tinny synths, Cameron’s voice kicks off the album with unprecedented vulnerability as he delivers what might be a final message to his future step-kids.

Alex Cameron - Far From Born Again     Pop, Alternative 27/08/2019
Cameron sings with stunning sincerity and his veracious brand of wit of his relationship and transition into familial life. Cameron’s flair for narrative and character are on full display.
Cameron now presents a new single, “Far From Born Again,” which he says “celebrates the legitimacy of the independent sex worker, and casts a light on the humans that provide the service to millions worldwide.” The track lays out the album’s worldview, rising towards an exalting onomatopoeic chorus between Cameron and the enthused sax of his business partner Roy Molloy.

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Erik Sanders - Silk     Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/08/2019
Erik Sanders is a Brisbane based hip hop artist.
Produced by Brisbane beatmaker Wavv, new single ‘Silk’ is a braggadocious flex on life in the fast lane with Sanders riding in the driver’s seat.

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Mariam Sawires - Choose     R&B, Easy Listening 27/08/2019
Cairo-born, Sydney-based songwriter and vocalist Mariam Sawires.
‘Choose’ was written while living in a 17th century French castle transformed into music studio. Inspired by the profound impact of a family member’s visit, Sawires realised she was placing the source of her confidence and happiness in others. Of the song she says “life is chaotic and you’ve got to take the time to gain peace and clarity inside.”

Saint Lane - Pitbull Type Beat     Hip Hop, Pop 27/08/2019
Saint Lane is a Gold Coast-based rapper.
Lane’s trademark wry playfulness is paired with impactful production that will stay in your head for days after listening. Of the track Lane recalls “it's about a crazy night out I had in 2018 that led me to discover my love for Pitbull, an artist I'd previously hated, but had in a moment of peak intoxication finally understood it.”

Alex Cameron - Miami Memory     Pop 09/07/2019
Alex Cameron reveals a striking honesty about love and sex in a time where a fleetingness hangs over everything.
A love song to the city, 'Miami Memory' embraces the lustful air of Miami and explores both Alex’s personal relationship with both the city and his girlfriend. Throughout, Alex’s sultry and playful delivery embraces themes of sex positivity, love and reflection. “‘Miami Memory’s a story about how we audition in the present for our future selves to enjoy in retrospect."

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Other tracks by Alex Cameron:  Divorce
Joji - Sanctuary     Pop 09/07/2019
A master of multiple mediums, Joji is an Osaka-born Japanese-Australian singer and producer capturing a following from every corner of the Internet.
An enormous power ballad teeming with emotion and sentiment, 'Sanctuary' gives voice to a lovesick yet hopeful feeling towards an unrequited love. While the single calls upon sensibilities of 80s icons like Phil Collins and Journey, 'Sanctuary' is drenched in minimalistic beats and futuristic soundscapes, acting as somewhat of a “taste before the madness.”

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Ryan Fennis - Doesn't Matter     Electronic 09/07/2019
Canberra-based artist, Ryan Fennis is an independent producer blending modern electronic, psychedelic rock, jazz and new-wave sounds.
A blend of modern electronic, psychedelic rock, jazz and new-wave sounds.

Other tracks by Ryan Fennis:  To Me  -  What You Want