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Bremen Town Musician - You Don't Have To     Folk, Experimental 25/09/2009
Bremen Town Musician are a three-piece experimental folk-blues frenzy. They're fronted by the enigmatic Marisa Allen, known for her howling vocal style.
This track was built around a simple guitar loop and features field recordings of birds from the catalogue of front woman for Bremen Town Musician, Marisa Allen. It is a tender song performed against a soundscape of nature recordings and violin drones.

Other tracks by Bremen Town Musician:  Steady  -  Govenor Wren
Country Town Collective - Darling     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 25/09/2009
Delicate and beautifully crafted folk from a band of ten instrument swapping, cross city collaborators. Country Town Collective put the 'collective' back into collective.
Everyone loves this strange song. The instrumental parts were recorded live to tape with the vocal track the only part overdubbed. It sounds slightly like a Bjork song in its execution but is designed more like a meditation or a drone where the listener gets pulled in for the trip.

Other tracks by Country Town Collective:  Lover of a Gentle Kind  -  4 o'clock
Dappled Cities - The Night Is Young At Heart RADIO EDIT     Pop, Rock, Experimental 25/09/2009
Sydney pop-rockers Dappled Cities proudly present their highly acclaimed third album 'ZOUNDS'.
Dappled Cities present the second single off thier highly acclaimed full-length offering 'ZOUNDS'. The album was recently nominated for an ARIA (best independent release 2009).

Other tracks by Dappled Cities:  The Price  -  Answer Is Zero
Dialect - The Rock     Hip Hop 25/09/2009
Dialect is 19 year old Nelson Hedditch- a hip hop lyricist renowned for his remarkable freestyle ability.
A funky track in which Dialect's hip hop stylings carry rock undertones "beecause hip hop is the corner stone of all music".

Other tracks by Dialect:  Start 2 finish  -  Drop Jewels
Eli Wolfe - My place in this world     Blues, Roots, Folk, Alternative Country 25/09/2009
Blues & roots rocker Eli Wolfe's is known for his well timbered voice and 6&12-string Maton guitars.
'My place in this world' was recorded in Eli Wolfe's bedroom, with cellos recorded in a friend's kitchen. It's based around empathy and escapism. It's kind of like Alice in Wonderland falling through the wormhole into a better place.

Well-received at shows, the song's a preview of the upcoming album.

Genevieve Maynard and The Tallboys - Green Beads     Rock, Alternative Country, Acoustic 25/09/2009
Genevieve Maynard refines her melancholy Alt. Country sound with new band The Tallboys. 'The Hollow Way' was recorded and mixed over 2 years in Genevieve’s own Revolution Studios.
Luscious yet sparse production and instrumentation gives this track a stand-out sonic palette, in which the warm and honest vocal leads us on a melodic journey, catching the ear and engaging the imagination.

Other tracks by Genevieve Maynard and The Tallboys:  Long Gone  -  Ripped
Jehan - At The Gate     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 25/09/2009
Finger picking and lyrical honesty characterise Jehan's musical style. He considers himself a nomad and much of his songwriting is inspired by his travels.
Intricate guitar work with an intimate vocal style. Listen out for the footsteps that play out through the song. . . .

Other tracks by Jehan:  Self-Portrait  -  Upon Closed Eyes
Le Kingste - The Way The World Turns     Pop, Rock 25/09/2009
Sydneysiders Le Kingste make dark pop. They've been described as being "Fiercely original, without compromising on melody or sheer enjoyment” (Drum Media).
The Way The World Turns is a thumping track that perfectly showcases Le Kingste's penchant for controlled power. It's a popular track live and is being released as a standalone single.

PRESIDENT ROOTS - She Lights Up     Rock, Roots, Country, Folk 25/09/2009
Alt country folk-rockers 'President Roots' specialise in foot-stomping ditties for the down-trodden. Their debut album 'Migration' was released nationally through Vitamin earlier this year.
A crowd-pleasing foot-stomper. This is the one that guarantees to fill the dance floor every time at gigs. Mutant Bluegrass. Think Stones on Exile on Main street / Let it Bleed period. Loose in all the right ways.
Ton of Feathers weighs the same as a ton of fun!

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Other tracks by PRESIDENT ROOTS:  Professor Longhair  -  Why Did You Come Around
SS Pecker - Power     Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Rock 25/09/2009
SS Pecker, fronted by lyrical master Urban Monk (of Polo Club fame), combine raw elements of live hip hop with intricate space-rock freak-outs.
Whilst not typical of the SS Pecker catalogue, this track displays their unique ability to twist genres and direct listeners to new boundaries. Combining Urban Monks artful flow with a new take on 70's inspired psychedelic rock experimentation and backed by a good old fashioned hip hop beat.

Other tracks by SS Pecker:  Hurricane  -  Turn Out The Lights
Tarcutta - Liberace Fibonacci     Rock, Instrumental 25/09/2009
Tarcutta's epic and detailed instrumental movements draw inspiration from punk, rock and post-rock.
‘Liberace Fibonacci’ thrills with its awesome organ riff,
before taking flight through a series of dizzying
twists and turns. This is complex, hook laden instrumental rock at it's best.

Other tracks by Tarcutta:  You Gotta Crawl Before You Walk Before You Waltz  -  Mount Bartle Frere
The Sophisticants - Roughness     Rock, Punk 25/09/2009
The Sophisticants deliver an all out assault on your ears, staking their claim as one of Melbourne's best proponents of punk inspired, seamy rock 'n' roll.
A punchy post punk/new wave track punctuated by fuzzy bass and a dancy drum beat. The song has a real feel of urgency about it and displays the development of the band's sound from previous releases.

Great song for fans of Death From Above, Les Savy Fav, The Rapture, etc.

Other tracks by The Sophisticants:  The Supporter  -  (Slut) Monster
Vaudeville - Running on Empty     Rock, Pop 25/09/2009
Vaudeville's contagious melodic rock has earnt them support slots with Cog, Grinspoon and Birds of Tokyo.
This song is about dealing with life’s troubles and hanging in there even though you have exhausted all options till you just feel like giving up. It’s a catchy pop/rock song that will pull you in right from the get go.

Apricot Rail - Pouring Milk Out The Window     Rock, Instrumental, Pop 25/09/2009
Apricot Rail produce some of the most discretely charming, lush instrumental pop music you’re likely to hear all year.
‘Pouring Milk Out The Window’ is an anthem without ever having to be anthemic, a melancholic reverie that never resorts to the emotional ease of sadness.

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Other tracks by Apricot Rail:  The Parachute Failure  -  Trout Fishing In Australia
Fall Electric - Faithless Friend     Rock, Acoustic 25/09/2009
Fall Electric’s songs focus on riddled philosophic inquiries, ironies within romance, the nature of admitting human weakness and other enjoyably unsolvable topics.
‘Faithless Friend’ sees Fall Electric in full rock mode. Edgy, overdriven acoustic guitar is lent friction and gravity coupled with cello stabs and bows, woven around urgent, tumbling drums. The song canters and bucks frenetically before fading away in a wry homage to the Nirvana classic ‘Something In The Way’.

Other tracks by Fall Electric:  Warm Toes  -  There In The Morning
Fallingwater Trio - Bells     Jazz 25/09/2009
The drum-less Fallingwater Trio create lush romanticism with uncanny melodic interplay and seductive soundscapes. This is music of profound beauty, with stark intimate minimalism.
"The style is ambient, but not of the meaningless. Like its namesake's architecture, the music is thoughtfully structured and designed to produce a harmonious, peaceful effect. Bywater's tenor sax flows along with Elliott Folvig's guitar and Dale Lindrea's electric bass as naturally as quiet waters over river stones." John McBeath

Other tracks by Fallingwater Trio:  After Nalma  -  Faith
Ian Moss - Shake     Funk/Soul, Rock 25/09/2009
Ian Moss has modestly purred beneath his guitar playing for over 30 years – but no longer! 'Soul On West 53rd St' brings Moss' voice to the forefront.
Ian Moss' interpretation of Otis Redding’s classic ‘Shake’ redefines the landscape of soul music. With a dancehall ambience this track surrounds and warms the listeners taking them back to a time that was simple and smooth.

Other tracks by Ian Moss:  Let's Stay Together
Julien Wilson/Stephen Magnusson - Taipan     Jazz 25/09/2009
Award winning Jazz musicians Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson present 'Kaleidoscopic', a new jazz classic.
Kaleidoscopic takes to the wide screen with this collaboration from Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson.

Other tracks by Julien Wilson/Stephen Magnusson:  Bismillah  -  The Show
Keller Murphy Browne - The Days Of Wine And Roses     Jazz, Instrumental 25/09/2009
Each piece on 'Carried By The Sun' unfolds like a three-way conversation, the focus shifting subtly from player to player without the need for bombast or empty technical displays.
The ballad Days of Wine and Roses is played slightly faster than usual after a rippling, rhythmless piano opening. These experienced players stress that no one is leader: it's a genuinely collaborative exercise. That is demonstrated in the compositions, with contributions from each member. Review from The Weekend Australian

Other tracks by Keller Murphy Browne:  Carried By The Sun
Miriam Lieberman - Monsoon Rain     World, Acoustic, African, Folk 25/09/2009
Miriam Lieberman's songwriting is inspired by her background in Latin, African and Contemporary folk. She accompanies her powerful vocals with kora (African harp), acoustic guitar, and balaphone (wooden xylophone).
Miriam wrote this song while living the shanty town artist quarter of Guinea West Africa during the first rains of the wet season. Living in a small house with a tin roof during the hot months the rains where so joyfully recieved.

Other tracks by Miriam Lieberman:  Home  -  Deep Blue Sky