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Latest Tracks Added

Magnus - Forever & Never     Rock, Alternative, Indie 21/02/2020
Magnus's star studded second album Detachment which will be released into the world on April 24th.
"Forever & Never" continues that momentum, releasing on the 28th of February it's a distorted drive through the top tier talent who worked on the record. Featuring Magnus' signature tone, unpredictability and production that'd make Josh Homme jealous, lead mean Arne Heeres says it's about "Being stuck in the twilight, stuck in a loop of thoughts"

The Flowers - Summer Saviour     Indie, Rock, Pop 21/02/2020
After connecting online via triple J Unearthed, The Flowers began jamming, writing and finding their unique ‘sad-happy’ sound in 2018.
“I've always wanted to write an unreserved, heart-on-your-sleeve type love song, so ‘Summer Saviour’ is my attempt at that,” explains vocalist Agnes O’Dwyer. “Having always adored songs like ‘'Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes and ‘Think About Love’ by Dolly Parton, I wanted to sort of write my own serenade-y type track.“

Fancy Face - Slip Up     Indie, Rock, Psych 21/02/2020
Fancy Face is a brand new 5-piece, indie rock outfit emerging out of Melbourne. Influenced by the The Growlers, Dope Lemon, The Murlocs.
“Slip Up is tale of temptation... because eventually we’re all going to!” Says Aaron Bach. An upbeat indie-rock number to bop around to.

Bronte Public Housing - Banana     Indie, Alternative, Rock 21/02/2020
Bronte Public Housing (BPH) is a project by Jimmy Heathwood, who began his songwriting and stage craft as the singer of Hiaground.
"Banana", following BPH's debut single "Sleepyhead", is like most of Jimmys’ writing. Being from the affluent Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Jimmy has always felt different and torn by the common pressures of living in such an area; get a good job, make good money, look good and make sure everyone knows about it on Instagram. That internal conflict is reflected.

Billie Rose - Kick Her To The Curb     Country, Alternative, Indie 21/02/2020
North West Queensland, singer-songwriter Billie Rose has created her own niche country sound, songs that reveal a sincerity and depth well beyond her young age.
I had this idea of writing a song about being in the position of the ‘’other woman’’. I wanted the song to come from her perspective of how she feels about being the mistress and that she has finally had enough of sharing what she thinks is hers."

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Good Days Bad Days     Alternative, Roots, Reggae / Dub 21/02/2020
Good Days Bad Days is just one of the tracks borne of an intense year of work. Bright, spunky and full of life, it’s everything audiences have come to love about the band. The track reflects on exactly that – the good days and bad days that are all part and parcel of life – with geniuine happiness and wisdom.

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Dorah Jacson - Lurking     Indie, Folk, Alternative 21/02/2020
21 year old Dorah Jacson (a.k.a Kayla Smart) is quite the mellifluous soul, and a talented songwriter to add, possessing a heartfelt yet whimsical writing style.
"Lurking" was written within half an hour, with Dorah explaining the track "is for anyone that’s had someone get in their space when they are not welcome.

Michelle Cashman - Guys Like You     Country, Folk, Rock 21/02/2020
Michelle Cashman is a singer-songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is raw, real and down to earth and has stories to sing from a life truly lived.
Finding strength to leave a toxic relationship is at the heart of Michelle Cashman’s rocking new single, Guys Like You. This is no man-hating song, Michelle hopes that anyone stuck in a terrible relationship can hear this song and leave. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, this song offers hope and encouragement.

Misha Bear - One More Minute     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 21/02/2020
Misha Bear is based in St Kilda, Melbourne. She artfully blends elements of Indie, Pop and Electronica to create her entrancing sound.
One More minute opens with an all too familiar sound - a raging alarm clock screaming at you to get up and get to it! A hooky synth part then enters and makes way for Misha's smooth verse vocals. The chorus is extremely catchy and this track can be related to by all!

Other tracks by Misha Bear:  Chameleon  -  The Mirror
Envy Marshall - Drown     Rock, Alternative, Metal 21/02/2020
Envy is the epitome of the modern day rocker bringing back the oozing confidence, sensuality and sexuality of the great women of rock who have gone before her.
With its Divinyls like hook, on Drown, Envy sings of casting her no good lover aside and taking back her power. The power to fly, the power to take control of your destiny and cut those ties.

Its a straight up rock n roll song, no ifs or buts and a seriously great one for a debut!

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SLUMBERJACK - Black & Blue     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 21/02/2020
After the huge success of their SARAWAK EP which saw them take their live show to full houses across Australia and US, now SLUMBERJACK release the Black & Blue EP.
'Black & Blue' features friends and collaborators Cory Enemy and Mothica and features on the EP of the same name.

Says SLUMBERJACK: “The Black & Blue EP is the first real ‘LA’ record we’ve released - every song came from a unique experience in the city.”

Mickey Kojak - Strange     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance 21/02/2020
Mickey Kojak is Australia’s favourite acid-taking, video-game playing producer/vocalist extraordinaire. 'Strange' is the next taste from Mickey, following recent singles ‘All That Acid’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Video Games'.
Australia’s favourite acid-taking, video-game-playing son Mickey Kojak brings us his first release of the decade with “Strange” - an ode to good nights filled with bad choices and even worse repercussions. With its big funky bass line, wonky electronic percussion and melodic magic, “Strange” is an infectious track that begs to be played over and over.

Benji Lewis - No Alibi     Pop, Alternative, R&B, Alternative 21/02/2020
With a voice that can be likened to that of Sam Smith and Troye Sivan, Australian singer/songwriter Benji Lewis is cultivating an impressively unique sound & style
After giving us recent singles ‘Fast Forward’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘New Day’, Los Angeles artist Benji Lewis is now excited to give us his brand-new ep, "Here, Then And Now"

Other tracks by Benji Lewis:  Promise
Juliet Vrakas - Angel In The Wind     Alternative, Easy Listening, Contemporary Classical, Indie 20/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter. Music Composer. Solo Guitarist
The seven (7) written works; 'Angel In The Wind, 'Silent Tree, 'Entwined Hearts, 'My Moon My Night, 'Oh Candle Light , 'Friday Morning, 'Maybe Its Just Me, are from Juliet's poetry diaries. Softly sung spoken whisper, accompanied by light guitar playing in the background. Kind of nostalgic reflection of ones meaning of life, invoking emotion and dreaming.

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Juliet Vrakas - Exodos Instrumental     Classical, Instrumental, Contemporary Classical, Folk 22/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter. Music Composer
Exodos is a musical dedication to the many exiled people around the world past and present, whether it be in war and conflict or any other reason they cannot live in their homeland. The solo guitar arrangement created to invoke the memories of the forgotten. The tempo is a interpretation of departure from ones homeland, an exodus.