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Latest Tracks Added

Riley Pearce - Rewind (Acoustic)     Folk, Indie, Easy Listening 24/01/2020
Australia alt-folk artist with chilled-out, coastal acoustics.
A feel good and subtle acoustic piece. Rileys warm vocals uniquely merge with the soft piano and folky guitar.

Other tracks by Riley Pearce:  Elephants (Live)
Cameron Cusack - Life's A Beach     Country, Reggae / Dub 24/01/2020
Cameron Cusack is a Melbourne born country artist. Now Cairns based, the 28 year old singer/songwriter has had three charting singles, ‘Hot Rod Town', Endless Summer’ and ‘Hit It Off’.
‘Life’s A Beach’ is the new summer single from artist Cameron Cusack. Reggae inspired, ‘Life’s A Beach’ is the third single release from Cameron Cusack’s upcoming album ‘Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams & Everything Good In Between’. Produced by Cameron, Sean Alberts and Andre Houghton in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia at Stonehouse Records.

Donny Benét - Girl of My Dreams     Alternative, Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/01/2020
Hailed and panned by critics as “Prince on a serious budget cut”, Donny Benét releases a tantalising new single ‘Girl of My Dreams’, out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
‘Girl of My Dreams’ touches on an overall theme of the upcoming album. Age, experience and an attitude of resilience in our lives lead to the point of pushing aside insecurities and indecisiveness in order to follow one’s heart.

Whether it’s the person of your dreams, always trust your instinct and don’t be afraid take the plunge for new romance.

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Ratking - Come Out And Play (The Offspring)     Punk, Rock 24/01/2020
In a very short amount of time Ratking have added their own fingerprint to the ever-expanding universe of hardcore.
Ratking's cover of 'Come Out And Play' by The Offspring is absolutely brilliant. They have reinvented a punk rock classic with a hardcore twist. Fans of The Offspring and great Australian Hardcore will love this!

Victory Lap - Pepsi Ad     Alternative, Pop, Indie 27/01/2020
Victory Lap is Alex Badham - music video director and former aleks and the ramps member.
Deadpan ennui masquerading as a cruisy summertime jam.

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Other tracks by Victory Lap:  LED Stars  -  Poly
annelise. - Trippin'     Hip Hop, R&B, Pop 24/01/2020
Hailing from Western Sydney, Annelise. employs her influence of late 90’s/early 2000’s R&B and Hip-Hop to create her nostalgic but fresh and modern sound
With Hip-Hop/R&B flavours from the new and old school, Annelise.’s Trippin' is 100% bad-ass. With oozing harmonies and punchy melodies, Trippin' is a big “f**k you” to any no-good man, tow timing man and embodies the essence of a strong independent woman. This song aims to be an anthem for women who unapologetically want to take back their life.

Leash & The Dusty Boots - Warumungu Woman     Country 24/01/2020
Leash & The Dusty Boots are a Countrified cavalry covered in desert dust from the remote areas of the NT.
Warumungu Woman is a song based on an influential friendship Alicia Scobie had with a powerful human in the remote town of Tennant Creek.

Other tracks by Leash & The Dusty Boots:  Slow down  -  Karyn
the hoodoo men - found the blues     Blues 24/01/2020
the hoodoo men are a 4 piece power house blues band playing original authentic australian blues with a sprinkling of classic blues standards.
an upbeat shuffle the title track from the album ,no matter what you lose you'll always find the blues!

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Other tracks by the hoodoo men:  catfishsh jumping  -  bluer than blue
Shane Nicholson - The High Price of Surviving     Country, Alternative, Easy Listening, Folk 24/01/2020
Shane Nicholson inhabits a rare space in the music industry: songwriter, recording artist, producer/engineer, multi-instrumentalist, guitar pedal builder, whiskey-enthusiast, motorcycle-lover, and musical mentor.
Shane Nicholson inhabits a rare space in the music industry: songwriter, recording artist, producer/engineer, multi-instrumentalist, guitar-pedal builder, whiskey-enthusiast, motorcycle-lover, and musical-mentor.

It was in that mentoring capacity that his new single, The High Price of Surviving sparked into existence. During a songwriting retreat, a song was born in a joint effort with young up-and-coming QLD songwriter, Leyon Milner.

Lucalion - In the Moment (ft. Malina Claire)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Indie 24/01/2020
Sam Bradley, otherwise known as Lucalion, is on a mission to re-define traditional pop music with his unique, electronically-fuelled sound. His music is similar to Jai Wolf and Wave Racer.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself next time someone you’re really, really into. And I mean really into.You’re feeling good and you reaaaally want to take that next step and make that person your own. You’re feeling confident. Now, pop that feeling into a song and that’s exactly what ‘In The Moment’ feels like.

Clay Western - three     Indie, Pop, Rock 24/01/2020
Clay Western is a indie rock artist from the South Coast of WA, now based out of Fremantle.
Three is a track which bridges the gap between old and new. Having grown as an artist, musician and human, three is written in reflection of where I started and where I a now, shown both stylistically and lyrically.

Senivoda - Mama     World, Folk, Psych, Soul 24/01/2020
Senivoda is a revolutionary band of global origins, a rich World Music experiencee. Incorporating Influences of Jazz Fusion, Soul, Prog Rock, polish mountain folk, with trance evoking grooves.
Evoking grooves, intricate instrumentation, tribal elements , multi dimensional, connections with nature and our larger wprld and community both natural and human

Senivoda - Dropz     Soul, World, Jazz, Folk 24/01/2020
Senivoda is a band of global origins, a rich Spiritual and World Music experience filled with life. Incorporating Influences of Jazz Fusion, Soul, polish mountain folk, with trance evoking grooves.
inspired by the wonderful natural world and life itself

Other tracks by Senivoda:  Flowing within  -  Revolution Song
Daniel Hall - Christmas Love     Pop 24/01/2020
Daniel Hall has released 13 solo albums in the Electronic Synthpop genre. His music is a cross between Erasure and Depeche Mode with a touch of Gary Numan
Christmas Love is a mid-paced pop song that encourages people not to forget those less fortunate and living on the streets at the festive period. A message of love to all is strongly given by Daniel's beautiful lyrics and melody.

Matali - Sacred Journey Pt.1     Instrumental, World, Alternative 24/01/2020
Matali is a multi instrumentalist who's beautiful compositions flow from the heart. A master of the native American flutes. Matali's music is beautifully melodic & sensual relaxation & healing music.
Takes listeners on a relaxing evocative sound journey...starting with gentle rain, thunder, running water, frogs & other nature sounds- which underlay the course of this beautiful piece. Main instruments are Chinese bamboo reed flute, ukulele, harmonium & hand pan. This is the 1st track from Matali's album 'Beautiful'

Other tracks by Matali:  Merging with the Light  -  Little Dove