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Latest Tracks Added

Laura Hyde - Bliss     Pop, Alternative, Indie 31/03/2020
Melting subdued electronic textures, sparse beats and infectious vocals then works it in a dark pop realm. Reimagining singer-songwriter style tracks through an electronic prism with quirky alt-pop sensibilities.
‘Bliss’ is the third track from Laura Hyde. Minimal beat percussion with wholesome string and harmonic layerings as the bedrock for Hyde’s emotive vocals and lyrics. Known for her lyrical depth and a mature approach to songwriting, Hyde says, “This song is about finally letting someone in to see the mess and accepting help.”

Reverend Hellfire & The Tapeloops - The Litanies of Television     Alternative, Experimental, Indie 01/04/2020
The Tapeloops are Reverend Hellfire, Linda Loop and John Treason. The Tapeloops are a lyrically driven combination of keyboard, trumpet, bass and viola in the best Brisbane alternative tradition.
A dose of that Ol' Time Religion
with a heartfelt, honky-tonked Hymn
celebrating the one true God . . . Television!

Inspired by decadent eighteenth-century poet Charles Baudelaire's poem,"The Litanies of Satan", wrapped around a riff stolen from Jerry Lee Lewis, the REV & Crew have retooled the original verse so as to be compliant with all current operating systems.

Leonie Kingdom - Oliver James     Folk, Indie, Easy Listening 27/03/2020
Leonie Kingdom has been requested by fans at live shows across Australia to record this song. Leonie has done a haunting version of this song written by Fleet Foxes.
Leonie has done a haunting version of this track which was written by Fleet Foxes. Leonie has been requested by fans at live shows across Australia to record this song. Recorded in Brisbane by Jordan Merrick and mastered by Matthew Grey Mastering, it is just Leonie and her guitar.

Superhighwayman - Concrete Jungle     Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock 27/03/2020
Singer / songwriter from Melbourne
A very timely song for current world issues!

Simon Pianta - electricity     Pop 27/03/2020
Aussie pop artist
chill pop

Georgia June - Baby Blue     Pop, Rock 27/03/2020
With a blend of charging guitars, exciting melodies and a relentless rhythm section, Georgia June’s output is driven by stories of both vulnerability and strength.
It’s been a busy time for Georgia June with a multitude of shows in the past six months including headline dates, support slots and festival sets. Today they return with new single 'Baby Blue', a cathartic track which comes along with a cinematic video.

Robbie Thompson - Mas Fina     Instrumental, Latin, Classical, Contemporary Classical 27/03/2020
Nature tuned 432hz guitar music recorded in beautiful locations around Australia.
Spanish flamenco inspired finger style instrumental guitar piece recorded in 432hz to maximise fidelity and relaxation of the listener.

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Handsome Rob & the Esoteric Cowpokes - Hot Pants     Garage, Rock, Alternative, Indie 27/03/2020
We make music that my friends tell me they like, there's no vouching for my friends taste in music! My friends may also be liars.
A song about Hot Pants

Other tracks by Handsome Rob & the Esoteric Cowpokes:  The Dude Swings  -  It Comes From The Territory
Sammi Constantine - Mannequin     Pop, Indie, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/03/2020
Sammi Constantine, developed a love for music early on, initially as a ballet dancer. Constantine's aim is to make a statement with her unique, edgy pop sound and intricate lyrics.
Mannequin is about the fight to connect with myself or something that I used to find comfort in. It's about finding answers around why an unhealthy way of thinking, a habit or addiction can sometimes take over my headspace.

To feel like a wall exists between you and the conversation to understand the unknown, can make you feel numb.

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Susan Muranty - Stephen Hawking Wants You To (Dance Remix)     Dance, Pop, Alternative 27/03/2020
Susan Muranty is an award-winning lyricist and artist who recently wowed Hollywood with the words to her own take on the big love ballad, Stephen Hawking Wants You To.
Dance, dance, dance to the speed of light!! Science meets love in an epic Big Bang inspired by one of the greatest minds of the century. What's in a kiss?? The speed of light, if you think about it in the right way. Kiss me for the sake of science. This remixed BIG love pop ballad wants you to ;)

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Katie Rosewood - The Scary Thing     Alternative, Rock, Contemporary Classical, Pop 27/03/2020
Katie Rosewood is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Her dark guitar-driven music strikes for a direct and emotional approach.
In ‘The Scary Thing’, Katie invites us into the helplessness of health challenges facing her loved ones, as well as her own chronic pain. Mortality and quality of life are brought into sharp focus with the realisation that not everything heals with time.

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Roxferry - Riding To The Grave     Rock, Metal, Punk, Garage 27/03/2020
Formed in 2015, Roxferry is a hard hitting 3 piece rock unit from NSW, Australia. They take influence from bands such as Turnstile, Foo Fighters, Metallica, IDLES and Royal Blood.
'Riding To The Grave' is an energetic hard rock track, hitting the listener in the face with a solid riff that grooves at walking pace. The lyrics talk about mental health surrounding gun violence and the frustration with societies plans to properly deal with this issue.

Simon Astley - Oh So Simple     Pop, Easy Listening, Indie, Rock 27/03/2020
After extensive touring both in Australia and overseas, eclectic pop singer Simon Astley has returned home to work with Melbourne producer Sam Panetta (Kylie Minogue, Crowded House, Kisschasy).
Making use of time. Life can be simple without all the stress that we put on ourselves. Life is good!

BERLYN - Crowded     Indie, Pop, Alternative 27/03/2020
BERLYN is a 22 year old songwriter based in Newcastle, NSW.
I wrote crowded during a time when I was having more trouble dealing with anxious thoughts in my head than usual, which would get pretty overwhelming at times. I’d get a massive urge to just go ‘screw everything’ and just lay down and give in to it all.

I guess this song came as a kind of release.

Amongst Myselves - Ediacara     Experimental, Instrumental 27/03/2020
Amongst Myselves' composes ambient, landscape and space music. Quasi melodic landscapes to convey you from the cold abyss of outer space to the distorted recollections of your inner world.
The slowly morphing shapes of the first multicellular animal life on Earth.

Other tracks by Amongst Myselves:  On The Margins  -  I'd Hoped There'd Be Stars