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Latest Tracks Added

Bad//Dreems - Morning Rain     Rock 20/09/2019
Morning Rain is the second single from Bad//Dreems' third studio album, Doomsday Ballet - out October 18 via Farmer & The Owl.
Morning Rain was one of the first songs written for the album. Recorded in the midst of an Adelaide heatwave at Twin Earth Studio and featuring Ladder on synth, opens the album with the brusque couplet: “People are stupid, people go round, fanning the flames while their houses burn down".

It Thing - Who Walks Your Dog     Punk, Rock, Punk, Garage 20/09/2019
Bursting onto the Hobart scene mid 2019, It Thing are a 4 piece punk band drawing influence from punk, rock n roll, metal and hardcore
Who Walks Your Dog is It Thing's debut single. Recorded and mastered by their drummer Jmo, WWYD is a short, no nonsense introduction to the bands energetic take on punk rock.

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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Joy     Rock, Contemporary Classical, Experimental, Alternative 20/09/2019
Melbourne Chameleons Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are indie rock experimentalists, who specialise in making music that is infectious, uplifting and original.
Perhaps the most moving song on the record is its centrepiece ‘Joy’, a stunning piano ballad reminiscent of some of the best songs by Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. Rose says he may be more proud of this song than any he has released to date.

Hugh Crosthwaite - The Natural Order     Classical, Instrumental, Contemporary Classical, Easy Listening 19/09/2019
Hugh Crosthwaite is a Melbournian composer and producer. Hugh is inspired as a composer by social issues and, in particular, the natural environment and climate change.
The Natural Order is the first movement of Cassandra. It lays down the context for remainder of the work. Some consequences are unavoidable.

Other tracks by Hugh Crosthwaite:  Knowledge Threat  -  Warning Catastrophe
Slaughterhäus Surf Cult - Pure Trauma     Garage, Punk 20/09/2019
Interweaving post-punk and surf music, Slaughterhäus Surf Cult's blistering style of garage punk translates into theatrical and frenetic live shows and uncompromisingly energetic recordings.
Illuminating the dangerous side of a state so currently revered, 'Pure Trauma' serves as a reminder that dark thoughts tend to fester within this beautiful island. An interpretation of thought processes forever unknown, the song was written in response to a string of suicides that shocked the entire music scene and serves to highlight an emerging crisis within Launceston.

Other tracks by Slaughterhäus Surf Cult:  Written in Black  -  Bloodied Teeth
Kirklandd - knowbody     Hip Hop 20/09/2019
A flair for storytelling paired with lyrical delivery served in equal parts ferocity and vulnerability, Kirklandd experiments with live instrumentation, sampling and expansive production to create diverse and relatable music.
An upbeat anthem, ‘knowbody’ explores the challenges of self-discovery and questions social media's power in our instantly gratified society. Drawing inspiration from Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM, the lively production asserts Kirklandd’s powerful, rapid-fire delivery while showcasing his penchant for storytelling and a catchy melody. The energetic track sees Kirklandd again join forces with producers Cam Bluff and Citizen Kay.

Maddy Jane - Something Old And Something New     Alternative 20/09/2019
Maddy is 22 years old from Tasmania, writing songs far beyond her years on a beat up guitar her mum gave her in high school.
Something New’ is the first new music from Maddy Jane this year and is the leading single from her forthcoming debut album, due out early 2020.

“‘Something Old And Something New’ is about meeting someone when you’re not looking for a relationship and all the conflicting thoughts that come out of that situation,” says Maddy.

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Malcura - Malcura     Rock, World, Folk, Instrumental 20/09/2019
MALCURA are a “Heavy Flamenco” trio from Melbourne. From their beginnings as buskers in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, Malcura have emerged as one of Australia’s most unique and exhilarating acts.
"Malcura" is the first single to be released from the forthcoming second album, "Malcura II". The track is described by the band as “a reflection of the Malcura sound, from where it started, to what it’s become”.

“Malcura” combines many of the musical ideas and tricks the trio have learned as street performers with their hallmark Heavy Flamenco style.

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Valer - Time to Let Go     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Dance 20/09/2019
Valer is an Indonesian-born, rural Victoria raised musician that creates musical textures that are true to his roots, while blending elements of the burgeoning Melbourne house scene.
In high school I made a YouTube video that covered one of deadmau5’s tracks. He saw it and I was invited to play on his private Minecraft server with his producer friends and management. This experience was life-changing and being able to chat with my idols made me determined learn electronic music production. This track reminds me of that time.

Souly Us - Collided     Country, Pop, Rock 20/09/2019
Award winning country/pop duo writing songs from their heart and soul. With lyrics ‘hold your head up high, keep trying cause you’re a fighter’, they're well worth a listen.
Tells the story of two people in love that are parted at an airport. It's their love story.

Other tracks by Souly Us:  Coming Home  -  Fighter
VT MOOK - POCO LOCO     Latin, R&B, Pop, Alternative 20/09/2019
Latin artist from Melbourne that wants to bring a new sound to his city & to bring people together while he expresses his new sound
I grew up with Latin Parents. I always have these melodies in my head and I finally found a song to implement them it into. The hook translates into ''what ever happens, happens'' which is definitely been a mood as of recent. I hope to share this mood with every one and feel the song all together. (Poco Loco)

Story - Looking Out A Window     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Rock 20/09/2019
3 Songwriters. Traditional Songwriting. Original songs dating back to late 70's. Interesting lyrics and verses with singable choruses, wrapped in guitar based music
Written in 1989, traditional rock/pop song with catchy lyrics and instrumental hooks.

Story definition in lyrics: Trying to figure out meaning of life through eyes of someone in their 20's.

Freight Train Foxes - Sailboat Sally     Folk, Roots 20/09/2019
An independent folk duo from Brisbane, Freight Train Foxes are comprised of singer/songwriters, Pat Kenny and Kelsey Berrington.
‘Sailboat Sally’ is a contemporary folk track steeped in the traditions of genre forbearers 'Simon & Garfunkel' and 'Elliott Smith'. The soaring violin melody captures the essence of melancholy and hopefulness conveyed in the lyrics. The song is inspired by an imaginary girl’s willingness to settle for second best, and in many ways we’ve all been ‘Sally’ at one point.

Big Dead - First/Last     Rock 20/09/2019
This Brisbane six piece bring a kind of world-weary abandon to their particular brand of jazz-infused rock.
Throughout this lush composition, Big Dead channel heaving undertones that flow beneath warm synths and airy guitar work. First/Last carries a wondrous mix between the intricate and the palatable: every instrument paces in an unexpectedly daring method, yet the sum of their parts is surprisingly smooth given the song's true complexity.

Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. - Batholith     Alternative, Experimental, Instrumental, Metal 20/09/2019
Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. are an instrumental drums/bass/guitar band performing amp-and-pedal-worship drone music as a soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western film.
'Batholith' is one the band's oldest songs, having been written decades before the band was formed. The track is a beautifully cyclical and hypnotic work of cowboy drone. Recorded in a single live take with no overdubs or editing, with all instruments and amplifiers in a single room.

Other tracks by Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts.:  The Road To God