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Latest Tracks Added

Poorxcuse - Home     Rock 15/10/2018
Poorxcuse are a Melbourne three piece band playing funky rock and blues
A song about driving home in Melbourne peak hour

Other tracks by Poorxcuse:  Miss You Babe  -  Cut Finger blues
colourblind - Entice Me     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Atmospheric 16/10/2018
colourblind are an alt-punk band from Adelaide, SA who merge their influences of punk, indie, hardcore and shoegaze to write their debut EP "Move Like You", available Nov 2nd.
Entice Me begins with a catchy and atmospheric intro, to charge into the chorus with heavy guitars and emotional fuelled vocals. It's about feeling detached while struggling with mental health, a relatable and important topic to many.

Jessie Maz - Don't Waste Your Love On Me     Blues/Roots, Blues, RnB, Soul 15/10/2018
About an ex boy who stumbled into the past and couldn't leave me alone. "Don't waste your love on me".

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Jessie Maz - Stronger     Pop, Blues, RnB, Soul 15/10/2018
This song is written about my own personal experiences, where I have needed to build courage and confidence within myself to overcome the negativity that was or is present in my life. Through this, it has nurtured my resilience and inner strength. Stronger identifies building strength and courage in our past, the present and the future; I'm gonna get stronger!

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Eurisko - Glitter in the Dark (feat. Neon Tetra)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Atmospheric 15/10/2018
Luscious down-tempo electronica (SEE: Com Truise, Tycho, M83, Beach House). Summer car trips riding in slow motion. A collaborative side project of Adelaide band, Neon Tetra. Debut album coming soon!
We have been digging through a lot of synthwave music, which is reinforced by a fascination of 80s Sci-Fi, like Blade Runner, where you’d imagine this type of music being played on a radio station in that alternate reality. It's got a big dance hall vibe to it as well, so it's very versatile. Easy listening or energised, works well.

The Desert Sea - How To Bleed     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 15/10/2018
Groove, riffs and inspirational lyrical content… the makings of an amazing rock anthem by Sydney band The Desert Sea.
How To Bleed was recorded and produced by the band’s fill in drummer and good friend, Lucius Borich, (COG) in his Byron Bay recording studio earlier this month. Diving straight into a heavy bass groove, How To Bleed quickly takes form with a somewhat ‘classic rock’ style introduction. Clearly influenced by the likes of QOTSA and Kingswood.

Jessica at Birth - Speedway Queen     Folk, Comedy, Experimental, Punk 15/10/2018
Jessica at Birth is an independent singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer using vintage and analog production and instruments. Experimental sound art, electronica, indie rock, punk, spoken word, improvisation.
Speedway Queen is about a working class woman who just wants to drive her torana. 70's driving bassline and funny commentary.

Split Feed - Homesick     Metal/Punk, Rock, Garage 15/10/2018
Split Feed are a four-piece punk band hailing from Newcastle. Drawing on the stylings of 90’s and early 00’s punk, Split Feed have delved into a heavier, more mature sound
With 90s and early 00s punk rock firmly in their foundations, the anthemic new single is demonstrates how the four-piece have masterfully expanded to new heights, developing into a more raw, mature and modern sound. Brash, bold, and caked in addictive melodies and riffs, 'Homesick' is undoubtedly a Newy chant, one that is an ode to broken friendships and relationships.

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MLBRN - The Anthem     Hip Hop, Rap 15/10/2018
I am more than just an artist. I am a father, I am Samoan, I am a dreamer, I am a visionary, I am real.
Melbourne city stand up! The anthem for our city.

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Dave Wells - Aching Hearts     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 15/10/2018
After receiving praises on ABC Local and community radio upon its release, Dave Wells’ self titled album boasts a diverse body of work with indie folk and alt-rock influences.
A heart felt yet melancholy love song. Influenced by the jealousy and unfairness of being the one who has been left behind, whilst the other sets off on a quest to fulfil their ultimate desires. It portrays the emptiness, hopelessness and answered questions of why they left in the first place, and if they’ll ever return.

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Sofala - Confetti Dreams     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Funk 15/10/2018
Sofala are seven piece outfit out of Melbourne that fuse sounds psych rock with driving funk rhythms. The music is a balance between intricately composed music with wild, manic expression.
Confetti Dreams is the debut single from Melbourne band Sofala. Recorded live to tape it highlights the bands highly energetic and immersive live performances. The song's lyrics draw inspiration from Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf that also reflects the songs mania throughout.

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The Violets - Missing     Pop 15/10/2018
Indie rock/pop
Slow groove/indie

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The Sea Gypsies - Be A Man     Rock, Reggae 15/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
“Be A Man” evokes strong emotion and passion as the indie band sing about his journey from adolescence to manhood.

The single starts with a soft bass accompanied by vocals,then interrupted by an intense drum solo full of emotion. “Be A Man” features energetic bass and guitar solos as well as heartfelt vocalist Luke Marlin guiding listeners through his life.

Karalee Alice - Passing Clouds     Pop, Acoustic 15/10/2018
Karalee Alice is a 17 year old singer/songwriter with a passion for singing and story telling. Her debut album "Queen of Hearts" is a soulful collection of emotional compositions.
With soaring vocals, lush harmonies and layers of instruments. This track depicts both sides of the story when it comes to the end of a relationship.

Other tracks by Karalee Alice:  Save Me  -  That Night
Mick Thomas - Boxing Day Drive     Folk, Blues 16/10/2018
Treasured Australian alt-folk outlier Mick Thomas and his band The Roving Commission are proud to release ‘Boxing Day Drive’, from the forthcoming EP of the same name.
‘Boxing Day Drive' is a song about a big multi-day drive on Boxing Day. It’s a glorious power-pop romp up the Great Pacific Highway. It’s mandolins, guitars, harmonies, and a nifty scenically driven lyric that puts you out there in the heat of an Australian Christmas. It’s trying to get to someone else and make things right.