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Latest Tracks Added

Alex The Astronaut - Happy Song (Shed Mix)     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 23/01/2019
Alex the Astronaut shares her the new mix for latest single 'Happy Song'.
Alex says: "I wrote this song at the start of the year about the awkward middle part of a breakup when you don't really know what you're doing. I recorded it with Sam (Cromack) and Dan (Hanson) from Ball Park Music."

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Four Lions - How Much     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 24/01/2019
They're called Four Lions, but there's actually five of 'em these days. And you'll find them rocking out in the central Victorian town of Bendigo
How Much started life as a "rockier-type track with a Replacements' Stink vibe", referring to the (in)famous Minneapolis alt-rockers' 1982 EP.

Georgia Reed - Colours     Pop, Rock, Electronic 24/01/2019
Hailing from the Western shores of Australia, Georgia Reed is renowned for her outstanding vocals and haunting songwriting.
“I wish for a listener to get an emotional connection to my music. I want the listener to feel what I feel when I write and perform my music. This song is about my experience in my school years, being bullied, feeling alone and isolated. This is something so many people experience and unfortunately some people don’t make it through.”

LO'99 - Sometime     Electronic, Pop, House 24/01/2019
‘Sometime’ is the latest from LO’99, with his impressive catalogue of both originals and remixes aired globally on BBC Radio 1, 1xtra and triple j, quickly accumulating into four Beatport #1s in the process.
Australian dance luminary LO’99 unleashes his latest offering ‘Sometime’, enlisting Owl Eyes, adding her vocals to his rolling production.
Sitting perfectly on an afternoon mixtape as it would a late night dance floor, ‘Sometime’ truly is a standout from LO’99. The slow build gives way to his signature deep bass juxtaposing with Owl Eye’s smooth light melodies making for a truly infectious pop dance anthem.

Beautiful Beasts - Weekend     Pop, RnB, Rock 24/01/2019
Not quite pop, not quite soul, not quite rock.
“Weekend” explores the melancholic fragile relationships between people whose connections are only physical and who only love on the weekends.

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Other tracks by Beautiful Beasts:  Superstar  -  Get UP
Noah Dillon - Holding On     Rock, Folk, Roots 24/01/2019
Singer-song writer Noah Dillon has recently exploded onto the vibrant WA music scene with his 5 piece alt-rock band.
"After the initial impact of losing a friend that had passed I found a fear in returning to my normal routine and life moving along without them. The title of the song (Holding On) is in reference to holding onto things that make my life keep spinning for the person that's no longer here because that's what they would want."

Sonny Rolfe - Make It Home     Blues/Roots 23/01/2019
Senior songwriter of Country, Blues, Rock & Ballads - instruments pen & paper/ harmonica, guitar, button accordion & washboard, Sonny has been writing & producing songs for two decades.
Coming home to his lover - if she'll have him...

The saxophone of Lindsay Gould tears your heart out - while Matt Bateman-Graham's bass line dances around the melody, enhancing a great vocal by Sonny Rolfe.

Other tracks by Sonny Rolfe:  Fragile Vessel  -  Pass Me By
Camarano - When I Had Infinity     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Experimental 24/01/2019
Singer-songwriter-producer bred from the Western shores
Explores the ideas of apathy, of being a recluse, of getting so totally consumed and obsessed with a project that time gets away from you. Some days you get up feeling like a champ. Then other days it's.. 'dude what are you doing? you're a dropkick'. The negative voice is brutally honest. I wrote this in the latter mindset

The Pinheads - Innocent Crime     Rock, Garage 24/01/2019
The sound of The Pinheads is a mosaic of their collective tastes – built on the foundations of their heroes, a work of art in its own right.
‘Innocent Crime’ emits a new born confidence from The Pinheads, both as songwriters and performers. Born from a landscape where they find themselves looking down a dead-end street, gathering an army of the disenfranchised to stand as one.

CharliOh! - Let You Down     Pop 24/01/2019
CharliOh! is a young, passionate and ambitious 15 yr old, singer-songwriter. Self published on iTunes and Spotify, Charli has currently released one song called "Let You Down".
Let you Down is about Charli's struggle with maintaining friendships. The song is written as an apology for her behavior of resent how she is not coping with everything.

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Beau Lightning - Last Night     Rock 24/01/2019
Beau Lightning is a rock'n roll artist whose sound has been likened to artists like Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and Wolfmother.
The track is using an experience I had when I was about eight, as a metaphor to talk about, or ponder the existence of a higher divinity. I thought I saw a ghost or demon or spirit outside my bedroom window. I’m asking myself, did that experience change me, or what I believe, or did I dream the whole thing.

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YT DiNGO - Thrill of the Chase     Rock, Roots, Hip Hop, World 24/01/2019
YT DiNGO is the personification of blood, sweat and tears. This music and dance project, spawned from the mind of Travers Ross, encapsulates sounds and movement in its rawest form.
'Thrill of the Chase' is directed and edited by ARIA Award-winning videographer Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore (Her Sound, Her Story). Both musically and visually, the piece shows a deep love for Aboriginal cultural with three stunning Indigenous actors / dancers set in the Gumbaynggirr outback.

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Colin Lillie - Human Kind of Life     Blues/Roots, Rock, Chill 24/01/2019
After years of battling with drugs and alcohol he migrated to the center of Australia, picked up a guitar, became sober and devoted his life to music.
Colin Lillie's 'Human Kind Of Life' is the journey he walked to become free, honest and true to himself. The song weaves its way through his childhood and adolescent years spent in his parents home, finally illuminating the man he became through the choices he made.

The Safety Word - United     Electronic, Chill, RnB, Downbeat 23/01/2019
The Safety Word perform as a digital/acoustic ensemble their works inspired by post rock, new romantic, chill wave and trip-hop sensibilities.
United is a song inspired to find love or to whom who have already found it, a deeper expression of a connection on a non superficial level, that means the union between beings and the unfathomable life force of creation, the process of growth in a connection beyond this world and etheric plan,

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Other tracks by The Safety Word:  Waiting Room  -  Highways
Dad's Fastest Swimmers - Mixed Messages     Pop 23/01/2019
Dad’s Fastest Swimmers is a collective of amateur swimmers and somehow even more amateur musicians. The 8 Piece indie pop band formed after a day at the local pool.
The debut single ‘Mixed Messages’ explores the challenging and often confusing landscape that is modern dating and hookup culture. Dad’s Fastest Swimmers' member, and songwriter for their debut track, Lucky, said they wanted their first track to be an upbeat, catchy pop tune, that you can easily sing along to, reflective of the band's overall sound.