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cosmic coffin

Cosmic Coffin is a small independent music label that supports unknown recording artists who place an emphasis on recording their own material.

Bandcamp // Soundcloud

cosmic coffin

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Various Artists - Out There Where The Buses Don't Run by Jazz Ciggie     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Garage, Alternative, Instrumental 19/02/2020
Cosmic Coffin's first compilation album is now free to stream or CD-only purchase via the CC Bandcamp page. 16 Tracks = 65 mins of original alternative music by various artists.
Out There Where The Buses Don't Run by Jazz Ciggie.

Matti Harrod (Beanflipper) aka Jazz Ciggie launches a minimalist electro-garage piece that explores language’s limitation by using monosyllabic nonsense words to express emotion. The opening track Out There Where The Buses Don’t Run suits as an introduction to the entire album.

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Other tracks by Various Artists:  Free From Freedom by Frankie Death  -  Through Prisms Of Shadows by Thetamychos
Frankie Death - Empty Space     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Folk 28/11/2019
Frankie Death first released his idiosyncratic-lo-fi home-recordings on cassette in the early nineties; then later onto CDRs. The only place you'll find his recordings now is digitally on Cosmic Coffin.
Empty Space is a strange lo-fi freak folk ditty where a plunky acoustic guitar follows a strangled drum machine into vaguely familiar territory. Vocals wavering between a stoned Belle and Sebastian and a detuned Tiny Tim!

Other tracks by Frankie Death:  The Party  -  Tomorrow Never Comes
Thetamychos - Annihilation Of Planet 5     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Instrumental 21/11/2019
Tasmanian multi-instrumentalist Bill O’Brien, whose solo musical aspirations come under the moniker of Thetamychos, has released his debut solo album. A meditative instrumental home-recording that fuses genres: Classical & Jazz-Metal.
Annihilation Of Planet 5 is a melancholic minimalist keyboard composition profoundly inducing an emotive dreamlike state that is both sombre and contemplative. There is classical music theatrics present in this piece.

Other tracks by Thetamychos:  Invictus  -  Requiem
Jazz Ciggie - Supermarket Blues     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Indie, Psych 20/11/2019
Jazz Ciggie is the music project of Matti Harrod. A cool minimalist electronica both fun and playful while being moody and terse. Chockablock with fresh beats and edgy synth.
Supermarket Blues is EBM - combining elements of industrial music and synth-punk with elements of disco and dance music. "Rad like acid house Strez." (Gunk TV Record). A poppin' bass line and and a fierce synth melody makes this track move.

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Other tracks by Jazz Ciggie:  Buttons Undone  -  That Much
Samskara Radio - Can't Kill The Radio (Austin Leeds Extended Dance Remix)     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House, Pop 20/11/2019
Samskara Radio is the music project of Simon Marrocco. Samskara Radio’s latest release entitled ‘Can’t Kill The Radio - Versions/Remixes' contains various remixes of the song Can’t Kill The Radio.
Can't Kill The Radio (Extended Dance Remix) is an uplifting House remix by Miami producer Austin Leeds fusing elements of EDM, synth-wave with epic breakdowns.

"This particular version features hectic drums reminiscent of eurobeat, and stabby synths that push and pull your body is such a way that you’ve got no choice but to dance." Jessie Wilson (Happy Mag, 2019)

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Other tracks by Samskara Radio:  Can't Kill The Radio (Michael Badger Instrumental)  -  Can't Kill The Radio (Austin Leeds Radio Edit)
Samskara Radio - Can't Kill The Radio (Dan Konopka Remix)     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Pop 20/11/2019
Samskara Radio is Simon Marrocco’s electro-rock outfit. He enlisted Dan Konopka, who is the drummer and producer for Grammy award winning band OK Go, to create this intriguing EBM remix.
Can't Kill The Radio (Dan Konopka Remix) is a moody and alluring single with a hip-hop inspired beat, distant reverberating electric guitars and a catchy earworm chorus that may cause Stuck Song Syndrome. So be forewarned. A cool deep house electro drop towards the ending makes this track even more interesting.

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The Silverbeets - Watching The Sun (Instrumental)     Instrumental, Indie, Alternative, Rock 14/11/2019
Hobart based alt-rockers The Silverbeets latest release is an instrumental version of their debut album Stay Tuned. The concept-album inspired recording features performances by musicians from The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.
Watching the Sun is an acoustic-rock ballad that traverses though contemplative piano guided verses, rock anthem electric guitar peaks and a groovy 70's keyboard driven juncture.

Other tracks by The Silverbeets:  UBT (Instrumental)  -  The Calm Before The Super Solar Storm (Instrumental)
Paddy J - Neon Dream     Alternative, Pop, Rock, Indie 06/11/2019
Paddy J is a singer/songwriter hailing out of Cairns who cut his teeth on the Oz touring circuit and is now based in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.
Neon Dream is a pop tinged anthem with funky guitar, smooth synth melodies and a driving bass line. A very cool snare sound keeps the vibe of this track sounding fresh.

Other tracks by Paddy J:  If We Could Be  -  Intercontinental