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cosmic coffin

Cosmic Coffin is a small independent music label that supports unknown recording artists who place an emphasis on recording their own material.

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cosmic coffin

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The Silverbeets - Watching The Sun (Instrumental)     Instrumental, Indie, Alternative, Rock 14/11/2019
Hobart based alt-rockers The Silverbeets latest release is an instrumental version of their debut album Stay Tuned. The concept-album inspired recording features performances by musicians from The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.
Watching the Sun is an acoustic-rock ballad that traverses though contemplative piano guided verses, rock anthem electric guitar peaks and a groovy 70's keyboard driven juncture.

Other tracks by The Silverbeets:  UBT (Instrumental)  -  The Calm Before The Super Solar Storm (Instrumental)
Paddy J - Neon Dream     Alternative, Pop, Rock, Indie 06/11/2019
Paddy J is a singer/songwriter hailing out of Cairns who cut his teeth on the Oz touring circuit and is now based in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.
Neon Dream is a pop tinged anthem with funky guitar, smooth synth melodies and a driving bass line. A very cool snare sound keeps the vibe of this track sounding fresh.

Other tracks by Paddy J:  If We Could Be  -  Intercontinental